Black Clover - Opening 11 (HD)

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Crunchyroll FR
Crunchyroll FR - Month ago
Black Clover - Opening 11: Stories by Snow Man
👉 Opening 1 :
👉 Opening 2 :
👉 Opening 3 :
👉 Opening 4 :
👉 Opening 5 :
👉 Opening 6 :
👉 Opening 7 :
👉 Opening 8 :
👉 Opening 9 :
👉 Opening 10 :
👉 Anime : Black Clover
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Demo man
Demo man - Month ago
My favorite is 3 and 10
carmalor ln
carmalor ln - Month ago
Il est trop bien l'opening
Team Alkaline ELITE GANG
The greatness never stop
Supreme Xdee
Supreme Xdee - Month ago
Khalid Ali
Khalid Ali - 16 hours ago
Le Rennoi Mangaka
Le Rennoi Mangaka - 16 hours ago
shahad bingali
shahad bingali - Day ago
والله ياخي ططررببب
Mark Krushelnytskyy
1:04 best part
little King
little King - Day ago
How da hell every opening in this anime is good?
itsugaya - 2 days ago
Pk ils ont autant opening
XAnimeToons2X - 2 days ago
Asta look cold with how he was opening his eyes with the smoke coming out of his mouth
Matias Cordero
Matias Cordero - 2 days ago
Grasas porque yo uso esto paradormir
Pink Goku
Pink Goku - 2 days ago
Black Clover anime favorite
z - 2 days ago
Esacro 21
Esacro 21 - 2 days ago
Someone: Black clover is bad.
Me: Ok, maybe you dont like it and thats ok
Someone: Black Clover its Naruto 2.0
Me: Well, yes is very similar but its not the same
Someone: Black Clover Op are bad.
Me: So you have chosen... Death
Kaio Hariel 22
Kaio Hariel 22 - 3 days ago
When will have more episodes? Jeez, vou guys stopped just right when was getting exciting!
Nif_ Line
Nif_ Line - 3 days ago
Tsuyoku kaze fuku sekai no hate de
Bokura wa kyou mo
Me wo tojiru yume wo miru aki mo sezu
Ima wa chiisaku hakanai kibou mo
Itsuka jidai wo kaete yuku
Hikari ni naru to shinjite
Seoubeki mono nado nani hitotsu nai sa
Subete dakishimete yuku
Tatoeba sore ga itamida toshitemo
Kanaunara kimi to tomoni
Kono goe ga kono nodo ga suri kireru hodo ima sakebu yo
Negai wa jibun de kirihirakun datte
Tomedonaku afure deru jounetsu wo
Saa aruki dasou
To feel my dream
Joshua Gayle
Joshua Gayle - 4 days ago
I'm not typically a fan of ops like this but AGAIN another good opening 😭
TacticaI. - 4 days ago
That opening beat goes Fucking Crazy ngl
raiden - 4 days ago
i wonder what they will doo for op 12
B. B.
B. B. - 4 days ago
Суренчик - 5 days ago
Musik grazy !!!
