Hairdresser Reacts to Ramen Noodle Perm

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Brad Mondo
Brad Mondo - 5 days ago
Would you ever get a perm?
Jennifer Dunlop
Jennifer Dunlop - 4 days ago
Already have curly hair. I dont even understand why ppl with beautiful STRAIGHT hair curl theirs...its a nightmare to live with..a...night...mare!
Tiffany - 5 days ago
Oof no
Ray Sunshine
Ray Sunshine - 5 days ago
DDcorn Maynez
DDcorn Maynez - 5 days ago
@ Brad Mondo no i wouldn't cause i have naturally really curly hair not kinky and i honestly don't think i could handle getting straight hair for a long time because i dont know if i can handle straight hair hairstyles
Shannon B
Shannon B - 5 days ago
I’ve had one before, but i dont think i’ll do it again. Not at home at least, because it barely worked when i did it lmao
Katie Avey
Katie Avey - 11 hours ago
Fun thing is that I have curls just like that!😂💔
aA - 11 hours ago
Who's here after watching james charles bleaching his hair
Shannon Harvie
Shannon Harvie - 11 hours ago
This is some SERIOUS 80’s spiral perm vibes 😬 and yes, I had this done 😂
Harriet McArthur
Harriet McArthur - 12 hours ago
What’s wrong with tight curls Brad Mondo? >:/
jennifer N
jennifer N - 12 hours ago
The curls were gorgeous to me
Mystic _Gacha
Mystic _Gacha - 12 hours ago
You should react to James Charles bleaching his hair
India Marie
India Marie - 12 hours ago
The girl chose the smaller rods cause she wants a tighter curl and the tighter the curl the more frizzy it will be. Speaking from a natural tight curl POV
Mymywillow - 12 hours ago
Brad!!! You have to do a react video about James Charles bleaching video !!!
Yeehaw - 12 hours ago
Why does he remind me of Damon Salvatore
Lady Mesz
Lady Mesz - 13 hours ago
My supervisor got a ramen noodle perm from WALMART. Pffft. Hahaha.
She had REALLY long hair, down to her butt. The perm ruined her hair sooo bad, she had to cut it just above her shoulders lol. It looked so bad, it was crunchy and gross.
Meg LM
Meg LM - 13 hours ago
The last time I did a perm was in beauty school 4 years ago and you couldn’t pay me enough TO DO ANOTHER
Hey Bro It's Lo
Hey Bro It's Lo - 13 hours ago
Brad: “ I wouldn’t even use rods at all. I would actually use these things which are like metal rods”
booga looga
booga looga - 14 hours ago
also could u do some videos about curly hair? like giving a fan with curly hair a makeover? or maybe what products/haircuts you suggest?
booga looga
booga looga - 14 hours ago
dont need a perm already have curly hair :)
Cara Lee
Cara Lee - 14 hours ago
I fr got soo happy thinking he got a sleeve tattoos but I’m sadly disappointed cause he would look sooooooo good with them!!!!
.....I guess I’m the stupid one here
Twirly Girly
Twirly Girly - 14 hours ago
Sick chains brad
Gummy Min Suga
Gummy Min Suga - 14 hours ago
Brad. React to James Charles bleaching his hair.
Angel Mary
Angel Mary - 14 hours ago
🙋‍♀️I'm that girl who loved doing perms in Cosmetology school. I loved hearing the older ladies stories & talking to them. Plus I just enjoyed doing them. Was pretty good too. Was very sad when I got out into the real world & never did one 😔
Melissa Marin
Melissa Marin - 14 hours ago
just waiting for a reaction to James Charles bleaching his hair
Hey There Its Meee
Hey There Its Meee - 13 hours ago
Melissa Marin Omg. Sammmmmee! 😂
Silence McBride
Silence McBride - 15 hours ago
Brad: You look stunning!!
