Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Reaction & First Impressions

RedTeamReview - Year ago
Dany broke the wheel and replaced it with 2 wheels
pplr1 - 11 months ago
@Xela somar You have great points until you get to Bran steering the future in a better direction. Either Bran planned this and is a mass murderer or he doesn't care if people live or die-either way no better direction.
Henbot - Year ago
GRRM confirmed that Bran will be King in Books
devorahacts - Year ago
@the oriole I think she clung to it in the end out of insecurity, because she believed that it would allow her to fulfill her life's work. That's different from believing it should continue.
the oriole
the oriole - Year ago
@devorahacts Dany always believed in heredity and might as the keys to power..Jon did not believe this...he acted on his beliefs, therefore giving the others the opportunity to change...Dany never had any thought about giving up or sharing power. she wouldn't even share with Jon who had claim in her view of things. imo
devorahacts - Year ago
@the oriole It was Dany's intent orginally to do this very thing, to set it up so that progeny would not determine succession. She got too caught up in the right of aquisition, which isn't a normal part of the wheel but a spare! Jon didn't determine that either, but Dany ended the current regime, and Jon kept her from restarting it. But this was Danys' idea, one she may have re-embraced once the time came. I just think like Sam, she wanted to include the Small Folk in the decision as well.
S. McGraw
S. McGraw - 8 months ago
Oh, I can complain about Bran. Look what he did to Hodor. Eff Bran.
Jakegothicsnake - 11 months ago
The ending was not bittersweet. It was not bitter, nor was it sweet. It was just unsatisfying............I actually want the books to end happily. At least it being a satisfactory conclusion. I actually want Jon and Dany to ride through the streets of King's Landing followed by Tyrion, Sansa, Arya, Bran, Gendry, Davos, Tormund, Brienne, Podrick, Sam, Gilly, Baby Sam, etc. amidst crowds of cheering Sounterners, Northerners, Wildlings, Dothraki, and Unsullied, and everyone is wearing garlands of leaves and flowers to celebrate the end of the Long Night and the end of the Others/White Walkers, and everywhere banners symbolizing Jon, Dany, and their unions are being waved. Banners of the Targaryen sigil with the three dragon heads colored to represent Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion, of the Stark sigil reversed to represent Jon and Ghost, of the Stark Dire Wolf and the Targaryen Dragon to represent Jon and Dany as well as Rhaegar and Lyanna, and of Ghost and Rhaegal's heads being split and merged into one head with half their faces on each side to represent Jon's Stark and Targaryen lineage.
Christopher Tracy
Christopher Tracy - 11 months ago
D&D did the Dragon Queen dirty! Jon kills the Queen and the Unsullied and Dothraki didn't kill Tyrion and Jon?😒
MLC MD - Year ago
Now we know why Bran stated that Jon had to be hold his parentage . . . Bran was setting Jon up! It also explains why Bran told Tyrion, "I don't really want anymore." Bran already knew he was going to have it ALL and he will never "want" for anything. Bran seems royally evil!
Emmy Andme
Emmy Andme - Year ago
What ever happened to episode 7, and 8??
R S - Year ago
The Night King was trying to save us from this horrible ending
JAFKennedy - Year ago
If you thought she was " THE Hero " you haven't been paying attention ! She looked back & was lost !
Johnny Skinwalker
Johnny Skinwalker - Year ago
the dead are dead why would there be WW beyond the wall?
Jan Bil
Jan Bil - Year ago
Dragon flew away to kill writers.
Cris Oliveira
Cris Oliveira - Year ago
Oh, I really feel like playing Throne!
REX DOREZA - Year ago
All is fine. You’ll forget all about it in a week! GOT just became forgettable.
Fairoz Hasan
Fairoz Hasan - Year ago
The show was in the Everest until season 7, then it drowned at the bottom of Mariana Trench.
