Panzer Dragoon Remake - Gameplay Reveal Trailer (E3 Nintendo Direct)

Jacob Villarreal
Jacob Villarreal - Month ago
Now I have a reason to buy the switch. Dang
Евгений Шевчук
чет фигня какая то
Ryan Conley
Ryan Conley - 4 months ago
Not feeling this remakes color schemes. Too happy-fantasy-colory and happy.
I hope this is just the prototype movements since the dragon seems to fly choppy and awkward
Barry Bend
Barry Bend - 4 months ago
One thing was wrong the iconic warbbled scream was removed from Lagi.
samghost13 - 5 months ago
I love my Panzer Dragoon and my Saturn. Nice to have a remake but i will always prefer the Saturn OG Version.
Moth Queen
Moth Queen - 5 months ago
Graphics don't look that great to me.. wtf???
Takrezz - 5 months ago
I'm crying 😭😭😭😭
Charles Anjos
Charles Anjos - 5 months ago
Goosebumps and light sobbing every time I hear this game theme
BITCnetWaves - 5 months ago
So, are we all gonna ignore the fact the the dragon no longer has his mystical high pitched screech and now sounds like a dinosaur? Looks great though!
Trevor Sabinson
Trevor Sabinson - 5 months ago
I loved this game
aliastheabnormal - 5 months ago
So did Nintendo manage to beat equivalent exchange? Because last time I checked the entire Saturn catalogue was destroyed/lost by Sega outside of ports and they don't really care to bring it back.
AJ Wizzle
AJ Wizzle - 5 months ago
Looks good but seems a bit jerky and the dragon lacks heft. Floats about like a bug
SUICIDALXSHOT - 5 months ago
albert fuentes
albert fuentes - 5 months ago
My favorite game of all time,zwei first of course.
Chuck Bonnette
Chuck Bonnette - 5 months ago
Lagi doesn't sound like that
Cookie 123
Cookie 123 - 5 months ago
Is this anything like Lylat wars? Aka star fox?
Lizarman Metallium
Lizarman Metallium - 5 months ago
Kinda... yes? It was a shooter on rails. You can easly find playtroughts of the original sega saturn one
Joe Douglas
Joe Douglas - 5 months ago
Please tell me this isn't a Switch exclusive
Vyse195 - Month ago
So thevSetich can't have thrid party exclusives?
AcciorraOfficial - 5 months ago
I ask for Darkengard 4 and I get this. At least Panzer Dragoon is actually good I'll take this xD
Hélendloc - 5 months ago
So uh they're remaking Zwei too?!
Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly - 5 months ago
It looks so slow and awful, how big was the budget?
Facundo Poviña
Facundo Poviña - 5 months ago
Ehm nice idea but the mechanics and graphics looks more like a Wii game
Steven Blackwood
Steven Blackwood - 5 months ago
Evil Roy Slade
Evil Roy Slade - 5 months ago
As someone who only owns a PS4, this hurst...
Vyse195 - Month ago
Sucks to be 15, huh?
FEARnoHATE - 5 months ago
Would’ve been interested if it was on Xbox or PS4. Graphics look terrible.
Vyse195 - Month ago
You play systems and not games?
Markell Hawthorne
Markell Hawthorne - 5 months ago
If you dislike the Switch, then why do you follow GameXplain?
Steve Steve
Steve Steve - 5 months ago
So is it a remake of the rail shooter panzer dragoon game or panzer dragoon saga rpg game. (the better game in my opinion)
Ducatidaddy 1098
Ducatidaddy 1098 - 5 months ago
One of my top favorite games of all time!
Phelepos Zoukas
Phelepos Zoukas - 5 months ago
Lucas Grodzinski
Lucas Grodzinski - 5 months ago
Do people actually want this? I thought it was Panzer Dragoon Saga that would have been the one to port. This seems like a missed opportunity.
Markell Hawthorne
Markell Hawthorne - 5 months ago
I think they're testing the waters with this, plus that game was a full blown RPG. lt will take a lot more work to remake that game. BTW, they confirmed that they're remaking Zwei as well.
