Lil Tjay - Move On (Official Video)

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Phanto Shorti VT
Phanto Shorti VT - 5 hours ago
Tjay the goat 🐐
Mô Ivö
Mô Ivö - 5 hours ago
I promise you bro she gonna miss you
Kr9bby - 6 hours ago
can u delete hold on so i can play this on my alexa she keeps messing up and
Elias Chacon
Elias Chacon - 6 hours ago
lil tjay to fire
Neimad - 6 hours ago
thats a dope music video.
LG Myk1e
LG Myk1e - 6 hours ago
Banger check no 💊
Blac Supreme
Blac Supreme - 6 hours ago
YouTube gettin too comfortable with these double ads🤦🏽‍♂️
balencaleiga - 6 hours ago
He should start making more music
Tae Bailey
Tae Bailey - 6 hours ago
My manz lil tjay goated gangsta!
Amo kaka
Amo kaka - 6 hours ago
Lowkey sounds like boogie
Muktar Ismail
Muktar Ismail - 6 hours ago
Lil tjay, He is ma favorite artist. I swear 💯💯
Leah Marie Agostinho-Sousa
A-stil_Tv - 6 hours ago
All the hardcore gangstas sing in 2020 😂 I’m over this thug&b shit😂😂😂 see what happens when y’all young heads get to choose the music . 😩 u ain’t connecting to my Bluetooth if u under 30 no 🧢
Rakka beatz
Rakka beatz - 6 hours ago
2:24 LAPD wants to know ur location
KAMXDA - 6 hours ago
I swear tjay the best in the game
Unknown 1
Unknown 1 - 6 hours ago
Tjay went from hold on to move on
Brawler pixee
Brawler pixee - 6 hours ago
Love ya voice and there are billion fishes in the world brotha
So fine
So fine - 6 hours ago
Find @steve.watcher on Instagram for all online services, account recovery and all hacking service. His absolutely the best😊
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown - 6 hours ago
Gangshit7M - 6 hours ago
TJ you the real k.o.ny
Jayden Rowe
Jayden Rowe - 6 hours ago
this song is a banger💯💯,
Gerald Kirkman
Gerald Kirkman - 6 hours ago
Anders Aarthun
Anders Aarthun - 6 hours ago
fuckin bangerrrrrrr
Caressa Quintero
Caressa Quintero - 6 hours ago
Itz. Niyahlol
Itz. Niyahlol - 6 hours ago
here before tik tok ,
wishh CLAN
wishh CLAN - 6 hours ago
like this if he should do a song without autotune
Caressa Quintero
Caressa Quintero - 6 hours ago
Ashley M
Ashley M - 6 hours ago
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Jeremie Carrasquillo
Jeremie Carrasquillo - 6 hours ago
413 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
not_tfsnija - 6 hours ago
my mans spit on every song
Miguel Pilar Ravanne
Miguel Pilar Ravanne - 6 hours ago
this fireeeeeeee
MMD FUN - 6 hours ago
Viase - 6 hours ago
another banger
Scott Beer
Scott Beer - 7 hours ago
Bro I thought it said lil tay bruh
PROMISE FITNESS - 7 hours ago
GodGanji's TreeOfLife
GodGanji's TreeOfLife - 7 hours ago
"Where you going look when you ready to settle"🥺
SAVAGE GAMER - 7 hours ago
big bangerrrrrrrrrr
420Beatz - 7 hours ago
Thissa vibe fasho, and there aint no hos in video!! Im a producer and puttin in that work for my music. I could make you a rapper too check me out. Feedback is love
Marco Gallina
Marco Gallina - 7 hours ago
Fatoumata - 7 hours ago
they made a tik tok on her tik tok
king makeouthill
king makeouthill - 7 hours ago
man is not even in trending 😔😖😕
Rasmus Folven
Rasmus Folven - 7 hours ago
Syn Beats I put a beat over Lil Tjays unreleased acoustic song.
