Trying Awful Viral Photo Ideas

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Alaxymoon YT
Alaxymoon YT - 5 hours ago
You make me happy everyday, thank you
lemon girl
lemon girl - 5 hours ago
Danny: did you know Harry Potter was available on Canadian Netflix? I bet you didn't unless your Canadian.
Me, a Canadian with no Netflix: no
William Weldon
William Weldon - 6 hours ago
- 100000000
iistcrmy - 6 hours ago
Salamander Blue
Salamander Blue - 8 hours ago
FS4710 - 8 hours ago
luggage the legend
luggage the legend - 9 hours ago
Lidia S
Lidia S - 10 hours ago
At 3:51 if u see his recent photo
Liam _
Liam _ - 11 hours ago
Mega - 12 hours ago
All the likes are people who love Troom Troom
Gay Wad
Gay Wad - 13 hours ago
Leah Barnes
Leah Barnes - 13 hours ago
The funniest part about this whole vide is that their plant was not a fern, and your plant was, in fact, a fern.
iiHotNoodle - 17 hours ago
17:33 the cover photo of Ariana Grande’s next album
TheCoolFox - 17 hours ago
"Leaves dont look like hair"
-Danny Gonzalez
Maya B.
Maya B. - 18 hours ago
2:19 if anybody’s wondering the app I’d called PicsArt ((unless they mentioned that))
BattlingBloom 33
BattlingBloom 33 - 18 hours ago
That's a fern
There's multiple types, that one you got grows like weeds and it's kinda hard to get rid of them, but that's probably because I've never tried
TheAMVDorf - 20 hours ago
soft clxuds
soft clxuds - 20 hours ago
Omg Danny eilish?!
Sara Lazarevic
Sara Lazarevic - 20 hours ago
Sally T
Sally T - 21 hour ago
I wonder if Troom Troom knows that their hacks are trash or they were forced to like the hacks from some guy behind Troom Trooms business?
Midnight - Day ago
Troom troom is LIARS
Oreotigercat - Day ago
Im rewatching Danny's videos and don't notice at first he didn't say "what's up Greg."
Robert Hejnicki
Robert Hejnicki - Day ago
Maymaria - Day ago
i love that danny is the only youtuber with a normal house
Tauva TV
Tauva TV - Day ago
Holly Regis
Holly Regis - Day ago
resetti music ahaha
aiden medina
aiden medina - Day ago
4:00 Mario sound effects
Dana B
Dana B - Day ago
I’ve written a song inspired by Danny’s shirt:
Oh Daddy Boy
The simps, the simps are calling
From Match to Hinge
And every Tinder swipe.’s gone
And all the fuckboys dying;
‘Tis you, ‘tis you
We’re thirsty for tonight.
You‘re over 30
And treat women like they’re people;
You have a job
That isn’t serving fries.
Girls in their teens
DM you on your TikTok.
Oh Daddy Boy,
Oh Daddy Boy,
Please split my thighs.
Benjamin McNally
Benjamin McNally - Day ago
Buckeye Coop 2027
Buckeye Coop 2027 - Day ago
You are a 10 out of 10 Billie eilish LoL
Andrea Santana
Andrea Santana - Day ago
3:03 F- ow... shiiiiat
Joyce Hayes
Joyce Hayes - Day ago
Just why...?
Joyce Hayes
Joyce Hayes - Day ago
Magical Squigg
Magical Squigg - Day ago
Devika Soni
Devika Soni - Day ago
'leaf don't look like hair' -Danny Gonzalez
Jmoney Swag
Jmoney Swag - Day ago
999999999/10 billy Irish
Jada Pitia
Jada Pitia - Day ago
7:20 i will rate it a 10

a 10-
Steven Nguyen
Steven Nguyen - Day ago
mav6771 - Day ago
Song at 17:18
Through Eternity - Marc Torch
Cameron Bunce
Cameron Bunce - Day ago is not a real site :(
_Romeo Serrano_
_Romeo Serrano_ - Day ago
Why of all places
Devin Garrity
Devin Garrity - Day ago
Julian Griffiths
Julian Griffiths - Day ago
7:45 thay zoom in killed me
Exploration Epcot
Exploration Epcot - Day ago
No one...
Not a single soul...
The comments: DaNnY eILiSh
a e s t h e t i c w*a*v*e*s*
-1000,000,000 /10
Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell - Day ago
Make a discord
There trying to get revenge on you cause all of the hacks are dumb so if they do it again just dont do it
Olivia Baum
Olivia Baum - Day ago
Drake19995 - Day ago
Gonna be controversial for a second and say that Covid sux nards
Jaydin Hanlon
Jaydin Hanlon - Day ago
*: )*
_Romeo Serrano_
_Romeo Serrano_ - Day ago
@Jaydin Hanlon what the hell is wrong with you
Jaydin Hanlon
Jaydin Hanlon - Day ago
Jaydin Hanlon
Jaydin Hanlon - Day ago
*: )*
Kiwi Gamer
Kiwi Gamer - Day ago
Gold Hoarder
Gold Hoarder - Day ago
Lord Piglet
Lord Piglet - 2 days ago
That Cat
That Cat - 2 days ago
orlando - 2 days ago
lol that's literally a fern
TheDiamondStew //YT
TheDiamondStew //YT - 2 days ago
I think it’s clear, the reason the hack didn’t work was because he used the wrong type of fern.
jimmy jimmy
jimmy jimmy - 2 days ago
Ayesha Hafidz
Ayesha Hafidz - 2 days ago
He looked so pissed in the thumbnail
*_Beetastic_* - 2 days ago
omg wait is that billie eilish?
Apple the Fruit
Apple the Fruit - 2 days ago
10 NOW
Olivia Reiner
Olivia Reiner - 2 days ago
Multimeatia Gaming
Multimeatia Gaming - 2 days ago
Angelina Dedes
Angelina Dedes - 2 days ago
"this road trip is gonna be awesome!"
3 seconds later
"I wanna go home"
*sarcastic wheeze*
*sarcastic wheeze* - 2 days ago
Damn bro how did you get Billie eilish in this video?!
Lily Harradine
Lily Harradine - 2 days ago
I am now a greg
Lola Plays
Lola Plays - 2 days ago
That was hilarious 😂 fuck ow.....shieeeeeeeet
Andrew Romero
Andrew Romero - 2 days ago
how did you get Billy Ellish in your vid brooooooooooooooo
Ana Krstić
Ana Krstić - 2 days ago
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Sapphire - 2 days ago
you fucking bitch, lol jk
Kayty moo
Kayty moo - 2 days ago
"Leaf don't look like hair"
The Mr. Mario
The Mr. Mario - 2 days ago
I turned notifications on I’m truly Greg and your videos always make me laugh.
Marky Squad
Marky Squad - 2 days ago
All Greg does is talk shit his soft ass
carrie hicks
carrie hicks - 2 days ago
black soap.
black soap. - 2 days ago
a good 9
GloryBird Draws
GloryBird Draws - 2 days ago
3:29 *remembers cursed bunny* OH GOD NO
Mateo Lucas
Mateo Lucas - 2 days ago
10:11 #Danny McZalez
The Crusader
The Crusader - 2 days ago
Bille eyelash
Helgita - 2 days ago
Fine since you didn’t say it I will. “Hey Greg I hope your having a great day, welcome back to another episode of Dan Dan the Instagram man!”
Briana Avila
Briana Avila - 2 days ago
0 literally 0
Sandy Shoe
Sandy Shoe - 2 days ago
i wish keith watched the whole video
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