Tethis Nomf
Tethis Nomf - Year ago
Mell Bg
Mell Bg - Year ago
it's like you read my mind
LiVeLiKeURdying2 - Year ago
Tyrion manipulated Jon into killing Daenerys... he did a similar approach as Varys did in s1 with Ned. Tyrion was desperate and he was pushing Jon to make a choice NOW because if he didn't, he would've dead otherwise. A man desperate will almost say anything... and Jon is knows nothing.
Chris Connelly
Chris Connelly - Year ago
The HBO guy (Carter Bloys?once again said he would’ve liked to have got five more seasons of GOT, but D&D just couldn’t be persuaded.
Joanna Simms
Joanna Simms - Year ago
I have watched Game of Thrones in the very beginning episode to the very last episode.
The final instalment of Game of Thrones was certainly a tense one and shocking twist.
as Daenerys Targaryen finally became Queen of Westeros but it was only for a short time.
Realising that she wouldn’t stop until she had full control over every town and city in Westeros, Jon Snow stabbed her in the heart to stop her killing more innocent people.
The Mother of Dragons was clearly shocked by his actions and viewers saw the hurt in her eyes as she died.
Her dragon Drogon was enraged over her death and melted down the Iron Throne, which was the cause of so much death and destruction before flying off with her
While some fans might be unhappy, the Starks certainly seemed to land some of the most happiest endings on programme.
Jon Snow was forced to re-join the Night’s Watch in a compromise between the Starks and Grey Worm.
While Grey Worm wanted to see Jon severely punished for killing Daenerys Targaryen, they all came to an agreement to send him to the Wall.
When Jon got there, he was greeted by Tormund Giantsbane and his dire wolf, Ghost.

so therefore I don’t know if this is a happy ending, a disappointment or rushed ending but it is based on the stock family that survived through the Game of Thrones as their motto was winter is coming, alone wolf dies but the pack survives.
from watching the last episode three times it may clear to me now Subsequently, it looked as thought Jon was heading North of the Wall to live out his days with the Wildlings as King beyond the Wall, Bran was named King of the Six Kingdoms with the help of his choosing the council of the Lords and Ladies of Westeros Bran Stark was the one to end up on the Iron Throne after he was deemed to wisest to rule thanks to his Three-Eyed Raven powers.
His rule will prove most interesting, particularly if he spends most of the time off warging
Democracy was always one of the options for Westeros and the lords of the now Six Kingdoms decided to elect a new leader and break the wheel, while Sansa Stark became Queen in the North a title she'd longed for.
The North finally gained its independence and was its own entity in the now Six Kingdoms.
Meanwhile, Arya Stark sailed off to discover what was “west of Westeros” as I say Queen of the Seas. All in all I believe that no matter what the ending has sent us, it’s be amazing eight years of this series programme I believe despite the ending we should all be grateful we had an amazing program to watch therefor I take my hat 🎩 off and say WELL DONE 👍🙏👏👏
Роман Кэлей
8 season is a horse shit
Anon Anon
Anon Anon - Year ago
5:55 - "Tyrannical, I am saying that right?" Why do you have that weird quirk Carmine?
Steve - Year ago
Tyrion and the chairs in the council room had such great chemistry together! Love how the director kept the camera still and just let the dialogue and action flow for what seemed like 5 minutes!
Ishan Goyal
Ishan Goyal - Year ago
What have you been watching? EVERYBODY HATES BRAN!
Jessica Agu
Jessica Agu - Year ago
The finale was a joke
And Jon going back to the walls? that was the height of it all
am really pissed.. Sorry
UniversalPotentate - Year ago
I’ll watch your main review tomorrow. I LOVED the ending. I thought it was perfect.
The main reason is that since Seasons 1-4 were brilliant and seasons 5-7 were shit, this season was about closing it all up.
This put a nice cap on the show that was needed to close it off.
However, who should sit on the Throne: Baelish!
Of the characters remaining ... Tyrion.
