The David Beckham Statue Prank

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The Late Late Show with James Corden
Who could ever forget Dave Beckham's incredible career with Man City. What a legend.
Zil Co
Zil Co - 2 days ago
29,500 likes!! But 29,501 people will try to seriously correct this statement. 🤣😂🤣
Mohamed Libaan
Mohamed Libaan - 3 days ago
First reply.... Yep I changed after all that time
Adrian Lim
Adrian Lim - 6 days ago
Do you mean Liverpool?
Zil Co
Zil Co - 7 days ago
Just Effin EPIC!!! 🤣😂🤣🤮
R Hod
R Hod - 10 days ago
a true story .before the world cup in the 1990's a reporter ask beckham what is the the plan. and he replied, well they are very refreshing, leave your mouth with a nice clean taste and makes you feel great, and the reporter said, no david i am asking you about tactics
Bender Bending Rodriguez
Bender Bending Rodriguez - 50 minutes ago
What a cool guy
SMK- VMJ - Hour ago
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Айкумис Джапкараева
GIL GIL - 7 hours ago
He's very calm
frdx - 9 hours ago
the people in there with Beckham, composure lvl 1000+
BaB3R Ali
BaB3R Ali - 14 hours ago
He is such a Gentleman! i was getting angry even i knew it's a prank.
Icy Maine
Icy Maine - 16 hours ago
i love thisLOL
Mateo Vergel
Mateo Vergel - 17 hours ago
Ninon Gthr
Ninon Gthr - 21 hour ago
I can’t stop laughing 😂😂
VICKY - 22 hours ago
8:41 oh my god.. Can't stop laughing ..."You've probably done me a favour there" 🤣🤣🤣
Mohamed Shifaz
Mohamed Shifaz - 23 hours ago
He was so polite
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker - Day ago
I wonder if they have the balls to pull this prank on Zlatan??
Tahrema Hossain
Tahrema Hossain - Day ago
This made me laugh so fooking haaaaard 😂😂😂 poor David 😂😂
Spanish Enigma
Spanish Enigma - Day ago
Destroying did not really help the prank much at all. Should have saved it and sold it for charity.
Todos Gaming
Todos Gaming - Day ago
Lol 😂😂😂
Abel Idicula
Abel Idicula - Day ago
James Corden: LA Galaxies greatest ever player

Zlatan and Gerrard: Am I a joke to you
noorah nn
noorah nn - Day ago
This fake sculpture of David is better than Cristiano’s real sculpture...feel bad for him
T X R - Day ago
".. I mean.. look at my chin..." I cried laughing
This is pure gold hahahaha
Leonardo Pereira
Leonardo Pereira - Day ago
Poxa foi muito boa essa prank , pena que eu não entendi nada , não sei falar inglês .
Eddie Goteman
Eddie Goteman - 2 days ago
David Beckham a real Champion and Gentleman.
lartiev Qays
lartiev Qays - 2 days ago
If.. what's iffff the king Z Ibrahimovic got prank like this?...hahahaha...maybe most of the crew going back with black eyes..
Umar Aqil
Umar Aqil - 2 days ago
The amount beeps when david (dave) realises its a prank is infinite
Ricardo Crvl
Ricardo Crvl - 2 days ago
i wish my country has that kind and quality of shows .-.
T H A N O S - 2 days ago
Love that guys laugh it so funny
meme olicious
meme olicious - 2 days ago
I thought that was Adam levin
AlifRafikKhan3 - 2 days ago
David Beckham is so polite and humble
Sofia Smitz
Sofia Smitz - 2 days ago
Su Ka
Su Ka - 2 days ago
Is it just me or the sculptor actor looks like Andy samberg?😂😂
tompparaideri - 3 days ago
The funniest thing is the statue actually looks exactly like him.
Jet Pack
Jet Pack - 3 days ago
i remember this guy playing gay brother of Dufit Thomas, and now look at him, lol
Diego Grünhaus
Diego Grünhaus - 3 days ago
So cool, David has the English politeness that win wars
Timur Myngbay
Timur Myngbay - 3 days ago
The statue looks like Christian Bale 😅
Trivis Tab
Trivis Tab - 3 days ago
he is the real British gentleman of
MUSIC M - 3 days ago
That a red card 😂😂😂
MUSIC M - 3 days ago
Bick is so funny
mattloveOHIOST5 - 3 days ago
looks like harry kane lmfaooooooooo
jordan daley
jordan daley - 3 days ago
Ronaldo wouldn't react the same
SQUIDBOY - 3 days ago
David is angry polite
Aman Fernandes
Aman Fernandes - 4 days ago
This is just pure evil haha
joe godwin
joe godwin - 4 days ago
The band playimg at the end was The Fratellis if anyone didnt know
ruatsanga white
ruatsanga white - 4 days ago
And we have Ronaldo's statue...which isn't a troll
Passion 4ever
Passion 4ever - 4 days ago
He is awesome guy
E. A.
E. A. - 4 days ago
This was great 😂😂😂
Beyhive Member
Beyhive Member - 4 days ago
When you can't play football anymore, go play for America rubbish team. Lol Galaxy my ads hole.
SPK - 4 days ago
Damn, he has some GOOD attitude there. I bet a lot of people would totally lose it.
