#3 "BALE'D OUT!!!" - BRB: Bale, Ronaldo, Benzema | FIFA 17

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xxd4taxx 42
xxd4taxx 42 - 7 months ago
Who’s in 2020
Katie Moffat
Katie Moffat - Year ago
Keeper did a karius nearly
JEZZA WEZZA - 2 years ago
Change formation to get to Ronaldo
JEZZA WEZZA - 2 years ago
Angelo Tenra
Angelo Tenra - 2 years ago
I know ibrahim ali
Victoria Deka-James
Victoria Deka-James - 3 years ago
bale'd out get it bale😂😂😂😂
Mini Derp
Mini Derp - 3 years ago
I disliked because I think you should use the background music as a build up so we can get excited about it instead of it being all sudden. Still love you though😀😀😀
Last Shadow
Last Shadow - 3 years ago
his face at 2:03
ogaga - _ -9
ogaga - _ -9 - 3 years ago
it's BBC not BRB
Faulky - 3 years ago
Jack Commins
Jack Commins - 3 years ago
Song at 2:40
CHESSEY PUFFS - 3 years ago
Jaden Congo
Jaden Congo - 3 years ago
i love the back ground music from the start my favorite song Abra cadabra robbery
Ryan Njoroge
Ryan Njoroge - 3 years ago
Go to rare silvers
Making it in NYC
Making it in NYC - 3 years ago
Samuel Coffin
Samuel Coffin - 3 years ago
I've got an improvement, upload this sooner. The only ultimate team series I can stand
Mad Dan
Mad Dan - 3 years ago
Get messi to bale
Luke Barrett
Luke Barrett - 3 years ago
Right back use Leadbitter (bristol rovers) and Right back center mid use Bodin (bristol rovers) to good players in my fifa squad
Eddy and Harvo
Eddy and Harvo - 3 years ago
Iniesta under bale
abdu10 gt
abdu10 gt - 3 years ago
Play pes 2017 plss at least 2 game with your brother or online
Maaz Suri
Maaz Suri - 3 years ago
And yeah the next episode will come after 1 month
Ciaran Lucas
Ciaran Lucas - 3 years ago
Next video of this please
SNP_ Hassan
SNP_ Hassan - 3 years ago
Vrane for benz and carvahal for bale
Carlton Danga
Carlton Danga - 3 years ago
Next series do the greatest ever trio:
MBB (Markovic, Balotelli and Borini)
Carlton Danga
Carlton Danga - 3 years ago
Play Real Madrid formation 4-3-3 (2)
Kelvin Benitez
Kelvin Benitez - 3 years ago
it BBC
Abul Rahman
Abul Rahman - 3 years ago
Fat fat
Leo Da Silva
Leo Da Silva - 3 years ago
Rb Roberto
ItzKolz - 3 years ago
Change the formation to 4-3-2-1
kaleb - 3 years ago
Yo where do you buy those triple X hats?
Jack Reid
Jack Reid - 3 years ago
Buy inform benzama
Jack Reid
Jack Reid - 3 years ago
Buy upgrade benzema
FifaGeek/ Anthony
FifaGeek/ Anthony - 3 years ago
M3thaddictplayz - 3 years ago
Hey theres slim to no chance you'll ever read this but what's up with KSI. is it something serious that we need to be worried about or is he trying to prove something??? Please let us know
Lewis Griffiths
Lewis Griffiths - 3 years ago
will u be playing the new walking dead
The Kman
The Kman - 3 years ago
U should do msn next
TheWaterMonster - 3 years ago
What's the name of Tobis adidas clothes that go rainbow when you take a photo
Dah Boss
Dah Boss - 3 years ago
You pass way too much you could better once you get to the edge of the box then just finese shoot
Luke dyer 64
Luke dyer 64 - 3 years ago
if ron
RibsTheGamer - 3 years ago
Honestly, I wish I was as good as Tobi lol... but he inspires me to make videos everyday so maybe one day I can be as good as him(:
THE TANK - 3 years ago
upgrade ronaldo to toty ronaldo, upgrade bale to inform bale and upgrade benzema to inform benzema XD
Ross Cashmore
Ross Cashmore - 3 years ago
For Bale's upgrades in the RCM position I would look at:
Rhene Krhin (74 CDM) who plays for Granada FC and gets a green link with Krstičić due to their nationality.
