Irish People Try American Canned Meat

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dustin calhoun
dustin calhoun - 2 hours ago
As a follower I say this..
it’s not proper to jump charters..
meats or drinks be damned..
The dark haired lasses in white... were gorgeous.
Feed them more MEAT.
Red Sparrow
Red Sparrow - 3 hours ago
I've never had the meat spreads, but cooked spam isn't bad. Good with a fried egg on toast or on a grilled cheese sandwich. It's not something I'd pick out to eat normally, but it's cheap and has a long shelf life if you find yourself on a budget.
Denali - 3 hours ago
The best way to eat spam is to pan FRY IT!!!!
Sharon Martin
Sharon Martin - 2 hours ago
Slice it really thin, fry until crisp like bacon then add a ton of BBQ sauce, keep frying until the sauce starts to almost burn. That's the only way to eat spam.
Charlie Sourire
Charlie Sourire - 4 hours ago
Potted meat brings back memories! That's what I used to eat when I went fishing with my grandparents!
Karl King
Karl King - 5 hours ago
This stuff is pretty good if you mix it with mayo(miracle whip), diced sweet pickles, diced dill pickles and diced hard boiled eggs. And yes it should be in a sandwich, but crackers will work.
tom080955 - 8 hours ago
elga fox...aka mary claire
Kylea Michele
Kylea Michele - 10 hours ago
I love you guys, but I promise you the majority of us do not eat this vile shit lol
Fanny Buster
Fanny Buster - 11 hours ago
Spam is cat food for people
carol w
carol w - 18 hours ago
Lifelong American & the only one I've heard of is the deviled ham. I know of Spam but not 'spreadable' spam. It's all pretty gross but here's a hint: Stir it after you open it so you won't see the coagulated jelly bits. After that, throw it in the trash & go get a hamburger.
ForCryinOutLoud O'Neill
I would not eat any of these meats because they're gross - but the deviled ham at least (and likely the others) is meant to be mixed with a condiment (usually mustard or mayo) and put on a sandwich, not put on a cracker like it's a fancy pate. Straight out of the can is going to be concentrated pure salt.
Aaron Bays
Aaron Bays - Day ago
Sorry but I'm not eating something that comes in the same can and looks exactly like what I feed my cat. Wouldn't surprise me if that crap was made in the same factory.

That being said, I do love me some sardines. Can't eat them at home though, the cat goes apeshit when I open a can of those things, bastard won't leave me alone.
Tony Barban
Tony Barban - Day ago
For me the over reaction and constant bad language, which would work much better as empathis, are taking about of the fun out of watching these. At least my autistic grandson has reasons for his the occasional time he'll try something new to eat.
Q Tē
Q Tē - Day ago
Rhiannon Wyma
Rhiannon Wyma - Day ago
This is like real broke people food lol my family never had money so we def ate potted meat and ramen a lot 🤣 I don't mind potted meat, I usually eat the armour one tho
Jake C.
Jake C. - Day ago
Shannon basically just admitted she's had cum in her mouth or on her tongue. Niiiiiiice.
ASTEROID KILLER - 2 days ago
Latinos like me, we love the last one, deviled should always ALWAYS GO ON TOAST NOT A FOOKING CRACKER! Also so you know the yellow stuff is the fat from the ham, you can either mix it all together or like I do, scrap it away...but again it NEEDS TO GO ON TOAST!!
Pages of Isabel
Pages of Isabel - 2 days ago
spam is good when u cook it
Ronovan Writes
Ronovan Writes - 2 days ago
The letters stand for Spiced Ham and was created just prior to WWII but that spread is not something I've seen.
therealEmpyre - 2 days ago
I remember when I was a child in the 70s having sandwiches made with spam, potted meat, and devilled ham (not all in the same sandwich). They were better than bologna, which isn't saying much.
American canned meat is worse than dog food and their dog food is chemical shite. A lot of American food you find in the stores is completely devoid of recognizable normalcy, flavor, or quality. In fact, it isn't really food. It's laboratory created chemical shite masquerading and advertised as food.
Bill McBillface
Bill McBillface - 2 days ago
Nobody in America has eaten that stuff since the 1950s. Think about it..
Andrew West
Andrew West - 2 days ago
If you want to try really good canned meat, get some from Keystone foods...or try yoders canned bacon
Pup314 - 2 days ago
I hope you tried deviled ham.
ScorchedCrow95 - 2 days ago
Come on now...deviled Ham spread is divine on a sandwich...
MEEHOWtv - 2 days ago
3:26 Awwww... Shannon swallows :)
Kary J.
Kary J. - 2 days ago
Bleh, I’m sorry for you.
Greg Heller
Greg Heller - 2 days ago
No american ever eats that shit
Gabriel Valentine
Gabriel Valentine - 2 days ago
Blaithin and her short hair 😍😍😍
Janice Nakamura
Janice Nakamura - 2 days ago
Am I the only one out there who think this looks like cat food?