Kataruki Charlotte
Kataruki Charlotte - 5 days ago
Kidus Anglin
Kidus Anglin - 5 days ago
nyan cat remix 0:00
Asta - 5 days ago
Plot twist :Black DIvider is the pp of the demon
lil jack lil travis
lil jack lil travis - 5 days ago
So the wizard King is not dead he was that little boy
HotaroSukehiro - 6 days ago
no one
my dick in the morning : 1:19
Samil Garcia Feliz
Samil Garcia Feliz - 7 days ago
William Vengeance
William Vengeance - 7 days ago
i finished 132 episode of black clover in only 3 days oh my god how unsociable i am
SourCandy - 7 days ago
Me watching this the 100th time today waiting for the next episode which was delayed
Marcos G
Marcos G - 7 days ago
Stories (Opening 11)
Black Clover
Tsuyoku kaze fuku sekai no hate de
Bokura wa kyō mo me o tojiru yume o miru aki mo sezu
Ima wa chīsaku hakanai kibō mo
Itsu ka jidai o kaeteyuku
Hikari ni naru to shinjite
Seoubeki mono nado nan hitotsu nai sa subete dakishimete yuku
Tatoeba sore ga itami da to shite mo
Kanaunara kimi to tomo ni
Kono koe ga kono nodo ga surikireru hodo ima sakebu yo
Mirai wa jibun de kirihiraku n datte
Tomedo naku afurederu jōnetsu no mama sā arukidasō
To feel my dream
Mettlesome Knight
Mettlesome Knight - 7 days ago
What are all these band wagoners saying it’s all the sudden a great anime?! I’ve been here since the beginning and it’s always been great 😫😝
anime hee
anime hee - 8 days ago
Mimosa gets more screentime than yuno😂😂😂
anime hee
anime hee - 8 days ago
this pisses me off yuno is so strong but we didn’t see him progress cuz he is barely in any episodes
anime hee
anime hee - 8 days ago
Who else doesn’t get why yuno is in every opening like he is a main character but he isn’t in most of the episodes 😂😂
RICARDO SOTO - 8 days ago
This opening is amazing
Joris Cognée
Joris Cognée - 8 days ago
Probably one of the greatest opening I ever seen
dalinho melki
dalinho melki - 8 days ago
asta getting more and more baddass in the openings
yami in anime and manga: hold my beers
Keteku - 8 days ago
I prefer opening 10 v2 (?
qr Viper
qr Viper - 8 days ago
the beginning of the opening sounds like the opening from Naruto Ultmate Ninja Storm 4
Mba Evan
Mba Evan - 8 days ago
Au début c'était normal Pour black Clover et après c'est devenu claque au Sol surtout pour un openning de black Clover

PS: qu'est ce que foutent des commentaires anglais sur la chaîne française de crunchyroll
soume ewane steve
soume ewane steve - 9 days ago
I love this opening song even though is Scary
Nikro Zero
Nikro Zero - 9 days ago
Bruh the start sounds like one of the naruto openings
Fernando Ramirez
Fernando Ramirez - 9 days ago
Cristian Cuevas
Cristian Cuevas - 9 days ago
This is a good song and show
Meïron Ganansia
Meïron Ganansia - 10 days ago
The first second of this opening = first second of Naruto ultimate ninja storm 4 opening
Rita Rose
Rita Rose - 10 days ago
Snow man 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Rita Rose
Rita Rose - 10 days ago
Snow man💗
Rita Rose
Rita Rose - 10 days ago
Snow man❤
Rita Rose
Rita Rose - 10 days ago
Snow man 💙
Rita Rose
Rita Rose - 10 days ago
Snow man💟
Buy water
Buy water - 10 days ago
When Megicula IS here
Banana_ Mustache
Banana_ Mustache - 10 days ago
To be honest im getting Spongebob anime music vibes
n b
n b - 9 days ago
Now that u mentioned it i get the same vibe😂
Cajene Cummings
Cajene Cummings - 10 days ago
Great openings , Good endings ,Great fight scenes and great characters and a good story this is definitely part of the new big 3
Elizabeth Rudolph
Elizabeth Rudolph - 10 days ago
How come I didn't see this?
Elizabeth Rudolph
Elizabeth Rudolph - 10 days ago
@Prime Box the op
Prime Box
Prime Box - 10 days ago
The op or the show?
M1urice _28
M1urice _28 - 11 days ago
1:20 thats what megumin meant with Kazuma´s "Holy sword" Excalibur
Lavante Montgomery
Lavante Montgomery - 11 days ago
Asta breathing was hella clean too🔥
Lavante Montgomery
Lavante Montgomery - 11 days ago
One reason this is my favorite anime is because of the openings they never disappoint
Yuno Gasai
Yuno Gasai - 11 days ago
Please try name me a bad black clover opening and ending. I’m waiting.
