Omarosa on Her Secret Tapes & Trump’s Biggest Weakness | The Daily Show

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James Vince
James Vince - 9 hours ago
So this lady gets to leak recordings from the white house ands she's not in jail, but under Obama, Snowden was told he will spend the rest of his life in guantanamo?
James Vince
James Vince - 9 hours ago
There was a website called where they highlighted that Obama fulfilled on less than 45% of his promises. Is it new for a president to promise something and not fulfil on something they promised?
Roisin Gleeson
Roisin Gleeson - 19 hours ago
Y’all she quoted a tiktok
Racky Saldana
Racky Saldana - Day ago
Herman Haynes
Herman Haynes - Day ago
She tells Trevor to pray for the bear in a fight with. Her, basically saying how smart and qualified she is. Then on the other hand, telling Trevor how she failed to see these negative things in Trump and his administration. What Omarosa is, a person who's full shit. Opportunist to the max.
Don Winslow
Don Winslow - Day ago
Amazing interview! Thank you, Omarosa, for speaking the truth.
Jaynell Lewis
Jaynell Lewis - Day ago
M00 CHIE - Day ago
Majority of blacks do not like Omarosa; she is an example of why all black lives matter is not promoted.
Joe Serrano
Joe Serrano - Day ago
Trump supporters should denounce Trump at this point, on the question of whether he's a racist or not. Omarosa has the tapes to prove it. His far right wing supporters get a pass though. I'm pretty sure they are racist regardless. Lol!
Dove Vision
Dove Vision - 2 days ago
One year or.more later......omarosa how far now? How much books you dey still sell??? As an African, black man get plenty problems. We get issues with betrayal.
Abena Sunshine
Abena Sunshine - 2 days ago
Black Excellence at its finest!
Maulana49 - 2 days ago
Where is she Omarosa?
Andy Macedo
Andy Macedo - 2 days ago
Addiction ? Get treated for what exactly ? 🤣😲 must be missing Sutton ! 💁🙄 maybe just worry about yourselves ? Stop breaking the law ! Y’all can’t go a day without breaking the law - to gain nothing to accomplish nothing - what’s your point ?
Joann Jamieson
Joann Jamieson - 2 days ago
Everyone whom can vote needs to hear OMAROSA SPEAK
Adrian Colon
Adrian Colon - 2 days ago
This reminds me of The X-Men movie when Magneto betrayed Mystique and she spilled the beans.
Mona Me
Mona Me - 2 days ago
She's a attention whore, an sycophant and a despicable person. So telling that she got her start from a reality show.
Beverly Dudik
Beverly Dudik - 2 days ago
Trevor you ask the exact question that I wanted to ask her. How and with what did she record them?
SRJ Properties LLC
SRJ Properties LLC - 3 days ago
Omarosa is fine as hell.
Armani Nguon
Armani Nguon - 3 days ago
Amazingly smart and gorgeous!
Carl Woodard
Carl Woodard - 3 days ago
Omarosa sexy as hell, I guess I couldn't see it cuz she was standing next to Trump for a while but gotdamn😍
Carl Woodard
Carl Woodard - 3 days ago
I did not know Omarosa was thick dayum 😘👍🏿
Keeping it Real Alicia Nelson
Trevor needs more credit. He is an excellent Interviewer
innocent omanga
innocent omanga - 4 days ago
I'm here like, "secret service will do something to her".
Glad it's 2020 and shes good
Michael W.
Michael W. - 4 days ago
i hope she does major damage to trump. i will only forgive her if she succeeds. otherwise, fuck her for joining trump (how can you be black and side with trump after what he said and tried to do to our great president Obama).
Michael W.
Michael W. - 4 days ago
omg she is really hot. but it is hard to have respect for this woman because she was very much a trump collaborator at one point in time. and i felt that was a betrayal. maybe it was not. i don't know. i am extremely biased against anyone who collaborates with trump. im black and white about it. and i know that this is not correct. how can anyone with any self dignity collaborate with trump. he is, morally bankrupt.
Debra Nosdoow
Debra Nosdoow - 5 days ago
How did you befriend and associate yourself with someone who is racists for so many years? Its all BS
Ed ChF
Ed ChF - 5 days ago
That woman is so amazing, She is not only gorgeous but smart too
MeliMeli66 - 5 days ago
Aside from her character, damn black women are truly beautiful. I just love looking at us.
Jay-Quin Thunder
Jay-Quin Thunder - 5 days ago
Anybody else watching this and watching her speak and thinking Dam Sooo Sexy😘AND intelligent But thinking about what she allegedly did to Michael Clarke Duncan!😞😒👎
JERSEY JOHNBOY - 5 days ago
Wow i see her differently after seeing that ass she has wow!!! I don't dislike her nomore my lord!!!!
