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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect - 7 months ago
throwin’ it back to our old school trick shot days 🏸 🏀 🏈 ⚽️ ⚾️ 🎾 🥏🏐🥍
thanks for watching guys. we seriously appreciate you a ton
Elliot Bob
Elliot Bob - 2 days ago
Hi dp love ur vids!
Andrew Park
Andrew Park - 7 days ago
I miss those days
Michael Interlandi
Michael Interlandi - 8 days ago
Your welcome you guys are great!!
Kittycatplays - 11 days ago
Amazing Badri 1 and guess what your first lol
squidyello the inkling
squidyello the inkling - 7 hours ago
What was the worst idea in this video?
Gagan Sharma
Gagan Sharma - 7 hours ago
How you do this all trick shot.
Elaine Paul
Elaine Paul - 8 hours ago
Soujanya Anumolu
Soujanya Anumolu - 15 hours ago
Jef - Day ago
Notice how they didn't include dance and cheer
Yocha - Day ago
You had a volleyball trick shots
Najma Mohamed
Najma Mohamed - Day ago
one of them was fake tbh
Ruhsha Bin Sajid
Ruhsha Bin Sajid - 2 days ago
@ 3:22 Looks like DP bought the coronavirus from Wuhan.
Matt Amon
Matt Amon - 2 days ago
3:22 That’s some hardcore foreshadowing right there😷😷
Nexlated - 2 days ago
stop football im socer
Baylee Beesler
Baylee Beesler - 2 days ago
I did it
C Ahmed tarek
C Ahmed tarek - 3 days ago
Can you subscribe me ❤️
Owen Adair
Owen Adair - 3 days ago
3:22 did the gong say "Wuhan" ?
Remi Cuille
Remi Cuille - 3 days ago
For people in 2020, at 4:15 the gong says "WUHAN". What a Coincedence.
John Antonetii
John Antonetii - 3 days ago
Me working with clay be like 3:52
Joseph Matthews
Joseph Matthews - 3 days ago
Do rugby trickshots. It's the one thing you haven't done
Jordaan Danobrega
Jordaan Danobrega - 3 days ago
And what about cricket🙁
JoseBetacourt5 - 3 days ago
Wuhan, China at 3:22
stephanie forsyth
stephanie forsyth - 3 days ago
My family thinks including me thinks you are the coolest thing and one of my moms favorite things about you guys is you are clean and you are Christians as are we.
Luxray Lloyd
Luxray Lloyd - 4 days ago
Kinda disappointed there wasn't any Dodgeball :p
Favorite shot is the mini football boom stick
Chirag Mehta
Chirag Mehta - 5 days ago
I remember the og boom stick
Justin Laplatney
Justin Laplatney - 5 days ago
Hardest part of making trick shot:Naming it
Trenton Hampson
Trenton Hampson - 8 days ago
did it skeet blits blaster 5 times
Adrian Storhaug
Adrian Storhaug - 8 days ago
Callan Tidyman
Callan Tidyman - 8 days ago
You guys are pro at getting really cool trick shots and funny vids
ashish thokchom
ashish thokchom - 9 days ago
Do the badmanton trick shot
GooGhead - 9 days ago
5:17 notice how the gong says "WUHAN"
Brice Phillips
Brice Phillips - 9 days ago
4:19 Coronavirus be like "this MF spittin"
beast jag
beast jag - 7 days ago
yeah also after that garett was talking about how there were no fans in the stadium
Victoria Matchett
Victoria Matchett - 9 days ago
Gar: Oh look at all the fans out here!
Coronavirus: No no no.
abcde fghij
abcde fghij - 6 days ago
He predicted the future
xGeniesx - 10 days ago
my teacher made me watch this
*SHIVAM* *KUMAR* - 10 days ago
3:22 the gong has wuhan written on it...
Was it an indication ?..
Nihanth - 10 days ago
2min26sec completed but no trickshot from ty
Landen Vance
Landen Vance - 10 days ago
This song is fire🔥🔥🔥
Cody Roy
Cody Roy - 10 days ago
I am a Canadian ty fan
Arham Adeel
Arham Adeel - 10 days ago
What a start to the day baby
Cooper Manzione
Cooper Manzione - 10 days ago
4:23 Garett predicted the future
Spencer Jones Wonders the world
They actually made a volleyball trick shot vid like 7 years ago so that was not their first ever volleyball trick shot
John Jessiman
John Jessiman - 11 days ago
3:22 the gongs name is wuhan
Maciej Ś
Maciej Ś - 11 days ago
I love Ty's southern accent. I WANT MORE.
