Pikmin 3 Deluxe - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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AverageDamian - 19 minutes ago
AverageDamian - 19 minutes ago
James Clisti
James Clisti - 28 minutes ago
Omg bro what is so new
2mat20 HEROES
2mat20 HEROES - 6 hours ago
Pikmin 4 ?
Viper the Red
Viper the Red - 14 hours ago
I bet Scott the Woz is happy
Thimble Fox
Thimble Fox - Day ago
I wish they would include pikmin 1 with this release like they did with mario im having a lot of fun playing old mario games and I loved pikmin.
Bubbles *-*
Bubbles *-* - Day ago
I’ve never played these games but is it really similar to Little King’s Story? (I just really want a Little King’s Story 2)
Clumpy Alarm22
Clumpy Alarm22 - Day ago
This was my favorite game on the Wii U so I cant eait to play this again!
Nanando 1408
Nanando 1408 - 2 days ago
what about 4
Awesome Alex
Awesome Alex - 2 days ago
Pikmin fans: wait seven years for a new game
Nintendo:I present to you a port
Stahn Misake
Stahn Misake - 2 days ago
give us pikmin 4
Jaxon and Jaykob 2.0
Jaxon and Jaykob 2.0 - 3 days ago
I have plushie ideas and here are the characters.fiery blowhog,yellow wollywog,hermit crawmad,giant breadbug,breadbug,puffy blowhog,medusal slurker,armored cannon larva,armored cannon beetle,cloaking burrow-nit,ravenous whiskerpiller,lesser spotted jellyfloat,deceraded cannon beetle those are my ideas
Jan Michael Vincent
Jan Michael Vincent - 4 days ago
I'm loving how the Switch is just a better version of the Wii U. I've never seen this many games ported from one console to another.
Darth Karnivorus
Darth Karnivorus - 4 days ago
3 years later....... Finally
ItzBibiel 1930
ItzBibiel 1930 - 4 days ago
finally a pikmin remake!!!! i love so much this game!!!
AzRigH - 4 days ago
I think they are doing like Luigi's Mansion, well I hope. They put a remake and the next year the sequel. (2018 LM1 3ds) , 2019 LM3. (2020 Pikmin 3 Deluxe..) , 2021... Please Nintendo 🙏🙏🙏
anthill. - 4 days ago
pls mkd pikmin 4
Devin Kongshaug
Devin Kongshaug - 4 days ago
Just imagine how epic nintendos presentation would have been if e3 was not cancelled
William how did a boi fightfouthee Gomez
It is a trapdoorspider
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It is myasshole they planet
William how did a boi fightfouthee Gomez
The pilot all hear the blue ones voice but no spoke
KP Delaney
KP Delaney - 5 days ago
Finally! I need to get a switch so I can play this. I've always wanted to play a Pikmin game.
JustCabra 23
JustCabra 23 - 5 days ago
Will pikmin 3 deluxe have a nations dub
Ignacio Hernandez
Ignacio Hernandez - 5 days ago
So what’s the difference?
A bubblegum pink river
A bubblegum pink river - 5 days ago
It was 11 pm when when I saw this on my news feed on my swich a month ago. I screamed. I want it. BUT WE NEED PIKMIN 4!
A bubblegum pink river
A bubblegum pink river - 5 days ago
WHY A PORT, I HAVE THE GAME, I AM NOT BUYING A MORE EXPENSIVE version of the SAME GAME! But the new stuff... why Nintendo, why? This better sell well, GiVe Mee Pikmin 4 no0ooOWV
A bubblegum pink river
A bubblegum pink river - 5 days ago
Ya know, pikmin and 4 go together like peanut butter and jelly
SUPERAFRASIABI89 - 6 days ago
Mirski-Psychic Life Coach
This is going to do great I know it is!
