Joe Rogan Breaksdown Jon Jones vs. Dominick Reyes w/Rashad Evans

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Demented Saint
Demented Saint - 12 hours ago
Why is Joe talkin hypotheticals, IF this went for another 5 rounds.. Well it doesn't.
63JackBlack - 22 hours ago
Silverback Animal
Silverback Animal - Day ago
The mafia pay judges big money 💴 and it’s so dam obvious . Always have always will
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez - Day ago
The last 2 rounds DNT count more every round is equal..n u DNT have to beat the champ to be the should count by the card who threw more punches ..not cause Jones is the champ should be pampered more ..not fair fight.. stupidest reasons to give it to Jones ...Jones can't stay n wait for Reyes cause he knows he was gonna get boxed...
Jovie Macahilos
Jovie Macahilos - 2 days ago
School yard? Last 2 rounds weighs better than the other rounds? If the fight went further than 5 rounds?
Stupid shit being discussed here. Reyes dominated the fight 3 to 2, if you're gonna say he was gassing out by the end, it's true but check diaz and Conor's 2nd fight. If that fight went further than 5 rounds, conor would be mauled.
There's a reason there are rounds. So you can judge each round accordingly. If the guy dominated 3 out of 5, its pretty fucking clear who won. Not unless he got knocked out and shit. Reyes got fucking robbed and that's the fact.
Manu-Camus - 2 days ago
Reyes is better but Huge Pussy Dana fix it because he is a pussy! Now Rogan? He is less than a pussy!
jason smit
jason smit - 3 days ago
Stop taking side Reyes won hands down yu sound crazy my man smh 🤦🏽‍♂️
Crazy Jones
Crazy Jones - Day ago
Doom ZOOM - 3 days ago
JON won the last 2 rounds but reyes won the first 3 how the fuck did jon win LMFAO
Ibrar Ali
Ibrar Ali - 4 days ago
This is bullshit......and sad to see it coming from Joe, reyes won that fight and was robbed.
King Worldwide
King Worldwide - 4 days ago
Reyes was the aggressor and won.
Hue - 2 days ago
King Worldwide I trained Martial art most of my life from wing Chun, bjj, boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai, and karate so I think 🤔 I know what I’m talking about. I trained my daughter to be rank #1 bjj champion with her winning both the world and Pan am as well.
King Worldwide
King Worldwide - 2 days ago
@Hue You definitely don’t know what fighting is. You must be ignorant.
Hue - 2 days ago
Reyes was backings up most of the fight so how was he the aggressor? He was on defense most of the fight except for a few instances when Jones was moving his head and was being cornered.
YoDamDay - 5 days ago
to the death hahahhaaa. jones? hahahaaa. hes a pussy. listen to jones talk. hes a pussy
Normie Peasant
Normie Peasant - 5 days ago
So fucked how a biased (or completely ignorant) judge can fuck up the record of a fighter.
The UFC desperately needs to work out using ex fighters as judges.
Also, MMA isn't fucking poker. The "house" doesn't always just win in a draw.
If anything, it should be the champs who really have to prove THEY'RE the champ.
See how easily that goes both ways?
Because it's fucking stupid to use that line of reasoning. It's linguistic gymnastics.
Jordan Sledge
Jordan Sledge - 5 days ago
Rashad “your mind” Evans
Effortless - 6 days ago
If the tables were turned and reyes won the round that jon won people would say”yeah but jon won the first roundss” youre an idiot if you think reyes lost that fight
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus - 7 days ago
Joe shilling for Rhonda and Jon, some things will never change
Aaron Garrett
Aaron Garrett - 8 days ago
There’s no way Jones won that fight
B4B Gaming/Reactions
B4B Gaming/Reactions - 8 days ago
I agree that dom clearly was the one trying to finish as where jon wanted to score points. Doesn't mean one way is better than the other
B4B Gaming/Reactions
B4B Gaming/Reactions - 8 days ago
Anyone remember nam Pham vs Leonard Garcia. Even Leonard said post fight that he lost lol
VIVEK TIWARI - 10 days ago
Conor would get his ass kicked everytime in that case if it goes the distance
Matthew Amaya
Matthew Amaya - 10 days ago
"Dominic had the lead but to be the champ you have to beat the champ and he didn't do that for me" WHAAAT
Shoe Joe
Shoe Joe - 10 days ago
had a dream where jon jones and i gave each other milk enemas, but also reyes won
littlell -
littlell - - 10 days ago
So correct we shouldn't score rounds in MMA.
