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Morgan Adams
Morgan Adams - 7 days ago
Hi ❤️❤️ I know this isn’t a normal video but I just wanted to chill and hang out together. I love you and hope you have an amazing day
AMAZINGPHILstalker - 6 hours ago
Morgan is what I imagine I’d be like if my brother was older than me and I didn’t meet my outdoorsy boyfriend.
Tiffeny the downut XD
Tiffeny the downut XD - 11 hours ago
All Things Houseplants
All Things Houseplants - 19 hours ago
I live for your video you are legit my favorite goof ever
mf Honey
mf Honey - Day ago
Shelley Noble i agree with you but if you were black I think you would find his past actions just as unforgivable.
Kim Watts
Kim Watts - 2 days ago
I am glad you went to Harvard, I lean a lot form you. lol You are to funny. I know you agree
Joseph Welch
Joseph Welch - Hour ago
I only view people as villainous if they are Trump supporters lol. But everyone else should get a chance to prove their points.
Ty - 2 hours ago
i need you and trinity to have an adventure channel. best duo online!!!
Dreamer is drowning
Dreamer is drowning - 2 hours ago
Morgan I love u and all of the rest of Shane's friends but the sad part about all of this is we cant 100% trust you guys have always been as nice as u seem and Shane is proof of all of that. I genuinely want to believe that you guys are like this but the sad reality of this all is you're all YouTubers. Our only connection to Shane is through a screen. Your only connection to Shane is through his outside persona. Only he can apologize for his actions and honestly it's only his job to defend himself and if his apology doesn't work it's his job to live with it. No one is looking to you in this situation and no one (or should be) mad at you
Aiyana Rintoul
Aiyana Rintoul - 2 hours ago
What Morgan is saying is right, Shane now is now the same Shane from those older videos. It doesn't make up for what he said and did but I believe he has changed for the better. He probably could have done a better apology though.
Aiyana Rintoul
Aiyana Rintoul - 2 hours ago
I wasn't here for his older videos but by looking at his videos now and his videos then he looks like two different people.
Ami Christy
Ami Christy - 4 hours ago
I honestly just need more Cookie content
josie mae
josie mae - 5 hours ago
So my friends and I went camping right. We are all 15. I can drive so my parents kicked us out of the camper and we drove to a different camp spot and set up our tent. The first night one of my friends was sleeping in the tent and my other friend and I were night fishing. We heard like thumping sounds and looked across the bay. And we saw like to shady figures and swear to god it looked like two coyotes like 50 yards away. We had no gun. So we run to the tent to get our friend and the keys to my truck because we were gonna drive away. We are about to leave and I shine a light over there and see eyes. It looked like 2 more came. So we my friend shines her light and it was 2 mom and 2 baby antelope.😂😂
Mariel Rodríguez
Mariel Rodríguez - 5 hours ago
Morgan I just bought the Cali Contour Pallete, thank you girl
Maribel Viesca
Maribel Viesca - 5 hours ago
Im a mail carrier take to your post office and tell them to forward their mail since they don’t live there. Write your last name and stick it to your mail box “ Adams only”
Panix Foster
Panix Foster - 6 hours ago
Literally you would have been better just not saying shit
GB Army Nation
GB Army Nation - 2 hours ago
It doesn't matter... Even if she hadn't made this video... She's still gonna get flack regardless... When she needs to respond she's gonna respond
holly Hohmeister
holly Hohmeister - 6 hours ago
I actually loved your hair at 24:38
Aunty Saahn
Aunty Saahn - 6 hours ago
I am so happy to see this video, and to get a wee update on how you have been. You are so inspiring, wise and quirky, entertainment is better when its genuine. Looking forward to you sharing your journeys...🥰❤🌸🏵🌻💐🌼🌼
Xuri Asanis
Xuri Asanis - 6 hours ago
Shes not shane but shes defending him. If she didn't want to be associated then she should'nt have come on here to make supportive statements about a man who was profiting of blackface even this year (shanaynay merch). She could have just said I dont agree with it and left it at that. But that's not what she did is it?
Xuri Asanis
Xuri Asanis - 6 hours ago
"This is not the shane I know" has the same energy as people who are friends with racists because they are nice to them (and obviously assholes to others)...
Mallory Miller
Mallory Miller - 7 hours ago
With the mail, take it to the post office.
rabia - 7 hours ago
The yellow nails look great
Elizabeth Short
Elizabeth Short - 7 hours ago
$5/ bug 😂😂😂 Morgan that was genius
Fox Wilder
Fox Wilder - 8 hours ago
this is like when you're having a really bad stomach pain, and ur friend starts saying whatever the shit to entertain you but you don't get anything.
Noor Hassan
Noor Hassan - 8 hours ago
Guilty by association is a terrible concept and should be eradicated. Also, Morgan isn't defending Shane or his past behaviour, she's simply stating that her perspective is different and that she believes he has changed. People please stop holding Morgan responsible for the actions of another person.
