We Wore Vintage Bras For A Day • Ladylike

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M A X - 2 days ago
"you've mummified your boobs"
Cassidy Toth
Cassidy Toth - 3 days ago
11:55 inner one direction fan dies (look in background)
Marisa González
Marisa González - 6 days ago
Why they didn't use blouses on the bra?
Elsa Gillsten
Elsa Gillsten - 6 days ago
The Greek-Roman one is just like normal binding
Janet Evans
Janet Evans - 8 days ago
Oh! I don't think i could go about my life with pointy knockers!
Jesi Hutxh
Jesi Hutxh - 11 days ago
Bullet bra isssssss kind of a LOOK. Iconic
Cheryl From Church
Cheryl From Church - 12 days ago
Ngl all of them kinda lowkey looked good
Cheryl From Church
Cheryl From Church - 12 days ago
“I kept hitting people with mine” LMAOO I LOVE HER
Dan Muggeridge
Dan Muggeridge - 13 days ago
They really said “🔺🔺”
Kim Yeontan
Kim Yeontan - 15 days ago
When my boobs are naturally pointy like that bullet bra
Zara Latiff
Zara Latiff - 15 days ago
I can’t imagine my grandma wearing a bullet bra 🤯🤢
Felix Felicis
Felix Felicis - 18 days ago
You’re welcome
Zsuzsanna Varga
Zsuzsanna Varga - 18 days ago
Am I the only one who noticed Harry 11:54 😂😂😂
Anjali v.v
Anjali v.v - 20 days ago
*when u wear the bullet bra everyday for the past 5 years without realizing it's vintage 😐
Raylee Smith
Raylee Smith - 21 day ago
the only bras i wear are sports bras
Cookie Vianné
Cookie Vianné - 21 day ago
i love how they had no problem helping each other
Thumper The random
Thumper The random - 21 day ago
I love you ladies soo much!
Maeghan CC
Maeghan CC - 22 days ago
Okay, but lowkey where can I get that second bra? I would definitely wear it as a shirt over my regular bra.
mamaboo cee
mamaboo cee - 23 days ago
Lol, I really enjoyed this video! Liked and subbed!!!
mamaboo cee
mamaboo cee - 23 days ago
Yes, bras (and girdles!) ARE instruments of torture. My breasts are large and the first best comfy and functional bra I ever tried (just this week!) Is the one by true and co. - I was amazed that it gave me decent support and felt like wearing nothing at all!
Ana Júlia Pedrosa
Ana Júlia Pedrosa - 25 days ago
1914 being as supportive as my parents lol
Miku Gaming And Friends
Miku Gaming And Friends - 25 days ago
am i the only one who laughed when freddie out of nowhere said "JaZzAbElLe"
Erica McClintock
Erica McClintock - 27 days ago
All the comments: Freddie looked *AMAZING!*
Kristen reading the comments: well, dang.
hermione granger
hermione granger - 27 days ago
3:15 Freddie sounded like tiana
_amazing _a_
_amazing _a_ - 28 days ago
The first bra they could wear as a crop top XD
Ade Sanjaya
Ade Sanjaya - 28 days ago
I think those bras are supposed to be worn under clothes in their ages or clothes that cover the bras and not today's tops so that they won't attract attention. Anyway, it's good to know how bra has changed and become much more comfortable..
xXCharlieRiverXx - 28 days ago
I love how both of them start out on the other side of the changing divider and then both end up helping
Tea Lakic
Tea Lakic - Month ago
Every time I which this video I popping
Live Laugh Love
Live Laugh Love - Month ago
Austin Powers - the cone bra! lol
Ankita Singh
Ankita Singh - Month ago
This bra should come back since there are so many eve teasers on street ... poky bra will protect us
Yusuf Patel
Yusuf Patel - Month ago
Did someone see Harry styles at 11:55
0_0 - Month ago
The first bra in the beginning of the video looks good on the black girl
Someshvar Vashisht
Someshvar Vashisht - Month ago
Luciana Love
Luciana Love - Month ago
María Phelips Jacob is my my new role model 🙋🏻‍♀️ She was NOT having it with corsets and made something more 1 comfortable 2.fashionable 3.Simple 🎊💪🎉💐 You go Maria.
Hanielle Jarrett
Hanielle Jarrett - Month ago
So I just read the bullet/torpedo bra was supposed to provide "extra protection" in the workplace for women when they entered the workforce because during that time males were off fighting in the war....the bra was supposed to "keep up morale" T_T smh...lol I find it funny that they thought breasts needed extra protection like that lol Imagine if they felt that way with men like making torpedo jockstrap lol
Natalia W.
Natalia W. - Month ago
actually i love how the bullet bra looks with very vintage or high fashion look
happy. apfel
happy. apfel - Month ago
You are sooo beautiful women 😍😍😍 kristens dress at the end is sooooo nice 😍😍😍😍 whis i could buy it ❤️
Jatoya Holder
Jatoya Holder - Month ago
I like how there two different races and body type
Jatoya Holder
Jatoya Holder - Month ago
Lord thank you form my bra now
Grace E
Grace E - Month ago
Did anyone else see the Niel calendar?
