ASMR | Relaxing Personal Trainer & Nutritionist Session | 60fps

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shifa m
shifa m - Month ago
I am a real nutritionist, visit my page for tips on how to lead a healthy life:
Blue Cherry
Blue Cherry - 2 months ago
Jedi Knight Joshua
Jedi Knight Joshua - 2 months ago
Ide drink your water💦
Kaitlynn - 2 months ago
I need a personal trainer real bad!
Tenshi. - 3 months ago
*...* ...
Yung Shenron
Yung Shenron - 3 months ago
Oh my god where’d you get that hoodie?
Kalatiola Tai
Kalatiola Tai - 4 months ago
Did anyone else notice that Gibi's nose kinda looked like the mexican flag? because of the lights
Ted Jajer
Ted Jajer - 4 months ago
Gibi, I'm trying to email you about personal training but for some reason I cannot. Please email me at Then I'll answer you. Thanks!
Tina Tyson
Tina Tyson - 4 months ago
when she said thank you for watching in the advertisement i was like : TWO MINUTES OF MY LIFE WASTED JUST TO HEAR ABOUT A BASKET IN THE SUN!!!
Jason Barker
Jason Barker - 5 months ago
What lights are you using in your vids lately, the colored ones.
Stephanie May
Stephanie May - 5 months ago
"And your appointment time is... exactly now. I don't even have a watch on" loved that
Kylie Nicole
Kylie Nicole - 5 months ago
Pls do another cooking with Gibi, I love those
Diabeto - 5 months ago
"my body is ready"
Volterra Chan
Volterra Chan - 5 months ago
0:00 Ad
2:38 Intro
3:04 Notebook and Sharpie
7:35 Water bottles
12:02 Protein powder
12:43 Protein shake
14:31 Paper and Sharpie
12:31 Coffee grounds
22:29 Pre workout supplement powder
23:37 Multivitamins
25:30 Blender
26:20 Food scale
27:43 Paper and Sharpie
29:33 Muscle rollers
33:03 Yoga mats
34:00 Stretching bands
35:39 Weights
36:40 Roller
37:22 Timer
37:33 Paper and Sharpie/ending
sierra graham
sierra graham - 6 months ago
as an actual trainer and nutritionist I approve of this.
DingoGot MyBaby
DingoGot MyBaby - 6 months ago
your wearing to much makeup
Irais Juarez
Irais Juarez - 6 months ago
2:38 is when the video starts
ZombieIsCracked - 6 months ago
Who else hides the fact you watch asmr from people
Kenny Ta
Kenny Ta - 6 months ago
Why she look like the babysitter from The incredibles 😂
Chris D'Avanzo
Chris D'Avanzo - 6 months ago
Bada book bada boom
NightFade - 6 months ago
Fruits are just bread
VINCENT PALMIERO - 6 months ago
You wanna know what a librarian told Gibi?

*Read More*
Dbz Hero
Dbz Hero - 6 months ago
I don't know why, but the fact people disliked this makes me mad
Intoxicatedbandit - 6 months ago
There's an epidemic spreading
Awesome dude 78
Awesome dude 78 - 6 months ago
Gets upload while eating ice cream. The next day

Me: time to work out
Komyar N'Doul
Komyar N'Doul - 7 months ago
Bitchin' hoodie. Where'd you get it?
Jackson Brannon
Jackson Brannon - 7 months ago
Gibi sounds like an actual personal trainer with all this rly good dialogue and research
Jack C
Jack C - 7 months ago
Watching this while on cocaine
Enya BadIndieGamer
Enya BadIndieGamer - 7 months ago
I don't like eggs either!!! I find it so rare to meet other people who don't like them
TFV Stalinger
TFV Stalinger - 7 months ago
You should make sponsored saturday clip montage video!: D
RicoBurrito - 7 months ago
Library of Congress? Nahhh fam I go to the Library of Fitness 💪💪🔥🔥
Esteban Sanchez
Esteban Sanchez - 7 months ago
Tbh I bought the Sony WH-1000XM3’s because of this video lol.
lyoni - 7 months ago
JetJiles - 7 months ago
Wii fit 2.0
Pudding Boy
Pudding Boy - 7 months ago
Lifting weights before cardio burns what you ate previously faster then cardio would burn your actual body fat so you could them gains boi and stay skinny 👍
Off Beat
Off Beat - 7 months ago
Roky - 7 months ago
Ounces of water? Not sure about that
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime - 7 months ago
More scratching videos pls
MikeimInternet - 7 months ago
These are ASMR Videos i Like.
Thank you !
xAlien_Angelx - 7 months ago
Starts at 2:38
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