Joker Director Breaks Down the Opening Scene | Vanity Fair

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Gabriella Mott
Gabriella Mott - 5 hours ago
Daym I didn’t notice the flower!!!
Highest Liked
Highest Liked - 5 hours ago
i feel bad the directors put in so much effort on details ill never pick up on
Ninu Matshamuntu
Ninu Matshamuntu - 5 hours ago
Thank you for hangover movies Todd. But you really didn’t need to give us to this Joker movie but thank you for this masterpiece!
Wareesha Ahmed
Wareesha Ahmed - 8 hours ago
I enjoyed this as much as the movie
Spencer Cornelia
Spencer Cornelia - 8 hours ago
This is incredible hearing how the director plans out every intricate detail
Spencer G
Spencer G - 9 hours ago
Such a masterpiece. The music, the acting, the cinematography, direction, the story. Fantastic.
Random Internet Profile
Random Internet Profile - 9 hours ago
1.3k woke people didn’t like this video so far
Marissa Rodriguez
Marissa Rodriguez - 9 hours ago
“Joaquin Phoenix”
My head: jOeOcWiN
"Unsettling tone" exactly how I felt throughout the whole movie, excellent execution
badfish5447link - 10 hours ago
1:35 who closed that door?
Simran koirala
Simran koirala - 10 hours ago
why are you looking down the whole time
karen saban
karen saban - 12 hours ago
Todd you did an amazing amazing job . Thank you so much for making one of my fave actors a part of this. 'Hey' Joaquin. Ha ha
SpiceEmpress - 12 hours ago
An incredibly amazing film. Joaquin did an outstanding performance and the score was brilliant. Would definitely pay to watch again #joker
DeadCell - 12 hours ago
Why is he sleeping
Nes - 13 hours ago
I don't think I ever felt this sad watching a movie, especially for a villain! There were scenes, including this one it was almost painful, you really feel is pain. Such a great actor and production
Olbap Rabocse
Olbap Rabocse - 14 hours ago
This guy looks like an evil Bryan callen
DB DAWIZARD - 14 hours ago
Ra's al ghul looking mothafucka
partiid - 16 hours ago
I didn't notice the water coming out of the flower! This is so well thought!
Bunny - 16 hours ago
Absolutely loved this. I am definitely watching the commentary on this movie.
GabriellaMae .x
GabriellaMae .x - 16 hours ago
I saw this film on opening night ,I went the entire following week
Maria Kyprianou
Maria Kyprianou - 17 hours ago
Now this is quality content right here! Thank you Vanity Fair :)
JoeySkate24 - 17 hours ago
Petition for this director to remake game of thrones season 8
A_lot - 19 hours ago
Is there going to be a long longggg directors cut of this movie with voiceover? I feel like there is so so much to this movie but it's so hard to obsorb because of how it grips you and makes you feel just uncomfortable for the entire movie start to finish.
F1rsttime_online - 20 hours ago
I never noticed the flower.
Amal - 22 hours ago
You’re really good at making this boring. Also, nice job wasting Joaquins talent on horrible editors. Could have been an iconic film.
Suzannah Johnson
Suzannah Johnson - 22 hours ago
Wow this director is a genius.
Eclectic Vibrations
Eclectic Vibrations - 22 hours ago
If Todd or Joaquin don't get Oscar nominations or actually win, then there is something seriously wrong with Hollywood.
Chels Atara
Chels Atara - 23 hours ago
I feel really bad for joker❤️
Java Boy
Java Boy - Day ago
that part where Arthur got bullied and smashed by the sign, my heart aches for him
Deb Roy
Deb Roy - Day ago
You did a good job and Joaquin phoenix of the year
yeknommonkey - Day ago
I loved this film. Joaquin was awesome.
Callum Godwin
Callum Godwin - Day ago
I wanna see a breakdown for the whole movie
mohammad naim
mohammad naim - Day ago
no wonder the film was bad the director i dont know
Rust C.
Rust C. - Day ago
So, who killed thomas wayne and his wife then ?
Kenn McEachern
Kenn McEachern - Day ago
I saw this with my 14 year old son, the first words out of his mouth were how "uncomfortable" he was during the entire movie....I told him "That is what ART is supposed to do!"
cccreates - Day ago
Forever in awe of this film.
Jim Rustle
Jim Rustle - Day ago
The water coming out of the flower was the perfect touch
lauryn hall
lauryn hall - Day ago
lucky me. i missed half of the opening scene when i went and saw it in theaters
Alan Oswald
Alan Oswald - Day ago
this is exactly what i needed to quench my unhealthy obsession with this film
Quinn Dang
Quinn Dang - Day ago
I wonder why the media was so bent on smearing this film.
imafuckinbird - 13 hours ago
Because it's a reflection of reality and they don't like the public getting to see that
nitro dubz
nitro dubz - Day ago
The first half gives me Eraserhead vibes
Danny Roqs
Danny Roqs - Day ago
Anyone back here to rewatch this after seeing Sardonicast’s half assed review on Joker?
It legitimately bugged me how lazy and lacking these guys were.
Jay Davis
Jay Davis - Day ago
i would watch an entire 8 hour video of him describing the movie like this
Rexen - Day ago
Wait a minute... Did Doctor House directed Joker?
Grace Lamb
Grace Lamb - Day ago
The cinematography of this movie was EVERYTHING! So many utterly chilling shots where all the elements worked together perfectly
Grace Lamb
Grace Lamb - Day ago
We’re all the scenes with the girl (besides the elevator and him coming into her apartment) his imagination?
bianca chery
bianca chery - Day ago
Y'all, Be really honest. Is this Heath Ledger good? I feel like it just might be, but we won't give Joaquin the credit because Heath Ledger passed and he was the best joker we had until that time. Also in the Dark Knight, we really only saw clips of Joker, not Joker as the whole subject. I feel like it might be but idk
mark grant
mark grant - Day ago
Brilliant film, so inspirational. Joaquin is totally skeletal, haven’t laughed that much since I watched the comedy classic, The Shining.
Alex Barker
Alex Barker - Day ago
I didnt even see the water come out...
humanoid - Day ago
“I want just a little bit of f**king decency! What is it with you people?”
TheOwlCreek - Day ago
Todd Phillips should direct a GG Alen bio pic
Reinaldo Alejandro Miret Laurenet
This movie put tears on my eyes
Andy Baughman
Andy Baughman - Day ago
Next up: Joker Director Breaks Down the Ending Scene.
Rockabelle - Day ago
I love this movie so much. It's fascinating to hear the director go over the details scene-by-scene.
Lwiz G.
Lwiz G. - Day ago
Alderstrike - Day ago
it is crazy to see Todd Phillips' talent that was overshadowed by The Hangover and the likes until now
My best part about such a movie; the director speaks his movie to the audience. Class
Skorpion 360
Skorpion 360 - Day ago
Who else didnt notice the flower squirting the water when watching the first time?🙋‍♂️
m0rbidh0rr0r - Day ago
“You never know somebody until you’ve seen them run.” 🤣
Josh Rocklage
Josh Rocklage - Day ago
One of my favorite scenes was him laughing at the wrong times during the stand up routine hahaha it was so great.
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