Eir Wood
Eir Wood - 5 months ago
Looks slow
karnovrpg - 5 months ago
I heard the very first note and immediately screamed for joy. There's no mistaking that horn.
CamMcCoy87 - 5 months ago
Who even remembers Panzer Dragoon to want to play it in 2019? I mean I was 14 when this dropped on SEGA SATURN! Noone wants this!
Justin Fencsak
Justin Fencsak - 5 months ago
Why isn't this on ps4
Vyse195 - Month ago
Because Sony owners wouldn't buy it
GhostFace - 5 months ago
I miss this game
King - 5 months ago
This game was so awesome when I played it on Sega Saturn as a child. Really hard though (at least at the time) on hardest difficulties. I could barely see what was going on a lot of the time so an HD remake will be awesome.
SP - 5 months ago
Was shocked when this was announced. Hopefully Zwei, Saga and Orta follow soon after.
G1zm0 abizmo
G1zm0 abizmo - 5 months ago
Never played the game . But they sega should bring out the arcade games that never got console conversions
Dug Nice
Dug Nice - 5 months ago
I know the Switch isn't all that powerful and maybe this video just doesn't do the game justice, but it doesn't look that much better than the Saturn version, to me. Regardless, It's interesting to see the franchise revived.
Fabio Pessanha
Fabio Pessanha - 5 months ago
sega saturn the beast
Xagzan - 5 months ago
So excited for this one. Orta was such an important game for me, but it always seems like most video game folks don't even know this series exists. So any attention it gets now is fantastic.
eyyojung - 5 months ago
I'm very curious if they keep the old music for these games.
Gaz Riddell
Gaz Riddell - 5 months ago
Really wanna buy a switch just for the Panzer Dragoon remakes! SAGA was hands down perfection and I can't wait to see how this plays.
Melton the Gamer
Melton the Gamer - 5 months ago
My favourite bit is when the dragon turns into a t-rex
WytchTits - 5 months ago
Yeah the track shooter genre is underrated imo and this series holds a special place in my hart.
Dougie McBain
Dougie McBain - 5 months ago
Please remake Saga!
Alisia Jankovich
Alisia Jankovich - 5 months ago
AT the start of trailer I was thinking it monster Hunter I got jbaited
MrThunderwing - 5 months ago
I want this on PS4 dammit Sega! (and Virtua Racing!)
Antonio Bennett
Antonio Bennett - 5 months ago
SEGA is definitely putting in work. Good to see them back in the mix.
Mouritogaia - 5 months ago
Martín  López
Martín López - 5 months ago
Los gritos de Sasel faltan xd
ArCana Gamer
ArCana Gamer - 5 months ago
I've been playing these gems ever since I was six years old. I still have all four of these games hanging out on my shelf to this day. I'm so happy to see the revival of such a fantastic series. I hope we get to see some info on Zwei in early 2020. This franchise seems to feel right at home on the Switch. Hopefully, it sells well, otherwise we may not get a remake of Panzer Dragoon Saga. I understand that remaking Saga would be a massive undertaking-- but not impossible.
Jackie - 5 months ago
Please remake Saga!!!!
renzokuken7777 - 5 months ago
That moment when Sega remembers that it has other IPs
greenydmonsta - 5 months ago
how this does well so they remake zwei and saga, day one purchase for me.
Lunar EternityCommentaries
Now do Shining Force 3.
Chuck Bonnette
Chuck Bonnette - 5 months ago
Not a deal breaker but I hope it has an easy mode lol
Simon Luton
Simon Luton - 5 months ago
Been waiting for news for months, disappointing is how it looks to me.
Anna-Lise Evans
Anna-Lise Evans - 5 months ago
I am so shocked. My brother and I had this on the Xbox and I loved and forgot it. This is amazing
DenGreatshot - 5 months ago
The theme of E3 this year is "Every remake you have dreamed about" apparently. Between this and FF7 this is my adolescence brought back to life.
killemoff - 5 months ago
Tears of unadulterated joy. :,)
Chris Adams
Chris Adams - 5 months ago
YES YES YES! I'm so happy!!!!!
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