Jaguar King
Jaguar King - Year ago
-"Nobody hates Bran"
I've always found Bran annoying.
ryan vo
ryan vo - Year ago
They put a vegetable on the throne. A freaking vegetable.
Alpha Girl
Alpha Girl - Year ago
The bit where you say your back to essos prediction came true is ridiculous. Just nah man, nah
SoberRS - Year ago
i like how the hound had a 10x better death than HUGE characters like cersi(fucking dies by bricks)
and denaris death felt really rushed kinda sad
Ice Nice
Ice Nice - Year ago
There was a moment of relief when people were choosing king n pointed to imp also ..Tyrion would make a great king if not Jon but suddenly we saw disappointment as bran
ajay.f - Year ago
U said this episode wasn’t that bad?!?!? 😅😂😂😂😂🤷🏾‍♂️
Please Bossup your Life
Game of thrones is trash 😂
DBCuzitis - Year ago
If they were resigned to 'punt' the final season and finale... Why not just give the throne to Daenerys at the end. Or Dany and Jon co- rule. That would at least have made most fans happier. On a punted finale why also squib the kick? Stupid on top of Dumb and Dumber.
And how the heck is Bran alone expected to hold the seven kingdoms together as king when he can't even hold his own house? Dragons? Nope. A strong house? Nope. An army? Nope. Just one little crippled boy who plays with birds. Nope! It must all fall apart.
purded - Year ago
After watching the end of GOT i feel like in comparison to lotr pippin is the king instead of aragorn who wanders around like first started what a bad ending i loved everything but that takes the second breakfast.
jaja nooraldin
jaja nooraldin - Year ago
Dude .. they said “ aye “ isn’t it enough!!
Brilliant Alias
Brilliant Alias - Year ago
Everyone got one last paycheck in that dragon pit
Brilliant Alias
Brilliant Alias - Year ago
Bran aka 3 eyed raven is gonna live a long, long, time....
Arc Kocsog
Arc Kocsog - Year ago
Jon Snow should have been the King. He's the rightful heir. He's the song of ice and fire.
George Scott
George Scott - Year ago
Bran the Broken? That’s so lame!! Pun intended. All I have to say about this finale is, SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!
MsRainbow Brite
MsRainbow Brite - Year ago
"He Grew" ... its all that breast milk
Hannah Foster
Hannah Foster - Year ago
Oooh, mistook Bran's arrogance for apathy this whole time...
Tam Miranda
Tam Miranda - Year ago
The fact that Bran is called "the Broken" refers to all the other Bran/Brandon's in the Song of ice and fire, like Bran the Builder, Brandon of the bloody blade, and others. It's a reference to the books and the mysteries surrounding the Starks named Bran, since they also are from an old family and related with ancient magic.
Camden Harkins
Camden Harkins - Year ago
They cut the night king short for a different story and ruined the story as well. The last episode was even worse then the long night. Terrible season, at least we have west world.
apollon1 - Year ago
His episode deserves more harsh criticism. Surprised there wasn't a burger left on the iron throne "by accident"
abram garibay
abram garibay - Year ago
Imran h
Imran h - Year ago
Arya was really useless on last ep. Why?
Lucia DeLoach
Lucia DeLoach - Year ago
It was so boring honestly
I was definitely underwhelmed by it
Tony, le Lavallois
Tony, le Lavallois - Year ago
I honestly don't understand why people are getting mad. I'm actually really satisfied with the ending. Bran is the best choice to be the king. He knows everything and is the wisest among everyone. He doesn't bear a grudge against anyone and has a neutral personality (which will help him base his thoughts on facts and not on emotions). He's the most rational choice. Dany became crazy and worse than her father and Cersei. Her death was the best thing that could happen. Jon is pretty indecisive and wouldn't be a good king. Bran was the only choice left and the best one too. People are getting mad because they think all of the characters' development were useless because of Dany's death and Jon not becoming the King. But this is exactly what made this ending interesting. We all thought that one of these two would rule because of all the development they had during all 8 seasons. Ending it this way took everyone by surprise, which is what makes it interesting. Ending it the way we thought it would is predictable and boring.
