Luxury Modern Small Home Built In Suburban Backyard

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Master Blek
Master Blek - 11 hours ago
This looks fine but why not making the house bigger and build the pool on the roof instead?
The rest of the space can be a garden and also there can be a pond with fish that will produce poop for the garden so the fruits and veggies can grow better.
oscar luna
oscar luna - 17 hours ago
Amazing video wooooo
glb360 - 19 hours ago
I thought that was a kangaroo on the deck at 4:26 LOL
Fun Toys and games
Fun Toys and games - Day ago
What color is the house from outside
S. Pohl
S. Pohl - Day ago
These guys are great!  Love the open design and the playful nooks and crannies.  I'm sure they'll figure out how to adapt things for their growing kids.  These people definitely know how to make life fun.
Taylor Banda
Taylor Banda - Day ago
I bet it sucks changing the bed sheets. Lol. RIP.
It's a cool idea! But, I would want more space. I would like to be able to stretch and not touch the walls. I'm 4"11 and I feel it would be cluttered for me.
But I have to admit it give the kids opportunities to be outside more but I live in Texas so it gets stupid hot outside, idk about having the windows open during summer. I'd get rid of the huge pool and put a jungle gym for the kids instead, something the whole family could use to exercise together.
Michael Ojour
Michael Ojour - Day ago
lol, the sheets.
Michael Ojour
Michael Ojour - Day ago
9:58 *sees bed in room. Him: "Is this your bedroom in here?"...
blk pocah
blk pocah - Day ago
She said most of her food comes from their home... but yet 95% of the garden shown is flowers?
That 400k must of hit hard
Alexandra A
Alexandra A - Day ago
I liked it up until I saw the girls room. I'm all for tiny but that is insanely tiny. I'm not sure how I feel about the whole pool situation when the girls barely have a bedroom, seems like a selfish move but I could be wrong.
Alizeh Hasan
Alizeh Hasan - Day ago
sweatyjakey99 - Day ago
the poor girls are never gonna be able to sneak boys in haha
sweatyjakey99 - Day ago
the thing is when the girls grow up it's gonna be too small.
Vox Nihili
Vox Nihili - Day ago
Beautiful pool.
Zeus Sniper
Zeus Sniper - Day ago
Actually morans! Building a house behind your house
YUNG RICHEST WAY - 5 hours ago
Kenabi San
Kenabi San - Day ago
Great shots 💯
sportangelv Berry
sportangelv Berry - 2 days ago
Where do they park there vehicle?
sportangelv Berry
sportangelv Berry - 2 days ago
How beautiful, what a true blessing
Mia Tyndall
Mia Tyndall - 2 days ago
Ummmmmmmmm????? This is not a tiny house
Heather Principe
Heather Principe - 2 days ago
Definitely an expensive tiny house. I am happy for them. Glad they're able to do all of this. I think Mom looks very similar to Rebecca St James and Natalie Portman in one.
Emulate Me, The Universe.
What a beautiful colorful aerial view! That's hard to find in America. A lot of quality common sense things are...
TheEldux - 2 days ago
yo, does any family who lives in a tiny house think about what to do when their childs grow up? I mean, where they supposed to sleep in about 7 years?
The meme guy?6/Jackson the gay
"We've got heaps of storage here. Proposals more than we need" said twice
simply Hamy
simply Hamy - 3 days ago
when he said the swimming pool is the size of your house I just laughed so hard at that LMAO savage bro.
Barb - 3 days ago
Stunning! I think this is my all time favourite!
Vanessa H.
Vanessa H. - 4 days ago
This is beautiful and with the pool and everything, I think the price is justified. However, making the beds or changing sheets in the kids' rooms looks to be a night.are!
khorgeswar basumatary
khorgeswar basumatary - 4 days ago
Beautiful family...
Lucifer - 5 days ago
U can buy a real
Mansion for 400k ...just saying
Lucifer - 3 days ago
Dawn Corder no where in Australia?
Dawn Corder
Dawn Corder - 3 days ago
Not in Australia you can't. And the 400k is in Australian dollars. That's less than 300k in U.S. dollars. In California 400k gets you a house that is maybe 2000sqft.
Ash Mac
Ash Mac - 6 days ago
Pretentious Sydney-siders, 400k for a box.