Santana Rodriguez
Santana Rodriguez - 5 days ago
Me watching omarosa walk in: uff girlie you is THICC
Omarosa: ooh I gotta get all this jelly on this chair 😂😂😍😍
Newton Newton
Newton Newton - 6 days ago
trevor had developed and art of makin' his guest feel comfortable; all while they respect his views that are different from theirs... he's a beautiful man, with a great gift of gettin' to the bottom line...
Newton Newton
Newton Newton - 6 days ago
that dress isn't for her... no no no...
missbrowniejay - 6 days ago
Wow compare this to her interview on The View and how she talked so highly of him
Tawana Willis
Tawana Willis - 7 days ago
What would it take to book you Trevor Noah
The One
The One - 7 days ago
Omarosa be thicccccccc ☺️👍
DJS Squibbs
DJS Squibbs - 8 days ago
She's beautiful and smart. And he's adorable and smart as well. 😂😍
slayer 1
slayer 1 - 8 days ago
17:05 realistically speaking though everyone needs their space even the president everyone grows at a different rate this one was merely not up to par just yet maybe the next president
slayer 1
slayer 1 - 8 days ago
1:58 Poor baby bless her Blackheart we have family for her
ron moss
ron moss - 8 days ago
I never realised how beautiful she was
RoseMarie Hogan
RoseMarie Hogan - 8 days ago
How could Gen. Kelly threaten civilian Omarosa with courts marshal? He might have threatened her, but not with courts marshal. I still say Omarosa is a traitor to the country for not releasing the tapes of Agent Orange that she claims to have made. Either release the tapes or leak them, she made them on taxpayer time and taxpayer dollars; America has a right to those tapes. Period.
Katie Bee
Katie Bee - 8 days ago
I hate people that come on here and just want to fight. If you DIDN'T like the interview that's fine, but you dont have to be so DAM ..DISRESPECTFUL to people that did like it.
My God what is wrong with you people.
MsJgreen77 - 8 days ago
Trump is a Nazi. Here we are a year later 2020 he is being accused of knowing the Russians were paying a bounty for American soldiers. He hates America. He refuses to help America stop the virus from spreading. We are at about 2 months before it dismantles our health care system. He wants us to die, he's friends with Putin. He has divided our different cultures even further. He has to be stopped.
Roy Bhaj
Roy Bhaj - 9 days ago
TRUMP makes u show popular. TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP thank you TRUMP. The TRUMP Haters
Shawanda Swayzer
Shawanda Swayzer - 9 days ago
She's right about him wanting attention. He thrives on high school stuff. He just a big kid, that needs to be retrained. With the things he say, and do if you're not ashame then something is wrong with you. He can dish it, but can't take it.
Stargazing Sprite
Stargazing Sprite - 9 days ago
This woman is a traitor.She was hired and paid to do a job. She turned around wrote about their dirty laundry. All families have bad patches and all governments have secrets. She should never be trusted. Somebody probably paid her more to *hit talk. Each state's government is responsible for making their laws and using the money given to improve their state. All of the struggling states are run by democrats.
Ms Linda
Ms Linda - 9 days ago
Love her or hate her.....I got the book a couple of days ago 😆😆😆
B Mell
B Mell - 9 days ago
I really don’t like her, she’s just such a self-centered, arrogant bitch. BUT, when she turned against trump, or more accurately, she came out as setting him up the whole time to catch his lies... & his truths (which I’m sure are far worse than some of his many lies), I decided that I liked her a bit more. Well, after this interview, I seem to like her even more again. She does seem to care about the black community & although we know she’s ALL about the money, at least she feels she’s making an impact. While in the White House, I hope she actually made a difference for the inspiration, betterment & benefit of black Americans. 🙏
Maybe I should buy the book?🧐🤷🏿‍♀️🤔🤷‍♀️🤨🤷🏾
Rena Qhali
Rena Qhali - 9 days ago
Two of the most calmest people going against each other is entertaining I give to Trevor for winning the debate
Thomas Morris
Thomas Morris - 9 days ago
She needs to talk to Angela stanton
Jacques Thompson
Jacques Thompson - 10 days ago
Omar's is a BIG PHAT Lie!! Not on Trump being an evil corrupt idiot, but her place and positioning with THE Trump. He is the same igotistical, arrogant, maniacal, racist, misogynistic, pathological lier that he was during the time she was a contestant on his show. She was in it for the money and he own growth. Everyone else her yours. Why do you think she had such clear hidden recordings? She never believed any good was coming from Trump. She just wanted to make some money. If she admitted that, Iwould at least respect her game. She was not qualified for any position in the administration. Trump liked her because she is just like him. In it to win it by any means. No morals, scruples, or ethics. He was recorded as to supporting the violation of a women's person while bragging and laughing BEFORE he bought his way into the Whitehouse. So she has no credibility to support her being (token) in his administration.
jose castanon
jose castanon - 10 days ago
damn she has freightwork
mata2nz - 10 days ago
Brotha sing to her....Tell her. She’s beautiful...
mata2nz - 10 days ago
Oh She’s beautiful
"Cancer What Is It Good For ! Making Friends ? "
Press Secretary States He doesn't Lie , Who Is Wrong when they are right ?
miss amka
miss amka - 10 days ago
Omarosa should open a school where she teaches how to be a badass she is beyond smart
twistedblktrekie - 2 days ago
@Good Rose 😊 Before Donald Trump became POTUS, even he admitted that she made him a household name.