Neo Gouwe
Neo Gouwe - 7 hours ago
I love your song's soo cool
FHN PLAYBOY - 7 hours ago
Notorious - 7 hours ago
The Collab we need: lil tjay and polo g 🔥🔥🔥
mariusica - 7 hours ago
Its crazy 2 goats blew up at the same time
K0yZ - 8 hours ago
Grobarq77 - 8 hours ago
tj one of the best out there
King ADG
King ADG - 8 hours ago
Yep keep steppin she ain’t for u
RugratFL - 8 hours ago
all the hard work Tjay has put in this song lets get it to #1 trending
f y r n i k
f y r n i k - 8 hours ago
I know this will get lost but here is a slowed version
Moses Stevenson
Moses Stevenson - 8 hours ago
Broo this is fire!🤩
Pucci - 8 hours ago
Mans got em Justin Berber vocals in the background
MARCUS BROWN - 8 hours ago
lil tjay still my fav rapper
Jake Gallagher
Jake Gallagher - 8 hours ago
I'm here before this blows up 💯👌🤩
Electronic Art
Electronic Art - 8 hours ago
The Best part was Tjay's Smile throughout the video
Landon Dykstra
Landon Dykstra - 8 hours ago
Song hit at the right time for me fucking life
SkiTer Dz
SkiTer Dz - 8 hours ago
EPIC Music that's what I'm talking about Fire
SkiTer Dz
SkiTer Dz - 8 hours ago
EPIC Music that's what I'm talking about
KRIS KENZOO - 9 hours ago
Shoutout from Spain
C LANNING - 9 hours ago
this hits different :(
Amman Ahmed
Amman Ahmed - 9 hours ago
she didnt leave u just yet bro!
GALATSI GATE 13 - 9 hours ago
Jordan McKinnie
Jordan McKinnie - 9 hours ago
I love this song We need to protect him
A Perez
A Perez - 9 hours ago
Shaun D
Shaun D - 9 hours ago
Ace Boogie about to start slapping all these rappers style biting
RoyaleThiefsY -_-
RoyaleThiefsY -_- - 9 hours ago
chase szollose
chase szollose - 9 hours ago
hicham.010 - 9 hours ago
King of new york
Hassan Mohamed
Hassan Mohamed - 9 hours ago
honey badger
honey badger - 10 hours ago
do u still chill wit dah bitch woahvickey still lmao
Ryleigh Edwards
Ryleigh Edwards - 10 hours ago
Why are you guys being disrespectful and rude to lil Tjay? Lil Tjay is fire I love him❤️💯
Mohd bolkiah
Mohd bolkiah - 10 hours ago
I don't miss she ..
I miss my parents..
Daughter and son
Hero Fitness
Hero Fitness - 10 hours ago
Lil Tjay > Lil Baby
lorenzo barbosa
lorenzo barbosa - 10 hours ago
KEEM - 10 hours ago
That nigga looked at the screen n said ain’t that the nigga from the concession stand? 🤔 😂
Bassand Furious
Bassand Furious - 10 hours ago
John Pearson
John Pearson - 10 hours ago
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Sanheliy - 10 hours ago
I watched this
mikachasmo - 10 hours ago
Is that daniella perkins
M__ Wahdan
M__ Wahdan - 10 hours ago
Mood swings part 2.
The H family
The H family - 10 hours ago
I’m hoping that you wanna do a song together ik I’m a low life but I got a fire song just no one to ft it would love tj hit me up please
767 ryan
767 ryan - 11 hours ago
wtf tjay always got me in my feels 😔
CDeezyy - 11 hours ago
This what A Boogie thought he was doing
NeighborHoodCyclist - 11 hours ago
Katie R
Katie R - 11 hours ago
I miss him
MASTERMIND_GAMER - 11 hours ago
played this song a million times
Golo p
Golo p - 11 hours ago
bruuuuh im the biggest fan trust
your insane at this shit
i have never seen a rapper that sings this good
your gonna be drake big one day
Aiden Gutierrez Fernandez
Aiden Gutierrez Fernandez - 11 hours ago
Let’s get this money yeeeee 😎
Edward Watts
Edward Watts - 11 hours ago
Diogo Nova
Diogo Nova - 11 hours ago
peter kotsonis
peter kotsonis - 11 hours ago
She bad
Ren Dubz
Ren Dubz - 12 hours ago
This tune is lit
Tespo 28
Tespo 28 - 12 hours ago
Ashton Peacock
Ashton Peacock - 12 hours ago
Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.
John 14:6 Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.
Put your faith in Christ and you shall be saved from the wages of your sin.
Noam Afia
Noam Afia - 12 hours ago
u is the goat dude
Rebecca.Mandah - 12 hours ago
0:18 then pause you going see how cute is tjay
StormX X
StormX X - 12 hours ago
Илья Метелев
Илья Метелев - 12 hours ago
Goat ❤
Aroosh Kumar
Aroosh Kumar - 13 hours ago
Claim your “before Tik tok ruined this’” ticket here
Chanel Landers
Chanel Landers - 6 hours ago
thank you i got mine
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