I am sorry.

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Jenna Kendig
Jenna Kendig - 11 hours ago
Liza it’s ok you made a mistake you were just trying to make people laugh and have fun but sometimes before you post it you need to think twice❤️💙
J O S I E P L O O F - 11 hours ago
Please start posting videos again
Eduardo Fregoso
Eduardo Fregoso - 11 hours ago
What is goin is on? 😳
Bella studio rock
Bella studio rock - 11 hours ago
I wasn't hurt by any of your videos. But I want to say you are fine the way you are. Most of us knew it was a joke to make us laugh. Some were offended. Just know you were trying to make us laugh and not hurt anybody. We forgive you.
Abbylee Miller
Abbylee Miller - 12 hours ago
I don’t see the problem with it 🤷‍♀️ humor was different back then
LyfeJay - 12 hours ago
Ziona White
Ziona White - 12 hours ago
i am an asian and when i used to see her videos i would be a little confused on why she said that but i was never really offended.
Erika Randall
Erika Randall - 12 hours ago
Why are you sorry
Richelle Martinez
Richelle Martinez - 12 hours ago
I know you meant no harm
Kay TV
Kay TV - 12 hours ago
I’m confused, can somebody explain to me what happened?
Niyeria Ivory
Niyeria Ivory - 12 hours ago
As a young black woman myself, I didn't see how she was racist. Liza said she was sorry so why are we overracting? I understand the race thing but why is she getting so much hate?
Tea King
Tea King - 12 hours ago
Genesis Orellana
Genesis Orellana - 12 hours ago
people need to understand that the humor from back then is different...
milly mead
milly mead - 12 hours ago
im half asian and I think honestly this world is getting so overly critical about everything. everyone needs to chill she made funny videos and skits years ago and im embarrassed that ppl are so pressed act it like if your seriously offended that this kind woman made videos celebrating all cultures then wtf.
Mackenzie Lee
Mackenzie Lee - 12 hours ago
I am Asian and get this all the time but I know her true intentions. it does still hurt sometimes. But I will forever love you Liza!!
Abby QW
Abby QW - 12 hours ago
Jose Fernandez
Jose Fernandez - 12 hours ago
If Liza is taking accountability, I think David should do the same. Women have been taking the downfall of a lot of things on youtube, while the men that are saying the same things or worse are still thriving.
Jesus Vlogs
Jesus Vlogs - 12 hours ago
Your sorry
Bratz - 12 hours ago
Guys this video was made years ago and got 100,000+ views and nobody talked abt it 💀y’all jus want to see everyone get canceled..ik it was her mistake n if u did the same thing u wouldn’t want anyone to bring it up because nobody is perfect and everyone make mistakes.
jillian peters
jillian peters - 12 hours ago
Liza was trying to be funny and for every one saying that she was racist you're wrong. Being racist is being hating someone for their color.
Morgen Kurland
Morgen Kurland - 12 hours ago
Just know that your videos got me through most of my childhood and none of it was offensive in my eyes
Morgen Kurland
Morgen Kurland - 12 hours ago
Ru still gonna do puns???
heavyn gabrielle
heavyn gabrielle - 12 hours ago
tell me what happened!
That Chicken
That Chicken - 13 hours ago
Wait why is Liza apologizing?
heart breaker
heart breaker - 13 hours ago
Never once has she offered me or anyone of my friends Liza bby it’s ok❤️ we know you were joking
Kimora Rush
Kimora Rush - 13 hours ago
Some people fail to understand that the sense of humor was different back then and now people are bringing up peoples past and bashing them for it.
유나 Yoona
유나 Yoona - 13 hours ago
Im asian half Korean half Filipino and i personally accept this apology i dont speak for the whole asian community however back then humor was very different and i think we shouldn't cancel Liza we should try to educate her and from this apology i can tell she has educated herself on these issues and its genuinely sorry for her actions
james halliburton
james halliburton - 13 hours ago
🤗. Thatisall
kyleigh simmons
kyleigh simmons - 13 hours ago
We can’t have anything 😐 y’all took meaningless jokes and made it into a big deal an now we don’t have liza
paxton houangvan
paxton houangvan - 13 hours ago
i’m not going to say i forgive you, but i will say i respect you. i was offended being a asian and what you guys did was wrong you knew it was racist yet continued to do it. the important thing is that you apologized and that’s something i can respect. and if you all can’t respect my opinion, leave. and i do get it was six years ago but that doesn’t change the fact that it was wrong. again i’m not hating on her and david more, but i’m just glad they apologized. thank you.
