What Black Lives Matter Protests are really about

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Michael A
Michael A - Month ago
This 53 year old Black man, whose personally lived through a lot of traumatic experiences because of racism in our country, thanks you from the bottom of his heart.
You didn’t have to take this position. You certainly didn’t have to vocalize your position and risk marring your own reputation and success with your viewers.
So thank you for being a good man, Casey. I pray those who may not listen to me might listen to you.
Michael Sweeney
Michael Sweeney - 15 hours ago
cheap propagandist/agitator
Truth of 73
Truth of 73 - 5 days ago
What a hero, he left out all the facts about the Breonna Taylor case just like all the other media jerk offs. Like that there was proven drug trafficking going on from her apt and more. I’m surprised at you Michael A. You got sucked into this fools sad attempt to gain viewers for his USa-video channel by posting this bullshit. He understands what you deal with like a windshield understands what bugs go through. Do be used so easily.
Denis C.
Denis C. - 7 days ago
Every 4 years
Slyrixz __
Slyrixz __ - 9 days ago
You mean a 53 year old Felon who died from suffocation of a police officer for counterfeit
Arthur Rimbaud
Arthur Rimbaud - 10 days ago
then move to Jamaica or Africa where white 'privilege' cant be used as a scapegoat, you see through fraud
Andre Costin
Andre Costin - 20 minutes ago
Why does it have to be a race thing though. THAT is the problem. The point is there are COUNTLESS ways to break down police brutality, but you CHOSE race. You can chose sex, age, marital status, employment, education, mental wellbeing etc. But no you chose race. What does that say?
Bluz 15
Bluz 15 - Hour ago
All lives matter
Han Umaña
Han Umaña - 2 hours ago
Then push for a change on that no-knock warrant policy, protest the specific impunity of the particular cops, object the criminalization of drugs. In brief, Take action on objective and particular aims that can be pointed out and targeted. Don't just go out to the street with uncontrollable anger harming innocents, shouting vague objectives like "defund the police" "down with systemic racism" "down with America". If you want a tip from the pros, look at how people in HK protest, they ask for very clear objectives, not ambiguous social constructs like "systemic racism, white privilege, hate speech, etc "
Robert karalfa
Robert karalfa - 4 hours ago
this blm is racist in itself. the original incident was not racial based. it was a cop not following procedure. there are cops of all colors;gender etc... that do the same thing unfortunately. however thanks to the media and reverse racism. being a white man is a curse youre automatically considered racist. its on yahoo where a black cop beat the crap out of a mexican guy that couldnt speak english. did anyone rally destroy things hurt ppl like the blm movement has. thanks to the racist blm movement we are close to the mentality of north korea or china. last time i heard to jesus died on the cross for all not just blacks but everyone. i guess jesus was wrong
putra pratama
putra pratama - 5 hours ago
Sorry blm tactics are like isis terrorism...
gee fee
gee fee - 5 hours ago
Damn sean penn you really let yourself go
Kid Techie
Kid Techie - 6 hours ago
Said because BLM honestly separates race, imo if we want to move on we need to start seeing everybody as human, not as black or white or whatever it is
Eric Babula
Eric Babula - 6 hours ago
I can’t watch your videos anymore. You can’t see the forest beyond the trees, you are the definition of privilege and your lecturing us. I drive through your high end neighborhood all the time, how about you actually put your money where your mouth is. I’m a firefighter/EMT, I see real life in the raw I work with many policemen. I got news for you Casey most cops are very good people just working to make a living like the rest of us. Your talking about protesting, have you walked down 5th ave? If you’re truly looking for change promote forgiveness. When you forgive someone your not doing it for them, you’re doing it for yourself.
A10fanatic - 6 hours ago
George Floyd was a no good felon crackhead that got enjoyment out of putting loaded firearms against pregnant woman's bellies. He's was a POS I have no sympathy
Kay Win
Kay Win - 7 hours ago
Racism can only be stopped if people stop talking about racism. The more we talk about it, the more the word loses meaning and the more embedded it becomes in society.
It's all about respect. You respect me, I respect you. Simple as that. I don't see colour when a customer comes into my store, I see a respectable person first above all.
Racism, the word incites hate. And hate creates hate.
Also, there is an emergence of people starting to be racist to Chinese people now due to COVID, and this itself is a problem. Hence, why all lives matter.
Jaxson Lebhart
Jaxson Lebhart - 8 hours ago
Marc Miller
Marc Miller - 8 hours ago
time to unsubscribe
Drew Crawford
Drew Crawford - 9 hours ago
They are about *MARXISM* DYOR people its VERY east to find.