Miles Zamoyski
Miles Zamoyski - 11 days ago
not even joking i had to watch this for school
Noah Rothschild
Noah Rothschild - 11 days ago
Is it just me, or is Garret the one that does all the soccer trick shots?
Jacob Edstrom
Jacob Edstrom - 12 days ago
are they doin it at a prosper school, i live in prosper
TVINT SDCONXUMO - 12 days ago
The Wuhan Kong scares 😂
Assassin fearless
Assassin fearless - 12 days ago
Cricket where is it
Mattea Grandaw
Mattea Grandaw - 12 days ago
wait,u forgot something,isn't subscribing to Dude Perfect a sport and trick shot to?no u say? awwwww.......well imma still subscribe to them :3
GAMERMASTER698 - 13 days ago
I wish they did rugby
Larry O'Dell
Larry O'Dell - 13 days ago
can you gus make a nother bottle flip video.
Tamuna Turashvili
Tamuna Turashvili - 13 days ago
I love Cory Coby and Tyler
Silvio Moses
Silvio Moses - 13 days ago
Was Tyler smoking in the baseball football basketball shot by garrett
big man zach
big man zach - 13 days ago
Notice how there wasn’t a cheerleading trick shot 🤭
Thomas Click
Thomas Click - 13 days ago
I can’t even get one☝️
Hoodiegurl21 - 13 days ago
Dude perfect: Posts an all sports trick shot video, multiple times. Includes basically every sport....

mason nicholls
mason nicholls - 14 days ago
thanks for not leaving us out
HDS362 - 14 days ago
This has more baseball than Dude Perfect Baseball Edition
Charles Landmark
Charles Landmark - 14 days ago
ty I did t 3 times
kitty fluf
kitty fluf - 14 days ago
cody:two strikes your out
skoof46 - 14 days ago
Should have done Aussie rules football
Fu Rhys符衍希
Fu Rhys符衍希 - 14 days ago
i said skeet blitz blaster three times
Chaz :D
Chaz :D - 14 days ago
do ast 2
ML Lifestyle
ML Lifestyle - 14 days ago
I know I’m not the only one going back during quarantine and rewatching all the dude perfect vids in fact they inspired me and I do my own trickshots on this channel!
Brooke B
Brooke B - 15 days ago
Ty and Michael Scott seem like they would be on the same hockey team
Max Agostini
Max Agostini - 15 days ago
Any one notice the symbol has wuhan on it
Breeze C
Breeze C - 15 days ago
you don't mix volleyball and basketball I play volelyball
Shreya Marfatia
Shreya Marfatia - 15 days ago
You guys forgot about DANCE!!!! It technically is a sport!
TaterFarmer - 15 days ago
Hey ya all Jesus loves you! I hope that makes your day a little better! Have a great day!
BBD_Boyz! - 15 days ago
What about archery?
Zorro Boi
Zorro Boi - 15 days ago
Garrett Stephens
Garrett Stephens - 15 days ago
Next vid, gymnastics tricks shots
Best Pats Fan
Best Pats Fan - 15 days ago
4:20 what sports gonna be like
alice playz
alice playz - 16 days ago
Dp thought they got very sport, even though they forgot cricket and kickball.
alice playz
alice playz - 16 days ago
ridwan mohamed
ridwan mohamed - 16 days ago
Has no one else realised the gongs they were using for the ice hockey said wuhan were the corona virus started a bit suspicious 😒
juan ignacio gallo
juan ignacio gallo - 16 days ago
Soy el unico argentino que ve esto
Tzviel Kahan
Tzviel Kahan - 16 days ago
The hardest was the golf hole and one
aerobandit - 16 days ago
Does anyone see the gong with the wuhan sign on it at 3:22
Tia Aquino
Tia Aquino - 16 days ago
I said it 75 times
Team Kyler Lee & Mark
Team Kyler Lee & Mark - 16 days ago
Skeet blitz blaster is hard to say
Team Kyler Lee & Mark
Team Kyler Lee & Mark - 16 days ago
Skeet blitz blaster is hard to say
Charles Fox
Charles Fox - 16 days ago
you should do a tour of where you live and where you work
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