We Wore Vintage Bras For A Day • Ladylike

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a l r i g h t
a l r i g h t - 3 days ago
okay... but did any of yall notice that whenever they showed lindsay she had a cut-out picture of her and harry styles? i thought that was hilarious.
depressed chicken nugget ._.
I know Kris and Fred we're self cauntious but like THEY ARE SO PRETTY LIKE GURL YOU DONT NEED TO BE
Nickles & Pickles
Nickles & Pickles - 4 days ago
If there’s someone you don’t like just remind them of the bullet bra you’re wearing lol
Tae Tae is my Bae Bae
Tae Tae is my Bae Bae - 5 days ago
The second bra would look really good as an outfit
Tota Alsendi
Tota Alsendi - 5 days ago
12:00 🆔
Simie Dulay
Simie Dulay - 7 days ago
Idk but I look I've wore a bullet bra when I don't wear one!!? Only me??
WolfTheFloof - 9 days ago
Why does the 1st one remind me of a binder?
jasmine M
jasmine M - 10 days ago
Love there friendship theyre comfortable with seeing each others boobs and helping tying then for eachther
Wil Adams
Wil Adams - 10 days ago
Seriously, can you believe how Femininism has destroyed women's self-esteem? They were HUMILIATED by having people look at their breasts. Women grew breasts the way they are through evolution as a way of keeping men's attention, and yet, Feminism has made women want NO ONE to LOOK at their crowning achievement. That is sad.
E_micdrop c;
E_micdrop c; - 10 days ago
I reeeally want to work with you guys it would be so fun
JGirl - 10 days ago
I actually think the bullet bras look good with clothes over it. Maybe it’s just cartoons that normalized the vision for me but it actually doesn’t look that bad
Lyndsey Williams
Lyndsey Williams - 11 days ago
Part of the issue with the Greco Roman bra is that it’s also super bad for your breast tissue To be more pushed down rather than supported
addy tyme
addy tyme - 11 days ago
“it’s boob jenga!” i SCREAMED
Alysia Rose
Alysia Rose - 11 days ago
17:20 JEZEBEL! -freddie 2019
Maggie Pierce
Maggie Pierce - 12 days ago
When I first saw a picture os someone wearing a bullet bra I was like it can’t be that cold in here
Neptune - 13 days ago
Tbh I love the bullet bra
Sabrina Fu
Sabrina Fu - 13 days ago
I have a feeling they stole this from Safyia nygaard
pretty money
pretty money - 15 days ago
but why was my bras in middle school pointy like this hahahahah who tf was still selling these in 99
pretty money
pretty money - 15 days ago
i would like the roman bra
Piper Sings
Piper Sings - 19 days ago
"Awooga" I DIEEEEEDD! :)
Satansbabygirl - 25 days ago
is freddie str8?
Sarah’s Sweet Stuff
Sarah’s Sweet Stuff - 25 days ago
Man, Freddie’s skin is GORGEOUS
Kristen Turner
Kristen Turner - 25 days ago
You could set your dinner on top of the cones
Elise Shannon
Elise Shannon - 26 days ago
Is it only me but I think that so comfy I wear them to sleep I only have training bras so far because I'm only stage 2 in my breast developing
Geng Chen
Geng Chen - 26 days ago
Who’s on bra duty today?
yasmeen rose
yasmeen rose - 28 days ago
am i the only one that doesnt find bras uncomfortable at all what
yasmeen rose
yasmeen rose - 28 days ago
am i the only one that doesnt find bras uncomfortable at all what
KIERAH BEATY - Month ago
Them :it is a bra it goes under a shirt
My grade: Welll ummmm aren't bras just like shirts
Mia Mia
Mia Mia - Month ago
Am i the only one that feels like bras are not uncomfortable at all?
I even wear them for sleeping cuz i feel not comfortable without the support.
the word
the word - Month ago
What's wrong with the nipples showing?
Kellie Cunningham
Kellie Cunningham - Month ago

I thought about jumping down onto the beach, but that might have been asking for another family tragedy, so I climbed down, walked to the end of the shallow scoop of bay and set off through the grass by the side of the burn, heading back to Gallanach through the calm summer gloaming.
Lila Hurst
Lila Hurst - Month ago
Ya like jazz??? 😂😂😂
Maddie Wynn
Maddie Wynn - Month ago
The thing is, like half the reason why I wear a bra is so people can see my points from my chest. I would HATE the bullet bra
Red - Month ago
the first bra

