GameStop Girl be Playin' Games

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Tapz - 2 hours ago
wait wait you cheated on him more than once
Tapz - 2 hours ago
3:16 sWooZie WHY😂😂
Trey Toliver
Trey Toliver - 9 hours ago
the gamer that u dint notice
There is a man that can't resist the thumbnail that have a hot girl

Me:ummmmm. Should I
Me:pressed et
Dark pen
Dark pen - Day ago
sam jones
sam jones - Day ago
This is wrong gets wrong
im a legitimate dude I SWEAR
I just wanna be able to play a video game without being told some random guy named kyles gonna name a mole on his penis hannah
XxGiraffe_xX - 3 days ago
Been here sense 1 mil
Fffrrr Rrrr
Fffrrr Rrrr - 3 days ago
Lol my name is sawyer gann
Alberto Salgado
Alberto Salgado - 3 days ago
Am married o sorry am single😭😭
thereal JS
thereal JS - 4 days ago
You need a moral compass
Fhdhchchdjcjvjv Fuchdhduccuu
She blew you
NovaTGN - 4 days ago
That woman is a fucking capital B bitch
Isah Azizi
Isah Azizi - 4 days ago
Go ask the husband for a date
Gøkhan Tulum
Gøkhan Tulum - 4 days ago
3:08 Fam I couldn’t stop Laughing
Los gorditos de Fontana
Swoozie: life is like a sandwich no matter what way you flip it the bread comes first
The devils child Filpo
The devils child Filpo - 4 days ago
Bro you for real
Nelson’s Vision*
Nelson’s Vision* - 4 days ago
RMRT Trey - 4 days ago
Head to CSGO servers dude 1 Gamer Girl Talks the whole server talks
Joaquin Grayson
Joaquin Grayson - 5 days ago
ohh meee guaaaddd this ladeeeeyyyyy
scorpion x gaming
scorpion x gaming - 5 days ago
Bro I is dead on the floor watching this I'm only 11 this man is fuuuunyyy!!!!
Victor Verdin
Victor Verdin - 5 days ago
I knew you were trouble when you walked iiin
Mr Drake
Mr Drake - 5 days ago
By the 2 minute mark I said I think I know where this is going
lashonda Harvey
lashonda Harvey - 5 days ago
Diamond & Raven Gaming
Diamond & Raven Gaming - 6 days ago
4:43 hmmm 🙄
Christen Denson
Christen Denson - 6 days ago
Say oof
0:10 is funny as Hell
owo_sendhelp - 6 days ago
Nancy Ignacio turner j Akamai churn bunny
Ty Irvine
Ty Irvine - 7 days ago
Yo swoozie great vid
Arpiter_7382 - 7 days ago
These woes ain't loyal
Let Your Light Shine
Let Your Light Shine - 7 days ago
I’m actually gonna try calling that number-
Update on calling the number:
The number is not in service.
Seth Anthony Jones
Seth Anthony Jones - 8 days ago
Come back plz
Jennah Cadle
Jennah Cadle - 8 days ago
I love your vids
Ajimarikan - 8 days ago
Lol Imma beast. Awesomesauce
Bro so grateful fer all the laughs.
Winding Lion
Winding Lion - 8 days ago
You should do a face reveal

*wink* *wink*
Theultranoob99 - 9 days ago
She grabbed dat juicy D!!!!!!!!!
Sloth Studios
Sloth Studios - 9 days ago
Imagine being on swoozie video like this 🤔
Xlutes Gaming
Xlutes Gaming - 9 days ago
Her husband does a game stop and shoots it up with an assault rifle aiming for the new worker
MrBonkanokis - 9 days ago
Gamer girls are a rare specimen.
Landon Taylor
Landon Taylor - 10 days ago
I patrol my girl like if you do
Music lover
Music lover - 10 days ago
Well the story was something
Sophia Powell
Sophia Powell - 10 days ago

i was sippin tea when i watched the video theese LA Hoes aint loyal peridot
JT iscy
JT iscy - 11 days ago
Im that guy
Curtis Roberts
Curtis Roberts - 11 days ago
Still watching
vBarcode _
vBarcode _ - 12 days ago
Um my mom and dad are married and are the same way wtf and my mom's name is Kim OwO
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher - 12 days ago
Gamer girls dunno what they are talking about half the time
SM7D'S Multi-type videos
SM7D'S Multi-type videos - 12 days ago
This is made on my birthday!!!!!!
Zay Milo
Zay Milo - 13 days ago
Bruh... wtf? Real Pus-pus move not goin in 4 da smash, specially when showty's straight throwin da V right at u. JS? Startin to low key think you gay :/ or atleast bi judgin by the amount of ass you be talkin ya way OUT of... Nice vid doe👌
Nick - 13 days ago
Zay Milo bruh you don’t be the person who cheats with
Drew Menck
Drew Menck - 13 days ago
The real question is why is GameStop hiring so many new employees?! They’re going bankrupt
Ted TC
Ted TC - 14 days ago
“Have you seen avatar”
“Im not in avatar”
X LAK - 14 days ago
This is why you always stay a virgin and marry a virgin. The man was bonified stupid but really? Cheating? Multiple partners?
HOES man. So I've learned a valuable lesson: don't trust women if they look ANYTHING like 0:13. Probably so bad 3 eggplants can fit in the hotdog bun 🤮.
(Both genders can be hoes btw and both deserve extremely violent endings for what they've done.)
You cheat, you divorce and find yourself a non hoe. I know majority of society is whores but it's possible.
Swantayyy - 14 days ago
Lllooollll poop 💩
Mstaires ,
Mstaires , - 15 days ago
Bj brewery is only in az I think
0:13 sees seductive pose peepee hard but he realizes the male voice behind sexy anime girl pee pee falls off then i says "ill never be a man again"
Naomi 286774
Naomi 286774 - 16 days ago
teem trees plz
Lilly Sokimi
Lilly Sokimi - 16 days ago
Everything swoozie says in this vid is so true
yea.com7 - 16 days ago
This is so painfully true, so if there’s any girl gamers watching this right now, hit me up😁😁 @yea.com7 on Instagram 🤪🤪
Tide Girl
Tide Girl - 16 days ago
Yep... dats me
kimberly valenzuela
kimberly valenzuela - 16 days ago
Randomly looking at swoozie's page and notice that the gamestop girl's name is my name and I did work at gamestop at one point. LOL But I include my bf in everything thoooo. Found it funny.
Max Everhart
Max Everhart - 16 days ago
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