Seth Grant
Seth Grant - 3 days ago
We think it’s disgusting too, we really don’t eat it. That’s more so one of those “I’m starving and I have very little money.” kind of things.
Bruce Thomas
Bruce Thomas - 3 days ago
Everyone knows Potted Meat is made from peckers and lips! If you don't believe me watch the movie "Slingblade"!!!
Beni O'Hea
Beni O'Hea - 3 days ago
Yes! A video where the comments section isn't just shitting on Bláithín.
wendy guity
wendy guity - 3 days ago
Why would they use salted saltines to taste things they've never had? Idiots.
coyote fang
coyote fang - 3 days ago
Hey, they have this all the time in Hawaii
Robert Edwards
Robert Edwards - 3 days ago
Izzat Mo's Art?
Jenny Diver
Jenny Diver - 3 days ago
I love Bla’s hair! ❤️😊
sweettourment - 3 days ago
The red head girl (Blaithin) Reaaaaally reminds me of lady gaga for some reason! I dunno if it's the voice/personality or the smile, theres something!
HaydenX - 4 days ago
Underwood Chicken is actually really good...the best product that Underwood Makes. Also, I would try spreadable corned beef, as they tend to be pretty good. I'm personally a big fan of canned formed meats in general (Teriyaki Spam is phenomenal), so I'm actually well-versed in all of these products.
Ashlee Thompson
Ashlee Thompson - 4 days ago
It’s all just essentially hot dog meat without the casing. I grew up on all of this and enjoy it.. lol but I grew up as poor white trash so... 🤷🏻‍♀️
Rhiannon Wyma
Rhiannon Wyma - Day ago
Yes girl same
Diane Smith
Diane Smith - 4 days ago
Jessica Perry
Jessica Perry - 4 days ago
I use deviled ham for a Hawaiian ham pinwheel and it’s quite good in the recipe, but I’d never eat it plain...
Wagner Aguilar
Wagner Aguilar - 4 days ago
If all Irish people are like y'all on this channel. Tell me what the process is for me to move there!! Lol. FYI - I have been binging on your channel for at least 3-4 hours lol.
Keatton McCoy
Keatton McCoy - 4 days ago
I have ate and loved most of these
(Potted meat my favorite)
broke boy
broke boy - 4 days ago
Wtf is potted meat I am Americans and I don't know what that is
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous - 4 days ago
you're supposed to fry it,when it turns black it tastes so much better,it's no worse than a hot dog,hawaiins LOVE it
ejd53 - 4 days ago
I thought they'd at least have real spam and not these spreads. If it's good enough for Monty Python, it's good enough for them.
Saturdays Child
Saturdays Child - 4 days ago
No, Dermot. If you were doing an impression of the majority of North Americans, you’d be saying “That’s cat food!”
420tripping_on_da_cid bfl_shit
Her shirt when nothing goes right go left but how do you do things right when you go left?
Donald Saunders
Donald Saunders - 4 days ago
You should eat it by the spoonful without the crackers. Taste great.
Casey Shaw
Casey Shaw - 4 days ago
As if they don't eat some strange stuff in the British Isles
Pinky Jones
Pinky Jones - 4 days ago
My sister loves potted meat
Adrian Wilson
Adrian Wilson - 4 days ago
Potted meat bacon cheddar easy cheese on crackers food of the gods
VDubya - 4 days ago
Feckin' sick. They could have relabelled some Pedigree Chum

Irish J still looking like he's had a nasty trip last night
JeepYJ91 - 4 days ago
Something Posing As Meat = SPAM
tom nickerson
tom nickerson - 4 days ago
I feel bad for them, the only Americans who eat Spam are Hawaiian.
Cun T
Cun T - 4 days ago
The blonde is cringy
Darren Bauer
Darren Bauer - 4 days ago
If you play fallout 4, you'll never eat potted meat again.
TRU Dat - 4 days ago
Try cooking it!
Britt Codner
Britt Codner - 5 days ago
It looks like human! 😨😱 I'm Scared because im American Person I have to Eat that Stuff
My side said I'm No Thank you!
Taija Bash
Taija Bash - 5 days ago
Squirrel possum and mouse = spam
Flo Sepulveda
Flo Sepulveda - 5 days ago
Oh yeah potted meat. That was lunch sometimes working in the fields, or anytime really. Still have it now sometimes.
Brooklyn Ryley
Brooklyn Ryley - 5 days ago
Not even Americans like canned meat.
Michael Goodwin
Michael Goodwin - 5 days ago
This would have been one of the 247 shoots these guys have done that I would have just quit. Lol
Melbufrauma - 5 days ago
NOBODY in America eats this shit lol
jrhead1981 - 5 days ago
That's how I feel about potted meat too.
Deftones fan
Deftones fan - 5 days ago
I mean I ate most of this shut during power outages growing up. Dad was Army so we had MREs but I also asked Mom for potted meat. America is weird then???