Joe Jakab
Joe Jakab - 9 hours ago
Hey when a race war breaks out because of BLM burning buildings and looting what side you going to be on then. Did you think that far ahead. Do you think black people will give a s*** about you . Lol
Jeffrey Wiggs
Jeffrey Wiggs - 10 hours ago
Burning buildings is not the answer as you have promoted.
Jeffrey Wiggs
Jeffrey Wiggs - 10 hours ago
We know what your protesting. You want a Communistic government. This is a Democratic capitalistic government. Possibly you might be happier in Venezuela, Cuba, or China. Try it out. Your not wanted here.
Curtis Wayne
Curtis Wayne - 12 hours ago
The Black Lies Matter hate group killed a lot of Black people in Minnesota.
The thing is George Floyd wasn’t murdered he died of Heart Disease.
He said he couldn’t breathe long before he was put on the floor so yeah he lied about it.
The cops who did the no knock search was shot at by her boyfriend so it was a justifiable shooting.
If you were a cop and someone was shooting at you wouldn’t you return fire?
Don’t be a hypocrite.
Mark Garcia
Mark Garcia - 12 hours ago
No one of any color or sex can become stronger by casting blame other than upon oneself. I'm not saying that there are inequalities and injustices, I'm just saying people do a disservice to themselves when they cast blame... They are usurping an opportunity to make themselves stronger...
Twistedwolf2000 - 12 hours ago
only thing I disagree with is the privilege part. I grew up in the getto. I found police treat you different by social class rather than race. You live on a bad side of town drive a shitty car and cops will fuck with you. Live on the good side of town drive a decent car no problems ever. they want people who cannot fight the charges. If they think you got money and can afford a lawyer they dont screw with you. They keep the poor owing the city through fines and citations court fees etc...
Themoney Boy
Themoney Boy - 13 hours ago
Aren’t they supposed to say police edit I don’t know if they are supposed to say that I just heard it in a movie
tuan nguyen
tuan nguyen - 13 hours ago
i think you are a liar. people like you are break the stores and loot from the store and make america is unsecure
Finn - 7 hours ago
ok boomer
concon - 14 hours ago
Where are the millions of dollars donated going to? Black communities? Nah, straight into the pockets of the organizers and the Democratic Party. Cmon wtf.
Lorena lopez
Lorena lopez - 15 hours ago
This floyd was a criminal.
Jaiben reactions
Jaiben reactions - 13 hours ago
he got caught with weed on him big deal
Lorena lopez
Lorena lopez - 15 hours ago
All lives matter, not just St. Floy's life
Naved Rasul
Naved Rasul - 16 hours ago
Casey, that was brave to stand up and speak up against all forms of racism.
King Geedorah
King Geedorah - 16 hours ago
Only way to change the world you experience is to change the concepts of what you think of yourself. The outside world you experience is just a reflection of the concepts you believe and consent to be true of yourself. So to believe in a lie like racism or sexism or any other “ism” that lie will then control you.
82ndAirborne BCo 2/508
82ndAirborne BCo 2/508 - 16 hours ago
I love how liberals don't see their own racism? "These black people need our help, look at where he lives. Look at the job he has. Look how much of a disadvantage he has." Why do you assume they are not comfortable with that?... Racist?!
T M - 16 hours ago
Keep up the great work - appreciate you!!
ed hanks
ed hanks - 16 hours ago
ed hanks
ed hanks - 16 hours ago
copslivesmatter - 17 hours ago
BLM protestors are terrorists who want to rob stores and murder people. Nothing more
almasterfunk - 19 hours ago
Bruh stfu
Ghost Templar
Ghost Templar - 19 hours ago
Anybody who is not black or even for the fact anyone. That tells me I'm not rascist I don't see color. I will ask you what color is the sky?
Uncle Deez
Uncle Deez - 20 hours ago
No-knock warrants were created and backed by the Democrats. Just sayin..
Michael Zootlegger
Michael Zootlegger - 23 hours ago
I am privileged too. I have 2 hands, 2 feet, laptop, and an internet connection.
GangsterOfRoam - Day ago
Help me out with this one folks. There is a clip in one of Casey's videos...which I've seen several times...where he's walking down a street in NYC, with all black guys on that block and he makes the statement 'I just try to get down this block without getting killed on my way to the office'....I can't find it at the moment, and I'd really like to locate it. Can anyone help/identify which video this is in for me? Thanks.
Chavdar Zakev
Chavdar Zakev - Day ago
All lives matter, but will come time when white people will be minority. So, we need respect
Lurry Smurf
Lurry Smurf - Day ago
Casey, do you know that BLM is a Marxist movement? It's leaders are openly Marxist. The slogan "black lives matter" is not under dispute. Obviously black lives matter unless you are a racist. We all want better police training. You seem to have fallen into the trap of supporting the BLM movement because you agree with the slogan.
