The Pillowcase of Terror | Math Magic

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Zashura - 39 minutes ago
Making things equal?
What is this? The pillowcase of *red* terror?
BeardyTime0901 - Hour ago
4:04 my mom walked in my room
VKA_CarvedSix09 - 2 hours ago
Michael please stop taking acid
Mike Palmer
Mike Palmer - 7 hours ago
7:06 Uh-oh, sounds like the men in white coats are coming to pick up our friend Michael :(
Cruhatt - 8 hours ago
*wazzaaaaaaaaaap D!NGDONGERS, it's me, D!NGSAUCE*
Kalp Shah
Kalp Shah - 9 hours ago
Great acting’s
Kill3rCat - 17 hours ago
Michael definitely got stranger after three days of isolation.
Kamaine Gamer
Kamaine Gamer - 17 hours ago
Wassup D!NG Sauce
Fantomp - 18 hours ago
Michale: There are 11 face up cards in two piles of cards and there are 7 in each
Me: Nani?!
mesofummy lol
mesofummy lol - 20 hours ago
I'd been wondering what 'hey vsauce Michael here' had been up to? Growing a beard is the not very exciting answer it seems
ForTheWinTCG - 20 hours ago
Why did I hold my breath?
Mohannad Karkoukli
Mohannad Karkoukli - 22 hours ago
This is now relaxing
Aaron Silas
Aaron Silas - 23 hours ago
I have questions...
ImABird - Day ago
That pillow case makes things that are imbalanced equal...
The pillow is Thanos in disguise
Silas Lemming
Silas Lemming - Day ago
I love how Michael's insanity increases every time he uploads a new video
TurtleToast270 - Day ago
I love how he changed after psychedelics 💙💙💙 we need more like him
weed m
weed m - Day ago
why doesn't he just upload these to his original chanell?
Aye Lmao
Aye Lmao - Day ago
wanna taste my DING SAUCE?
Big Solid Boss
Big Solid Boss - Day ago
Joshua Jackson
Joshua Jackson - Day ago
has michael gone mad
Valen Cheung
Valen Cheung - Day ago
TED-Ed riddle
5ky65z3r - Day ago
Do inline now guys
CallMeWaverDude - Day ago
when mom is out of the room 4:06
Hassan Zia
Hassan Zia - Day ago
4:04 me when touches math book
NoriMori - Day ago
4:07 - Michael, do you need some alone time?
Javier Horacio
Javier Horacio - Day ago
4:03 when u nut and she keeps sucking😂
God Awful Content
God Awful Content - Day ago
Michael is falling apart at the seams.
Noahprogamer 09865
Noahprogamer 09865 - Day ago
when you nut but she keep sucking 4.04
Noahprogamer 09865
Noahprogamer 09865 - Day ago
AaronZ_0 - Day ago

Why is it sooo satisfying to watch Micheal put down cards ;-;
Alejandro Ramos
Alejandro Ramos - Day ago
when she giving head
NinjaPuppy - Day ago
The pillowcase of terror when you say the universe is unbalanced
Pillow: *Fine, I'll do it myself*
AVEy GRAVy - Day ago
are you okay
-_- - Day ago
Is Michael OK?
BON3S McCOY - Day ago
Hes just making material specifically for sauce out of context
Simon Maswabi
Simon Maswabi - Day ago
Michael is too awesome:)
Shir Tsarfati
Shir Tsarfati - Day ago
Guys I think michael is losing it but I'm staying forever
Obey Silence
Obey Silence - 2 days ago