Jaime Canales
Jaime Canales - 5 days ago
AeroSimmer - 5 days ago
I tried Spam once and... 🤢🤮
Skye Allen
Skye Allen - 5 days ago
Ew, sorry you had to try this, lol. I live here and *I* think it's disgusting... 😅
Jason Neace
Jason Neace - 5 days ago
Refrigerate all canned meats for at least four to six hours before opening to get better results.
dude208099 - 5 days ago
Daddy always said that stuff is nothing but lips, peckers, and intestines. Lol. Like if you get it.
Bruce Thomas
Bruce Thomas - 3 days ago
dude208099 Yeah, hit the nail on the head!
ᵗʰᵉNight★Star - 5 days ago
Spam is great. Uncultured Irish fucks.
Anthony Carpenter
Anthony Carpenter - 5 days ago
Guess I will have to go Ireland and teach you all how to cook that. Remember it's not American until you deep fry it.
Lemon Lover
Lemon Lover - 5 days ago
Oh, stop it !! What a bunch of whiners, you've had pate before, and that's duck livers and such, much worse than spam ! Spam is good for pantry meat when you don't have anything else!!
Larry Pietrangelo
Larry Pietrangelo - 5 days ago
Most of those canned meat to the Irish people and I love the Irish people the American canned Meats are a survival can food in the event of an emergency where one must or provisions in an emergency this is what they are used for however the canned spam you removed from the can is slice it in thin slices and fry it by itself or if with a little olive oil or butter until Brown you can serve it on dark bread with a heavy grain mustard and some onion it's not that bad I've had it for 30 years but to each his own I just finished a bottle of Jameson Irish whiskey it may not be the top of the line but I like Irish whiskey bon appetit
foundwantingwaiting - 6 days ago
Potted meat and crackers will get you through a hurricane 👀
sdguy123 - 6 days ago
Irish Jesus looks like a heroin addict.
Theda Tolles
Theda Tolles - 6 days ago
Spam Is awesome especially fried
kingneutron1 - 6 days ago
As a Yank, my advice is: Pan-fried Spam from the Rectangular can. MMMgood
How To Man
How To Man - 6 days ago
Spam eye's lips and assH(*& in a can.
Robert Genn
Robert Genn - 6 days ago
Don’t worry nobody I know likes it either!
lachazaroony - 6 days ago
Ummm question. Shannon how do you know `its` salty? Hnmmmmm?
Elisha Doss
Elisha Doss - 6 days ago
Adult cow concentrate😂
Ash Anderson
Ash Anderson - 6 days ago
Goddamn this video made me hungry
Joey Leggz
Joey Leggz - 6 days ago
Potted meat reminds me of my grandparents. Guess when you grew up during the dust bowl canned meat was better than eating dirt, which my grandfather admitted to eating as a child.
Care Bear
Care Bear - 6 days ago
As an American I apologize. I refuse to eat those products. Whoever sent them or ordered them for you... Shame on them! Thank you for your bravery.
Sherry Armstrong
Sherry Armstrong - 6 days ago
lol im in the USA and i have never ever tryed any of that
Eric Knutson
Eric Knutson - 6 days ago
Try real SPAM
Shadewe - 6 days ago
Okay I like some spam, but I have never tried spam spread.
Lani Y
Lani Y - 6 days ago
I've never heard of spam spread, potted meat, or deviled ham. That must be some mid west or country folk thing... idk, never heard or ate any of those things.
shawn ashley
shawn ashley - 6 days ago
Don't actually like them. Best way to eat canned meat is to throw it away a just eat the cracker.
artao5 - 6 days ago
As an American, let me say that I know absolutely no one who actually eats any of this horrible shit.
Regular non-spreadable Spam is poverty food for the truly truly desperate.
Buddy Holly
Buddy Holly - 6 days ago
sticky, pungent, acidic meat...mmmmm soo good
Get in mah belleh!
Mariah Kelly
Mariah Kelly - 6 days ago
Potted meat is best with some mayo on bread. It is salty tho...
Megan Powell
Megan Powell - 6 days ago
I don't know anyone who really eats these.
Mr. Cortez
Mr. Cortez - 6 days ago
She's my favorite... you all know who I'm talking about
Lacie Price
Lacie Price - 6 days ago
We ate potted meat all the time as a kid, I loved it. Bought it again a few months ago and it was so salty it was basically inedible.
Rob Braun
Rob Braun - 6 days ago
Yeah I'm American and never m et 1 person who liked spam .. and never heard of roast beef spread I feel horrible for u guys eating any of that
Ellen Gregory
Ellen Gregory - 7 days ago
Underwood deviled chicken was eaten by Sling Blade (I forget the character's actual name) but he called it potted meat
Kevin Balinski
Kevin Balinski - 7 days ago
Nice shirt lib hack
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