Avenged Sevenfold - Unholy Confessions Drum Cover

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jacksepticeye - 13 days ago
So Avenged Sevenfold actually ackowledged this cover and put it on their channel, I'M FREAKING OUT!!!
Ashlyn-Rae Fitzgerald
Ashlyn-Rae Fitzgerald - 7 days ago
jacksepticeye THATS SO AWESOME JACK!!!!!!
aiden zadorecky
aiden zadorecky - 9 days ago
jacksepticeye finnaly
Brandon38659 - 9 days ago
scout p
scout p - 9 days ago
You are a drum god
JBRUV EGG - 9 days ago
Thats badass
mistersteel yogirl
mistersteel yogirl - 4 hours ago
Omg I cant believe Jack my favorite youtuber made a drum cover of my favorite band and song 😁😀😃😃😃😃😃
64BIT DRUMMING - 5 hours ago
Jay theBird
Jay theBird - 6 hours ago
You have such great talent! Jacksepticeye the drummer prince!
A guy with random convictions
Me: Man, everyone keeps recommending A Little Piece of Heaven, and all those songs for reactions. They're good, but how about Unholy Confessions?
Sean: *this video*
Me: ... *clicks*
Owen Carrol
Owen Carrol - 10 hours ago
Fuck yes
DROGO D - 10 hours ago
martin daniel godinez obregon
We need Jack and press playing together!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh
Jahseh is dead rip
Jahseh is dead rip - 11 hours ago
Hey king nice fucking posture. {no sarcasm}
Gabe Bertolino
Gabe Bertolino - 11 hours ago
Play mad hatter next
Nicklos Koenigs
Nicklos Koenigs - 12 hours ago
Cooper McGlynn
Cooper McGlynn - 12 hours ago
Badass bro
kaden turvey
kaden turvey - 13 hours ago
Jack you killed it I love hearing you play the drums
guffer825 - 14 hours ago
What pedals do you use?
Raymond Danner The Greatest Welding Teacher
Mike Jones
Mike Jones - 14 hours ago
You gotta do more covers Jack! Theae drum series have been really great 👍
F L U F F - 14 hours ago
Best/Favorite Unholy Confession cover 🔥🔥💯✅ keep up the great content
Waͣtͭeͤrͬ sᴘʟᴀsʜ
He looks like an entirely different person when drumming
*get a man who can do a lot of things*
Elvis De Jesus
Elvis De Jesus - 15 hours ago
Jack you should do a cover of an ÆTHER REALM song.
I play Gitar
I play Gitar - 15 hours ago
Randomly saw this right after listening to the song
party_ Shane
party_ Shane - 15 hours ago
God that entire album was sick this song especially. Props to you man the cover was dope I love avenged sevenfold I think it’s awesome they acknowledged this cover
Mak Mak
Mak Mak - 15 hours ago
guys his smile does not falter in this
i absolutely love it
Basti Barkema
Basti Barkema - 16 hours ago
anyone knows which drum set he is using?
Kate Fokina
Kate Fokina - 16 hours ago
Very good!🥁
The Flying Cow Show
The Flying Cow Show - 16 hours ago
You are so fucking talented
Ava Kirkby
Ava Kirkby - 17 hours ago
Now do disasterpiece
Cameron Swanson
Cameron Swanson - 17 hours ago
As a drummer it makes me so happy seeing one of my favorite Youtubers having such a tallent for the instrument.
Keep it up sean 👍👍👍
Daequan Joselyn
Daequan Joselyn - 17 hours ago
Finally geez I've been waiting for you to make a video with drums again
Ronja Giesen
Ronja Giesen - 19 hours ago
Keep 'em coming, you look real happy when you play. 🌻
blockoplayz - 19 hours ago
Petition for jack to cover feed the wolf - breaking Benjamin or even just have him listen to it because it’s a sick song 🤩
brittany leigh
brittany leigh - 19 hours ago
you've done covers on my 2 favorite bands ♥️so proud of you jack, you're an amazing drummer
Lily Canadian
Lily Canadian - 19 hours ago
i really enjoyed the split cams that showed all four cameras at once. i know it would be a LOT more work, but could you have your next drum cover be entirely split cam?
Brody Carroll
Brody Carroll - 21 hour ago
Jack, you have to do a cover for Am I Evil by Metallica
Ethan - 21 hour ago
This is very epic
Also, just a suggestion, but I think you should have a go at Hot For Teacher by Van Halen. It has a rather quick drum solo right at the start, so it'll be cool to see you have a go!
Μιχαλης Καλαμπαλικης
Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz please
Term1nus - 21 hour ago
That drumstick flip at 1:31 tho
FadliTV - 22 hours ago
Well Played
Marsh Masher
Marsh Masher - 23 hours ago
Hey Jack, I'm writing some music and such and would love for you to be my drummer. You frickin' rock on the drums dude! Keep up the great work :)
MonkeyFlop - 23 hours ago
Yoooooo WHAT the Heck?! This dudes talented
Dwi Mahendra
Dwi Mahendra - Day ago
Nikhil Minzz
Nikhil Minzz - Day ago
Nice sound drum bass
CrazyBozel - Day ago
Play avenge sevenfall Shepard of fire
Darkrose 190
Darkrose 190 - Day ago
i just busted the FATTEST NUT
Jack you should learn to play enter sandman by Metallica
Jeremiah Collins
Jeremiah Collins - Day ago
More A7X and drum videos please ♥️
Willy Mays
Willy Mays - Day ago
This video proves that drummers
don't get enough credit.
cold sardines
cold sardines - Day ago
This shits fire Jack!! Rock on brother!!
Vince Charbo
Vince Charbo - Day ago
Please learn Unsainted - Slipknot, the drums in that song are amazing
Miles Woest
Miles Woest - Day ago
Broooooo plzzzzz do down with the Sickness by disturbed
Cody The Gulf War Airsofter
A7x is cool.
slipknot_da_best - Day ago
Do a slipknot duality cover
Liz Court
Liz Court - Day ago
His smiles, his excitement as he plays, and everything about him is why he’s my favorite YouTuber ♥️
Russian Communists
Russian Communists - Day ago
Do drum battles
ali bradshaw
ali bradshaw - Day ago
need them shoes 👌😫
Blue Wolf
Blue Wolf - Day ago
He's pretty good at playing the drums. I was never good at that. I've tried too.
Like if you have tried to play the drums.😁
PeRx Darx
PeRx Darx - Day ago
You should get
David- to play 🅱️ASS
Roomie - to do vocals
And a random guitarist (sry there’s to many)
And you play drums so we can have a epic gamer metal band moment PLZ
Nova JewV1
Nova JewV1 - Day ago
I'm sorry WHAT?
Hunter Neel
Hunter Neel - Day ago
Lets gooo A7X for life💯
Joseph Yung
Joseph Yung - Day ago
We need some Raised To The Ground
Sans Skeleton
Sans Skeleton - Day ago
OMG you like Avenged Sevenfold jack?!
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