Trying Dumb LIFE HACKS to see if they work

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Angelica Barrios
Angelica Barrios - 32 minutes ago
She always sounds drunk
Drizzy. - 37 minutes ago
I mean of course she has to pick the fakest looking popcorn life hack lmao
heygamer5 - 47 minutes ago
I love you
Taylor Jones
Taylor Jones - 49 minutes ago
L Ski
L Ski - Hour ago
Or you could just put your snacks in a big empty purse
zoldogger - Hour ago
Star and CC
Star and CC - Hour ago
You disgrace your family's laniage
The poor corn: I'm just corn what did you think was going to happen?
#alina xu!!
#alina xu!! - Hour ago
Mia Macleod
Mia Macleod - Hour ago
your house is massive
Jere Sixtos
Jere Sixtos - Hour ago
By four in the morning y was sleeping depp
Ellisia Wells
Ellisia Wells - Hour ago
Try the popcorn one without a vag maybe it's not reaching to the popcorn?
CoopKase Musgrave
CoopKase Musgrave - 2 hours ago
What's this YouTube channel hack
Cupcake Hamilton
Cupcake Hamilton - 2 hours ago
The doctors to the girl at the movie
It’s a... FoOD BaBY
•[beatrice]• - 2 hours ago
When I put my cookie in the milk I count to 15 and then eat it lmao
Lukne Selic
Lukne Selic - 2 hours ago

Rainbow Birdy
Rainbow Birdy - 2 hours ago
Winslow Haynes
Winslow Haynes - 2 hours ago
I was eating noodles lol
Ella Currina
Ella Currina - 2 hours ago
Ella is my name
Comedic Gamers
Comedic Gamers - 3 hours ago
Hotel trivago 😂
Kendall Scheer
Kendall Scheer - 3 hours ago
Lol 😝
Magnus Lund
Magnus Lund - 3 hours ago
Ar you a pornstare
rainbow lover
rainbow lover - 4 hours ago
oops meant the like button XD
Layla Kilford
Layla Kilford - 4 hours ago
Sniperwolf:did u just put mcdonalds mayonaise on your salaaaad
Me:salaaad? Its sa lad
mnika voli
mnika voli - 5 hours ago
“Honey where is my Chanel baaaaaaaagggg” Microwave beeps Oh shi-BANG
Frances Perkins
Frances Perkins - 5 hours ago
When is was like I like my Oreos Squishy
Me sameeeeee I love it squishy
Give it a like if you do to👇🏽
Martha Paul
Martha Paul - 6 hours ago
That's the wrong type of corn ! :)
Rudy Juarez
Rudy Juarez - 7 hours ago
A thin fabric Dickie jacket can do wonders.
mnika voli
mnika voli - 5 hours ago
I have a gluten allergy too
Not Meh
Not Meh - 9 hours ago
I was like: don't tell me she goin to the theater at 4 in the morning
Kalthom Ahmed
Kalthom Ahmed - 11 hours ago
Chanel Popcorn: Lip gloss Flavour
Katelyn Park
Katelyn Park - 13 hours ago
Your dog is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute like o my gosh it so cute I want that
Vijeta Bhardwaj
Vijeta Bhardwaj - 13 hours ago
because there are three types of corns
.sweet corn
.field corn and
.pop corn
Vijeta Bhardwaj
Vijeta Bhardwaj - 13 hours ago
use pop corn for popcorns
Tessa Thomas
Tessa Thomas - 13 hours ago
LOL u so funny cookin that corn like i peed my pants laughing at that! LOL
Elena Ciarametaro
Elena Ciarametaro - 16 hours ago
I would try the ice cream one
Sofia Sonora Celma
Sofia Sonora Celma - 16 hours ago
Ur supposed to put the corn in a paper bag -_-
Kadija Butler
Kadija Butler - 17 hours ago
Put a egg in the microwave
Bella Torres
Bella Torres - 18 hours ago
Só uh it’s supposed to be 5 min crafts so if u freeze it, it will be a few hours
Nathan Kayumbi
Nathan Kayumbi - 18 hours ago
Sniper has big balls (penis) second life hack 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Patricia - 18 hours ago
8:30 i have use this hack before with my brother's help and it taste SO GOOD. Yall should try it i would actually rate it 8/10
bdvornholt - 19 hours ago
grace unachukwu
grace unachukwu - 19 hours ago
Oh my god you are so funny
Callie Wallis
Callie Wallis - 19 hours ago
I have a gluten allergy too
3asyboi Reee
3asyboi Reee - 20 hours ago
“I only have a Chanel bag”
Rose Sherman
Rose Sherman - 20 hours ago
Sorry I dont have the stuff for the thang.
Sawyer’s Secrets
Sawyer’s Secrets - 20 hours ago
She protecc
She atacc
And most importantly

She try every YouTube hacc
Sawyer’s Secrets
Sawyer’s Secrets - 20 hours ago
What are you microwaving honey-OH GOD GET THE HOLY WATER WHAT THE EFF
Sawyer’s Secrets
Sawyer’s Secrets - 20 hours ago
“Honey where’s my Chanel baaaaaaagggg”
-Microwave beeps-
Oh shi- BANG
Leah The unicorn goddess
Leah The unicorn goddess - 20 hours ago
Sniper always says "I'm pregnant and it's Jesus ^·^ me: aRE YoU SuRe AbOuT ThAt??
Savage Naomy Villarreal
Savage Naomy Villarreal - 20 hours ago
Some of them
Zamarion Thekid
Zamarion Thekid - 20 hours ago
She fine
{Aesthetic Sunflower Girl}
“What are we a middle aged woman?”-SSSniper wolf 2020
Griz ortega
Griz ortega - 21 hour ago
The dog looks like the dog of familia dimond
__angel__ - 21 hour ago
lol I didn’t even notice that we have the same glasses 😂
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb - 21 hour ago
Me: sneaks snacks into theater Everyone in the movie theatre: Wait, that's illegal
[LockedDesires] - 21 hour ago
MAC Donald’s LOL
Taegi_gummycat :3
Taegi_gummycat :3 - 21 hour ago
Alexia Owen
Alexia Owen - 21 hour ago
I have to dissect a squid on Friday 1/29/20
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb - 21 hour ago
I was eating popcorn sorry sssniperwolf.😅
Gage Mata
Gage Mata - 21 hour ago
Mayonnaise bruh
bintou kromah
bintou kromah - 21 hour ago
It heavy cream and Crandell milk
The lover of Cookies
The lover of Cookies - 22 hours ago
Her: where is the head!?
Me: it has no head it dead
Her: can I eat it then
Me: it is dead so sure
Her before she eats it: hotel travago
Me: ok hotel travago
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