Taking Accountability

Katelyn Sieberg
Katelyn Sieberg - 9 hours ago
It’s honestly sad to see the Shane I grew up with the one that did cooking videos, the one who did conspiracy theories, the one that would do haunted videos with his friends disappeared I feel like he was a good person at one point and time, but once Jeffree Star was put in the picture everything changed it sucks I just want the old Shane back 😕
Brittany Presley
Brittany Presley - 9 hours ago
I mean yeah, Shane's relationship with Jeffree was a catalyst for him getting called out, but this has been a LONG time coming. Lmao when you say you're an empath but you're really a user and an emotional vampire and you're too narcissistic to comprehend or care your actual impact on others until it comes back to bite you in the ass.
Yila Sousai
Yila Sousai - 9 hours ago
Jane Kennedy
Jane Kennedy - 9 hours ago
depression and anxiety isn’t an excuse to sexualise children, Shane
umokyah - 9 hours ago
This video is really edited lol
Yila Sousai
Yila Sousai - 9 hours ago
David-Benjamin Silburn
David-Benjamin Silburn - 9 hours ago
Dr Grande says you have the mentality of an 8 year old.
Victoria Manriquez
Victoria Manriquez - 9 hours ago
If you had your life out into the public like they do you’d probably have so many scandals as well just think about it. I’m sure you’ve done some shit that would get you “canceled”. But the past doesn’t matter only the present and future is what matters.
Maria Shimajiri
Maria Shimajiri - 9 hours ago
Love you Shane! It must be so hard to put out an apology video at a time where everyone just wants to hate in this stupid "cancel culture". Coming from someone who has been watching your videos from a decade ago, I know you're a kind, giving, gentle person
Lil Sagna
Lil Sagna - 9 hours ago
this is a well choreographed and produced apology! very self aware, this will do the trick
And I Oop
And I Oop - 9 hours ago
Just here to dislike x
Olivia Evans-Shepp
Olivia Evans-Shepp - 9 hours ago
As a grown man you are responsible for your actions. Also, depression and anxiety is literally not an excuse to sexualize children.
StandupKnight49 Yt
StandupKnight49 Yt - 9 hours ago
You should not have won the streamy awards 2018
Jenny Williams
Jenny Williams - 9 hours ago
SHANE DAWSON is a person too. We all make mistakes and that's how humans are. The fact that you keep discussing smthing sooo oldd makes you the real sheeps. Just because Tati said all of that you just have to follow her and others involved without even realizing their true purpose. If she wanted to talk about that so much she should have already done it a long time ago. As a person who completely been tranformed and changed from the past I understand Shane. I'm not saying what he did was right, not at all. But people change and make mistakes all the time. Life is too short to have so much hate and drama in your lives. Calm down and let it be. Love you Shane ❤
Olivia Evans-Shepp
Olivia Evans-Shepp - 9 hours ago
never give up! but maybe give up this🧚‍♀️💕💫
ii _cassie
ii _cassie - 9 hours ago
least we still got garrett and drew
Rorie Adamson
Rorie Adamson - 9 hours ago
2:31 that person is you, shane. own up to it.
Not Available
Not Available - 10 hours ago
Just coming to dislike
bluwu tofu
bluwu tofu - 10 hours ago
Depression and anxiety isn't an excuse to sexualise children, Shane
Olivia Evans-Shepp
Olivia Evans-Shepp - 10 hours ago
you tried your best🌸🥺🦋 stop trying🧚‍♀️💕
Isabelle the Vlogger
Isabelle the Vlogger - 10 hours ago
I don’t know what these comments, I accept his apology!
Nick Greenburn
Nick Greenburn - 9 hours ago
You're disgusting
danny power
danny power - 10 hours ago
We dont like the shane with jeffree we liked the shane who made vids with garrett and made conspiracy theories where did he go we want hik back. I really think jeffree has twisted it all and done this on purpose
cookiekitty - 10 hours ago
People keep saying they want the old Shane back. But the old Shane is the one who did all that stuff too. At least Shane, right now, is apologizing and taking accountability. I don't want the old Shane back. I want to see Shane grow to be better and happier. Sure, I wanna see more of the videos he used to make with Garrett and everyone, but I want to see them with a new, happier, and better Shane. I believe Shane is truly a good person, and doesn't mean all the bad things he did. No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes. Mostly because I used to watch him a lot and he helped me smile when I felt there was nothing to smile about. He helped me laugh when I was at a really bad place. I know it's not exactly a great reason to still support him and doesn't automatically make it all fine. And I understand that he's done wrong. Big and small. But he is owning up to it and apologizing. And I feel like that at least, in my opinion, deserves a second chance. At least from me. But I respect your choice if you don't feel the same and don't choose to forgive him. It's understandable, and he doesn't expect everyone to forgive him, like he said.
