Westworld | Season 3 - Date Announce | 2020 (HBO)

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onaN_Tech - 5 days ago
Just watched the first episode and It's nice to see jesse again. I hope Doloris dies, i really don't like her, cause she's a evil machine
Mary Duarte
Mary Duarte - 21 day ago
I hope they repeat the entire episodes soon
Tom Marvolo Riddle
Tom Marvolo Riddle - Month ago
Serac/Rehoboam is the last hope of saving the earth from humanity...
Zi jie Lim
Zi jie Lim - Month ago
Coming back to check if we’re all gonna end in 2021
don't know
don't know - Month ago
All seasons hindi dubbed
Rumail Malim
Rumail Malim - Month ago
What about U.R.E.W?
Kniceguy - 2 months ago
Riots then civil war then world war 3
Not Really
Not Really - 2 months ago
Redpill or Bluepill
Drenzik - 2 months ago
Wokeworld Season 3 is worse than season 2, Terminator Dark Fate worse.
TheRealist137 - 2 months ago
Multiple divergence events in 2020. Coronavirus, protests in America. We need Rehoboam
Neel Yadav
Neel Yadav - 2 months ago
I saw this video for the first time today and it’s 5.20.20 which gave me chills when I saw that Indonesian ecological collapse is supposed to happen today.
Michael Verhage
Michael Verhage - 3 months ago
WOW, so good. This is a incredible show! I love it.
Pikasiy - 3 months ago
Living and dying as Hong Kong, on my own terms.
Jayden White
Jayden White - 3 months ago
After season finale: "IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!
Alex Fahey
Alex Fahey - 3 months ago
So he knows they already lost now ot seems that he knows the future and the outcome but somehow hes changing it in some simulation is what i think everyone is in... But mych more complex
Huy Le
Huy Le - 3 months ago
somehow, solomon build 0.06 is smaller than its son rehoboam
Sasha S.
Sasha S. - 3 months ago
in 2020-2037 wish in usa wars aha ;)
Leonora Rilke
Leonora Rilke - 3 months ago
Save the date. 05/20/20
Alex Fahey
Alex Fahey - 3 months ago
So she does succeed i dont think its delores tho i think its the man in black who breaks the system
Felipe Azevedo
Felipe Azevedo - 3 months ago
Indonesia 05/20/20 😳😳😳😳😳
Quinn Hue
Quinn Hue - 4 months ago
Anyone else peeved that people (including a French man) still use MM.DD.YY thirty years from now?
Erkin Efendi
Erkin Efendi - 4 months ago
After all, 2037 is one great year to start II Russian Civil War. Kinda makes you remember history :-D
The Grim Critic
The Grim Critic - 4 months ago
“Our history is like the ravings of a lunatic.”
*Line written by writers who falsely noted Trump’s impeachment even though he was acquitted of all charges, including that of impeachment itself, not very long after this trailer was released.*
Me: “... Yeah. Written by lunatics, indeed.”
Masi Jack
Masi Jack - 4 months ago
I had to look back at this to understand what happened with Paris being nuked, I wonder now if they will show the Second Russian Civil War
batman - 4 months ago
Is this arrival or what?
nacho9010 - 4 months ago
The arrival of android Dolores!
Ari - 4 months ago
Anyone else here after watching Episode 4 and seeing that Thermonuclear incident in Paris?
STM - 2 months ago
@RaZoR Xyooj Well he lived through it.
STM - 2 months ago
Russian civil war and the "Solomon" A.I comes in the show later too. This trailer makes a lot more sense after finishing the season.
RaZoR Xyooj
RaZoR Xyooj - 4 months ago
Ikr I guess Sera was Right about Paris
James Woods
James Woods - 4 months ago
This show was so damn good until the got to the real world. I just can't catch on to these new episodes if feels so fake and non authentic as it used to be. I mean come on we invented A.I this good but zero safeguards their should have been safeguards on top of safeguards on top of safeguards their no way the should have been able to get out of west world it was way too simple that's what kinda killed the show for me. How is a Robot running around in the company that created and they have no system to detect humans from AI regardless all of them was in Western World this should have been a precaution incase of something like this and their should have been defenses with the older models guarding the am trac station entrance and exits with detection that are on totally different super encrypted network that its impossible for an attack. This why the show bugs me it was too easy for her. She is not a hero but a murderous AI that slaughtered hundreds humans and robots alike just to escape I can't wait to see her death scene.