Xaggerate _RK
Xaggerate _RK - 11 days ago
Idk how I feel about this one guys
Spilva da Sinuca
Spilva da Sinuca - 12 days ago
Só quem é br da like!
José domingo
José domingo - 12 days ago
Muito bom 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Xxpowerfreakxx 23354
Xxpowerfreakxx 23354 - 12 days ago
I don’t like most of the black clover openings but I really like this one
Takashi Ken
Takashi Ken - 12 days ago
Noooo the dislikes are from dontè. Asta should dad. Not joking read in manga. No more spoilers sorry
Juanma Railgun
Juanma Railgun - 13 days ago
I can't believe it. This is the first time Black Clover has a bad opening. I'm in absolute awe as to how they follow the best opening (Black Catcher) with.... this.
Nitro playZ
Nitro playZ - 12 days ago
Juanma Railgun bruh ... this shit fireeeee
RNGesus - 13 days ago
4 - 13 days ago
I have a question ryah fana vetto and patri are still alive so are we going to see them again in the new saga?
Причина твоей боли
3 , 7 ,10 nice op
Tenma FSZ
Tenma FSZ - 13 days ago
Au début on dirait trop l'intro de storm4 avant le dlc Boruto
SAd Boy Klik
SAd Boy Klik - 13 days ago
I feel very sorry for op songs that are after these made by Vickeblanka.
Chris Maystar
Chris Maystar - 13 days ago
May 12th, 2020, 10:12AM: We've gone over a month without an official full version of this opening and it is killing my insides as well as my search bar
Francisco Chaupis
Francisco Chaupis - 13 days ago
Wiktor Kowalewski
Wiktor Kowalewski - 14 days ago
Black clover fans: WoW, Asta is so cool bcs he never lost control in his demon form!
Dante: Allow me to introduce myself
dalinho melki
dalinho melki - 8 days ago
yami: both hold my beers
Arthur Cairo
Arthur Cairo - 11 days ago
KagxraL Kills
KagxraL Kills - 14 days ago
How many episodes will gonna be the Training Arc?
Nitro playZ
Nitro playZ - 12 days ago
Lol_Senpai xx we don’t rlly know but the only reason we’re getting a training arc is so the manga can get ahead, so I’m guessing at least 12-13 eps at least 24 at the most. But who know it could be more, hopefully not though cuz the stuff right after the time skip is insaneeee
Mira Khadder
Mira Khadder - 14 days ago
I'm still waiting for episode 133 🙃✋
Llenn - 14 days ago
I remember when people just said this anime is trash and Asta is only screaming around...
Times have changed huh?
DabGamer123 - 14 days ago
The opening is op
Kobeke5 - 14 days ago
I wanna see the next episode stupid corona
Micah Osuide
Micah Osuide - 15 days ago
This sounds better at x2 speed
Alan Molina
Alan Molina - 15 days ago
Man the way asta looked so composed in the beginning was badass 🔥
Fiorella Jaco Espíra uitu
El mejor hasta el momento, de eso no hay duda.♥️
Ferret mayn
Ferret mayn - 15 days ago
If we’re all gonna be honest here this is good but black catcher is better
Kyle Beger
Kyle Beger - 9 days ago
@MavisDom! - Anime on Piano hell nah 3 10 11 are easily top 3. Ending 3 is pretty good(empire's ending) but op 9 isn't the best imho
MavisDom! - Anime on Piano
Kyle Beger bro op 9 is superior
Kyle Beger
Kyle Beger - 9 days ago
@MavisDom! - Anime on Piano imo OP 9 is the worst one like the ending empire does just not their ops lol
MavisDom! - Anime on Piano
Kyle Beger idk
Kyle Beger
Kyle Beger - 9 days ago
@MavisDom! - Anime on Piano is that a troll?
Dota Atod
Dota Atod - 15 days ago
Those first 20 seconds are unreal I love the guitar? I think it's a guitar but whatever it is it sounds really good
AboDy OnLy
AboDy OnLy - 16 days ago
0:39 Sorry the Wrong anime
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