My Thoughts on ASMR

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Vortexx_ Elitezz
Vortexx_ Elitezz - Hour ago
A: My
S: Dad
M: Left
R: Me
XXXEdgyRetard The rapper who died lol
I just wanted Yoda saying hamburger why was this shown?
Scroll BH0p
Scroll BH0p - 10 hours ago
james, we know you were going to say have sex
Evan Bernal
Evan Bernal - 11 hours ago
A - I
S - Can’t
M - Create
R - Acronyms
Alexi Felton
Alexi Felton - 14 hours ago
Y O u CAn BeAt ME BoBbY
Did anyone get sexual tentions
Bob Ross is hot
Bob Ross is hot - 15 hours ago
I want Bob Ross to beat me
dio test
dio test - 16 hours ago
try bleach
helped my lip smacking

'cause you cant smack your lips if your dead
Amy Garcia
Amy Garcia - 16 hours ago
James: “Hey Dad this might be a weird request but can you film the dogs with headphones”.
Dad: “.... you mean like earplugs”
CanYouHearMyFear - 18 hours ago
james, you choose to annote to an article... without being told. why.
Parker Wilkins
Parker Wilkins - 21 hour ago
I HATE asmr
Roberta Ringstaff
Roberta Ringstaff - Day ago
I looked up as Mr lamp... They had it
Stephen Curry Fake
Stephen Curry Fake - Day ago
One word

The Bros You Know
The Bros You Know - Day ago
there is eating arms
Pewdiepie fan
Pewdiepie fan - Day ago
Look up Yoda eating hamburger while parents argue in the back ground. Real moist Asmr
Brian Hill
Brian Hill - Day ago
Oh you can beat me bobby had me dieing lol lol lol lol!!!!
DAB_ON_MEHHH plz - Day ago
A: why
S: did
M: I've
R: born
Amir Shabani
Amir Shabani - Day ago
"Make to film it horizontally." YEAAAAAAAH
Lunar Rose
Lunar Rose - Day ago
When My Mom Finds Out That I Got An F On My Report Card 😂
soft [ 柔らかい ]
you can beat me bobby ;)
Thanh Hung Le
Thanh Hung Le - Day ago
I love gatorade,do you?
rusty %tsundere cupcake chef%
100% - Beat meh bahbby~ ahahahahahahah~
altd09 - Day ago
Our not so perfect life
Asmr is weird and cool.
Harry !
Harry ! - Day ago
Watching still

100000000000000000000000 years later
W.D Gaster
W.D Gaster - Day ago
My back literally tingles and tickles when people smack their lips or talk really close to the mic and whisper
Yeet Games
Yeet Games - Day ago
She looks like Holly Willoughby
Kenna The potato
Kenna The potato - Day ago
ASMR makes me uncomfortable 😣
xXNega Omega 7403Xx
how to prevent lip smacking

Do an asmr video
Bella Delliquadri
Bella Delliquadri - Day ago
4:59 is James confirmed gay
Koolabear 505
Koolabear 505 - 2 days ago
Asmr is for people who don't fall asleep easily.
Evan B
Evan B - 2 days ago
The longest ASMR I've seen was 3 hours long. No I did not watch all of it.
Randomanimates XD
Randomanimates XD - 2 days ago

