Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | Tim Urban

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Emmanuel Koech
Emmanuel Koech - 43 minutes ago
How many times I said I'll watch it later😅
And now watching it coz I got some studying to do😂😂😂
Ciderly - 48 minutes ago
I think i made friends with the panic monster lol
Benedikt Czeranka
Benedikt Czeranka - Hour ago
Reading all this makes me feel even more anxious and the fact im procastinating while writing this is making me feel even worse
Joanne Peters
Joanne Peters - 2 hours ago
I have literally never related to anything more than this😂😂😂
Reddwarf - 4 hours ago
I started with a video of cicada 3301 and now I am here. I should study.
Ehiginio - 4 hours ago
I think my panic monster may have broke. I used to panic at deadlines, now I forget the assignment existed
Schatzen Liebe
Schatzen Liebe - 6 hours ago
Panic Monster is a Evil spirit not an Angel
Matej Kangler
Matej Kangler - 6 hours ago
Great show john mayer
unathi - 8 hours ago
i think i have watched this video about 5 times and every single time i have watched it have been procrastinating
Oliviaaa - 8 hours ago
i am a major procrastinator and it is so extremely FRUSTRATIIIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGG
Tommy Johnston
Tommy Johnston - 9 hours ago
I have a whole week of work to do by tomorrow and I’m sitting here watching this. Eh, maybe I will do it in a few hours.
Anna Brunette
Anna Brunette - 9 hours ago
We only live for about 28,000 days. This makes me sick to my stomach.
TNHGaming - 10 hours ago
Im not a govt major...but when I heard "90-page" thesis, i panicked. Im headin off to college soon and Im terrified of the work I might have to do.
Kai Clayton
Kai Clayton - 11 hours ago
So...I was going to watch this awhile ago...but I ended up not watching it after starting it and I’m now found myself watching it. 😅
Son Nguyen
Son Nguyen - 11 hours ago
Ehe my friends in another school district have no homework right now. But my school, during FREAKING ANNOYING CORONA VIRUS, is giving me exactly 12 assignments to do in a week. And I’m just procrastinating by watching this lol.
Meteor boy
Meteor boy - 11 hours ago
Ight I kept the vid on watch later... I'll watch it later not now
Jenna Pearson
Jenna Pearson - 13 hours ago
You know, I think my problem with procrastinating is that I do it for everything, and I do good on everything, so I have no need not to procrastinate in my head
supercrackhead100 - 14 hours ago
I’ve had this video on my watch later list for entirely too long. . . . Maybe I’ll watch it tomorrow 🤪
David Muleme
David Muleme - 18 hours ago
The best Ted talk ever
Lucia Srm
Lucia Srm - 20 hours ago
Me procrastinating watching ted talks: 👁️👄👁️
Silent Spectrum
Silent Spectrum - 20 hours ago
I started doing my leadership homework and I don't know how I ended up here
Darren Seim
Darren Seim - 21 hour ago
im watching this video instead of working on an opinion paper
Amber Griffiths
Amber Griffiths - 22 hours ago
Procrastination is worst when there is no deadline.
Google Classroom: ‘Your drama assignments (12 assignments) are due in tomorrow.
Me: point proven.
TVOR - The Voice of Reason
ok, so use a calendar?
Furkan der SSJ - Die Dönerbruderschaft
if I can do it tomorrow, I won't do it today
it's that simple
MB - 06ST - Floradale PS (1277)
im procrastinating on cleaning right now.
GOD Slapier
GOD Slapier - 23 hours ago
Like Si vienes de parte de Ricardo :V
Tenoch Navarro
Tenoch Navarro - 23 hours ago
GOD Slapier Like. :v
Alisa Voss
Alisa Voss - Day ago
* Adds to 'Watch Later'
Vinicius Sanctus
Vinicius Sanctus - Day ago
benf101 - Day ago
"Procrastination" starts with "pro"... can I really get paid for this?
ayushmaan - Day ago
He surely procrastinated on that MRI scan right? 🤣🤣🤣
Always good stuff
Lente Van Der Merwe
Me needing to watch this because I procrastinated doing work since the beginning of lockdown and now i need to catch up three months work....only me? Oh okay
Vel Marie
Vel Marie - Day ago
Hopefully I will stop procrastinating and get that MD after my name. I am claiming it! Year 2025! 💖
Toshi S.
Toshi S. - Day ago
I'm in the exact place where Tim Urban was.
Right now I have a senior thesis due in 3 days and I just started writing. I'm fighting against the voice says "it's too late, maybe you should give up", but this ted talk encourages me a lot and makes me feel that I'm capable of finishing it, as long as the panic monster inside me is awake. I've watched this talk around 5 times already. Thanks Tim, I'll try my best.
GILLES - Day ago
i was procrastinating when i whatching this video instead of doing stuf that i ha to do 😂😂
ElectricPanther - Day ago
ocd kinda helps
Stormbreaker636 - Day ago
This guy should become a real life Homer Simpson.
Bella Bear
Bella Bear - Day ago
I am a jedi at procrastinating.
