UFC 237: Rose Namajunas post-fight interview

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Osazee Omoregie
Osazee Omoregie - 20 hours ago
Rose you a great person,I hope you find a greater purpose, but meanwhile, keep on fighting,Love you 🌹 Rose
Shafiq Ahmed
Shafiq Ahmed - Day ago
No one can say a bad word about this beautiful human being. Much love. You are still the best ever.
chris lipscomb
chris lipscomb - Day ago
Rose u were absolutely great. Don't quit u r an inspiration!
When ur opponent goes low u go lower and meet her with a forearm and drive her back.
Andrew Grebenchan
Andrew Grebenchan - Day ago
She is what a true mma fighter should b like humble in both win and defeat
Le chevalier
Le chevalier - 2 days ago
Next time I go to eat at the KFC, i will think of Rose = CHICKEN !!!!!
Le chevalier
Le chevalier - 2 days ago
I win, i win, i win, i lost? I retire
I showed Rose to my kid and told him not to be like her. I allow him to lose 1000 times but i forbid him to forgive, to quit at the first loss !
William Canepa
William Canepa - 2 days ago
Hope the best for her.
Diesel Johnson
Diesel Johnson - 2 days ago
Lol my necks fine lmao as she looks like shrek
Waylon Butler
Waylon Butler - 2 days ago
Rose is a warrior. I’m sure all of histories true warriors had a moment of thinking “should I continue or live a more tame life” some continue and some find something different. Miyamoto Musashi went from being one of the greatest swordsman to becoming a monk to becoming the greatest teacher who still has a school in Japan today over 3 centuries later. I have faith in rose.
TexasCat 100
TexasCat 100 - 2 days ago
What a tru champion
Jay Santo
Jay Santo - 2 days ago
She’s one tough woman. To have to sit through these questions without clearing her head. Hopefully we see that re match
David Jamalpur
David Jamalpur - 3 days ago
Rose Is Awesome.
Daniel 045
Daniel 045 - 3 days ago
Rose was never to my liking however unlike shithead Rousey's suicide bullshit clamouring for attention, it seems Rose is and has been depressed for quite some time yet never revealing it and never asking for help. Truly I pray she finds the happiness that appears to have eluded her and I hope those close to her take the time to lift her spirit. She deserves happiness and a long fulfilled life.🙏
Joseph Godinez
Joseph Godinez - 4 days ago
I love Rose, she is so beautiful inside and out. Win or lose she's THE GOAT......
Joshua - 4 days ago
I’m a casual but that other bitch looks like she takes steroids
josemontes811 - 4 days ago
She’s concussed 😂😂😂😂😂😂
josemontes811 - 4 days ago
She knows damn well she doesn’t want a rematch 😂 Andrade retired her ass! 😂😂👍👍
ty t
ty t - 5 days ago
I'm in love with thug rose her smile is intoxicating even after a lost so humble
Michael R
Michael R - 5 days ago
Yeah I think she should retire. I think it was mentally too much for her
Hero And Legend
Hero And Legend - 5 days ago
Great Career Champ! If You Want To Call It A Day You Deserve It. #HeroAndLegend
Jeff M
Jeff M - 5 days ago
Crazy how a fighter can go from winning the match, to a straight loss because of one simple mistake. Nobody deserves a rematch more than Rose here. She can make a trilogy out of this if she wants to.
john mark Higgins
john mark Higgins - 5 days ago
Such a good fighter! Wish her the best! x
Mcbuilder181 - 5 days ago
What a class act. Huge respect. Thug rose is still a champion and tells it like it is. 100%
Gerardo Guevara
Gerardo Guevara - 5 days ago
Rose hated being champ .. u Could tell she had some sense of relief after she lost the belt
tony 'too sweet' swann
tony 'too sweet' swann - 5 days ago
a champion faces the media just like this after defeat!
Jeff Dunlap
Jeff Dunlap - 5 days ago
Pretty girl, she'd make a good assassin in the movies
黃稚瓔 - 5 days ago
K20civicsirturbo - 6 days ago
Rose Namajunas or Miesha Tate whos the cutest?
Grant Keller
Grant Keller - 6 days ago
Rose should be a "Bond Girl"
Peter Harris
Peter Harris - 6 days ago
Great fighter just one wrong move
adam klassen
adam klassen - 6 days ago
Idk why i cannot stand this chick at all.....she just rubs me the wrong way shes a huge cry baby..... She probably blamed this lost on conor mcgregor lmao.