I heard it from the right side of my tablet it was weird
sarina gumpok
sarina gumpok - 2 days ago
TheOdd1sOut ASMR is how everyone say.But me,ASMR is look like asthma with letter "R" at the end.It will be look like asthmar.
Stephanie Cervantes
Stephanie Cervantes - 2 days ago
James would make a great asmrist right🤣
Marcos Segovia
Marcos Segovia - 2 days ago
You should yell at your microphone so loud that the microphone explodes and doesn't work anymore
Ultra Zilla
Ultra Zilla - 2 days ago
Fun fact: asmr eating is called mukbang
Xochil Estevez
Xochil Estevez - 2 days ago
Plz date Jadin animason I think you guys would be a really good cupell and you live in the same place
LoreleiBooBooHairLeg - 3 days ago
Cool guy Cooper
Cool guy Cooper - 3 days ago
Alright James let’s see your View count
HackedTale creation
HackedTale creation - 3 days ago
This was how I learned about ASMR. I know listen to ASMR every night now. So... Thanks James..? I think...
Meme Master
Meme Master - 3 days ago
I'm in the 5th grade and make comics
Chirpy Grape
Chirpy Grape - 3 days ago
Babe what is this word Siri answers
Aubree Swart
Aubree Swart - 3 days ago
« Make sure to film it horizontally »
Aubree Swart
Aubree Swart - 3 days ago
The end 😂
zoebigmac01 - 3 days ago
Sorry i.. didnt tell u
zoebigmac01 - 3 days ago
The Asian boys
The Asian boys - 3 days ago
The types of ASMR you're showing in this video are the wierdest ones you could possibbly show.
I'm sad that georgie past away
Lucy Gaz
Lucy Gaz - 3 days ago
Idiots: AnY *OnE* In 2019?
Me: hey can u hear me
Geoffrey - 3 days ago
i love your vidos can sponsre me pleas
person person of personvile
40% of comments "You can beat me bobby*
99.99% of comments "wow sure are alot of people saying you can beat me bobby"
1% of comments "Idk something else"
**** ****
**** **** - 3 days ago
your math sucks
Jacq's Munchies
Jacq's Munchies - 4 days ago
Oh my god...that first clip is so creepy...I feel so disturbed and disgusted....ugh....even remembering it sends shivers....ugh.....totally not for me....blergh....
MarioMan2000 - 4 days ago
2:52 You can beat me bobby
Promise IllBeNice
Promise IllBeNice - 4 days ago
Asmr is stupid
pastapalads - 4 days ago
hamza hussein
hamza hussein - 4 days ago
Y= your
Happy Bear
Happy Bear - 4 days ago
What are you doing with those grasshoppers, ma'am??
Tomatololi - 4 days ago
Bob gonna beat the devil outta that brush
Sub Mohanty
Sub Mohanty - 4 days ago
this is what my sister thinks of ASMR ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
demo toons
demo toons - 4 days ago
James are you a furry if not then why do you HAVE A FURSUIT????? If you are a furry then thats great bc i is too
CloudNine400 - 4 days ago
KALAIHA SMITH - 4 days ago
Stuuuupiiiiidddddd I knew Abu this before you did ha no offense
Lexie Gaming Gacha life & More
I like SAS Asmr
daily potato
daily potato - 4 days ago
I love asmr it is relaxing
Yokichu - 5 days ago
5:54 brUuuhh yOu frIkkin scareD mE... I wAs wearing haeD phOnes
Aliza B
Aliza B - 5 days ago
I lip smack too 💋👄💋💋👄👄👄👄💋👄👄💋💋👄💋💋💋👄💋💋👄👄
KittyKat_MeowMeow - 5 days ago
YOU caN beaT me BoBbY
Raul Garcia
Raul Garcia - 5 days ago
I was watching this and I fell asleep
XxT3H_ J0K3Rxx
XxT3H_ J0K3Rxx - 5 days ago
134NGT4N 03
134NGT4N 03 - 5 days ago
Lolol my friend needs asmr to fall asleep, I had no idea u didn't know about it sksksks
Mr Black and White
Mr Black and White - 5 days ago
There r memes nowadays of people making fake asmr audios where all of sudden they scream or make loud-hardcore sounds on the audio XD
YourFrozen End
YourFrozen End - 5 days ago
Asmr just gets me hungry
Olivia Quick
Olivia Quick - 5 days ago
Chapstick chapstick chapstick chapstick chapstick chapstick more chapstick all the Chapstick just try some chapstick
Midnight Phantom
Midnight Phantom - 5 days ago
S- sounds
M- made by people
R- *~Rainbow~*
savage GAMING
savage GAMING - 5 days ago
I never heard james saying orgasm in a video...
Molly loves cats LOL Hughes-Martin
matthew chimini
matthew chimini - 5 days ago
You should do a pretzel story
Paul Cargill
Paul Cargill - 5 days ago
ABlah blah videos sucks
Coolgrandma101223 3
Coolgrandma101223 3 - 5 days ago
I don’t experience asmr I’m sad ;(
Rice - 5 days ago
You can beat me Bobby
Wtf 🤣
XxSummerxX - 5 days ago
I mean, undertale is always good
Anime Gamer
Anime Gamer - 5 days ago
i don't experience ASMR. but just people stroking microphones makes me feel weird
Kruemmelbande The Cat
Kruemmelbande The Cat - 5 days ago
TheOdd1sOut:*Putting asmr in his video*
Me: Well, time to get rid of my computer and headphones end everything it touched and burn it.
Me: Ok... i just bought a new computer, burned youtube and rebuild it... he better not make it again.
TheOdd1sOut:*Putting asmr in his video again*
Me: Time for me to burn...
Isadora Lopes
Isadora Lopes - 6 days ago
James: Read a 72920 pages article about ASMR but does not read about how to prevent a lip smacking
Madd Hatta2468
Madd Hatta2468 - 6 days ago
James: researches ASMR
Me: *sighs* what a dork.
Riyyan Bvgari
Riyyan Bvgari - 6 days ago
give me likes without a reason
ERMAC PLAYS RBLX - 6 days ago
I like the profile of its soo cute
Gaming Studios
Gaming Studios - 6 days ago
Asmr is not about smacking lips its about them making noises that help you go to sleep or something and I really recommend GibiAsmr
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - 4 days ago
I dont
skullkiller52312 212
skullkiller52312 212 - 6 days ago
I saw ER lmao
Shammi's PandaHouse
Shammi's PandaHouse - 6 days ago
right after this video amsr plays
Sarah Cb Official
Sarah Cb Official - 6 days ago
XD keep pressing the left side of your screen/ press j
Alex Shadow
Alex Shadow - 6 days ago
*Y O U C A N B E A T M E B O B B Y*
Archer Miles
Archer Miles - 6 days ago
this is actually sending chills down my spine and it is the most painful, disgusting, weird and uncomfortable thing I have ever seen
KKryptic - 6 days ago
2019 your a god, and your video quality satisfies millions of people
Krystopher Guadalupe
Krystopher Guadalupe - 6 days ago
When he plays with the microphone those few times to f with the audio made me cringe so hard I literally had a spasm xD
crossgamer 13
crossgamer 13 - 6 days ago
0:40 creo que eso piede ser un Tok (algo que repetis o haces por costumbre desde caso siempre
Frances O'Connor
Frances O'Connor - 6 days ago
go to 0:37
turn on english auto generated captions
read the whole thing

*why does it say seductive lip smacking*
now go to 4:36
it says pretty sexual (like James)
like James
*like James*
XTENSIONNZ !! - 13 hours ago
+Choomchief2023 NOOBMASTER69 hahahah nani!!!!!
Choomchief2023 NOOBMASTER69
Grace VINE GOD - 6 days ago
Me : hears asmr
My mind: I don't get tingles
*watches bob Ross *
*Me got tingles -_-
GhostOfToast Magic Owl
GhostOfToast Magic Owl - 6 days ago
U hate asmr
Derek Leswing
Derek Leswing - 6 days ago
quote of the day "you can beat me bobby"
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