ShadoeFax1986 - 4 months ago
This forshadowing is crazy, this basically telling us that Dolores wins in the end.
Gustavo Fring
Gustavo Fring - 3 months ago
no it's about what happened in the last episode ( SPOILER : where she leaked all the data to their owners )
ShadoeFax1986 - 4 months ago
@nacho9010 it's the season 3 teaser so how am I not understanding? It's basically telling us that Dolores is successful.
nacho9010 - 4 months ago
I think you don´t understaund. This is previous of the season 3.
Jordan - 4 months ago
I think in the present situation, I would prefer a omniscient dictator which is benevolent to its people than what we have now.
Rav Jun
Rav Jun - 4 months ago
2020: Corona Pademic ravaging the world.
Me: This?! You couldn't see this?!
Emily Timisela
Emily Timisela - 4 months ago
Type in google pictures: ''Corona Sun'' and you see what this symbol in WW really is!
Jorge Albarran
Jorge Albarran - 4 months ago
Visually creative, the music and special sound effect add to the growing tense atmosphere. The events, including the divergences (unpredicted by the AI) turns it all creepier.
Volguus - 4 months ago
Square root of -1?
João Roberto
João Roberto - 4 months ago
Person of interest, make us proud nolan.
Lucas Medeiros
Lucas Medeiros - 4 months ago
The only thing that's bothering me is why "System Initiated. Undisclosed Location. Solomon Build 0.06.", which took place in 4/17/39, is before the russian civil war in the circle if that war happened in 2/19/37. It's very unnerving.
enregistreur - 4 months ago
It's not a circle, it's a sphere. It's probably somewhat geographical and regroups contiguous people and the effects they have on each other.
Huy Le
Huy Le - 4 months ago
came back here after ive seen the Rehoboam machine
Khana Ramey
Khana Ramey - 4 months ago
Wait. Didn't this used to have a reference to the Coronavirus outbreak, or was that just something I saw in the comments?
nacho9010 - 4 months ago
No but this is a encrypted message :p
Thomas S
Thomas S - 4 months ago
Maroghi Ibn
Maroghi Ibn - 4 months ago
My Name
My Name - 4 months ago
system correction: 45th president of the United States acquitted of all charges.
divergence: Chinese governmental incompetence leads to global coronavirus outbreak
Jasper L.
Jasper L. - 4 months ago
My Name underrated comment 🤣🤣
enzoli23 - 4 months ago
Imagine if they predicted the coronavirus :O
5/20/20: Indonesia
- Ecological Collapse (it could still be that)
N B - 4 months ago
This is Rehoboam.
nacho9010 - 4 months ago
Yes. And "You" is Dolores!
Rick Cuenca
Rick Cuenca - 4 months ago
why corona virus isn't here? :(
Johnny Mad Dog
Johnny Mad Dog - 4 months ago
Because this is just a tv series that's why.
TJ Hall
TJ Hall - 4 months ago
If this trailer were released today or last week, it probably would be on there...but it'd probably be in bad taste to go and edit it right now just to fit the current times.
Hørus 666
Hørus 666 - 4 months ago
Zachary R.W. Johnson
Zachary R.W. Johnson - 5 months ago
0:10 - I had a good chuckle at that one.
- Strahinja -
- Strahinja - - 5 months ago
Best HBO's series ever?
Thomas S
Thomas S - 5 months ago
MusicRainfield - 5 months ago
404. Not Found Dislikes
Daniel Corral
Daniel Corral - 5 months ago
This Show is going to be just another ABC's "LOST"
Kunal Kushwah
Kunal Kushwah - 5 months ago
This should have been the ONLY trailer.
John Doe
John Doe - 5 months ago
Did no one think to remove the impeachment thing before publishing this??
Daniel Ng
Daniel Ng - 5 months ago
Thank you for bringing Hong Kong into your story.