For Bale's upgrade in RB I would look at:
Douglas (73 RB) a Spanish player from Real Sporting de Gijón with 85 PACE and 72 DRIBBLING.
For Benzema's upgrade in the CM, LCB, RCB I would look at replacing Ingason due to his lower rating in the defence.
My suggestion is:
Aleksandar Pantic (74 CB) from Deportivo Aláves, his higher rating building a more solid and tight back four whilst he receives green links in to your middle man Krstičić due to their Serbian nationality. He also has some good stats as a defender in his 71 PHYSICAL and 74 DEFENDING.
UKNOWN USER - 3 years ago
The SIDEMEN should do a Royal rumble FIFA 17. like if you agree
Scott Vogelman
Scott Vogelman - 3 years ago
Mamadou Diallo
Mamadou Diallo - 3 years ago
do more videos with jj
Lynchlad88 - 3 years ago
David Simon RB rare silver
Carlos Soler CM rare silver
Jaume GK rare silver
All from La Liga Santander
D.o.c M.o.c
D.o.c M.o.c - 3 years ago
after u finish Brb do Lewendowski robben ribery
murrelfc1 - 3 years ago
You should have like a "compilation goal" = every time you score a skill goal and after the series you take all compilation goal and make a video about it pls like
JOHN ERIK - 3 years ago
intro song?
King Aphro
King Aphro - 3 years ago
change your intro...soo lame
Blacker Spaniel
Blacker Spaniel - 3 years ago
Dom-Wilks - 3 years ago
Change to the 433 (4) and get odegaard at CAM
PauzaHD 11
PauzaHD 11 - 3 years ago
get kroos and inesta for cm
Katie Taylor
Katie Taylor - 3 years ago
Put your formation to 4321.
Katie Taylor
Katie Taylor - 3 years ago
Shoot more don't skill in front of goal. You will score more
Tom Wynne
Tom Wynne - 3 years ago
Guys go and check out my awesome football Montage!
Kai Bloomfield
Kai Bloomfield - 3 years ago
tobi to more life is strange plz
night scape
night scape - 3 years ago
what happened to ksi?,why is he quitting youtube?
T-boy - 3 years ago
use ronaldo more like if u agree dang making it look like benzema is the best in the world he is trash
DyireProductions - 3 years ago
RCM - Carlos Soler for Valencia CM - Andreas Pereira for Granada RB - Oier for Osasuna
Mahbub Hussain
Mahbub Hussain - 3 years ago
if anyone has appnana please write code for 2500 points. M21038472 and i will write ur code if you want
Alfredo De Los Santos
Alfredo De Los Santos - 3 years ago
yo whats the track at the start of the game?
tom mohan
tom mohan - 3 years ago
make the formation 4-3-2-1
XxFaT3-AssAsinX - 3 years ago
U are the best
XxFaT3-AssAsinX - 3 years ago
Tobi u are my favourite u tuber
Fadmaster Fad
Fadmaster Fad - 3 years ago
Change your formation to the
LazyParkour - 3 years ago
Great video!! 😁
Harvey bahra p Bahra
Harvey bahra p Bahra - 3 years ago
You didn't used the left side much
MrTmullaa - 3 years ago
I hit the dislike button because of the pun in the title (not really)
JK -Tube
JK -Tube - 3 years ago
buy James Rodriguez
Zeonardo Warrior
Zeonardo Warrior - 3 years ago
Carvajal and modric
Kroos and Ramos
A FazeMan
A FazeMan - 3 years ago
james rodrigez
123 456
123 456 - 3 years ago
Darrell - 3 years ago
Very entertaining video btw.
Darrell - 3 years ago
Just a word of advice, when you upgrade don't discard the player but move them to the bench.
Weljash - 3 years ago
Don't change Krsticic he is a baller!
Emil Garney
Emil Garney - 3 years ago
Good vid again Tobi. Keep up the good work. You deserve more likes and views.
sebz 01
sebz 01 - 3 years ago
buy hector bellarin
Shahbaz Rahman
Shahbaz Rahman - 3 years ago
buy douglas as a rb
Ayen Bluvol
Ayen Bluvol - 3 years ago
you should do each rage quit equals 1 extra upgrade
LWS Official
LWS Official - 3 years ago
buy Zidane for middle cm silver france
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