Asmita Bhoyar
Asmita Bhoyar - 13 hours ago
wait what is this abt??
Naynay Mangham
Naynay Mangham - 13 hours ago
Is you leaving 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Naynay Mangham
Naynay Mangham - 13 hours ago
Is you leaving YouTube 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤨
Katherine’s Life
Katherine’s Life - 13 hours ago
I know it’s not my place or anything but some people are too sensitive and you really didn’t mock an accent that didn’t even sound like an accent.
Lucas_is_great _
Lucas_is_great _ - 13 hours ago
I'm not going to accept this because i wasn't the one who was offended. I do think you should post a video just talking about it. You have made so many people smile over the years and we know your intent was not harmful. And I'm not saying that's okay what you did was wrong. But talking about it will win your fans over we're on your side
Nataly Rodriguez
Nataly Rodriguez - 13 hours ago
The weird thing is that people haven’t said much about liza’s jokes in the past they never said it was racists but all of the sudden when the black life’s matter protest started people started accusing her for racism like your really start saying something when back then it was just a joke I don’t think Liza should be apologizing she’s a great woman and I don’t think people should be blaming her for begin “racist” because we all know Liza supports the black life’s matter protest and we all know she’s never been racist and never intended to hurt anybody’s feelings.
Alondra Guzman
Alondra Guzman - 13 hours ago
I was not hurt nor offended so I am not participating in the forgiving.
Liberty M
Liberty M - 13 hours ago
Girl we forgive u 🥺🥺🥺 2020 got to stay away from Liza shes to sweet
Evelyn Davis
Evelyn Davis - 13 hours ago
No 😭
Peppper Hawkins
Peppper Hawkins - 13 hours ago
Liza I don’t know what to say really but I love and support you and hope you ok and I really hope you ok love you
Brendadrawws - 14 hours ago
As a Latin I always took your videos as a recognition of my culture
さんゆき - 14 hours ago
Looks like YellowLivesMatter doesn’t exist.
I’m Japanese and her “joke” wasn’t fun to me at all. Also, I’m surprised how people don’t care about racism towards Asian.
I don’t think she is a racist. I think her apologize should be accepted. But guys need to learn more about racism and casual racism.
Aivreee Yooo
Aivreee Yooo - 14 hours ago
y’all some ❄️ get over yourselves
Jae Illinbaus
Jae Illinbaus - 14 hours ago
Yakuza: drop the addey we gonna pull up 💀
ace trueax
ace trueax - 14 hours ago
okay, so now i wanna see british ppl apoligizing for mocking american and southern accents. and all americans apoligizing for mockibg british accents. you ppl get so affended so easily. if it was a problem when they posted the video, why is it a problem now?
Kailstin Smith
Kailstin Smith - 14 hours ago
Is she leaving Youtube can someone tell me please
Gisel Delacruz
Gisel Delacruz - 14 hours ago
I hope you guys understand that the past is the past,you guys are trying to cancel people for everything now,it’s called jokes and humor,grow up and leave it in the past,cause back then it was a whole different time before 2020 people JOKES!!
Leah's gaming
Leah's gaming - 14 hours ago
but this was ok back then it shouldn’t of been but it was
haylie harmey
haylie harmey - 14 hours ago
She hasn’t done anything racist, I don’t think
Rosie Kikangala
Rosie Kikangala - 14 hours ago
At this point, everybody is going to apologize
XplayboiiX - 14 hours ago
I feel so bad for you everyone is just trying to cancel everybody but that was that past so we need to stop people just want fun
Nicholas LaBillois
Nicholas LaBillois - 14 hours ago
all she wants to do is make people laugh, she never meant too offend anyone.
RoughNeck777 - 15 hours ago
From the racist video that she made with her bf, it seemed so intentional. The apology letter saying it was not intended to be. I don't buy it.
Enanamie Shin Todoroki
Enanamie Shin Todoroki - 15 hours ago
Hello I am an Asian that had watch alot of Liza's content, because she is funny, amazing and relatable. I have seen her videos that had been related to asian culture, like trying Japanese candies..and I have to say, in my opinion that I am never offended by what she has created. I may not speak for the others out there, and I may be disagreed. But what she has done and actually showed, is just entertaintment. I dont think she ever would want to offend any other culture and I see her content not in any negative light, but in a positive. Her contents are just light-hearted jokes, but atlast it is what I see and think of it. Others may not, and actually are offended. This is the respond for her old videos. I am just here to say, that its okay, and I forgive her❤, eventhough I take no offence🙆‍♀️💞 .