She cried everyday in fight camp she was looking around each corner thinking conor mcgregor was there, then she cried all day during fight day right up until she walked out, then she got into the locker room and cried like a baby then was late to the post fight conference because she was crying like a bitch.... Then when she was on the plane ride home crying like a bitch looking over her shoulder for conor mcgregor
Ben Smothermon
Ben Smothermon - 6 days ago
I thought she looked like logic
Titus Crow
Titus Crow - 6 days ago
It's so obvious, she wants to have a baby... that's the whole thing! I really think she doesn't care at all for the loss and is not motivated by it in this at all.
BROTHER TN - 6 days ago
She looks broken and I’m glad. She seems like a sweetheart and should not damage her health, fighting is brutal, it’s not worth it! Nothing is more important than happiness and health!
Rocky Ryan
Rocky Ryan - 6 days ago
Love Rose, one of my fave class acts
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - 6 days ago
#48 on trending street
baby Jesus
baby Jesus - 6 days ago
She seems so real and humble
BroomSquadENT - 6 days ago
Stranger things *lookin ass*
Paul Wright
Paul Wright - 6 days ago
Go into acting.You are a natural.Love you ROSE....
Ray Cyst
Ray Cyst - 6 days ago
angry dyke syndrome.
Kristoff Giuliano
Kristoff Giuliano - 6 days ago
Thought this was a man
humanature - 6 days ago
She's a good person but doesn't have an heart of a champion. She had 10 UFC fights total with 3 loses prior to this fight. MMA is archaic and seldom sporting.
Justin Riley
Justin Riley - 6 days ago
Josie Whales
Josie Whales - 6 days ago
Rose owned her the whole fight
sultan ahmad
sultan ahmad - 6 days ago
parents migrated from LITHUANIA to MILWAUKEE
joe sarnak
joe sarnak - 6 days ago
Oh my God, every Champion fighter who loses, now has to claim that she did not really lose the fight, OR she lost the desire to fight! It is all so UFC scripted , it has become pathetic, and all the "reporters" somehow treat all this as genuine.
I.B. Tubin'
I.B. Tubin' - 6 days ago
I think if Rose can do this? .. why not feelout your options?
Manza Manza
Manza Manza - 6 days ago
Namajunas win, Jessica full estetoides
Chris Cornell
Chris Cornell - 6 days ago
Dam she looks ugly with short hair
Jason Jason
Jason Jason - 6 days ago
You're even uglier with your face.
Dennis Dowd
Dennis Dowd - 6 days ago
I hate fighting.
young bubbles
young bubbles - 6 days ago
Interviewers hella annoying
Carla Jean
Carla Jean - 6 days ago
I love her. She gave a great fight. She was almost going to win.
Lake Cooper
Lake Cooper - 6 days ago
Total class ♡
Aaron - 6 days ago
She kinda looks like Elon musk
Monty Komachi
Monty Komachi - 6 days ago
Let's be real here. The win was a fluke. Mean how much skill is involved in slamming someone on their head when she was putting them hands on you the whole fight? The steroid freak got lucky. I guess gravity is a technique in mma. It wasn't even a rampage slam sloppy shet
Bri D
Bri D - 6 days ago
I respect her and wish her all the best whatever she chooses. Truly the people's champ. Congrats to Andrade in her home.
Jerry B
Jerry B - 6 days ago
Rose is a Good Fighter but mentally The Fight Game is too much for her.....she needs to focus on things that make her Happy
Dawa Sherpa
Dawa Sherpa - 6 days ago
She is the female Pete davidson
James Teague
James Teague - 6 days ago
Looks like a man but has a pussy. I would ove to take her missionary position since females aren't made to fight.
Jason Jason
Jason Jason - 6 days ago
You're an idiot
dustypan83 - 6 days ago
You can tell she’s not interested in fighting anymore. She doesn’t have the hunger she did before her title. That’s why she lost.
Jason Henderson
Jason Henderson - 6 days ago
She is so sweet and down-to-earth maybe now she will let her hair grow back out and come back looking amazing and better than ever
acer13 p
acer13 p - 6 days ago
Rose just your head up you made one mistake ok it cost you bet believe me if the rematch happens You will beat it her. You were winning.
A P - 6 days ago
Man what a sweet girl and good person. Keep your head up 🌹. USA is proud of the person you are.
Lindsey White
Lindsey White - 6 days ago
The girl that beat her beat her by pure luck. Rose was dominating her that chick will not keep the straw weight belt its going to get passed around a lot now.
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance - 6 days ago
Hello, Humans.
Lex: What killed me is you didn't even want it. You fought it, you hid from it. I would have taken it and relished it and embraced it.
Clark: My destiny wasn't yours to take!
