UFC 237: Rose Namajunas post-fight interview

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Carlos Gomes
Carlos Gomes - 7 days ago
Ur amazing Rose. We all love you. No matter fight or not ur the champ
faraaz Aleem
faraaz Aleem - 8 days ago
Doesn't matter, I will still love you...
جبران الاسد
جبران الاسد - 9 days ago
cant wait for Rose to have long hair again!
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Please don't give up Rose!!! You are my inspiration and you give me motivations, please don't give up from one lost,you are stronger now!!! Go girl!!! You can do this Rose! Love youu
Kayla Kurczek
Kayla Kurczek - 12 days ago
Biggest girl crush in sports.
Cherubim666999 - 12 days ago
..anyone else think she almost looks like the kid from the terminator 2 movie?
baron white
baron white - 14 days ago
Really why did no one tell her that Rose was winning the whole fight & lighting her opponents face red. Her opponent had to use her only wrestling trump card. Rose practice more take down defense than kite her with range.
foleyisnumer1147 - 15 days ago
She's beautiful.
Alicia Flores
Alicia Flores - 16 days ago
Rose was dominate the enitre fight, it shows her superiority, but you could tell she was slowly losing interest.
Akira Kush
Akira Kush - 17 days ago
only stupid questions fuck all these trash reporters
Rb2268 - 17 days ago
Rose! You can't stop fighting! Your the best pound for pound female fighter in the world! Possibly the BEST EVER! Go get your belt back! IT IS YOURS!
Marty Johnston
Marty Johnston - 19 days ago
Rose is so damn talented
Ricardo Niño
Ricardo Niño - 20 days ago
No te retires namajunas eres y seras campeona para siempre lo errores nos hacen mejores personas y las derrotas nos hacen mejores guerreros por que te ayudan a conocer el arma escondida que tiene nuestro oponente la cual utiliza para podernos vencer ya tu conoces a tu oponente y no siempre se pierde dos veces namajunas recuerda que para levantarce hay que estar en el suelo y una persona en el suelo no puede volver a caer solo le queda levantarce ya caiste levantate eres una valiente ve por tu REVANCHA TU AMIGO QUE NO CONOCES DESDE COLOMBIA TE DESEA LO MEJOR DIOS TODO PODEROSO TE BENDIGA
frizzy - 25 days ago
Acting! Shed be great in acting, shes hot. She has great athleticism, shes just overall a good set for acting
niko bellic
niko bellic - 27 days ago
Being a sports champion is nice, but that's all. To me, Rose is a champion in Life.
I loved watching her fights, but I don't care if she fights more. I was even strting to worry that sooner or later an oponent would hurt her badly - she looks so fragile compare to all of them. I am happy to see she has not fallen into chasing her ego like most "champions" have. She had some fun, we saw what true talent looks like and this should be enough, unless of course she trully feels like doing it again eventually. Bot not to proove that she's the best or other crap like this. Moderation in everything is maybe the single most wise principle after all. The only thing I regret is that I never knew nor ever will know her in person. It's great to know though that people like her still exist.
Victor Sanchez
Victor Sanchez - Month ago
Rose would have won that shit man
ownerofyourblackass - Month ago
glad your not a lesbian, please grow your hair again as it was a REALLY PRETTY TRAIT of yours as you are seriously quite beautiful, be a woman. complete and good luck with your life … hope you take whatever money you have put back and do something BETTER with your life, mma etc is bullshit and dangerous. I have been in this game of martial arts and boxing for 70 years. fun is fun but your dealing potential death and or brain damage later. it has been taken to a very low level in my opinion. self defense is one thing, this is another. think about it. it is a fleeting moment of glory upset within a second of time by another.. isn't worth the bodily damage, the inexperienced of life and immaturity of same will comment differently. it's your life. it's your health. it's your LOSS if you choose wrong.
Aaron Case
Aaron Case - Month ago
One of the greats
Joc kst
Joc kst - Month ago
she thinks i was busting her ass of that brazilian bitch and almost got killed, what the fuck, i am the better skillfull fighter but still can die due to brute force. what am i doing here? she is of course much weaker in body strength than his rival. poor rose. why figthing in a foreign country, that is so unfare for her. stupid ufc , u just lost a great champion.
Rambling Elsewhere
Rambling Elsewhere - Month ago
Andrade was pumped with steroids anyway...Rose has a normal female body and Andrade has much more muscle mass crossfit types..totally unnatural physic! Rose is a better fighter.
Erdem Memisyazici
Erdem Memisyazici - Month ago
She basically said, "Getting bashed in the face may not be what I want to do with my life. At least I'm paying my house off."