J_Smitty - 11 days ago
I get what rogan is saying. You hitting someone more didn't mean you win if the my punches are doing more damage with fewer punches. You hit me 10 times in 10 min and I don't get gassed but I beat the shit outta you for 10 min and you look decimated whoever seen it this last 10 min would say I won because it's the totality of the fight and it's effects on the end.
Michael Ritchie
Michael Ritchie - 11 days ago
Ive read many of these comments. Summary you are mad reyes lost. He lost it will never change .
Tulasha Gautam
Tulasha Gautam - 12 days ago
Ryes was great but how jones won sura r ising
News that matter
News that matter - 14 days ago
You guys remember when Matt hughs hated this guy on the ufc reality show? Its crazy how fast time flies. He proved Matt Hughes wrong.
Mike LaPointe
Mike LaPointe - 14 days ago
Jon went to Heavyweight before he had to face Reyes again or Jan Blachovich or Santos again. He knew he was about to lose that belt
Michael Ritchie
Michael Ritchie - 12 days ago
let reyes be a legend in his own mind . Jones dont got time for that . Gustafaon and dc did not win a rematch.
Joseph Davis
Joseph Davis - 14 days ago
I guess but he's taking a risk going up it isn't like he's going down in weight
anonymous - 15 days ago
Jorge masvidal vs Ben askrin...flying knee 0:13 KO fastest in UFC does Joe not remember?
Edit: JOE SEEMS to be turning into a LIBTARD..he is really losing his appeal..
Good one
Good one - 16 days ago
Its a 5 round fight and if some one dominates 3 round thats the winner..ufc is not fight to death its a point based fighting sport..Disagreed with joe on this..Reyes won that fight.. Only way to win against jones is ti knock him out..
its UNrat3d
its UNrat3d - 16 days ago
Jon jones vs Brock Lesner
Raider Richard
Raider Richard - 16 days ago
I have the same shirt as rogan
Gustavo Molina
Gustavo Molina - 17 days ago
Joe I found out what the Matt Hughes is, the crucifix
Est.Sar. 92
Est.Sar. 92 - 19 days ago
The backyard argument is quite embarrasing for a pro analiser. Reyes won that fight, and to try to justify the decission by any means will only destroy JJ's legacy. Jones is a once in a life time fighter, and one of the GOAT's, but he losed. It reminds me Canelo robbing Golovkin twice.
chane vazquez
chane vazquez - 19 days ago
There's enough veterans that would make great judges. Why not use them!?
Derek Bakowski
Derek Bakowski - 20 days ago
Joe Rogan is really stupid sometimes. Its not a fight to the death its 5 rounds? Tf you talking about
Lord J
Lord J - 20 days ago
6:57 bullshit if this was a fight to the death Jon would be dead by the first round plus there wouldn’t be rounds anyway so only the start of the fight would matter. Deciding it’s fight to the death in the later round is just disingenuous.🤨🤨
Lorendrawn - 20 days ago
In Muay Thai, you can call for an extra round if it's inconclusive. In EBI rules also call for extra time until they get the sub.
Edit life
Edit life - 21 day ago
John lost
Jonathan Benitez
Jonathan Benitez - 22 days ago
Reyes got robbed
Samson Papaya
Samson Papaya - 23 days ago
Joe your a moron! Jones was running! Trying to poke reyes eyes like he do all the time! At no time during the fight did he ever, ever kick dominics ass!!! I thought you were intelligent about fights but your like the rest that is in awe of jones! He’s a cheater and is boring to watch! You need to retire joe!
Ryan Hansen
Ryan Hansen - 24 days ago
I like Rashad...glad he's off the PED's
SK Motivations and Entertainment
Watched this fight without sound, this is what I scored
10-9 Reyes
10-9 Reyes
10-9 Jones
10-9 Jones
So it looks draw but as Jones was advancing and doing cage control he have an edge.