Lord Telperion
Lord Telperion - 5 months ago
Ad astra per aspera! Aut viam inveniam aut faciam! Speramus meliora; resurget cineribus!
simon hanlon
simon hanlon - 5 months ago
Impeachment of the 45th president??? Err yeah about that 🤣
Silver Lining
Silver Lining - 5 months ago
@simon hanlon Failed to remove him because Republicans plugged their ears and closed their eyes to evidence, then put party before country. That's cute that you think his approval rating is even above 40%. Republicans are losing more and more seats and governor seats every year.
simon hanlon
simon hanlon - 5 months ago
Silver Lining still failed to remove him due to stupid democrats though, he must be laughing every day as they bury themselves deeper and deeper in the sh@t. 46 percent approval rating this week 🤣 and not one democrat good enough to compete . Hilarious 😂
Silver Lining
Silver Lining - 5 months ago
@simon hanlon Still impeached though.
simon hanlon
simon hanlon - 5 months ago
Silver Lining Still a nothing burger though.
Silver Lining
Silver Lining - 5 months ago
He was still impeached, that doesn't go away.
Ignacio Zarate
Ignacio Zarate - 5 months ago
Faltó el estallido social de Chile como Divergencia.
Kaneda Jones
Kaneda Jones - 5 months ago
so 2003 15th month day 20? ugh I need a time machine.
Johnny Mad Dog
Johnny Mad Dog - 4 months ago
Steven Mancera
Steven Mancera - 5 months ago
0:11 12.18.19 Well then, thank God we're not in this timeline then
Silver Lining
Silver Lining - 5 months ago
We still are? He was impeached. He wasn't voted out of office.
di77me - 5 months ago
LOL. impeachment. BWAhAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH. that didn't age well.
di77me - 5 months ago
@Silver Lining a failed impeachment doesn't rate very high on the divergence meter. it wasnt a shock event , the outcome was never n doubt. My reaction to opening a peanut brittle can in spencers rates higher on the diverge-o-meter than that clown show. it occurs to me you might now know what a spencers is. it was a shop they had in malls that sold gag gifts, black lights and sex toys. A staple of malls when they still existed.
Silver Lining
Silver Lining - 5 months ago
He was still impeached, that doesn't go away.
Ábner Neves
Ábner Neves - 5 months ago
a close look at heptapod
zproxy - 5 months ago
the world is smaller than you might think
D L - 5 months ago
If this video is released just a week or two later, the coronavirus could have caused another divergence
Zang Autumn
Zang Autumn - 5 months ago
can this show be released every year instead of every other year??? I think HBO is trying to make us rewatch every season leading up to the new season. They sneaky.
Ari - 4 months ago
😂😂😂😂 They are going to make 5 seasons which means this show will end in 2024! I hope I'm still alive
Bud Simpson
Bud Simpson - 5 months ago
Hey HBO, you think I'm waiting 2 years for you to come up with the next season? Fat chance, you can take your show and stick it.
Johnny Mad Dog
Johnny Mad Dog - 4 months ago
Ok Boomer
Missy Chelsea
Missy Chelsea - 5 months ago
Don’t ever make us wait this long again kmt
Noah D.
Noah D. - 5 months ago
I wonder what the mysterious “Solomon” Build could be on 04.17.39. HMMM.
Florian Grundl
Florian Grundl - 4 months ago
Solomon is in the old Testament, he was the King who build the first jewish temple. Maybe thats Arnold starting up Dolores and Westworlds core systems for the first time. And Solomon had a Son called Rehoboam, who split the Kingdom and fought a civil war.
Johnny Mad Dog
Johnny Mad Dog - 4 months ago
It's when westworld went online.
Id Ris
Id Ris - 5 months ago
Westworld a drama show at it's finest ❤
Pravin Raj
Pravin Raj - 5 months ago
Kept this as a wallpaper. After restarting my brain. Why the black paint rings left on my screen.. let me clean it.
ang930 - 5 months ago
12/18/19 Washington D.C.
Fake Impeachment of the 45th President of the United States.
ang930 - 5 months ago
12/18/19 Washington D.C.
Fake Impeachment of the 45th President of the United States.
Ponlets - 5 months ago
also i really hope it comes to Hulu via HBO addon
Intel-Pick - 5 months ago
We will find out everybody is a robot. And the cpu has been running an algorithm the whole time. Earth been destroyed by them for 500 years 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Διονύσης Χαριτόπουλος
Samaritan, Solomon, looks like Nolan is gonna burn our minds again. Getting a Person Of Interest vibe here....