Lex: I get that now which is why I've finally embraced my own. You and I, we will both be great men because of each other. We have a destiny together Clark, only on different sides.
~Smallville TV Show
Dante Burningblood
Dante Burningblood - 6 days ago
Is sheba lesbian? She would look great with hair, she has a beautiful face
Dante Burningblood
Dante Burningblood - 6 days ago
Just curious
Jason Jason
Jason Jason - 6 days ago
Why does it matter if she's a lesbian?
Top Shelf
Top Shelf - 6 days ago
Brat Pitt ?
SharpentheAxe - 6 days ago
Maybe now she'll grow her hair back. She's so damn pretty with long hair, not this buzz shit.
Jason Jason
Jason Jason - 6 days ago
I'm sure she'll do it just for you.
Retro dealer 64#
Retro dealer 64# - 7 days ago
Poor Rosie lost to a big tranny steroid freak.
Ny the Cook
Ny the Cook - 7 days ago
Rose is an awesome champ. Always respectful and down to earth. I am not even sure if that slam was legal, either way, Rose was up on the cards before that happened. Hope you come back Rose!

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SUPER MEOW - 7 days ago
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Rodeo Ranger
Rodeo Ranger - 7 days ago
I thought spiking an opponent on their head was an illegal move in the UFC ?
Fables 456
Fables 456 - 7 days ago
So humble and down to earth. A true champ
2020Mastro - 7 days ago
kasegi Yabu
kasegi Yabu - 6 days ago
Only a sissy would considered 25 year-old to be "a kid".
Ragesauce - 7 days ago
So you can't elbow at 6 to 12, you can't knee when someone is down, you can't hit someone in the back of the head, but you can pick someone up and slam em on their neck.
Seems legit.
Michael H
Michael H - 7 days ago
Try pro boxing reminds me of Ali
geyck - 7 days ago
Girl looks like Elon Musk.
Jon G
Jon G - 7 days ago
She'll be back for tax season
FunNguns - 7 days ago
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Kenny M
Kenny M - 7 days ago
Thought this was 13 year old boy.
Jason Prothero
Jason Prothero - 7 days ago
Focus on you Rose.
TheRaidAce - 7 days ago
Shawty look like Carl Gallagher
Alisha - 7 days ago
This chick looks just like a guy I went to high school with, if he had cancer
Squiddles - 7 days ago
She looks like a man
Grant Keller
Grant Keller - 7 days ago
Thanks Rose, now go live your life the way you want. Much luv.
BamaTheGreat VEVO
BamaTheGreat VEVO - 7 days ago
Jordan Peele's Candyman movie soundtrack single 2020 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Vc88kJA4MjE
STEVEN DA JEW - 7 days ago
She looks like my balls shaved HAHA! not even joking 😐
rayzur9 - 7 days ago
Apparently, the same assholes that work customer support at Dell, also moonlights as sports interviewers. Just as stupid as well!
Steves my name
Steves my name - 7 days ago
Not a mark on her. Jesica face looks like a mashed potato. Such a master class up to the slam by rose. Jesica won fair and square tho.
JoeCnNd - 7 days ago
No offense but thought this was a 10 year old boy fighting.
Sundar Pichai
Sundar Pichai - 7 days ago
Holy moly she would suck a labia right off the majora
Dominic Rigsby
Dominic Rigsby - 7 days ago
She's a great fighter. I don't blame her if she wants to step back. It is her life. I enjoyed what she has brought to the table and if this is it so be it.
Silly Rabbit
Silly Rabbit - 7 days ago
Dont know who this is, but I thought it was a guy in the thumbnail, looks like a 14 year old boy. I was thinking this guy looks to young to fight!.
Jacob Freeman
Jacob Freeman - 7 days ago
I hope you make a farm, I hope life is diverse and awesome for you rose. I’d love to see you fight again but not if it will take you down to a bad place.
dads2006gt - 7 days ago
Rose you are a champion regardless of a belt and you always will be no matter what path you choose.
fusionaut23 - 7 days ago
Rose no need to feel bad you were beating her until your freak accident of falling on your head. That's it. Rematch and beat her butt. Love ya!
Adam Bartlomiej Miklaszewski
Thank you Rose for all your beautiful fights.
Mac - 7 days ago
Let’s start having females and males fight. Equal rights equal rights am I right? It would be pure hilarity.
Al Yi
Al Yi - 7 days ago
Damn she's just happy to pay off her house that's gangster pay your Fighters UFC stop being so f****** stingy
Rachel Rhai
Rachel Rhai - 7 days ago
I honestly thought her last name said marijuana 🙀🙀
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