Menacing Hat
Menacing Hat - 6 days ago
Earth after 2020
Bozo Billy
Bozo Billy - 6 days ago
Why is it delux
Rafael Moreira
Rafael Moreira - 6 days ago
PIKMIN Eu Preciso De Um Switch Agora!!!!!
MIKKIS KLIPIT - 7 days ago
Pik124 - 7 days ago
Why does every Pikmin trailer show a geoside and death of multiple pikmin...do they hate it that much???
alphamaster14 - 8 days ago
They make Pikmin 3 Deluxe but don't make Pikmin 4.
Understandable, have a good day.
Demi memer
Demi memer - 8 days ago
Marcelo Zuniga
Marcelo Zuniga - 8 days ago
I hate how this trailer is edited like a traditional teaser, where it shows off the graphics, some gameplay and interesting enemies/scenery.
This game already exists and a more appropriate trailer would explain how the game is going to function using a Switch's controller now and what additional content is going to make it so "deluxe". That's the stuff I, and I imagine most people, want to know.
James Clisti
James Clisti - 7 minutes ago
Omg I totally agree you read my mind dude
oetham - 3 days ago
A Special Poipole
A Special Poipole - 6 days ago
Gary Dorsey me too, me and my father always used to play this all the time, it was our #1 favorite WII U game....until my wii broke.. I was pretty sad but I’m very happy that I will get to play again!
Gary Dorsey
Gary Dorsey - 6 days ago
True. But ill be honest, even with absolutely no new features, im still gonna buy. I never wanted the Wii u, but if there was any game that could've changed my mind, it was this one. The mechanics, all of the little details of the micro world, its all brilliant
Marcelo Zuniga
Marcelo Zuniga - 8 days ago
Does no one else notice that most of the best Switch games are just ported Wii U games?
Elsa Ortiz R
Elsa Ortiz R - 8 days ago
I want a video of comparation of pikimin 3 and pikimin 3 deluxe
BuilderNoob - 9 days ago
U crushed my dreams i wanted pikmin 4
Devin Montville
Devin Montville - 9 days ago
Guy Pops
Guy Pops - 9 days ago
Everyone who owns a Wii u: Where's the DLC?

I actually can't wait for this.
Martycdragon - 9 days ago
Nintendo thanks for releasing a pikmin game not any pikmin game but pikmin 3 DELUXE Omg this is a must get game for me I pre ordered it
Shade kurogami
Shade kurogami - 9 days ago
shouldn't this be pikmin 4 instead? why is it the previous game?
Wowey Blocks
Wowey Blocks - 9 days ago
Does no one know that there is new gameplay story and dlc
Komið - 10 days ago
Amazing!! Wonder if there's hope of Pikmin 1 and 2 ever getting a port. Love this trilogy so much
R Gilbert
R Gilbert - 10 days ago
I’m actually looking forward to this it will be my first ACTUAL pikmin game and yes my first pikmin game was hey! Pikmin
Guilherme Takeuti
Guilherme Takeuti - 10 days ago
Make pikmin 4
Jitzy - 10 days ago
what makes it so deluxe? i have been waiting years for this, but it doesn't seem any different. please tell me creators of pikmin 3 deluxe, what makes this one special to the one from the wii u?
Moose Ears
Moose Ears - 10 days ago
They laugh at me for being a Wii U owner, but I get the last laugh because of early access to Switch games lol
JoaquinCool 23
JoaquinCool 23 - 11 days ago
Todos los DLC no valen 40 dólares
JoaquinCool 23
JoaquinCool 23 - 11 days ago
Nintendo antes me agradaba
DAVID AMBROSI - 11 days ago
Any Wii U game exists:

Nintendo: *D E L U X I F Y*
Adam Hossienzadeh
Adam Hossienzadeh - 11 days ago
I want Pikmin 4 not Pikmin 3 again!
ShadowCst23 - 12 days ago
1,8 mil Views? Didnt thought Pikmin is that popular, but I love it.