Good Rose
Good Rose - 3 days ago
@twistedblktrekie she is annoying as hell but she knows what she is doing. She is like those villain you love to hate but the show wouldn't be entertaining without them.
twistedblktrekie - 3 days ago
Yeah. Even people who don't like her and think she is a "B" remark about how smart and cunning she is.
Kennon Williams
Kennon Williams - 10 days ago
Bet she wrap them lips around him ...I bet ...remember she was an apprentice
Kennon Williams
Kennon Williams - 10 days ago
She wouldn't be regretting nothing if she was still with them
Omari Janhrette
Omari Janhrette - 10 days ago
Omarosa > Candice Owen
lashelle capos
lashelle capos - 10 days ago
Omarosa has been demonized, cuz often she can appear as a mean girl, but I do feel her opinion of the prepresident trump vs president trump. He did appear 2 be a very successful biz man and something 2 aspire to. Glad she discovered, personally, he’s not what he appeared to the public.
tree flower
tree flower - 11 days ago
Trevor you are so handsome
Ben omar
Ben omar - 11 days ago
She didnt stepped back ,,shes been fired against her will ,
JustUs - 11 days ago
Bitch please!
Scottie Pimpin
Scottie Pimpin - 11 days ago
Politics aside. She is low-key fine 😍.
Sergio Martinez
Sergio Martinez - 11 days ago
Damn!!! Sister is stupid thick!
Tony Parks
Tony Parks - 11 days ago
Tony Parks
Tony Parks - 11 days ago
Remember the clintons killed people so you may be next all presidents are related so they got the same assassin connections Church lesson number five. Know that self know thy enemy
Tony Parks
Tony Parks - 11 days ago
Tony Parks
Tony Parks - 11 days ago
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Tony Parks
Tony Parks - 11 days ago
CEO of State Farms insurance company requested sex for nonprofit tax exemption filing fee money for minority housing. Everybody that requested money got paid in my trolley accident accept a Muslim that is racism. Boycott State Farms insurance company call them ask why come Katrina victims never paid they were black. State Farms insurance company f****** my secretary in his butthole for $2,500 his name her name Nathaniel cross I told State Farms company boy Damien Ice Cube movie Friday After Next Katt Williams talking to Terry Crews. I don't get paid cuz I'm not gay ain't that a God bless State Farms insurance company CEOs so they may stop being a racist attorney is requested black lives matter it's been 5 years black lives don't matter State Farm tell me. Black attorney is requested White attorney Michael Stevenson refused to appeal when black lady was dismissed from jury selection. Talk about that talk about State Farms company black lady from jury selection black lives matter Muslim lives matter Muslim Ministries lives matter
Gustavo Juarez Pantoja
Gustavo Juarez Pantoja - 11 days ago
Fuck that bitch she sold her sold for money fuck her fuck her a thousands times
Mkub - 12 days ago
Errrmmmm... did she just say there were 600 murders in Chicago in one weekend...? @06:10 lol I live here, I know crime can get a bit outrageous (but actually per capita we are far from the worst), but yeah no. There has been no weekend that 600 ppl got murdered!!!! Did she mean in the entire country?!
Cinnamon Girl
Cinnamon Girl - 13 days ago
well, she became insignificant quick.
Vickki Norton
Vickki Norton - 13 days ago
🐦 of a feather; leopards don't change their spots they only grow bigger.😔🗽
Vickki Norton
Vickki Norton - 13 days ago
Wow! Pray for the bear 😰
Vickki Norton
Vickki Norton - 13 days ago
Bless your heart Sistah, Trump referred to Haitians as a place of a sh#tho##.😣He's a stomp down racist.🌉🗽
Vickki Norton
Vickki Norton - 13 days ago
No disrespect but Sistah you were one of his wild cards that faild him when yours 👀 seen the truth. 😞
Classy Raps
Classy Raps - 13 days ago
Omarosa is the best
Therapist 84
Therapist 84 - 13 days ago
Everything about her is FAKE! 🙄 🙄 🙄 😒 😒 😒
Nei Clemons
Nei Clemons - 13 days ago
I believe her.
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