bluwu tofu
bluwu tofu - 10 hours ago
"she was six years old" "i don't know if i'm allowed to say this but she's really sexy" "i feel like i can't say the n word when shana isn't here but when she is i can" (shane's friends name is shana) all of these are quotes from shane
xdescendants x
xdescendants x - 10 hours ago
Shane, you should stop being friends with Jeffree. We all miss you with the old crew. Jeffree is not a good influence for you. Also, please get a therapist.
SKILZ 8 - 10 hours ago
Nothing an justify sexualising children, it may have been a few years ago but you were still an adult of sound mind. What you did and what you said was nothing short of revolting. You can’t hide behind your apology, when it comes down to it, you are just a horrible disgusting person, end of story.
Matthew Scott
Matthew Scott - 10 hours ago
James Charles never did anything wrong in the first place. The rest of them were just jealous of him and tried to ruin him. It backfired big time. Don't say sorry now. I have never believed Shane, Jeffree or Tati.
maddie - 10 hours ago
“I would never say that”..... buuuut ya did so
Motion HD
Motion HD - 10 hours ago
At least I now make more money than Shane working in a supermarket than he does with 22 million subscribers
Mishka Allen
Mishka Allen - 10 hours ago
No one can say anything these days it’s all taken so seriously Shane is a comedian and back in the day jokes were different, these days things are changing but we have all done things we don’t like x love u Shane x
Methane Gummybear
Methane Gummybear - 10 hours ago
Shane, take some time away from the internet. Are we angry with everything that’s happened? Yes. Do we want you to be hurting? No. We don’t want anything bad to happen to you. Please, please seek help and stay off the internet for now
GamingJJ - 10 hours ago
Mark Haines
Mark Haines - 10 hours ago
How did this all even start
Mark Haines
Mark Haines - 10 hours ago
Can we just have the Shane who did cooking videos and ghost hunting and Garret and drew instead of this Honestly Shane just needs to come off the internet for a while and wait for this whole to blow over which it will, because we all know it will. Shane needs to be quiet now he’s made an apology video and now all he can do is wait. I just hope when he returns he’s back to what he was like with Garret and drew.
Mr. Jigs
Mr. Jigs - 10 hours ago
Sis said that the makeup community is unproblematic 😂😂😂...ok
ꜱʜɪᴄᴋᴇɴ - 10 hours ago
The irony
Lisa Franklin
Lisa Franklin - 10 hours ago
I'm honestly so sick of hearing about all of this racism BS. White people are being discriminated against left and right. We just sit back and take it. I have seen about 20 black people call white people Karen today. That's as racist as it gets...but hey that's okay. Everyone needs to grow the hell up and move on.
Rot Ziege
Rot Ziege - 10 hours ago
Idk but my depression and anxiety hasn’t ever made me consider pedophilia
Devon's biggest fan
Devon's biggest fan - 10 hours ago
What he did, *it was absolutely disgusting*
But you are all acting like he has to be some kind of a saint, never make a mistake, that once he did something, he can't convert from that awful person he was to a better person...you're acting like people can't change anymore, that people always deserve to be known for the horrible acts they did, for the bad things they did even yesterday...people can change, it might even happen overnight...people make mistakes and even if they feel so perfect and out of reach at the moment for us, *they're still people*
Mishka Allen
Mishka Allen - 10 hours ago
Stay strong Shane xxx
Matsuda H
Matsuda H - 10 hours ago
I dont understand this trend digging old content and cancel the creator for it. These contents happens years ago. Nobody still the same. People change. I dont understand this cancel culture based on something done years and years ago. Everybody did stupid stuff. Everybody should be cancel at this point. The thing is that People enjoy cancelling each other.
Kels A
Kels A - 10 hours ago
I still haven’t unsubscribed from you yet because I believe that people can change. However I want you to say you’re sorry and I want you to fucking mean it, and not say it out of panic and fear. I’m angry and I’m sure other people are too.
c: - 10 hours ago
Why is Shane getting fat again?
