Westworld | Season 3 - Date Announce | 2020 (HBO)

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King Noctis
King Noctis - 9 hours ago
Yes can’t wait to see Cyberpunk 2077
Sahara L
Sahara L - 10 hours ago
i feel like westworld might be running its course. sometimes creators should just know when to end a story before it becomes a convoluted mess. dont get me wrong, i adore the series. i just hope season 3 isnt just them trying to force some sort of shock factor & go ooOO DidNt SEe ThaT coMING NoW DID ya??
Jerb Herbert
Jerb Herbert - 10 hours ago
I wonder what AOC was doing in Buenos Aires.
darson100 - 11 hours ago
The show is dead, it was murdered in season 2.
The Mortonator
The Mortonator - 11 hours ago
This is the new season, and in the new season you can be whoever the fuck you want.
Madeline Harper
Madeline Harper - 12 hours ago
Ready to stay confused!
Princess Probably
Princess Probably - 12 hours ago
Much sooner than I thought!
IA MERROR - 12 hours ago
Why has this season taken so long to get here? I'm not even excited for it anymore, I could care less at this point.
Daniel Worrall
Daniel Worrall - 13 hours ago
there isnt a 15th month
Mattastic Mattattack
Mattastic Mattattack - 16 hours ago
Im somehow scared the world is about to be invaded by aliens 👽👽👽👽👽🎷
Nina Claras
Nina Claras - 19 hours ago
Akshay - 21 hour ago
Ewww give us Succession instead pleaseee
Don Martin
Don Martin - 21 hour ago
1:15 music 🎶 concludes
Theutus - 21 hour ago
Words can't express how uninterested I am after that shit show of a second season.
Brian Bacis
Brian Bacis - 22 hours ago
This was so dumb. It's all been filmed before recent events, and then they threw in HK and the impeachment to make a statement. Typical liberal HBO. Impeachment is a badge of honor for our president.
Rubaida Allen
Rubaida Allen - 23 hours ago
Love this show. Cannot wait for season 3. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw season 1. Season 2 was excellent.
Stephen Soukup
Stephen Soukup - 23 hours ago
my 2nd fave show. Cant wait.
alvaro ramón ruiz correa
alvaro ramón ruiz correa - 23 hours ago
They arrival
David Agiel81
David Agiel81 - 23 hours ago
Let's just hope it doesn't become Wokeworld. Time jump should be between when they first arrive outside the park and the robot uprising. Then season four should be like planet of the apes in the far future when robots use humans as slaves the end.
S P - Day ago
Dystopian, but empowering.
Clark Kent
Clark Kent - Day ago
You knew that the release date had to be soon since they have been running WestWorld Marathons on the HBO channels.
sliovic - Day ago
3/15/2020 ?? But there are only 12 months in a year!!
bearshark p
bearshark p - Day ago
Fuckin love this show
Reggie Noble
Reggie Noble - Day ago
Nice, looks like I’m going to postpone killing myself. Thank you HBO.
Matt and Chase
Matt and Chase - Day ago
Let's get weird this season! :D
Artificial Stupidity
"03.15.20" (Month.Day.Year) You already know its gonna be a confusing season by the order in which they wrote the date.
Artificial Stupidity
@Ryben Flynn well damn...😅
Ryben Flynn
Ryben Flynn - Day ago
That is standard in the U.S. All you foreigners do it as 15.3.2020
Héctor Hervás
Héctor Hervás - Day ago
I need to finish season 2
Ethan Russo
Ethan Russo - Day ago
All I wanna know where the hell Westworld is located? According to the writer , it’s more than 500 miles long. But also there are different parts in the park where it snows. Is the weather generated or natural? I really want to know if this is an island or something. I don’t think it can be an island because islands don’t have canyons or miles long deserts 🏜 ...
Charlie  Clark
Charlie Clark - Day ago
Finally, I cant wait to see the nanobots
kavros kavouri
kavros kavouri - Day ago
So Trump will be assassinated?
Jerb Herbert
Jerb Herbert - 10 hours ago
kavros kavouri No it says President-elect, so it’s whoever wins the 2024 election.
kavros kavouri
kavros kavouri - Day ago
@Ryben Flynn Yes but he will be still president if he is elected now.
Ryben Flynn
Ryben Flynn - Day ago
He can't run for 2024. Has to be another person, hopefully a Democrat.
Not Alfie
Not Alfie - Day ago
Who else is rooting for the machines??
DShaker24 - Day ago
Imagine these predictions turning out to be right. That would be something.
Aries Abhishek
Aries Abhishek - Day ago
Who is watching season 2 right now.
Se7enwonders - Day ago
2025 - Google finally becomes Skynet.
“There’s no fate but what we make for ourselves.” - Sarah Connor
Nautilus1972 - 10 hours ago
I believe that social media is the frontend that is teaching the AI ....
Snow Lee
Snow Lee - Day ago
Arya Banaei
Arya Banaei - Day ago
Westworld is becoming person of interest
Владислав Романьков
Отвал пизды, девочки 💅
Kellis0289 - Day ago
Trump even got himself written into Westworld
ImOnAGoat91 - Day ago
Reading dates in the american format gives me headaches. Thanks
Josh Wilson
Josh Wilson - Day ago
Denis Villeneuve that you bro?
Yonnic Carelse
Yonnic Carelse - Day ago
I have no idea what is happening but I'll be watching it
Christopher McKeever
Unknown location
Critical event
Then the logo spells WW, III
Sedef - Day ago
i love how I'm not the only one that got Arrival vibes. Excited for season 3!!
Jason Bam
Jason Bam - Day ago
This is the most annoying thing I've ever seen
Scott Abbott
Scott Abbott - Day ago
I see game companies will never change. They took Solomon live at build 0.06!?! That’s pre-alpha! If they had waited til 1.0, none of this would have happened. :)
Pr3ssPl4y - Day ago
Yes. Yes. Yes. To all of this.
volcomwave - Day ago
Beware the ides of March
ِ - Day ago
What door?
Best series ever. This gave me Arrival vibes Omw
benjamin oteko
benjamin oteko - Day ago
Oh snap! That's my birthday. 😅
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi - Day ago
Well. Now we know that Westworld events on season 1 and 2 took place after a series of internacional disasters. This season can be epic.
Анатолий Карабасов
15th month? How many they have in US :))
PJ BRAWN - Day ago
How I loved watching Evan Rachael Wood sitting on that chair
ben - Day ago
What a weak ass politicized trailer..And I love Westworld.
Abhiram Koduru
Abhiram Koduru - Day ago
best birthday gift ever, i turn 23 on the premiere date season 3 !! LETS GO!!!
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi - Day ago
Beware the ides of March Rome World confirmed
Joseph Krafczynski
Joseph Krafczynski - Day ago
Definitely not an accident this comes out on the Ides of March.
Captain Harlock
Captain Harlock - Day ago
I hope this time it will be more about technological singularity not only robotic dolls with programmed Easter Egg 🥚
RegularGiraffe - Day ago
This is an amazing trailer that makes it seem like Season 3 will be about more than just robot sentience but maybe they just have a great team cutting their trailers now.
Lavish Kumar Singh
Lavish Kumar Singh - Day ago
Design Copied from Arrival
okow tina
okow tina - Day ago
0:18... As an Indonesian, thanks for the anxiety, Westworld.
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