AND THE WINNER IS , Jonny Bones Jones
olllloollllo - 25 days ago
Reyes was not getting his ass kicked in the last round, Jon jones was panicking in the final round and did enough to win that round.
Mike loke
Mike loke - 25 days ago
if it goes 5 rounds it should be a draw . rounds 6-10 should come in a month
jaws978 - 26 days ago
From 3 on you getting chased and beat to death what argument is there for you winning?
Donald Elam
Donald Elam - 26 days ago
Mentally, Dominick won
Francisco Santos-Marin
Francisco Santos-Marin - 27 days ago
Jones won the last 3 no doubt
That Man
That Man - 27 days ago
Hearing Rashad and Rogin explain the jones/Reyes fight,now I have more understanding of how that fight was judged and won by Jones,and I agree
Josh Knight
Josh Knight - 27 days ago
The part that if you loose the last two rounds is so stupid. In that sense why the fuck even try in the beginning and save your tank for the last two. No strategy then. Just fight the last two. He is on jones balls hard. He knows he lost but tried to excuse it....
Blood - 27 days ago
Dominick Reyes: "I'm Dominick Reyes"
Sakhawat Polash
Sakhawat Polash - 27 days ago
Wtf are you talking about! "If it was a fight to the death Jon would have won". Do you know how fck'd up you sound? There are rules to this sports. You can't say that if this was this or that was that.... Just shut up you moron.
Nick Flint
Nick Flint - 28 days ago
What’s more honorable fighting and defending a choke for 4 minutes, or trying to choke a guy out for 4 minutes?
Marcus Grayes
Marcus Grayes - 28 days ago
I fuckin love you joe Rogan!!!! Fuckin! legend! When I'm done with minor leagues and make it pro I want to smoke a joint with Joe Rogan
David Perez
David Perez - 28 days ago
To be the champ you gotta beat the champ. Coming from a ufc fighter a fucking pro. Can’t argue with that. Joe rogan said last 2 rounds Jon beat him and even had him hurting , arms all labored. And Jon Jones kept pressing and behind dominate. Can’t argue with that. He got the win. Gotta judge it by the whole entire fight. So stfu u pussies who hate Jon Jones racist fucks 😂😂
Alen Cko
Alen Cko - 29 days ago
Jon Jones being called the goat has just met a bumper in the form of the fight against reyes.the match was a gift to Jones before he leaves the l.w for the h.w👊
Mike loke
Mike loke - 25 days ago
reyes said jones won and that he was thankful for being able to fight jon.
lewchootrain - 29 days ago
Imagine if they made a live open scoring system where they would signal to the fighters and crowd that one fighter had 3 out of 5 rounds or 2 out of 3 rounds already in the bag. I wonder if you’d see crazy comebacks (but then maybe you’d also see the guy winning running away or going for takedowns). But at least it would get rid of some of the corruption/poor judging and maybe a commission could see who they should not hire again.
Satyajit Pradhan
Satyajit Pradhan - 29 days ago
If they ever do fight again, Jon will school Reyes like he did Gustafsson.
Mukrim S
Mukrim S - 28 days ago
years later when Gus had already come to terms with not being the champion :/
Chase Fredricks
Chase Fredricks - 29 days ago
Joe: comes in with a flying knee. Who tf does that?
Masvidal: Am I a joke to you?
Nolan Doherty
Nolan Doherty - 3 days ago
Out of context
Little_Ak 89
Little_Ak 89 - 29 days ago
Little_Ak 89
Little_Ak 89 - 29 days ago
Dominic Reyes Won this shit!!!! JONE JONES LOST!
MRornge800 - 29 days ago
If look at it like a sport then Reyes won.
If you look at it like a fight then Jon won.
I'm a fight fan in it's purest form and that would be "who can kill who".
Say what you want but Reyes couldn't have killed Jon in that fight.
Stephen Stuckey
Stephen Stuckey - Month ago the schoolyard example....its true.