Me *furiously picking my nose* = ikr
sierra renee
sierra renee - 15 hours ago
brad: hello beautiful you look stunning
me: *stuffing my face with cookies at midnight* :-)
Tinkerbell Mermaid
Tinkerbell Mermaid - 15 hours ago
I thought he got arm tattoos at first lol that shirts so cool :)
Viewer Viewer
Viewer Viewer - 15 hours ago
K the second one was actually stressful.
rose c
rose c - 15 hours ago
😆 she'll be fine
Viktoria Elizabeth
Viktoria Elizabeth - 15 hours ago
I wanna get a perm soooo badly but my hairs been bleached a lot
jennifer l
jennifer l - 15 hours ago
I was eating ramen noodles while watching this😂
Barbara M
Barbara M - 15 hours ago
I was called the perm queen in cosmetology school. We needed 10 I think to graduate, and I had almost 40. Due to being good at them, was always booked with clients wanting one. Not fair, give some to the other students! But doing a tighter spiral perm on someone with long hair is better, as their hair is heavier, and a tighter perm will last longer, and soften considerably over time ^.^
Abilene Nelson
Abilene Nelson - 15 hours ago
why did i think those were his actual tattoos😂😭
rylands life
rylands life - 16 hours ago
James Charles where
Hoageye - 16 hours ago
brad: this video has no sound
also brad: has sound muted
Clarixsa Mota
Clarixsa Mota - 16 hours ago
You should react to James Charles
Em S
Em S - 16 hours ago
I almost broke my neck nodding so aggressively when you were describing how you'd deal with curly hair. I've had so many hair dressers growing up who did not know how to style curly hair.
Blue Carlson
Blue Carlson - 16 hours ago
You should react to James Charles bleaching his hair
Reeva A.
Reeva A. - 16 hours ago
bruh my mom used to do them always at home almost everyday (not noodle perms) she even taught me how to do them and they're so easy i even did it myself
edit: the perms that we had looked a lot different?? idk what the ones we used are called but it's like a tube that u insert a hair-grabbing stick thingy and grab some hair and pull it through
Curly Boy
Curly Boy - 16 hours ago
2:37 bby that’s a flexirod❤️❤️
Sofia Fernández
Sofia Fernández - 16 hours ago
Skylight Galaxy
Skylight Galaxy - 16 hours ago
Omg everytime Brad says something sassy he should drink some of his drink and say thats the tea! Haahahahah🤣🍸
Jme Baby girl
Jme Baby girl - 17 hours ago
I wont do a perm on blonded hair even with olaplex in the perm solution. Nope. That shit comes out uneven af
Cassidy F.
Cassidy F. - 17 hours ago
That second girl wrapped her hair DRY too, which is a huge no no.
Hanna - 17 hours ago
Real ramen noodles aren’t even wavy like that!! 😂
Supernatural Superstar
Supernatural Superstar - 17 hours ago
If I have bangs would you perm them and how would you perm them?
Angel Cole
Angel Cole - 17 hours ago
Brad: you look STUNNING

Me: Sitting in my bed at 3 am with pajamas on hair a mess and eating popcorn...
Emma - 17 hours ago
That's just what I was thinking LOL
Ashley.Edits - 17 hours ago
Can you react to James and Antonio bleaching their hair.
Kaylynn Clapp
Kaylynn Clapp - 17 hours ago
Why did your intro make me feel so much better about myself 😭💀😂
Y Z - 17 hours ago
your intro makes me smile every time
Ron Swansen
Ron Swansen - 17 hours ago
What a fake ass dude.
Musonda Changwe
Musonda Changwe - 17 hours ago
You are very stunning too.
SlightlyMurderousSorcerer - 18 hours ago
Flexi-Rods, Brad. At 2:43. My mom used those shits on my hair all the time when she wanted to curl it
Ava Davis
Ava Davis - 18 hours ago
Jack Avery...that’s all.........if u get this I love u...💕
Patricia Visher
Patricia Visher - 18 hours ago
I had a perm done once. ONCE!! Chick melted my hair and I had to have it cut one inch from my scalp 😳 never again lol lots of tears 😭
CatArena - 18 hours ago
A girl at my school got a perm like the first girl and it always looked oily and weird.
Life of Kel
Life of Kel - 18 hours ago
Can you do a video over silk presses!?!?!