Diamond.Cr00ks - Month ago
Rose is the opposite of a thug. Just retire.
Hans-L Official
Hans-L Official - Month ago
Rose please don't leave , we love u girl !!! don't go !!
Grey Fox
Grey Fox - Month ago
The Greats are leaving, she, now Gustaffson.. juiceheads like Andrade and Jones stay. Sad for this sport, I might as well literally never buy ufc cards.
mess meg
mess meg - Month ago
Joanna will coming soon for the belt!
Graham Gates
Graham Gates - Month ago
I'm on Ladies n Lace Namujunas get your weirdest fight going
Jerome Rashad
Jerome Rashad - Month ago
If she retires ima be depressed af
KRISPIRACY - Month ago
Rose is talking like she was dropped on her head or something...
Martin Z
Martin Z - Month ago
well, dont give up. I am JJ fan but you are great fighter and I believe you would win that fight :)
jimbo 88
jimbo 88 - Month ago
This is the problem with fight sports. I dont think that being knocked out should be a deciding factor in winning a fight because it is so easy to happen and often is the result of a lucky shot (not in this case) but its shit when clearly rose was dominating until the slam and would of won. I think it should be fight until you quit or if it goes to the end then use the point system. If you are ko'd and recover and want to fight on, then do so.
Jason Alexander
Jason Alexander - Month ago
Rose is one awkward looking dude
Carlos Santos
Carlos Santos - Month ago
Rose all the fans we all love you ...you will always be the Baba Yaga...the boogeywoman killer
Jeff Rutan
Jeff Rutan - Month ago
Are you sure that's a woman ? I demand a chromosome test 😂
kangnissoukpe amavi
kangnissoukpe amavi - Month ago
If we are lucky, we will see three people at the Octagon in two years. Rose, "the best lowkicker in the game" and a baby rose :-)
redl1ght1 - Month ago
Count the “likes”
Thomas No-doubt
Thomas No-doubt - Month ago
Thankful she is in one piece after a drop like that, some people don't walk away and it was horrific to see. She's right to reflect on the future and take some time out . Maybe the rules of combat should consider certain throws as illegal as with bitting and gouging? Kill or maime techniques to acheive a win are not needed in a sport unlike special forces or survival.
Vipul Doshi
Vipul Doshi - Month ago
the media is so annoying and feel so disrespectful and extra prying at times. thug rose looked the superior fighter despite the results that night
Osazee Omoregie
Osazee Omoregie - Month ago
Rose you a great person,I hope you find a greater purpose, but meanwhile, keep on fighting,Love you 🌹 Rose
Shafiq Ahmed
Shafiq Ahmed - Month ago
No one can say a bad word about this beautiful human being. Much love. You are still the best ever.
chris lipscomb
chris lipscomb - Month ago
Rose u were absolutely great. Don't quit u r an inspiration!
When ur opponent goes low u go lower and meet her with a forearm and drive her back.
Andrew Grebenchan
Andrew Grebenchan - Month ago
She is what a true mma fighter should b like humble in both win and defeat
Le chevalier
Le chevalier - Month ago
Next time I go to eat at the KFC, i will think of Rose = CHICKEN !!!!!
Le chevalier
Le chevalier - Month ago
I win, i win, i win, i lost? I retire
I showed Rose to my kid and told him not to be like her. I allow him to lose 1000 times but i forbid him to forgive, to quit at the first loss !
William Canepa
William Canepa - Month ago
Hope the best for her.
Diesel Johnson
Diesel Johnson - Month ago
Lol my necks fine lmao as she looks like shrek
Waylon Butler
Waylon Butler - Month ago
Rose is a warrior. I’m sure all of histories true warriors had a moment of thinking “should I continue or live a more tame life” some continue and some find something different. Miyamoto Musashi went from being one of the greatest swordsman to becoming a monk to becoming the greatest teacher who still has a school in Japan today over 3 centuries later. I have faith in rose.
TexasCat 100
TexasCat 100 - Month ago
What a tru champion
Jay Santo
Jay Santo - 2 months ago
She’s one tough woman. To have to sit through these questions without clearing her head. Hopefully we see that re match
David Jamalpur
David Jamalpur - 2 months ago
Rose Is Awesome.
Daniel 045
Daniel 045 - 2 months ago
Rose was never to my liking however unlike shithead Rousey's suicide bullshit clamouring for attention, it seems Rose is and has been depressed for quite some time yet never revealing it and never asking for help. Truly I pray she finds the happiness that appears to have eluded her and I hope those close to her take the time to lift her spirit. She deserves happiness and a long fulfilled life.🙏
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