When Solomon build came up I thought I was gonna see Harold and the ADMIN logo next to him. :)
Karl Quetzacoatl
Karl Quetzacoatl - 5 months ago
And the secret message is: in a parallel reality where Donal Trump suffers a coup, the world is doomed.
Luck for us, Donald Trump will get another term in office.
Milan Bunic
Milan Bunic - 5 months ago
This trailer is a masterpiece!
mohammed kheta
mohammed kheta - 5 months ago
who is "YOU"
jayson black
jayson black - 5 months ago
I LIVE for ominous teasers like this. the music, minimalism.... can't wait.
Moilil - 5 months ago
Oh how excited I am for the new season! ❤ Also the sound on 0:58 is so cool, I knew I heard it before. I think during the Inside game 🙂
Path of the N
Path of the N - 5 months ago
Yo, imagine all these events actually happen 10, 20 years from now? That would be Simpsons level crazy
Scatlife_ - 5 months ago
woah 666,666 views
Don Gonzalo
Don Gonzalo - 5 months ago
00:22 Hola vengo del año 2024, lamentablemente han asesinado al presidente electo de USA. Donald no quiso darle una propina al trapito cuidando la limusina The Best y le metieron 2 balazos. :(
jonathan Stafford
jonathan Stafford - 5 months ago
This goes against the established timeline tho
Qrdebele - 5 months ago
Everything is a simulation.
jayenn 21
jayenn 21 - 5 months ago
Ah crap, I don't remember any of the plot. Time to go watch every Westworld recap video
Plus Vltra
Plus Vltra - 5 months ago
0:31 sound like ITER is a failure ...
HDpiano - 5 months ago
Thomas H.L.
Thomas H.L. - 6 months ago
Throwing in impeachment AND assassination of the 45th President. I wonder if thats a coincidence, lol. Orrrrr just the crazy libtards in hollywood.
David Agiel81
David Agiel81 - 6 months ago
If Westworld gets woke I'm gonna be very unhappy.
Nate Horne
Nate Horne - 4 months ago
It already was "woke"
Xnedra2 - 6 months ago
What better date to start Westworld 3 than the Ides of March.
Porcospino - 6 months ago
Boulbi Boulga
Boulbi Boulga - 6 months ago
I guess Delos didn't anticipated the Coronavirus
Bronze Beauty
Bronze Beauty - 6 months ago
Please fire Evan Rachael Wood!! Remove her from Westworld!! Evil woman to say that horrible statement about Kobe Bryant!
Iulia Iulia
Iulia Iulia - 5 months ago
@Bronze Beauty That is great news. Stay away from what triggers you to instigate to hate in the future. Wishing for something that would affect an entire show and millions fans so that you can punish an "evil"woman seems quite evil to me.
Bronze Beauty
Bronze Beauty - 6 months ago
Actually, she’s not memorable at all. All I know is I won’t be watching next season because of her. She totally turned me off.
M K - 6 months ago
Who cares she’s an amazing actress
Lubo ACK
Lubo ACK - 6 months ago
The story is going in more global direction. I like it
Jeff Sullivan
Jeff Sullivan - 6 months ago
I'm guessing ( and hoping) that this is the last season.Some shows are just not meant to go on and on lest they lose their "spice". Awesome series, but, let's not kill it with substandard seasons thereafter.
theagrafiotis - 6 months ago
-What kind of all over the place twist should we give this one?
Wes Stair
Wes Stair - 6 months ago
So we're doing time travel now?
Jeremy Barton
Jeremy Barton - 6 months ago
This will be best series on HBO and of all series for 2020
Steve Harris
Steve Harris - 6 months ago
Westworld sucks 👎👎
Mr. C2K
Mr. C2K - 6 months ago
Oh shit Westworld season 3 comes out next month 🤯
2020 sucks
2020 sucks - 6 months ago
I love that sound effect at 0:57
Lucas Santana
Lucas Santana - 6 months ago
Season 1 takes place in 2072...
vizyco - 6 months ago
HBO, this is a really chaotic video, I expect a complete chaos for the new season.
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