PS: Sorry I had to.
Yahegao - 2 days ago
"I take everything that is out of balance, and I make it equal."
*_S N A P_*
Minoan Light
Minoan Light - 2 days ago
What’s going on with this guy? At moments he’s really scaring me. He’s not like he was while he was running Vsauce.
jax oliver
jax oliver - 2 days ago
michael is so hot
Jsweizston - 2 days ago
Love the beard mountain man. Started mine 2 years ago and never stopped.
Kaexotix - 2 days ago
Michael flexing his card skills. :D
enkay 007
enkay 007 - 3 days ago
mom: hey what the hell you doing in there?
me:watch me do a magic trick ma!!
Random Dogface
Random Dogface - 3 days ago
John Dualé
John Dualé - 3 days ago
I'm not gonna do what you say because i AM ThE PILLoWCaSE Of TERrOR
Elite_Insomniac _
Elite_Insomniac _ - 3 days ago
michael are u ok
Brad Cozine
Brad Cozine - 3 days ago
1:40 ...and THAT is how a DONG becomes a D!NG.
DanDanBinks - 3 days ago
nice now do something with your urine filled mason jar of terror...
Ultimorph Ultimorph
Ultimorph Ultimorph - 3 days ago
Soooo....... you call this content?
BigBlitZ - 3 days ago
When you cum, but she keeps on riding. 4:06
Emil Funk
Emil Funk - 3 days ago
I miss Vsauce...
MR. fanatic ;-;
MR. fanatic ;-; - 3 days ago
Hana: yeah
DigidyDOG Gaming
DigidyDOG Gaming - 3 days ago
I still know that you really are "How to Basic"
James - 3 days ago
Love that your leaning into the comedy more😂
Oliver the cat
Oliver the cat - 3 days ago
4:06 When you already nutted but she keeps sucking.
cookeddan1 - 3 days ago
Michael and i have the same watch!
The Meme Fuhrer
The Meme Fuhrer - 3 days ago
Micheal is a master of comedy
Gollem's Gaming
Gollem's Gaming - 3 days ago
I cant watch this. I made it 3 mins in and this isn't the michael I know.. Sorry man
Megatarious Azule
Megatarious Azule - 3 days ago
gud pne.
Nick Barker
Nick Barker - 3 days ago
This intro was so good and so funny. Then the whole video stayed that way. haha great video
CheeseBon - 3 days ago
Where can i buy one of those pillow cases?
Tool Jockey
Tool Jockey - 3 days ago
Please return to Vsauce
Chaos Tempo
Chaos Tempo - 3 days ago
4:05 when you nut and she keeps sucking
Faraaz - 3 days ago
Micheal: open the pillow.

Me: still likes the video😉👍
Chris Smale
Chris Smale - 3 days ago
4:07 when you nut but she still succ
khadijah zaman
khadijah zaman - 3 days ago
That intro tho
Vixe Vinweria
Vixe Vinweria - 3 days ago
Congratulations you used a pillow case to make math less interesting than it would have been on it's own.
Ba'aler - 4 days ago
4:07 making that DONG SAUCE
6ZSlim Gaming
6ZSlim Gaming - 4 days ago
Who else saw this trick in his Vsauce channel first?
Davy Ker
Davy Ker - 4 days ago
Somehow you were able to make me feel scared of a damn pillowcase
amarkhuu Oyunbayar
amarkhuu Oyunbayar - 4 days ago
i am so proud of this community
discodairy - 4 days ago
4:07 when you nut but she keep sucking
Venoms GT
Venoms GT - 4 days ago
4:10 when u nut but she keeps sucking
Andrew Sallans
Andrew Sallans - 4 days ago
Dong sauce
DANK COMMAND - 4 days ago
At this point you're just shitposting
Nathan Haaren
Nathan Haaren - 4 days ago
The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.
- Bruce Feirstein
GLaDOS - 4 days ago
Got to love the awkward pause
Samuel Hernandez
Samuel Hernandez - 4 days ago
No One:
Drama Club Michael: The pillowcase of TERROR
NotYou - 4 days ago
4:06 Special Ed kid when teacher asks him to sit down.
Elmo21 - 4 days ago
4:51 lol wut?
Connor Leek
Connor Leek - 4 days ago
I stg I'm on something rn
12 btw
12 btw - 4 days ago
4:05 when you nut for the first time
peter conruy
peter conruy - 4 days ago
Hold up, if he thinks a pillowcase is talking to him, he needs a doctor

are you okay michael?
SrmthfgRockLee - 4 days ago
will u remove that premium utube alrdy ;s
SrmthfgRockLee - 4 days ago
n0t ever1 's a millionaire... or that new windows stuffs
SrmthfgRockLee - 4 days ago
hehe i have wazza in my mixes
SrmthfgRockLee - 4 days ago
0fmusic runmarath0ns
Maurice Bijleveld
Maurice Bijleveld - 4 days ago
So the pillowcase didn't attack Micheal at the end of the video...
AlphaRW - 4 days ago
communist thanos pillowcase
Evangeloz _
Evangeloz _ - 4 days ago
Annoying orange joined the chat
Jerry the Jattapus
Jerry the Jattapus - 5 days ago
Kass - 5 days ago
he never ceases to surprise me with these strange introductions
N M - 5 days ago
I can't even
Mat - 5 days ago
you had 2 kings before now u only have 1 hmmmm
D V D's R us
D V D's R us - 5 days ago
Did you miss your therapy session this week michael?
Tucker Koogler
Tucker Koogler - 5 days ago
Has anyone ever thought of that Michael might be a drug addict
Scott Bloxsom
Scott Bloxsom - 5 days ago
I'm kinda glad he said ding sauce not, well.. Dong sauce....
My Name
My Name - 5 days ago
The timing is damnear perfect
Mr. DiZzY
Mr. DiZzY - 5 days ago
Wasn't this called DONG
SuperHacker312 - 5 days ago
When she keep sucking after you nut
Davis Kuhn
Davis Kuhn - 5 days ago
What ever happens to the normal v sauce channels?
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