Captain Neckbeard
Captain Neckbeard - 10 hours ago
Ads on an apology
Classy, lost a fan and a sub
Kels A
Kels A - 10 hours ago
What about willow smith?
Brittany Nicole
Brittany Nicole - 10 hours ago
After watching all those videos of you saying children 6 and under are sexy and you looked up naked babies and they were sexy to you is disgusting and I will never be a fan again. You have issues. So gross and terrifying!!
Toulie - 10 hours ago
He did shit before he hung out with drew and garret- but you know what y’all can just keep making excuses for his annoying ass-
maddie - 10 hours ago
Depression, anxiety, etc isn’t an excuse to be racist or a pedophile smh
Syu tu
Syu tu - 9 hours ago
I have a question , cause what means "smh " i realy dk:0
Reece Tripe
Reece Tripe - 10 hours ago
Ya'll ever wonder why blackface is such a horrible thing but the Film "White Chicks" 2 black males playing 2 white females is ok and funny? Hmm...
B G - 10 hours ago
February 26, 2012, in Florida  George Zimmerman fatally shot Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old African-American high school student. Zimmerman, a 28-year-old man of mixed race, was the neighborhood watch coordinator for his gated community where Martin was visiting his relatives at the time of the shooting. Zimmerman shot Martin, who was unarmed, during a physical altercation between the two.
Shane: "maybe he wouldn't have been walking the streets if he had job"
Fuck you.
Rosemary Dunton
Rosemary Dunton - 10 hours ago
Everybody leave shame alone he f*****g apologized and he’s only human he didn’t sexualize a kid, if u don’t support then leave 👋 bye shame doesn’t need all the hate he’s getting
im mr.bypass boi
im mr.bypass boi - 10 hours ago
remember when you posted Grandma Part 1
Davor Ivanovic
Davor Ivanovic - 10 hours ago
And casualy mentions the restock of his make up in the "apology" like teling to the people: when you are done whatching me go shoping, yeah sure can we use you code p3do for 50% off?
Morning Glory
Morning Glory - 10 hours ago
I was really pissed at Shane, then I watched this. I forgive you Shane and I’m sorry I didn’t give you the benefit of the doubt. I wish we could just end cancel culture. I wish he hadn’t done the Instagram live post but I’ve made the same type of mistakes. Keep your head up and know your fans love you. You HAVE changed, it’s clear.
Kels A
Kels A - 10 hours ago
You left out a lot of shit Shane...
Linda Richard
Linda Richard - 10 hours ago
This is so ridiculous. It seems like we can not laugh at anything anymore. Those were JOKES! Okay, maybe black humor wanting to chock but still humour. Constipation is a world pandemic now. Oh, I should not make fun of a pandemic... I am soooooo sorry, I should be killed for that. Ridiculous...
Hortense D
Hortense D - 10 hours ago
A V A N I - 10 hours ago
the people who are forgiving him are mostly white adults. who are you to forgive him? this apology wasnt even meant for you. this apology was meant for black people and kids. and even most of us hasnt forgiven him, also he didnt explain the sexualisation of children. black people got made fun of and, kids were scared of this man because of how he sexualised kids. if this apology wasnt mean for you, you have no right to forgive him.
Hannah Tacardon
Hannah Tacardon - 10 hours ago
It's crazy how all the comments are immediately jumping the boat of cancelling, whereas we have learnt time and time again everything is not a simple "this person is guilty" or "this person is innocent". We all make mistakes, some worse than others and the bottom line is we are all still learning from them even in our adulthoods!!! I doubt everyone here has a squeaky clean record!!! Instead of tearing each other down, acknowledge each other's mistakes and support them in becoming better!!! What's the use of feeding more fuel to this already out of proportion fire?? Be kind everyone. PLEASE. Shane is learning, we all are!