SimplyMandy21 - 15 hours ago
I honestly rather hear her apology than read it, by that’s just me
c o f f e e p l a y z
c o f f e e p l a y z - 15 hours ago
I'm half Asian and I wasn't even offended by this do you, people, not understand the humor back then? Every since we've been in lockdown everyone's canceling everybody and bringing up their past.
David Henshall
David Henshall - 15 hours ago
dont think of the past think of the future and how many people you have made happy
Joey Show
Joey Show - 15 hours ago
there was no audio and I don't understand this video
Kira Forbes
Kira Forbes - 15 hours ago
Why did y’all make her do this y’all juts take every thing so serious! She is a comedian and you make her say sorry! Really y’all are fricked up
Kassandra Sparks
Kassandra Sparks - 15 hours ago
You don’t have to be Asian to agree with the apology many people can agree with it but if you were offended that’s we’re you actually can step in and say I forgive you it doesn’t matter if your a different color.
DenZolo 9010
DenZolo 9010 - 15 hours ago
Oh my never knew so many ppl watching Liza are Asian lol explains y so many ppl r accepting her apology
Michael Edmonds
Michael Edmonds - 15 hours ago
you didn’t mean to offend anyone i forgive you you were just trying to make comedy
Neeta Thakkar
Neeta Thakkar - 15 hours ago
Why have you stopped posting l loved your videos
Edit Won’t Be PRFCT
Edit Won’t Be PRFCT - 16 hours ago
this scared me i thought this was u leaving 😭
Edit Won’t Be PRFCT
Edit Won’t Be PRFCT - 16 hours ago
we know you’ve grown liza and thank you for acknowledging your past mistakes, not a lot of people do. love you queen 💛
MsDuckyNugget Uno Reverse
MsDuckyNugget Uno Reverse - 16 hours ago
First, why our people bringing everyone’s pass mistakes NOW?! Yes she made a mistake but it wasnt her intention to make people offended. It was her intention to make us laugh. But I don’t understand why everyone is bring dark passes or mistaken things now from youtubers like at this point just cancel everyone and let’s try to start over.❤️✨
Jayden Santos
Jayden Santos - 16 hours ago
Why are so much people hating on her just for making fun of asian people haven’t we all done that like yeah it is wrong but stuff happens❤️❤️
Bianca Tan
Bianca Tan - 16 hours ago
Im Asian im not offended. Idk why people our so sensitive rk.When the vid got uploaded why did people not talk about the vid being racist(and the vid is not like months it year and you are talking about rk)now why peole talking about why yall bored at home and nothing to do about your life that you are canceling people LIVE UR LIFE and worry about covid and not canceling people.
Anna Deriabin
Anna Deriabin - 16 hours ago
Its okay Liza, We all know you never meant to hurt anyone in anyway. You were just trying to put smiles upon all of our faces.
jayla porter
jayla porter - 16 hours ago
but wasn’t that video old because that’s when her and david were together i swear everybody getting exposed like the fact that people found all these people saying all this stuff is crazy i’m not saying that any of them were wrong but like that’s what y’all do with y’all time
Harmony Lynn
Harmony Lynn - 16 hours ago
I understand that a video of her and David has been resurfaced but Liza has grown and she has learned from her mistakes. I am not Asian in anyway so I could not say that I accept her apology because this is not face towards me
Po-ta-toes are da best
Po-ta-toes are da best - 16 hours ago
Liza YouTube was a completely different place back then. Don’t worry you didn’t offend me with any of your humour. I love you so much
tahlia woodman
tahlia woodman - 16 hours ago
Also this is happening on you tube. So are we going to pull apart all the comedians now? Seth Rogan, Rick Gervais? Etc etc does everyone have to apologise now?
tahlia woodman
tahlia woodman - 16 hours ago
So why can’t you face your audience and say this? You gotta wrote a letter that’s so tiny to read. Wtf is up with this. Disappointing and feels so unauthentic
James Brown
James Brown - 16 hours ago
She did nothing all she did is went to make people laugh she the dependent woman I know
Amy Bee-Blower
Amy Bee-Blower - 16 hours ago
This is the best apology video and it speaks louder then words
Olivia Jackson
Olivia Jackson - 17 hours ago
Do not apologize to these ❄️
Sapna Annisaa
Sapna Annisaa - 17 hours ago
what happened?
Esther Dotlun
Esther Dotlun - 17 hours ago
As an asian I accept your apology because it was back then and humor was different and people didnt get offended easily
Camilla Castanho
Camilla Castanho - 17 hours ago
Next videos