It was a very good and unpredictable ending. That's what I like about tv shows. I honestly wouldn't have been happy if either Jon or Dany were the King/Queen. Too predictable and uninteresting...
gbuddy - Year ago
This terrible, crappy series-ending episode of Game Of Thrones is unarguably the worst series ending show of all time. It was 10 times worse than the Lost finale episode.
chanchow saelee
chanchow saelee - Year ago
I honestly thought drogon was gonna come back to Jon only to serve his real king🙄 but the finale felt it was rushed . Overall I love the show but this episode did not deliver for me and many others anyways I’m going to a brothel tonight .
Matty - Year ago
It just could have been so much better, that the biggest disappointment for me
Vie - Year ago
I still think Drogon should have been waiting for Jon beyond the makes perfect sense considering Dany's vision (of Drogo beyond the wall and her saying "maybe I'm dead") beyond the wall, as well as being where the first dragon death happened, and meaning Jon could reign as a dragon king in the North beyond the wall. The end shot could be Jon riding Drogon into the distance looking down at Ghost and his wildling people.
Akaakaaka ak
Akaakaaka ak - Year ago
What do you mean people got what they wanted? No one wanted any of this.
Lucy Hawkeye
Lucy Hawkeye - Year ago
The only thing I felt they really delivered is hammering home to GRRM that he damn well needed to finish the series before this happened. Cause the whole thing ended up becoming show fanfic (which ironically he says to hate). I feel really satisfied that things I feel he would do in the end were shredded to pieces, because as much as I liked this story isn’t nearly as close as I came to dislike GRRM. In THAT sense I AM satisfied.
crazymel12 - Year ago
Jon Snow was a Targaryen... for no fucking reason. Brann became the 3
eyed raven... For no fucking reason. Danny did amazing things for 8
seasons... For no fucking reason. Prince who was promised... No fucking
reason. Everyone you wanted to team up for 8 seasons teams up... For no
fucking reason. Everyone you wanted to die died.. For no fucking reason.
Fucking Brandon Stark thr character no one gives a shit about for 8
season, is king.. why? For no fucking reason thats why. Ive watched Game
of Thrones since 2011... For no fucking reason.
DrinkUntilYou Podcast
I hate Bran. He's just creepy
FRxDispatch Gaming
FRxDispatch Gaming - Year ago
It was actually a great marketing tactic by the GOT brand. People are so dejected by the TV show now they will all flock to the books to get their real story and desired ending, whereas before the books were big but the show slightly trumped it on a hype level.
K Toledo
K Toledo - Year ago
Naw Bro. Wtf Bran. Lazy writing.
Swin City
Swin City - Year ago
More screen time for Edmure Tully and Robin? I thought what they were given was too much for GoT finale... who honestly was even tracking that these guys were still in the show? 😂
KT Flex
KT Flex - Year ago
GOT .....Come on guys...redo for the fans
ArsenicPro - Year ago
My boy Carmine on the upswing! Trending #27 more than a full day after the finale. Congrats man.
RitaSparita *
RitaSparita * - Year ago
I'm not happy. Not happy at all. Bring us WINDS OF WINTER ALREADY FFS GEORGE😣😣😣
Rasmus Dyhr Andersen
Jon not king and bran the new king... Sad story
Dejan Todorovic
Dejan Todorovic - Year ago
The wheel is not broken, Jon will become Night King by Children Of The Forest and history will repeat, Brendon will repair Wall and become Brendon The Builder (or some other Brandon will do that), last episode just resets history to 1000 BA and we will see all over again. King Landing will be rebuild by some Aegon Targeryan from future and Deny will be revive by some Red priest (some Melisandre) and we will have Long Night again and again until wheel is finaly broken. Starks have their independent kingdom and everything will be set and we will wait for arrival of Targaryens reborn to create new Iron Throne and rebuild Capitol city Kings Landing. History will once again repeat.