Melissa Alvarado
Melissa Alvarado - 9 hours ago
your skin looks so good and happy in this video
Sarah Garcia
Sarah Garcia - 10 hours ago
Dude, Morgan is her own person don’t pull her into that bullshit
Laura Maria
Laura Maria - 10 hours ago
Can totally relate.!💕
Btw: small youtuber here😇❤️
Epic ramdom's World
Epic ramdom's World - 10 hours ago
What a lovely cha- ummm...
mari - 10 hours ago
ugh i love trinity
Tiffeny the downut XD
Tiffeny the downut XD - 11 hours ago
Spill the tea sis ☕️
jayden victoria
jayden victoria - 12 hours ago
i havnt seen one comment ab shane do can people shut up
Watch your profanity
Watch your profanity - 12 hours ago
"sHe'S nOt ShAnE, dOn'T cAnCeL hEr"
She still defended his actions tho. Need I remind you how Jaden smith felt about the video Shane made about Willow Smith? How can she sit here defending him when the FAMILY of the victim hasn't forgiven him. I rest my case
Fox Wilder
Fox Wilder - 8 hours ago
Morgan isn't responsible for his actions. she is not guilty by association. her brother, whom she is close with, and cannot cut out; is ENGAGED to shane. plus her channel stemmed from shane. do you really think she'd talk smack about him? also, her point of view is probably much different compared to ours. she is a human with a life. understand that, and leave her alone. isn't our place to judge the girl.
Ayla Westfall
Ayla Westfall - 12 hours ago
anybody else notice that the bear had a little baby cub right behind her
Ana Sofía
Ana Sofía - 12 hours ago
I liked the last part of the video, kinda relaxing
Nicole Kent
Nicole Kent - 13 hours ago
Taiylor Saunders
Taiylor Saunders - 13 hours ago
Just leave the mail on the porch or in her mailbox
Arya Bhanduth
Arya Bhanduth - 14 hours ago
Love you morgan
amber dibella
amber dibella - 14 hours ago
Yes you should give her her mail
Katie Robey
Katie Robey - 14 hours ago
For the mail you need to write return to sender on it and put it back in the mailbox like you're mailing a letter and you keep doing that until the mail person knows they don't live there anymore
Yariza Meza
Yariza Meza - 14 hours ago
oh man lmao i’m dead 😂😂 wait i love y’all sorry for being. a meanie face with my mask on
Sarah Hicks
Sarah Hicks - 15 hours ago
Omg you were in glennwood springs!!!!! That adventure park is so much fun!!!
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy - 15 hours ago
I’m just waiting for a brand to make her their face. She’s a natural beauty.
Jessica Bui
Jessica Bui - 15 hours ago
I feel like if we had met, we would've been great friends haha.
lizcat278 - 15 hours ago
Put RTS (return to sender) on the mail and put it in the outgoing. This will let them know it's the wrong address and they'll resend it.
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy - 15 hours ago
Love you lots Morgan! Thanks for sharing. Hope you and your family are going ok through these times. Your videos are the best
Sofie Landin
Sofie Landin - 16 hours ago
You are Beautiful inside and out Morgan
Chloe tea tea
Chloe tea tea - 16 hours ago
Morgan after that is up if things haven't changed for the better then I think u should move back to Colorado
Simplicate - 16 hours ago
Slip to 22:00 for Shane talk
AudreyB1992 - 16 hours ago
Love you so much! You are truly a beautiful person inside & out 💖💖💖
Paige Moor
Paige Moor - 16 hours ago
Morgan looks fucking AHHHHMAZING
Kathy Tucker
Kathy Tucker - 16 hours ago
your maturity in this video is commendable....luvu and yur family
mikey - 17 hours ago
shane needs justice.
ACKISTAN.ORG - 17 hours ago
God I haven’t watched this channel in like 5 months, but I’m happy I came back :)
Tae - 17 hours ago
not to be dramatic but i would die for cookie
Nat Asme
Nat Asme - 18 hours ago
anyways, stan Morgan and Garrett
Courten Wright-Robins
Courten Wright-Robins - 18 hours ago
I love you so much youre so gorgeous and amazing ❤❤❤
All Things Houseplants
All Things Houseplants - 19 hours ago
This is irrelevant but I think light blue (like a cute tank top) would look amazing on you. Light blue is your color!!!
Molly Haskell
Molly Haskell - 19 hours ago
I agree with you Morgan!! 💕💕💕 love this video
kimberlyann1231 - 19 hours ago
I moved to Colorado in 2017, and I absolutely love it here! I'll never leave now! It's home forever! ❤️
Sweet Beans
Sweet Beans - 19 hours ago
Love you lots Morgan! Thanks for sharing. Hope you and your family are going ok through these times. Your videos are the best
All Things Houseplants
All Things Houseplants - 19 hours ago
I was suppose to go to Colorado on April and it got cancelled 😭
Danny Perez
Danny Perez - 20 hours ago
I was over here being as scared as you, I’m not even over there but the anxiety 😂😭💀
the show
the show - 22 hours ago
ugh i wish i had a trinity :(
FCA Studios
FCA Studios - Day ago
So youre telling me that morgan comes to colorado sometimes, so youre telling me that there is a possibility morgan walked on the same ground as me?
Sarah M
Sarah M - Day ago
So pretty
YourRegularAngel - Day ago
I WAS 15 WHEN I WENT TO A CHURCH CAMP AND THERE WAS THE BIGGEST AUSTRALIAN FUZZY SPIDER. 4 of those glamping tents worth of people decided to sleep on the floor altogether (16 people) instead of be in that tent oh MEMORIES
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