Spacey - 6 days ago
Oh boy, it's sad to see so many comments complaining about privacy and lack of space when you can clearly see they do everything to make this house suitable for children. I wish I had as much privacy as them growing up.
marcus larwa
marcus larwa - 6 days ago
I’m sorry these Aussie men are weak af, I can’t count how many times these guys have been forced to do this cuz their women wanted a tiny house. Watch how much money these guys waste when these women grow out of their tiny house faze and want a reg size home again.
Xheikh Rizwan
Xheikh Rizwan - 6 days ago
So much windows .
Indigo Brunton
Indigo Brunton - 7 days ago
I'm sure majority viewers / subscribers on this channel are white and probably don't care about this, but did anyone notice the GOLLIWOG on the children's play shelf?! It can be seen in plain view at 13:13. I'm really disgusted that Australians still think it's okay to encourage children to play with these harmful, hurtful and deeply racist "dolls" that have 100% of their history in anti-blackness and slavery. It's disturbing to see such a "modern" family holding onto these relics, and normalizing them for their children.
Celtic Batman
Celtic Batman - 7 days ago
400000AUD is less than 250k Euro or USD. Still alot but that pool in a place with hard rock could cost half that. Depending on where they are in Sydney, it may well be a huge bargain. Certainly a nicer look than all the other houses around that looked a bit 70's dated and garishly large. If they get enough rent out of it, then I guess it is a win for their young family. It is not a tiny house on wheels for 6000, but I think it is great that they do videos on a wide spectrum of tiny ideas.
Tiny House Indonesia
Tiny House Indonesia - 7 days ago
The next tiny house from indonesia
shikha b
shikha b - 7 days ago
The kids rooms the best 😇 the guy is so thoughtful to have the tv adjusted for viewing it from the pool
Tatiana Friedman
Tatiana Friedman - 8 days ago
400k house and children don't have a normal bedrooms and playing under the bed?
Tatiana Friedman
Tatiana Friedman - 8 days ago
400k house and children don't have a normal bedrooms and playing under the bed?
Darlxx - 6 days ago
Tatiana Friedman hello,did you hear the conversation about Sydney, how it’s the most expensive city in the world.. Sydney is ridiculously overprice, but that comes down to supply and demand..hence why this house cost them $400k, the owners I would think, will add on another bedroom with ensuite and a later date to grow with the family! It’s beautiful, appropriate and very loving, I theme I see a lot on this great Chanel! Bye 🌸🦄
Christian Dave
Christian Dave - 8 days ago
That pool is sick
jiji maki
jiji maki - 8 days ago
Sooorrry but I m not impressed...whats the point of having such a big luxurious pool n u stiill have to sleep in boxes
Guvnor Adam
Guvnor Adam - 8 days ago
Lacus Xiong
Lacus Xiong - 9 days ago
It's really very beautiful home,i like it very much. especially the swimming pool.
Sarah Welstead
Sarah Welstead - 9 days ago
Their website says that the place is going to be listed on Airbnb soon, so I'm guessing that they're realizing they need a bit more space. Which is fine, of course. But I think it's interesting that so many of the people featured in these videos - especially when it's a couple or family - say they've been living in these places less than a year. (Or, like the one in Penticton, it turns out that even though a 'family' moved in, one or more members of the family moved out within a year.) Would really like to see you go back to some of these places 3+ years later to do a follow up. Because while I think tiny house living is great, and no 4-person family needs 4000sqft, I just don't think that 350sqft is going to work for a family of 4 in the longer term.
My Name
My Name - 9 days ago
Lovely but not small...try to live in a city...
Luv R
Luv R - 9 days ago
These “tiny” houses are getting bigger and bigger
Cyndi Foore
Cyndi Foore - 9 days ago
Simply beautiful
Opoy Bagacina
Opoy Bagacina - 9 days ago
No bathtub
N B - 10 days ago
That pool space is amazing. I know I Day this about every one but I think this one is my fav just how the house and the pool feel like one space.
Jessica B.
Jessica B. - 10 days ago
Two small kids and a pool so close... that scares me.
Jackie Hill
Jackie Hill - 10 days ago
Did they have a washer/dryer? I don't recall seeing a unit and they created such an amazing space, I couldn't imagine going to a laundromat.
Ana Paula Brito
Ana Paula Brito - 11 days ago
I just love this channel!!!
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