Mama - Day ago
You should have done more detailed research on the complete story before you make public remarks. There were two residents involved and months of investigation and planning.
Paul Sharkey
Paul Sharkey - Day ago
Where the fuck is Bono.
Hustle Hard.
Hustle Hard. - Day ago
Deleted comments lol. Just as I expected from liberals who can't handle the truth. The funny thing about this whole movement is that only a few Blacks (Majority Celebs and Politicians) agree and the rest are against it. The majority of protestors are WHITE liberals who Malcolm X describes as a fox!
uhadme - Day ago
Does any race matter more or less than any other race?
Having a race in your name proves YOU are the racists.
There is no reason to mention race ever, unless you're a racist.
No race matters more or less than any other.. right?
Magic Myco
Magic Myco - Day ago
Bye bye freedom of speech!!
Pingvinen - Day ago
While you were out protesting some of these people that say black lives matter actually thought black lives matter so much they went into their OWN communities and murdered black children. They just shot them now they are dead. Is this just? Do you REALLY think black lives matter or you just faking it? Because if you truly believe black lives matter then give these children some just ffs... their families are crying all over the news saying "stop black people shooting their own children ffs". We live in an absurd world where you go protest for a criminal but you say these kids life don't matter?!! What is wrong with you dude... wtf is wrong with you...
Oh hiMark
Oh hiMark - Hour ago
@Pingvinen have you seen videos have people kneeling in front of police officers? They are trying to create unification. It's hard trying be allies with police officers when they are hitting people with rubber bullets and doing other things, nevertheless, people are still trying. And the reason why we say BLM instead of "all lives matter" is because we are trying to confront a problem, if all lives did matter why are people still being discriminated?
Pingvinen - 10 hours ago
@Oh hiMark Well, I think you can figure that out just by thinking about who you see as your allies and who you see as your enemies in all this. And as long as you see some as allies and others as enemies you will not be able to end racism. Racism can only be ended when there is a unification of people and we start seeing eachother as allies. And that is why you just can't ignore some black people because it suits you. You need to adress ALL black people and ALL white people in your protest, even the black kids that died because black guys killed them. If you want to see justice for people, you need to stop the division of people and start the unification of them. But now the BLM movement has made the statement "all lives matter" a white supremacist saying, so they pretty much made unification impossible under the banner of BLM. And that is the hypocrisy. It's a refusal of unification. But what I'm saying, that is where you need to start. That is what you need to change.
Oh hiMark
Oh hiMark - 11 hours ago
@Pingvinen and what war could you possibly be talking about? People are peacefully protesting
Oh hiMark
Oh hiMark - 11 hours ago
@Pingvinen any better ideas?
Pingvinen - 11 hours ago
@Oh hiMark You will only be able to end racism when you see your own hypocrisy in this. Then you will see clearly what kind of war you're starting here.
Guy S
Guy S - Day ago
Over 900,000 police officers in the US
over 56,000,000 arrests in 2019
55 unarmed people killed by police (including people using vehicles for weapons)
10 were black
If we are shooting for perfection, we will always be in protest. The problem isn't out of control, its publicity is.
Joe Alanson
Joe Alanson - Day ago
Institutional racism doesn't exist. I definitely think black lives matter and additionally, all lives matter, but BLM is a Marxist movement using black lives to pursue its Marxist agenda which a lot of people are ignorant of. Hopefully, people like this guy and many more understand this and don't continue to act the way they are currently acting.
Richard White
Richard White - Day ago
Support Jim Crow Laws
Jack Jurphy
Jack Jurphy - Day ago
BLM is racist and moronic. Point blank period mic drop.
Jack Jurphy
Jack Jurphy - 11 hours ago
Oh hiMark idk, I’m not the leader. It is what it is
Oh hiMark
Oh hiMark - 21 hour ago
Joshua Ray Farmer
Joshua Ray Farmer - Day ago
Never expected to un sub. Got nothin but love for ya but this is the type of rhetoric I can’t support. Godspeed brother.
Andre Spivey
Andre Spivey - 16 hours ago
Cannot support citizens who are not okay with police brutality huh?🤣😂
uhadme - Day ago
White guy trying to capitalize.. hope if fails worse than Kanye wearing a MAGA hat
Roma Watercolor
Roma Watercolor - Day ago
when someone kisses someone's feet, it is not a path to equality , but racism in the opposite direction
Ryan Barnes
Ryan Barnes - Day ago
Last thing I'm doing is listening to a guy who buys glasses for hundreds....and then scratches the shit outta them.