*laughs in ace bandages and binders*
TheGACKTfan - Month ago
Gadiel's reaction to fredies bullet bra is priceless 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅😅😂🤣🤣🤣
H E L L O - Month ago
6:22 -My bestfriend after I've been in the closet for 7 years
Abby Brown
Abby Brown - Month ago
Fancy_Seaweed - Month ago
Anyone else imagining a little boy learning that boobs are actually shaped like triangles?
Abigail Amundsen
Abigail Amundsen - Month ago
I wear scarfs like Greek/Roman bras quite often. If you learn how to wear them it isn't much of a problem.
Tae kook’s Child
Tae kook’s Child - Month ago
Aye , I’m 10 checkkkk :>
Julia Struts
Julia Struts - Month ago
Please somebody tell me were to get a bullet bra
G G - Month ago
Imagine when the bras we have nowadays will be '' Bras From History ''
mary hershelman
mary hershelman - Month ago
Bra maker Olga did a survey about the true shape of women's breasts....they are majority pointed. Implants are round.
luke hemmings wife and also harry styles
Did anyone else see harry styles at the back in 11:54
Shruti Thapa
Shruti Thapa - Month ago
anyone watching this during quarantine btw 11:54 did you see lindsay and harry styles on her wall.
Savanna Edmonston
Savanna Edmonston - 2 months ago
3:09 when I first started wearing woman’s bras and I didn’t know how I was supposed to get the clip on and I still don’t know how so there’s that
Clove Studios
Clove Studios - 2 months ago
"Boob Jenga"
Nature Powerシ
Nature Powerシ - 2 months ago
Boys watchin this be like, “Why did I watch this...”
Eli Marklová
Eli Marklová - 2 months ago
11:54 there's Harry Styles aha
Determination and kindness Soul trait
Imagine how hard it would be to kiss someone with the bullet bra
Greg Snyder
Greg Snyder - 2 months ago
I love that they come in whille each other are getting there bras on
Sienna Playz
Sienna Playz - 2 months ago
Omg I just realised the photoshopped picture on the wall of Lindsay and Harry styles 🤣
Adriana Robles
Adriana Robles - 2 months ago
who's watching this on 2020? cause of corona virus
Montana Leathwood
Montana Leathwood - 2 months ago
I used to Wrap my boobs with the first bra when I was going to come out as trans and I did for a while but then some thing kind of happened where I wanted to identify as a woman instead of a man and wrapping my boobs caused some health issues but I’m ok now
Rachel Stone
Rachel Stone - 2 months ago
Jezebel I can view your undergarments go back in the cottage and adorn something most conservative
Totally Not Aoi
Totally Not Aoi - 2 months ago
With that bra on it looks like a 90’s eechi anime character
Ram_Jons - 2 months ago
11:55 omg 1D fan, we stan🥺
loganthelobster 420
loganthelobster 420 - 2 months ago
The first bra looks like the first "chest binder" i had lmao
Rose Brogno
Rose Brogno - 2 months ago
12:00 I love how she has one direction photos!
Ivan's Hacks
Ivan's Hacks - 2 months ago
Nincs több mocsár csecs!!
Anne Knappert
Anne Knappert - 2 months ago
that sounds realy uncomterball
lulu lucille
lulu lucille - 2 months ago
Bullet bra is the opposite of the point of a bra the crap
Madeleine Bouchie
Madeleine Bouchie - 2 months ago
Ok so I was watching this video and the first thing the ad said was
DiD YoU KnOW ThAt ThE bRa HaS NoT ChAnGeD FoR 100 YeArS
Sure guys, sure
Zanna Everett
Zanna Everett - 2 months ago
The 1914 bra is literally a blanket!🤣🤣
Like if u agree
Gabbie Rosewelle
Gabbie Rosewelle - 2 months ago
The bullet bra is actually really cute
Pastel Club
Pastel Club - 2 months ago
” this bra is brought to you by Sharman”
Christy Phoenix
Christy Phoenix - 2 months ago
11:18 LmFaO❗😂🤣😂🤣 The moment when u realize that the skirt of ur dress is see through, & ur wearing a thong🍑😒🙄🤑
k j
k j - 2 months ago
Nora Berg
Nora Berg - 2 months ago
Imagine walk down the streets of LA and you hear someone yell at a camera NO SWAMP BOOBS!!!!!!!!
No1 - 2 months ago
Nobbb these bras are nightmare. I'm glade am in my generation. Cool sport bras! Yubbb
Cambree Bouton
Cambree Bouton - 2 months ago
In 3020 they won't need bra's they will all be fake full if plastic
Angelyna Hui Qi Khoo
Angelyna Hui Qi Khoo - 2 months ago
11:57 did nobody notice she edit herself in a photo with Harry styles?
weird bean
weird bean - 2 months ago
I hate bra's but can't be without one
Ahmad Faraz
Ahmad Faraz - 2 months ago
Could have been better if shot with real women ... rather than transgenders ...😂
o k
o k - 2 months ago
honestly I think girls are the like most expensive human cause we have to buy bras, and period supplies
Willa Taylor
Willa Taylor - 2 months ago
my boobs are naturally shaped like the bullet bra and i've been insecure abt it ever since i got boobs. after watching this, i realized i'm correct in feelin this way lmaoo. THANKS
Tiny Ducky
Tiny Ducky - 2 months ago
You can poke an eye out with that bra
Jules Jagatic
Jules Jagatic - 2 months ago
They look like Barbies
ÒwÓ-KAT-ÒwÓ :3
ÒwÓ-KAT-ÒwÓ :3 - 2 months ago
Count how many times they say boobs
MAH - 2 months ago
Oli: The History of Clothing is so interesting 👔🎩👒👠👟👞👡👢💼👜🥋👝
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