Oregano Parsley
Oregano Parsley - 12 days ago
I wish I still had a switch...
な ん か か い と こ
Sonic the hedgehog real
Sonic the hedgehog real - 15 days ago
pikmin 3 deluxe looks the same
Jonashaida - 15 days ago
Pls just release Pikmin 4
Pwhales - 15 days ago
This game will be in my top 5 switch games list
Odin Angie
Odin Angie - 15 days ago
No playable Wendy O koopa dlc? Smh
Pengles - 16 days ago
God it’s been 7 years tf
El Zorro / The Fox
El Zorro / The Fox - 16 days ago
Boo Bella
Boo Bella - 16 days ago
Swann Escrihuela
Swann Escrihuela - 16 days ago
Now i want *K I R B Y R A I N B O W C U R S E* DELUXE HD 2
zeranzeran - 16 days ago
And still in stunning.. dirty, old, blurry gamecube textures. Nintendo, come on.
NINJA NICK - 12 days ago
@zeranzeran it's all good all nintendo fans are diffrent in certain areas 😀
zeranzeran - 14 days ago
@Steamlazer oh ya true. Im saying though.. I think this game could look so much better. Like, look at Botw, or even Windwaker HD.. these graphics are just kinda weird compared to all current and past games. They look dated, but eh. If it's a fun game thats all that matters I guess. Im a graphics snob lol, sorry.
Steamlazer - 14 days ago
@zeranzeran but this game isn't the first one, it's the third one
zeranzeran - 14 days ago
@Steamlazer wtf are you talking about lol. The very first Pikmin game was released on Gamecube.. my point is that the graphics havent really improved at all. Nintendo is so lazy in some areas.
zeranzeran - 14 days ago
@Steamlazer Yeah it was
Alejandro - 16 days ago
FirstDT - 16 days ago
Would anybody else like to see Pikmin 1&2 on switch too? or is it just me?
thecamo6 - 15 days ago
why would anyone not
Wilian Rodrigues
Wilian Rodrigues - 17 days ago
Creative Name
Creative Name - 17 days ago
aw come on nintendo why , the wii u wasnt that bad
Creative Name
Creative Name - 16 days ago
@Steamlazer yeah but same as the gamecube
Steamlazer - 16 days ago
It wasn't bad, it just wasn't successful
johncaiwa - 17 days ago
I've wanted this game since 2009. It came out on the WiiU, finally, which I never owned. I just found out about this game on the Switch while browsing Nintendo's site. Why is it full retail price after 8 years?
thecamo6 - 15 days ago
added dlc+ new content + portability + better graphics + the fact that its a port
Steamlazer - 16 days ago
I think it's because they added new features, but I agree it should be 45-50 dollars at most
ryan crowl
ryan crowl - 18 days ago
is there an online multiplayer
thecamo6 - 15 days ago
on the minigames but not the story
Caio Leite
Caio Leite - 18 days ago
Nintendo please add online mode to bingo battle
mmgalo - 18 days ago
We need pikmim 4
A7_ZX3 - 18 days ago
It beautiful, I’ve looked at this for 5 hours now
Sanitized Octo boy
Sanitized Octo boy - 19 days ago
they should add Mii's into the game since they didn't for the wii U it would add so much personality like just seeing your mii in a pikmin world Im gonna post another comment saying how it would work
Eagle eye
Eagle eye - 19 days ago
wish they would atleast say something about pikmin 4 sigh~
Noa Sörensen
Noa Sörensen - 19 days ago
I want pikmin 4 not another Version of the same game >:(
thecamo6 - 15 days ago
why not both
Tailsfan679 - 19 days ago
Finally pikmin for the switch
Cameron Field
Cameron Field - 19 days ago
Pikman fans help me out. Summarise why you love Pikman to an absolute noob to the franchise. I'm intrigued by the gameplay and what I've heard about the series over the years, but I am still hesitent to purchase. I'm just asking for someone to sell me the game, pitch it to me, all that jazz. I'm intrigued but unsure if I want to purchase
Steamlazer - 16 days ago
Oh, and 3 also has some really good banter between the characters, and there's a big element of collectibles, meaning there's quite a bit of open world, in a way Plus, this remaster includes all the DLC from the original version, so you get all the extra missions and challenges, and you get bingo battle, which is a GREAT little game to play with friends
Steamlazer - 16 days ago
I think a few things are 1- The enemies. To me, they're all extremely unique in their own way, and this remaster has an updated piklopedia, meaning that we'll get to know more about them 2- The graphics may not be great now, but back when this game was first released on the Wii U, it was one of the best looking games on there 3- The gameplay in general is great, but 3 was probably the most balanced combat system out of the three games 4- The bosses. They're really, REALLY good 5- I think nostalgia also has a bit to do with it, and the fact that this is the first pikmin content we've seen in SEVEN years
Cyan - 19 days ago
I WANTED PIKMIN 4 (But its cool a pikmin HD :3)
WSOD Videos Pro
WSOD Videos Pro - 19 days ago
I Hate Pikmin
bendy the M A L K god!