Shiver TV
Shiver TV - Month ago
They be slobbing on jon so hard reyes obviously won that fight
Matthew,Neufer Ruach of Yahweh
You need to watch that fight again Joe .
J P - Month ago
Joe rogan is so biased. He thinks he knows everything
Snorpax - Month ago
the argument “if it were to go another five rounds” doesnt make sense because if certain shots weren’t illegal, Reyes was clearly dominating the first round, what shots would he have been able to do if you want to start changing the rules?
King Warrior
King Warrior - Month ago
Last 2 rounds are the championship rounds in MMA?
The duh ScRIP Shunn
The duh ScRIP Shunn - Month ago
A draw would have been fair. I dont believe Reyes beat Jones but, on the same token Jon didnt really beat Reyes. It was a damn good fight.
The one typing this
The one typing this - Month ago
Evans desperately trying to ignore the obvious robbery and the fact that jones' skillset is limited against new generation fighters (and that's at lhw, the weakest male weight class in ufc history
Khalil - Month ago
Anyone who has ever competed before knows the pain of gassing out. There’s a lot of strategy involved in staying alive and then going all out. After ten minutes it feels impossible to even hold your hands up taking whole shots and landing takedowns after fifteen minutes of war says a lot has been stored for the end. It’s a huge accomplishment if you don’t believe me go out and get a takedown. Nobody here does what these guys do in the cage. It’s easy to talk from here but respect what they do it’s a huge sacrifice, how many title defenses has Jones had? Talk is cheap.That’s why joe thinks the last rounds mean a lot. That’s why championship fights aren’t three rounds. It’s about the mental aspect, fight IQ, stamina, skill. Really just enjoy the show get over it and move on, it’s not like you were the one that just got robbed and trust me everyone gets robbed, robbed means something a lot worse than a close fight. I promise you Reyes has robbed someone else along the way. Here’s to the rematch. Unless you’re just casual respect these guys more and be happy, I don’t even know why jones keeps fighting he’s past his prime what else does he have to prove does anyone here really believe we’ll be talking about Reyes ten years from now?
Kei 804
Kei 804 - 21 day ago
Rick Loer 3-2 Jones
Rick Loer
Rick Loer - 22 days ago
@Kei 804 jones sucks his slow ass moved to heavyweight to avoid reyes jajaja
Kei 804
Kei 804 - 28 days ago
Rick Loer Jon Jones won 3-2 you clown
Rick Loer
Rick Loer - Month ago
Stfu jones sucked in this fight
Simon Ratrikov
Simon Ratrikov - Month ago
Hm....Rashad said it good...that Dom didnt come out there to be the champ champ. If u wanna be the champ u need to show up and be atleast a little more obviously winning.As for Rogans arguement about the last the rounds - I agree a lot...otherwise people will just beef up as much muscle as they could and go all ham for 5 mins...this way if u counting on ur muscle - u have to make sure u win or u get punished and lose...
Mr Trompas
Mr Trompas - Month ago
Your an idiot rogan
Mr Trompas
Mr Trompas - Month ago
Ok joe rogan but Jones did not beat Reyes ass not at all there was no ass kicking your trypin d rogan
Waani Waaani
Waani Waaani - Month ago
Dude run the whole time
Jetlifee.travi - Month ago
"If it was to the death" is just as dumb of an argument as "well if guns were involved Tim Kennedy would win everytime, he's the GOAT"
Mr Trompas
Mr Trompas - Month ago
Rogans an idiot
Ste Walker
Ste Walker - Month ago
last 2 rounds should count more? Rogan just appeases everybody that he interviews. 'Jon would have won had it gone more rounds' - how do you know? Reyes beat him 3 rounds to 2, that was the result that night.
M. Rasheed
M. Rasheed - Month ago
'Young & dumb," but Jon also had the talent, skill and physical gifts to get away with it.
nd209 - Month ago
Corey Anderson dark horse 🤣🤣🤣🤣
g raff
g raff - Month ago
Evans said it best"if you want to be a 🏆 champion you have to beat the champion" and it happens all the time the champ gets the nod in close decisions and if he really wanted that win he would have finished the fight or won definitively where there's no question about it. Fighters will all tell you never leave it in the hands of the judge's. Credit to Dom for a great fight though.