Alistair Rae
Alistair Rae - Year ago
I Don’t Like Bran I Would Have Preferred Tyrion
Rob Slick
Rob Slick - Year ago
That roast on George naming his daughter Daenerys. Gawd damn savage
smeagol gollum
smeagol gollum - Year ago
we dined on steak for 7 seasons even though 7 was a little rushed, and we got fed arse cheese in season 8 with a side salad of horse poo, what happened to Ayras urber horse anyway?
Schama Noel
Schama Noel - Year ago
''Hello young bran, here’s a message from the Gods when you can
Read it carefully so you understand
The fate of the world is in your little hands
Pushed off a tower but this is the hour that God himself is gonna reveal his plan
Ironic you can’t even walk but you’re the only one that can make a stand''

Just did a game of thrones freestyle on my channel, lmk what u guys think!
J Richie
J Richie - Year ago
Bran deserved it
Monique Charlemagne Why so hateful God's Love!
I am not giving everything away that's a lies of the ennemies!
Hello there
Hello there - Year ago
well for sam being the new grand maester, its been weeks since bran became king so he probably finished his training then with high grades
Brandon - Year ago
All hail J K Rowling, king of fantasy, 1st of her name
Cwise85 - Year ago
Jaime: "Kingslayer"
Jon: "Queenslayer"
Richard Looker
Richard Looker - Year ago
Im glad sansa is queen
Overlord - Year ago
It all ended like a fairytale. Sam - GrandMaester, Podrick - Knight, Brienne - "Lord" of the Kings guard (three-eyed raven guard)? One of the top assasins/sellswords gets probably largest castle with lands in the 6 kingdoms now and also he is a master of coins?
Well I like to imagine Benioff and Weiss walking in the streets of kings landing going naked and we are going behind them and we use the bells with words SHAME!!! SHAME!!! SHAME!!! And angry fans throwing shit at them like on Cersei during the walk of shame.
4_everanime - Year ago
Bran finished his online course
TheSmilingtooth - Year ago
I hate Bran.
Aynur Taşçıoğlu
Aynur Taşçıoğlu - Year ago
final disgrace
chatter - Year ago
What I dont get....these types of 'dungeons and dragons' type shows ...movies I should say, were a dime a dozen in the 80's and barely generated a ripple of interest in all but fans of the what is it about this series that got people into a genre that never was mainstream popular ?
LookInto TheCrystalBall
I m very happy about the crowning of Bran. I wanted Jon to win or Tyrion. But Tyrion would never have won without some major PR stunt happening. But Bran winning was a great twist. Thankfully Dany didn't win she would have been the worst after Cersai. Dany has to much of a chemical imbalance. Either she cares too much or not at all. Little things sent her anger to the moon. While things that mattered she shrugged off. Jon I liked cause his story mirrored Aemon Targ. And Job from the Bible. No matter how good he was he just got shat on and always compelled to do the right thing. The only thing I didn't agree with was too many main characters didn't die. Especially people like Sam, Pod, Robin Arryn aka Robin Baelish. And Davos. I picked them out for being sickly or sucking at battle. More main characters should have died. That's my only issue with it.
V1ralB1ack - Year ago
Everyone: sure Bran can be king and he can't have kids so we've broken the wheel.
Bran *internally* should I tell them the three eyed raven can't really die and kinda lives forever until the night King comes and we pass down the bullshit power due to knowing all about nutrition and magic? Nah nobody can get rid of me now
joseph smith
joseph smith - Year ago
That is my only thing i always give it up for the visuals in this show the knight king eps was dark but it helps me w the books tell me a book reader who thinks of the moon door like its described in the books
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