GameStop Girl be Playin' Games

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paul arocha
paul arocha - 22 minutes ago
Lmaooooo this is a wild story
Kyle Danner
Kyle Danner - 24 minutes ago
Description of every marriage when you married under age 27 or so lol
MisfitPanda - 48 minutes ago
Nah if I didn't tell my husband I was out with some guy, he would not be happy and it would be the same thing for me if my husband did that.
Kai Logan
Kai Logan - Hour ago
Girl walks in hwbbehjdhddjxkwksjedidjr
Zanjuar HR
Zanjuar HR - Hour ago
3:17 my new rington
Kile James
Kile James - Hour ago
That is a lie
Alana Ash
Alana Ash - 3 hours ago
oh gosh these videos are legit lol
Vernon King
Vernon King - 3 hours ago
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones - 4 hours ago
I waz your first sub
Ossyborn - 7 hours ago
Zelda Of Hyrule
Zelda Of Hyrule - 7 hours ago
Real Gamer girls are Fun and know how to enjoy the life we just like to chill with the Boys. AND STOP THEM INTO THE GROUND! IN ANY GAME WE PLAY!! or get stoped on. wink wink. Minus the Wink wink not sure why I typed that. LOL :D
S34Y M1N0
S34Y M1N0 - 7 hours ago
Lol like dellor JUMP PUNCH SHOW OFF reeeeee
Fortnight God
Fortnight God - 8 hours ago
Dude when are u gonna come back
Henry Scalpcane
Henry Scalpcane - 10 hours ago
Jimmy butler Chicago bulls jersey
Captain Mantine
Captain Mantine - 11 hours ago
*_This GameStop, but we ain't playing games. You in the right place and the right time to get F U C K E D U P_*
Ali Shaikh
Ali Shaikh - 12 hours ago
kahn289 - 12 hours ago
you and this girl sort of deserve each other. you handled this situation so horribly. he asked you to stay away! you said you would, then took the ride from the airport. someday your wife might give a guy a "ride" -then you'll see how messed up this was.
Lil_DerpFox - 12 hours ago
Get your Bell Daphine gamer girl bath water
george georgiou
george georgiou - 13 hours ago
The couple needs a divorce.
Ayden Hill
Ayden Hill - 13 hours ago
Are you married?
Aiden Tobar
Aiden Tobar - 15 hours ago
Whats wrong with his mic?
Huckle Penny
Huckle Penny - 15 hours ago
Swoozie I love you and all but
Batman Jack
Batman Jack - 16 hours ago
Anybody else notice him shake his right hand with the husbands left hand
adam fair
adam fair - 16 hours ago
She Grabbed his peepee
Johnny Esquinca
Johnny Esquinca - 18 hours ago
So correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t it sexual harassment???
kilzzone07 kilzzone07
kilzzone07 kilzzone07 - 18 hours ago
These hoes ain't loyal
Frontier ,
Frontier , - 19 hours ago
Jared Vargas
Jared Vargas - 19 hours ago
I think you should make a Amsr channel swoozie
ONE_shot_GURL - 20 hours ago
How do you find these people? 😂
Uzamaki Pancake
Uzamaki Pancake - 21 hour ago
Swoozie what is your fortnite user name
wa_turbo - 21 hour ago
Love that video man! Keep up the good work!
XD UnyDuck
XD UnyDuck - 21 hour ago
2:40 did anyone notice the switch controllers were upside down
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones - 22 hours ago
OMG! I mean at least she was honest.
Preet Singh
Preet Singh - 23 hours ago
This is game stop just send them back or you will be in jail
Malachi English
Malachi English - Day ago
Who is your smash main
Gapsule - Day ago
Swoozie stealing girls like he steals magazines.
Preston III Shropshire
Who u main in smash
Emmanuel Henderson
Emmanuel Henderson - Day ago
5 mins in and i stopped breathong for a whole 10 seconds, bro I LOVE your vids
LogicXSahjo - Day ago
O.o looking at him and still driving perfectly. Skillzzz
ninja jr
ninja jr - Day ago
3:17 lmao
Kids ItME
Kids ItME - Day ago
fr it happens to me ive talked to a lot of boys before like i play with boys 24/7
Dom Gia
Dom Gia - Day ago
Maybe her husband is secretly gay
young savage
young savage - Day ago
More girls videos btw love all yo videos and I live in Trinidad
young savage
young savage - Day ago
In Valencia
Horzinicla - Day ago
dale mcghee
dale mcghee - Day ago
Oh Swoozie noo these hoes aren’t loyal stay away from those crazy people
Trayvon Alston
Trayvon Alston - Day ago
Trayvon Alston
Trayvon Alston - Day ago
He picked up spider man lol i saw that
Victoria Gates
Victoria Gates - Day ago
Wow.. that girl sounds... terrible.
Vahlon- 9 arts dragon
Tbh i couldnt be around this man and have some shit go down in my life 😂😂😂
Isabella Lopez
Isabella Lopez - Day ago
the fact that they watch your videos...
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