Disney Channel's Upside-Down Magic Cast Reads Texts From Mom

min3craftoa - 5 hours ago
She was so rude in the movie but in real life she is not
shanice russell
shanice russell - 13 hours ago
Wow you upside down magic oh my favorite character from upside down magic is Pepper
Zuhaib Issa
Zuhaib Issa - 14 hours ago
Nory is 3 years older then me
Kathy Myers
Kathy Myers - 17 hours ago
i have seen it 5 times i love it that is my fav
Athena Baby's
Athena Baby's - 19 hours ago
Siena is so beautiful😭♥️
Cookie_gamer taylor
one of the charactars are from the babysitters club!Shes not in this vidieo but she has red hair and freckles,shes in the flares she the one wo said :"Who are you talking to Reina?"
Robert Peck
Robert Peck - Day ago
They are talking about doing a Sandlot series about their kids and I think that Max would be perfect as Benny The Jet Rodriguez's son but I did like the movie it was kinda Harry Potter lite. Peace out.
Nathan Gda
Nathan Gda - 2 days ago
The girl who plays nori is only 3 years older then me
• simply _ bellx •
• simply _ bellx • - 2 days ago
the heck?! Lol i love this video
CARLY FEE - 3 days ago
two of them are from team kaylie
Britney Frost
Britney Frost - 3 days ago
I like Siena
Me Too
Me Too - 3 days ago
That poor frizzy haired kid
AngeliclyKaren - 4 days ago
Why does Alison look like another version of Indiana evens?
Julia and Dylan Game
Julia and Dylan Game - 4 days ago
The actor who plays Nori is literally 12 day older than me, i expected her to be like 3 years older than me lol!
Pastel Puffy Potato
Pastel Puffy Potato - 4 days ago
addy marie
addy marie - 4 days ago
max just chillin the whole video while Elie like "oh my gosh. "UHHHHHGGGG...uh oh ok"😂
IOZ lama Buznies
IOZ lama Buznies - 7 days ago
Max is funny rocketboy
bill jacob
bill jacob - 7 days ago
this show was so bad the actors were horrible
Blaxis - 2 days ago
bill jacob bruh there kids-
Pineapple Spaghetti
Pineapple Spaghetti - 6 days ago
Ok I didn’t rlly watch the full movie but still u didn’t have to say anything in the first place 🙄
bill jacob
bill jacob - 7 days ago
@oopitsdenimmm this movie sucked eggs
oopitsdenimmm - 7 days ago
its a movie and they are kids...have respect and u didnt have to click on the video tf
lex ra
lex ra - 8 days ago
max is so cute
Mila Mcdonald
Mila Mcdonald - 8 days ago
the next 1 should be like 1 sister has super strength and has yellow glowing eyes and then has a sister who has lightning but purple eyes and they end up facing off cause the shadow guy got 1 of them and no one ever new there was any other kind of magic so they go into udm but the other udms support them and ya
CøCø McFłűffy
CøCø McFłűffy - 8 days ago
I ship Andres and Nory their name is Aory and Elliot and Pepper is Eleeper and The bffs nory and reina their name is Neina
Kyndal Crossing
Kyndal Crossing - Day ago
Shmagoogle Agoogle that like calling her ugly
Kyndal Crossing
Kyndal Crossing - Day ago
Shmagoogle Agoogle that’s rude
Mel’s Worldz
Mel’s Worldz - 6 days ago
Shmagoogle Agoogle more like being rude- 💀
Shmagoogle Agoogle
Shmagoogle Agoogle - 6 days ago
@oopitsdenimmm it wasnt disrespectful it was my opinion..
oopitsdenimmm - 7 days ago
Shmagoogle Agoogle um stfu.. u dont needa be disrespectful-
Mina shook
Mina shook - 9 days ago
Just watched the movie and now it’s my first favorite
Danessa Narine
Danessa Narine - Day ago
Suger Cookie23
Suger Cookie23 - 9 days ago
Who else ships Andrés and Nory?
TheeMelanin. Ada
TheeMelanin. Ada - 23 hours ago
@Shmagoogle Agoogle Wdym "He's too cute for her" it doesnt matter about looks- or being on the same level, Your probably jealous cause ik NORY looks better than you- Likee he ain't "Too cute for her" they can date if they want too df
Suger Cookie23
Suger Cookie23 - 2 days ago
Shmagoogle Agoogle I know I meant that he’s like 16
Shmagoogle Agoogle
Shmagoogle Agoogle - 2 days ago
@Suger Cookie23 that would make him 18 dude hes not that old hes like 15-16
Suger Cookie23
Suger Cookie23 - 3 days ago
Emily Mcconnell yeah me too cuz I think he’s like 3 years older than her irl so ye definitely just there characters
Emily Mcconnell
Emily Mcconnell - 3 days ago
I ship there characters not them in real life!
Ricardo Monterroza
Ricardo Monterroza - 9 days ago
Captaincanvas39 Captain
Can’t wait!
Chloe Bears
Chloe Bears - 9 days ago
Am watching it right now lol
Gabby Shawn
Gabby Shawn - Day ago
I already watched it but it kept on coming on so i got mad lol
Suger Cookie23
Suger Cookie23 - 9 days ago
Me too
Billal Mohamednur
Billal Mohamednur - 9 days ago
Im watching upside down magic on Disney channel today
awesome movie guys
Animekitten - 9 days ago
to of these people are from teamkaylie
Kerry-Ann Fonseca
Kerry-Ann Fonseca - 9 days ago
Animegirl's channel
Animegirl's channel - 9 days ago
I like it
viarys dominguez
viarys dominguez - 9 days ago
I can’t wait to watch the premiere today eeek i is can’t wait I have been waiting for July 31 ever since I saw the trailer
ANYA - 9 days ago
Valerie Loo
Valerie Loo - 9 days ago
liked everyone's comments
Respect the egg and subscribe
Valerie Loo same
James Wells
James Wells - 9 days ago
This was a Great Video
alex seenarine
alex seenarine - 9 days ago
I can't wait to see upside-down magic
joell darkwa
joell darkwa - 9 days ago
Lori Rehnert
Lori Rehnert - 9 days ago
It’s almost time for the movie so excited
Cate Rackaway
Cate Rackaway - 9 days ago
Sooooo early 28 seconds also I’m so excited for the movie
c h l o e
c h l o e - 9 days ago
me too!
Cate Rackaway
Cate Rackaway - 9 days ago
Solie Eden
Solie Eden - 9 days ago
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