bendy the M A L K god! - 19 days ago
I’m hyped
Aureo - 20 days ago
If I buy this it’ll be my first Pikmin game. Really wish I got into the series as a kid. Every Pikmin comment section I’m on and all the Pikmin music I listen to makes me so nostalgic for a game I’ve never played. I definitely wanna buy 3 deluxe but I just hope I can enjoy it as much as long time fans
Andrea Young
Andrea Young - 20 days ago
That's the same game I want to die
Nicholas is Edith Elsa Even Dead I'm the Hero
nothing new is announce on this [ just Port ]
Nicholas is Edith Elsa Even Dead I'm the Hero
@Steamlazer I hope they not kidding* your right tho* but Nintendo .....not 3 ....it should be 4
Steamlazer - 20 days ago
Read the description
FNAS 2 Withered Tails MM
FNAS 2 Withered Tails MM - 20 days ago
This: *exists*
Spiritual Pick
Spiritual Pick - 20 days ago
Still not getting rid of my Wii U.
Tarou Tanaka
Tarou Tanaka - 20 days ago
I can’t wait pikmin 4.
Aaron Maasom
Aaron Maasom - 20 days ago
Big Country’s Poundcake
So many Pikmin will be digested and burned under my watch because I stink. I’m sorry Pikmin 😓😓
Captain Antilles
Captain Antilles - 20 days ago
Pikmin 3 but it's only Alph.
joosunkmybattleship - 20 days ago
When I was young and first saw the commercials for pikman, it legit blew my mind for the dumbest reason. I noticed the AI of the little piks following him. I thought it was so ahead of it's time
Wilfredo Gomez
Wilfredo Gomez - 20 days ago
I’m a little late but FINALLLYYYYY
syclone 3600
syclone 3600 - 20 days ago
What tf is the deluxe part
Steamlazer - 20 days ago
Read the description
maggie - 20 days ago
there’s a pretty big new side quest with olimar and louie in this
3van a people
3van a people - 21 day ago
Why no pikmin 4
Bangcat - 21 day ago
Can't we just have things we asked for like F ZERO or PILOT WINGS?
Retarded Nintendo fan
Retarded Nintendo fan - 18 days ago
Nintendo has said that they will probably never make a new F Zero game
Steamlazer - 21 day ago
The Pikmin fandom is much bigger then the f zero fandom
Emile Morel
Emile Morel - 22 days ago
The subtitles are beautiful
Mota y Nicol Mota sontay
Mota y Nicol Mota sontay - 22 days ago
A la par hay una farmacia donde están construyendo
Mota y Nicol Mota sontay
Mota y Nicol Mota sontay - 22 days ago
Quisiera tener lego Mario vivo en belen en Quetzaltenango el palmar cerca de un tal pinchazo
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