3841 - Day ago
panic_monster.exe has stopped responding.
Scarlett Leopardnose
*sees 90 year calendar*

Ariel Stephens
Ariel Stephens - Day ago
I added this to my watch later list and every time I saw it I scrolled past it and procrastinated on watching it😂
Weedor - Day ago
who is procrastinating by reading this comment section?
Nehi Pathak
Nehi Pathak - Day ago
this is TOO relatable
Subboi 72
Subboi 72 - Day ago
i have both types and now i know i will never have a good life
Tamertamer Tamer
Tamertamer Tamer - Day ago
Ok let’s put the idk lots of comment about this haha I am procrastinating rn and already commented it on an other account probably :(
Galactic Stranger
Galactic Stranger - Day ago
Watching this during quarantine really hurts I feel like I'm wasting the entirety of quarantine oof and I haven't touched my online homework at all RIP
bananerna - Day ago
I'll save this in watch later.
Evarose - Day ago
This is the most beneficial 14:04 minutes during my procrastination period which is now.
Jelina Strickland
Jelina Strickland - Day ago
So your saying that it was a monkey who just told me to watch the entirty of this TED Talk with the colors inverted instead of working on my algebra?
Doctor Death Defying
Doctor Death Defying - 2 days ago
I’m a known procrastinator and I end up actually finishing the thing one day before and get relatively good grades. I don’t know how, I just do.
Aaron Kou
Aaron Kou - 2 days ago
I came here to find the amazing comments
Koneko Sakura
Koneko Sakura - 2 days ago
That's why u need to be wise ;)
Eleva tu mente
Eleva tu mente - 2 days ago
Watching this video while procrastinating
Kendra Peterson
Kendra Peterson - 2 days ago
ohhh just remembered i want to know why ladybirds flip themselves onto their backs...BRB
Technology unions
Technology unions - 2 days ago
The best way to remove your procrastination behaviour is by applying deadlines in the work. You can use the pomodora technique. Which is best to remove procrastination. In this you just have to do 45 minutes work and 10 minutes break in between. In that way you can increase your productivity.
Ashanti - 2 days ago
This legit hit different when you procrastinating by watching this video 😭😭
Manuel De Jesús
Manuel De Jesús - 2 days ago
This is why we need to focus on the process, not on the results.
Miami Art
Miami Art - 2 days ago
To anyone procrastinating right now (like me 😂) I recommend downloading Forrest or Flora. These apps have helped me sooo much!! (This isn’t an ad)
RushingNation 1
RushingNation 1 - 2 days ago
I knew there was a monkey that tells me to stop anything I do
Lubia - 2 days ago
I have adhd and it's such a fun ted talk, it makes me feel a little better. I like going back to it from time to time.
Giovana Paes
Giovana Paes - 2 days ago
Andre Utrecht
Andre Utrecht - 2 days ago
Hilarious ... it is true... it is a dark playground ...
Andrea Regino
Andrea Regino - 2 days ago
I think I’m in love with him
Gcq 201708
Gcq 201708 - 2 days ago
In our city there was a bookshop and it had this shelf but it was empty and there was a note saying: "here we are preparing a place for books about procrastination."
Novak Novakovic
Novak Novakovic - 2 days ago
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Dondon J
Dondon J - 2 days ago
the key is to wake up the panic monster everytime?
olllvi - 2 days ago
I should've started my thesis 5 months ago and ended here now. Maybe I should start working.
Mary Doland
Mary Doland - 2 days ago
I wonder if he wrote his ted talk speech the night before
T K - 3 days ago
Saved to my "watch later" playlist
samsung tab
samsung tab - 3 days ago
I'm watching this for counseling session for mr. matthews
Benjamin Lesczynski
Benjamin Lesczynski - 3 days ago
Im dying
Sahal Hussain
Sahal Hussain - 3 days ago
I obviously saved the video for “watch later”
Pinia Kuper
Pinia Kuper - 3 days ago
I literally just prayed to God to help me stop procrastinating, went on YouTube to procrastinate more and then this video was recommended to me😐
Nathan Patton
Nathan Patton - 3 days ago
Who else here had this video sat in "watch later" for the longest time?
No one Important
No one Important - 3 days ago
Lol I’m suppose to do my Calculus homework rn it’s due at midday tomorrow and I’m here watching this video 😂
Nandini Negi
Nandini Negi - 3 days ago
I had to prepare a topic for an interschool speech and I had 3 weeks time for it. I ended up doing it within an hour. An hour before I had to sleep. Which was was a night before the competition. But the good thing was I won. Procrastinators are also in a way, good at doing things. Not efficient....but good.
Evolv - Art
Evolv - Art - 3 days ago
This is painfully funny and accurate
Victoire Velmonte
Victoire Velmonte - 3 days ago
The panic monster in me has always been active, it's just that my brain has gotten used to it that any deadlines are null 😞 oh boy
Can I get 1000 subs with no content?
ight that felt horrible procrastinating, now I'm gonna do an IQ test.
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