Jordan Leonard
Jordan Leonard - Month ago
I'd love to see lindsay and jazzmyne do this like if agree
Skiitles - Month ago
I just found a bra design from the Middle Ages that is a lot like our bras today but it laces up the sides
Batsheva B
Batsheva B - Month ago
"No wonder no one invented the internet yet, they were busy stuffing their t*** with sh*t"
hi hi
hi hi - Month ago
13 yo and I am just trying to learn what boobs are 😂😂
N O L - Month ago
Ok but I might be the only person who thinks that bras are comfortable.
Seokyie Vk Bangtan
Seokyie Vk Bangtan - Month ago
Idk I think the bullet bra is so fashionable it's just unusual
A Scott
A Scott - Month ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂that bullet bra😂😂😂😂😂
Melisa Montecino
Melisa Montecino - Month ago
19th century bra is pointless...it gives no support at all.
Bla bla Bla bla
Bla bla Bla bla - Month ago
I call em "Over the shoulder boulder holders"
Lin Gin
Lin Gin - Month ago
Frankly, I love a great bra. Don’t Always want to wear one when lounging around at home, but just practical and makes sense when out moving around assuming you have enough up top to benefit from support. Don’t really get the hatred of bras as a concept.
Olivia Shubeck
Olivia Shubeck - Month ago
justine Rogas
justine Rogas - Month ago
Ashlyn Marie
Ashlyn Marie - Month ago
I pictured dinosaurs, jesus, and Albert Einstein in a bra. 😂 I'm most likely high on the ramen I ate, my sister made it and she EVIL! (Barnacle Man screaming evil from spongebob SquarePants)
Ashlyn Marie
Ashlyn Marie - Month ago
I love how comfortable they where putting on each others bras, and possibly seeing each other without a top piece of clothing. I. Could. NEVER.
Andrada Scurtu
Andrada Scurtu - Month ago
I share my room with 7 other girls in college. Girl, we basically epilate each other :))))
Kasper Not The Ghost
Kasper Not The Ghost - Month ago
Y'all really turned into tomb raider with that bullet bra 😂👏
lil berry Blue
lil berry Blue - Month ago
The black girl sounds like a good a girl who know roblox tic tok and plays minecaft just me ok..
lil berry Blue
lil berry Blue - Month ago
@Reagan Obert sorry.. im a lil rude
Reagan Obert
Reagan Obert - Month ago
Why can’t you just say her name why do you have to call her the black girl
Mary Bearden
Mary Bearden - Month ago
the frst one looked like u could pass as a real shirt
Pat Lee
Pat Lee - Month ago
Rain Bacallan
Rain Bacallan - 2 months ago
I died at an-sisters HAHAHAHAHA
Yvonne Lozano
Yvonne Lozano - 2 months ago
Is this why Rachel from the show “friends” had pointy boobs?
Salome Verdiof
Salome Verdiof - 2 months ago
「ᴘᴇᴀᴄʜɪɪ moon」
Me growing up and wearing it:
Františka Blažková
Františka Blažková - 2 months ago
11:38 the subtitles are just like: [Blonde Woman]
Julianne Norris
Julianne Norris - 2 months ago
Does anyone know where Freddie got the dress she wore with the wrap bra?
ccrj •
ccrj • - 2 months ago
I've been replaying the first part for the nth times 😂😂😂
lizzy greene
lizzy greene - 2 months ago
I kinda like the bullet bra, especially in combination with clothes from the 50s it would look soooo good.
Liv Herman
Liv Herman - 2 months ago
11:55 anyone else notice the one direction calendar and Harry photo in the background?
Amanda Pittar
Amanda Pittar - 2 months ago
They stuffed them, but a few sewed buttons into the ends for nice firm nipples....
Rae Mauriejo
Rae Mauriejo - 2 months ago
M’y grandma calls bras over the shoulder boulder holder
Sage _LovesUnicorns
Sage _LovesUnicorns - 2 months ago
If you wore the bullet bra to a movie theater you could stuff it with snacks instead of toilet paper or anything else 😂
ꜱᴀɪʏᴜᴜ ʜᴀɴᴀ
5:11 Thank me later
Anime Trash days
Anime Trash days - 2 months ago
One looked like a way someone would bind
Michelle Tiger
Michelle Tiger - 2 months ago
Educational, interesting and you two are hilarious! XO
Abhipri Khanra
Abhipri Khanra - 2 months ago
11:57 Where are my Directioner's at?
John Parker
John Parker - 2 months ago
Try wearing a binder 24/7, then we'll talk XD
Gin Wonderland
Gin Wonderland - 2 months ago
With all honesty I would wear the Greco Roman bra
Record lover Ortiz
Record lover Ortiz - 2 months ago
Miss bricks pointy boobs.
She could poke a eye out with that thing. Lol
한창Lyra - 2 months ago
Thank you for a very VERY AMAZING FACT!
Beanmachine91 - 2 months ago
guy commenting, id say the pointy bra looks hypnotizing
Ecia Bat
Ecia Bat - 2 months ago
9:28 i'm dying
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