Marcos - 4 days ago
Is such a cool guy!!!
prashanna bhatta
prashanna bhatta - 4 days ago
Love from Nepal legend🇳🇵🇳🇵💕
Aditya Mantri
Aditya Mantri - 4 days ago
EVeryone's like oh wow what a nice and classy guy. To be honest I think he's neither of those. Someone spent so long making a sculpture of you and ur just gonna criticize it and not think for a second to thank the sculptor. What a spoiled brat David Beckham is. AT LEAST UR GETTING A SCULPTURE OF YOU. BE HAPPY FOR A SECOND
Tibor Kovacs
Tibor Kovacs - 4 days ago
Everything you need to know about him is right here.
Nuno Janeiro
Nuno Janeiro - 4 days ago
Plot Twist: The real statue was even worst, haha
Eric MAYBERRY Akers - 4 days ago
The prank statue looks like Trace Atkins
Bang Alexx
Bang Alexx - 4 days ago
D Jay
D Jay - 4 days ago
david is so respectful omg god bless him
Luis Romero
Luis Romero - 5 days ago
You guys should of misspelled his name 😭
Truvapeobzor Bytrumechmodder
Здесь написано что то очень умное.
mxciii 23.36
mxciii 23.36 - 5 days ago
He so polite :(
Leonie - 5 days ago
The statue reminds me of Thanos.
Not important
Not important - 5 days ago
Yeees the chin
Nicolas Santana
Nicolas Santana - 5 days ago
Looks more like Josh Brolin or Thanos With hair
David Naqshandi
David Naqshandi - 5 days ago
Funniest prank
DeLaMan - 5 days ago
anyone who would A) want a statue and then B) not be happy with its likeness has serious ego problems
Perdana Perdana
Perdana Perdana - 5 days ago
Best n funny prank i've ever seen... Good job james
johnson11b - 5 days ago
“Look at my chin” 😂
pereiramariana35 - 6 days ago
was this inspired by critiano ronaldo's statue lol
Свят SPRF - 6 days ago
What name is Becks shoes???
Noah Fick
Noah Fick - 6 days ago
BERETTA TV - 6 days ago
Stephen Beaudion
Stephen Beaudion - 6 days ago
The whole sculptor bit would fit perfectly in a Guy Ritchie movie.
Alvin Mah
Alvin Mah - 6 days ago
That’s david slenderman
Pablo Aguilar
Pablo Aguilar - 6 days ago
He kept his cool 100%
IVORY FROMM - 6 days ago
This had me cracking up!
Lucruss Sensai
Lucruss Sensai - 6 days ago
Osman Javed
Osman Javed - 6 days ago
boring because this was done by Ashton Kutcherlong time ago these kind of jokes and he can do better then you
MaGic Moment
MaGic Moment - 6 days ago
mr boogie
mr boogie - 7 days ago
Fire Dolphin
Fire Dolphin - 7 days ago
He was so polite even though he was so angry, I couldn't help but laugh
Farris Kinata
Farris Kinata - 7 days ago
that statue looked a lot like harry kane to be honest
Mix Films
Mix Films - 7 days ago
I rarely watch prank stuff more into politics. But this was a golden globe absolutely brilliant. The head should be used as a prize for best comment or even bid. Brilliant. A good laugh .
Pedro Pavon
Pedro Pavon - 7 days ago
is that Adam Levine
dy 94
dy 94 - 7 days ago
Zil Co
Zil Co - 7 days ago
Truly EPIC!!
Exxx - 7 days ago
Damn, I finally watched it after it’s been in my recommendations for like 2 months...
Michelle Abreu
Michelle Abreu - 7 days ago
Omg the guy in the white shirt in middle at 1:44 plays lucifer in " chilling adventures of sabrina " in netflix. Watch it its so good 😭im so shook hes in hereeeee
David Haigh
David Haigh - 6 days ago
Good spot!
K R - 7 days ago
Beckham was in on it. He can hardly keep a straight face even from the beginning.
Floyd Zepp
Floyd Zepp - 7 days ago
04:01 🤣🤣🤣
Crystal - 8 days ago
Angelo Sarrocchi
Angelo Sarrocchi - 8 days ago
q son maloooos
Richvy Rich
Richvy Rich - 8 days ago
Awesome prank.. i love it..
Sblinger - 8 days ago
Funny shit
Golic - 8 days ago
Scripted and fake
Rattenhoofd - 9 days ago
"Dave it is, thank you so much. Dave Beckham everybody!"
itsray yy
itsray yy - 9 days ago
Caoimhín Mac Cana
Caoimhín Mac Cana - 9 days ago
Has Beckham had a hair transplant? I've never seen such a good hairline on a middle aged man
mr What it iss
mr What it iss - 9 days ago
At least this is prank while cr7 statue still in Portugal
Adel - 9 days ago
smooth prank
Ean Albe
Ean Albe - 9 days ago
The statue looks more like Harry Kane. Lol
gavotheman - 10 days ago
He behaved like a bit of a brat to be fair and not for the first time.
Andy TV Highlights
Andy TV Highlights - 10 days ago
James Corden likes to copy a lot of British shows don't he for his talk show
Felix - 10 days ago
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