Plus, want to talk to your viewers? Eye Contact is a great start.
Nino Caldarola
Nino Caldarola - Day ago
What the difference between this and the "I take responsibility " video? I live in Canada and yes we aren't perfect, but we are the real land of the free and home of the brave.........FOR ALL RACES!
Rusty Hardman lll%
Rusty Hardman lll% - Day ago
You are not smart enough to see what is happening RIGHT in front of you, yet you lecture people on WHITE PRIVILEGE?!!! YOU are the problem! Don't try to understand what I'm saying because you cant. Please don't cancel me should be the name of this video!
Jesus Sotelo
Jesus Sotelo - Day ago
Racism is real and it does exist in America however it is not systemic, anyone who disagrees with me I'm willing to have my opinion changed.
k w
k w - 14 hours ago
heard of gerrymandering. Go research it
Randall W
Randall W - Day ago
They don't care about me or you. They just want power.
angelastewart117 - Day ago
U can't do anything about it
Cookie - Day ago
Black or white does not matter y’all taste the same
Todd Sullivan
Todd Sullivan - Day ago
Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people". Karl Marx Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors said in a newly surfaced video from 2015 that she and her fellow organizers are “trained Marxists” –
Irene Sango
Irene Sango - Day ago
oh, god 😶comparing MLK to what's happening now...
holyscythe - Day ago
This guy thinks he’s “making a difference” but he just fuelling the fire. Racism exists because of people like him.
Goldfruit Co
Goldfruit Co - Day ago
what happened to u to make u look like this
Very Nice to hear a rational monologue! Cheers Casey! CHANGE FOR ALL OF HUMANITY!
Jason Martinez
Jason Martinez - Day ago
I hear what your saying but it's a dangerous time...dont push on the marxists movement
James Fitch
James Fitch - Day ago
Brianna died because they were selling drugs the cops did not bust in the door. They had a no knock warrant. They did not use it at briannas house. Regardless he knew it was the cops and he shot at them. It sucks she died. She was heavily involved in drug trafficking. So who is really to blame here???
Andre Spivey
Andre Spivey - 16 hours ago
That is 100% not true.
Betty Luckey
Betty Luckey - Day ago
My new Mantra - "Let's make this a 'Permanent Movement' not, just a temporary moment." B.L.M.
Joel McCoy
Joel McCoy - Day ago
People of colour experience that “privilege” too. Self accountability is absolutely vital across the board if progress is to be seen.
Glam Xperience
Glam Xperience - 17 hours ago
People of color who are famous? Athletes, actors, musicians? I wonder who signs their checks?🙃
RARA_2K - Day ago
It's actually insane that some people in these comments think that Blm is that black people wanna take over when we really just wanna be equally treated the same way everyone els that is not black (a little or few YouTube comment sections are not gonna end racism but it's good for to have your voice heard)
Goddess Universe
Goddess Universe - 2 days ago
My pup Brisaya looks like the puppet jigsaw from SAW!
Goddess Universe
Goddess Universe - 2 days ago
Don’t go in plenty of fish unless you want to become Missing Murdered Indigenous woman or play Hostile
Goddess Universe
Goddess Universe - 2 days ago
You look like A Doped Out Shawn Penn, Now we know why Sean Penn snitched on El a Chapo! It did alll the Coke and went to Zoom App!
Goddess Universe
Goddess Universe - 2 days ago
Lol what happened ? Did you get so Fcukednup & Turnt In , “ The Hangover “ made your Turnt like you went to a Function in an E40Video !
Willz Wyatt
Willz Wyatt - 2 days ago
I looked I the comments
Didn't see much evidence of racism.....
There are countless videos of intelligent black people condemning BLM and seeing it for what it is a "propaganda machine"
This is BS
Alexander Yaroslavich
Alexander Yaroslavich - 2 days ago
No lives matter
Giant Meteor 2020
Joe Bennett
Joe Bennett - 2 days ago
End war on drugs
End qualified immunity
Stop pushing for more laws and more government
A Spork ✔️
A Spork ✔️ - 2 days ago
Black lives matter:
Black people:Okay alright I agree.
All lives matter:
Troy Everett Creative
Troy Everett Creative - 2 days ago
Geoffrey Jett
Geoffrey Jett - 2 days ago
Forget what the media says. What does the statistics say?
Aerys Targaryen
Aerys Targaryen - 2 days ago
Black lives matter is a terroristic organization.
Hank Carter
Hank Carter - 2 days ago
Finn - 7 hours ago
the only way to rebuild it is to fight the people who fight against equality. stfu dude
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