John Philips
John Philips - Month ago
Just how good is Kevin Lee????
BillPrestin Esquire
BillPrestin Esquire - Month ago
Reyes got robbed
Lenard Jacop
Lenard Jacop - Month ago
John Jones got hell of a chin and hell of a steroids.
Khiry Washington
Khiry Washington - Month ago
Let’s say someone is fighting, they are winning in the beginning annnnnddddddd theeeeeeeeeeenn (dude where’s my car scene voice) 😂😂😂
Snipe Nation Go
Snipe Nation Go - Month ago
& now everybody finally got their wish jones not champ nomore congratulations to all you haters out there who don’t know a real champ when they see one and have been making the same lame ass jokes about jones for years like he ever needed a performance enhancer to handle anyone ! This shit bigger than Reyes THEY DON’T WANNA SEE JONES BE GREAT !
Chakib Zamzem
Chakib Zamzem - Month ago
If i was jon Jones i would like to fight again with Reyes and Santos to keep all the things i did before clean
cardude1992 - Month ago
Dominic Reyes should be the champion right now.
yasee chaudhry
yasee chaudhry - Month ago
3 is higher than 2
If you had a choice to pick from 3 million or 2 million you'd definitely fukin pick 3 million!
Dominic won the fight I don't believe in the notion of "you have to beat the champ convincingly" it's unfair for the opponent! I mean he wins the first 3 rounds & then loses the last 2 but doesn't get the win like wtf!?😡 & the last 2 rounds he didn't even get his arss whooped so you can't say , oh well they were 10-8 rounds so John gets it! This shit needs to stop & judges need to be held responsible! Give them a frikin fine so next time they'll have their eyes wide open!
Dom won even J.J knows that!👌🏼✌🏻
DeAndrae Sampton
DeAndrae Sampton - Month ago
I can listen to these two talk fights all day!
Etang Wang
Etang Wang - Month ago
Reyes beat Jon 3-2
scott rush
scott rush - Month ago
This was the second time Jones won a fight via robbery. Alex Gust. 1 was the first.
scott rush
scott rush - Month ago
If it was a fight to the death like Joe said, Reyes would have killed Jones in the first 10 minutes. Joe, you're an idiot.
Jesse Cracks MTG
Jesse Cracks MTG - Month ago
“To the death” yeah well there’s a lot more involved than Rounds lol. Reyes won that sanctioned bout.
Michael Gonsalves
Michael Gonsalves - Month ago
I agree with the overall view that in a really close match “you gotta beat the champ”. GSP and Johny Hendrix comes to mind.
Homer Martinez
Homer Martinez - 5 days ago
true but it wasn't close reyes won and jones was beat.
Mike loke
Mike loke - 25 days ago
that is true in boxing also thats how it is
Dean Amodeo
Dean Amodeo - Month ago
If it's to the death, like in the street there would be no rounds genius. Therefore the man whose winning at the start wins the fight!!! I think Rogan said he's only been in 2 street fights in his life, so he wouldn't I know.
chaostheory2219 - Month ago
Reyes easily won 3 rounds. These mfs can't do math or what. 3 out of 5 Reyes wins!
Steve Arnold
Steve Arnold - Month ago
I understand what Joe is saying about him kicking Reyes’ ass at the of the fight. The problem is that you are supposed to score each round as it happens. So when scoring the 3rd Round in real time it should stay the score you original wrote down. You dont go back after the 5th Round and go “Well Jon is winning now so I guess he won the 3rd round earlier”. Come on man.
Arnabi Arnab
Arnabi Arnab - Month ago
You gotta have more than 3 judges..... have seven judges... how hard can that be
Ante Francetic
Ante Francetic - Month ago
I guess the judge is black
Jay Satori
Jay Satori - Month ago
HellavaChin make that a dip
vacanator stallone
vacanator stallone - Month ago
Is the judge black? I went back and watch the other fight guile vs Trevin and the coincidence is that John is black and Trevin is black too that judge is a racist piece of shit
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