Lily Harper
Lily Harper - 10 hours ago
i have watched this video a couple of times and have thought about basically nothing else since this all happened whenever i’m sad or just in the mood to watch youtube shane’s older videos are always something i will watch i understand the amount of horrible mistakes he has made but my heart genuinely hurts for him. his life is now ruined and his career is over. surrounding yourself with toxic people will make you act differently i’m not blaming jeffree as shane chose to befriend him and chose to do the things he did but most of us know this isn’t shane i really hope that shane can short out this mess and we can get the old shane back because i was really looking forward to that horror movie but maybe ask garret to come back and do videos with him andrew morgan and dylan’s again cause everyone misses the squad
Strangely Cursed14
Strangely Cursed14 - 10 hours ago
the fact u even laughed in this video is weird and you said "funny" 100 times please stop
Ava Paterson
Ava Paterson - 10 hours ago
Everyone says they want Garrett and Drew back but has anyone stopped to think that maybe they dont want anything to do with Shane anymore?
xpace - 10 hours ago
i heard garrett isn't friends with him anymore?? i'm not sure but it's wild
EggRat 123
EggRat 123 - 10 hours ago
He’s just upset because he got caught
Farah QADI
Farah QADI - 10 hours ago
we all watched his videos 8+ years ago and kept supporting him so do not come and attack him because the internet is all different now, I am not supporting racism but he Did apologize. plus you are still here because you liked his videos do not act all butt-hurt, and if you are new here then you have nothing to complain about since you never saw that side of him. HE APOLOGIZED. give him a break and get over yourself. during the past few years he offered such good content, he was doing so well he was being nice and helpful so do not wake up on the past right fgs -.-
Ethan Hart
Ethan Hart - 10 hours ago
Can someone TL;DR this for me
okogao - 10 hours ago
Sir, this is a McDonald's drive thru
J J - 10 hours ago
"I don't know who that person Is!" 😍😍😍✨✨
Βάλια Τσινάρη
Βάλια Τσινάρη - 10 hours ago
First of all starting the video with inspired by Jenna marbles shows your genuine feeling about the controversies you’ve been in because what if Jenna hadn’t made the video. Also you are a 31 year old MAN you shouldn’t blame the gross and inappropriate things you have said on your childhood take ACTUAL accountability and stop victimizing yourself. Lastly saying that you do not agree with your friends past and their current actions is just not right because if you really didn’t agree you would not surround yourself with people like that. YOU ARE WHO YOU HANG OUT WITH.
kaylashalaylaaaaa - 10 hours ago
you might wanna see a psychoanalyst for your sex fantasy problems. seriously. they have nothing to do with depression, anxiety, ptsd, schizophrenia, bipolar, borderline, etc...
hailey pitts
hailey pitts - 10 hours ago
He clearly noticed his mistakes and is owning up to them, he’s not asking for forgiveness he is just explaining to his fans how he feels about the situation, y’all are going crazy cancelling Shane when gabby Hanna is on a rampage for no reason rn, cancel her instead
Boobabyvlogs - 10 hours ago
My issue is y’all took James down for do sum that wasn’t right and he lost millions of subscribers butttttt y’all not doing the same for Shane or Jeffree I was a fan of them it’s so disappointing I unsubscribe to both
Tima jabak
Tima jabak - 10 hours ago
i’ll miss you
Suzanna Chong
Suzanna Chong - 10 hours ago
As a minority in the United States (Korean-American), almost everyone has made racist or sexist jokes against me. These nasty jokes are more common than you think. I’m glad someone famous/infamous is FINALLY taking accountability and educating others on why this is WRONG.
LIF — Art
LIF — Art - 10 hours ago
Y'all remember when Shane tried to expose Dan and Phil for dating even though neither of them were ready to come out of the closet or actually confirm it. Shane fucking read smutty fanfiction about them. Even though they (Dan and Phil) were his friends and asked him to stop?
Oh yeah and shane was still in the closet when he did it 🤭🤭
Here's a link to all the times he's done shit like that:
chiara libori
chiara libori - 10 hours ago
Depression and anxiety is *NOT* an excuse to sexualize children, Shane
nvcolee - 10 hours ago
ur local mother
ur local mother - 10 hours ago
katy dawson
katy dawson - 10 hours ago
um Chile anyways so
IPiePiePieI - 10 hours ago
This is so stupid but also incredibly entertaining to watch the fire burn
Valéria Donatto
Valéria Donatto - 10 hours ago
Shane calls himself a beauty guru but he's done blackface more than he's done his own eyeshadow
Nicole Robinson
Nicole Robinson - 10 hours ago
It's weird... everyone here is clowning Shane and Jeffree, while on Tati's video, everyone is clowning her. Two COMPLETELY different sets of viewers..
Alejandro - 10 hours ago
Anyone else coming back here to see if their dislike hasn't disappeared?
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