AnnMarie Allin
AnnMarie Allin - 18 hours ago
I had 2 perms done in the later 80s lol. They were so so tight after I asked for one with loose curls and was assured they were going to be loose. They were not! My hair was nice and healthy before each. My mum always wanted me to do a home perm on her and I just refused as I cannot section or put curlers in tight enough for her. She was always really critical when I put normal pinned rollers into her hair before so I only ever used a curling iron on her. She realised that I am not a hairdresser but she still expected me to do her hair like a hairdresser lol. I am so so glad I didn't attempt it. The last girl who sectioned ish her hair and put those weird foam things in... That would be how I put rollers in..... I was a nurse I did not have a single clue what way my hair should be sectioned.... To me hairdressers use magic to do hair! Really... I mean they cut and style my hair and my hair will never ever look that good till I go back to my hairdresser next month.. I just wing it lol. Love you Brad xxxx
Sophia Julian
Sophia Julian - 18 hours ago
After Annabelle Campbell’s perm she looked like she poured Campbell’s soup all over her head
collegebandi - 18 hours ago
this is probably a dumb question= but why can't people with curly hair that want straight hair get a perm straight ? like how the perm takes straight to curly, can't it do curly to straight?
KMichelle Argus
KMichelle Argus - 18 hours ago
Dude if you could see me. I am a disaster.
rose191991 - 18 hours ago
Faith D
Faith D - 18 hours ago
Waiting for Brad to get real sleeves
MsReenia Iloveme
MsReenia Iloveme - 18 hours ago
All I can say is that shirt tho
Maritza Dominguez
Maritza Dominguez - 19 hours ago
React to James Charles bleaching his hair
Angela lee
Angela lee - 19 hours ago
you should do a video on monat and what you think of it etc. i haven’t heard anything good that’s REAL about the products etc etc etc. and i wanna know what you think
Hannah Perle
Hannah Perle - 19 hours ago
the Antonio Garza video isn't even good lol don't review that she gets it fixed at a salon
Cat Madron
Cat Madron - 19 hours ago
It is so so SO incredibly painful to watch that second video!
Go to a PROFESSIONAL for shit like this! Lol.
Future Ghost
Future Ghost - 19 hours ago
Brad Mondo saving the turtles one Twizzler at a time
ReikaWolf - 19 hours ago
Brad is the only person that tells me I'm pretty. Lol.
Tabitha Bailey
Tabitha Bailey - 19 hours ago
I am so thankful I have natural curly hair 😬
Yuki I guess
Yuki I guess - 19 hours ago
React to James Charlesss he just bleached his hair OwO
caitlan - 19 hours ago
Lots of people think I have a perm cuz I have natural curly hair
Diana Sokolova
Diana Sokolova - 19 hours ago
Miguel Chacon
Miguel Chacon - 19 hours ago
Who is this dude
Swashbuckling Maya
Swashbuckling Maya - 19 hours ago
I’m waiting for you to react to James Charles bleaching his hair XD
Abdul Ahad
Abdul Ahad - 19 hours ago
James Charles just bleached his hair.
Samantha Thomas
Samantha Thomas - 19 hours ago
Omg you need to react to James Charles’s bleaching hair vid
Angela Edwards
Angela Edwards - 19 hours ago
I would not get a perm. Then again, I don't need one; I have 3A strawberry blond curls: The last time I had a perm was 1985. Probably before many of you were born.
emma b
emma b - 20 hours ago
my natural hair looks like ramen noodles so i got that for free🤑
Amarachi Anucha
Amarachi Anucha - 20 hours ago
“The smallest, littlest, smallest”

Miriam Webster has left the chat
izabela's life
izabela's life - 20 hours ago
Amarachi Anucha
Amarachi Anucha - 20 hours ago
I looked at the title of the video, and I knew I shouldn’t have clicked on it. But I did, and now I have a feeling someone is going to put ramen noodles in my hair while I sleep.
gabby fresta
gabby fresta - 20 hours ago
can u plssssss do a reaction of ladylike trying 18th century hairstyles
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