The Try Guys Try Professional Bartending

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The Try Guys
The Try Guys - Month ago
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SailingInTheSky - 22 days ago
Keith is the best
Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels - 27 days ago
Casual Outdoorsman
Casual Outdoorsman - 28 days ago
What a bunch of queers
SugarHoneyKisses - 28 days ago
The Try Guys i want the try guys learn Piano from “Thatmidgetasian” who looks like Eugene’s futurn son. 😄👍 Everyone on his channel has been telling him he looks like Eugene.
mina !
mina ! - 29 days ago
The Try Guys I wish I could afford these
Charlene Jo
Charlene Jo - 2 hours ago
Yay for mocktails! I’d definitely try those.
Harmony C
Harmony C - 5 hours ago
That bartender was actually super cool
Cassidy Purdy
Cassidy Purdy - 10 hours ago
zach: i don't drink anymore
my dumbass: is he pregnant?
Cassidy Purdy
Cassidy Purdy - 10 hours ago
i just scrolled down and saw another comment similar to this, oops
Avichai Caplan
Avichai Caplan - 13 hours ago
5:00 such a pure smile from Eugene!
Vuderox - 16 hours ago
That 'egg joke-off' between Keith and Ned really shines a light onto Keith coming up with the puns instantly. And don't get me wrong, Ned had thrown some good puns as well, in fact the 'shell out' joke was my favorite, but I love how Keith instantly comes up with his puns when given a sentence or a phrase. I respect it. I WANT MORE.
Renee Hoenicke
Renee Hoenicke - Day ago
No but can we talk about how Eugene was TOTALLY RIGHT when he said that adding alcohol to non-alcoholic things tends to help him win and then the ONE TIME IT IS LITERALLY ALL ALCOHOL HE LOST. I'm DYING of laughter right now! XD
Also NED WON AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
R. Dexter
R. Dexter - Day ago
TBH not seeing the decimal point and pouring 5 oz instead of .5 oz is definitely a mistake I would make!
Alexa Mandes
Alexa Mandes - Day ago
The fashion in this video is too good
Ruzette Borbe
Ruzette Borbe - Day ago
Is it just me or Ned looks like a professional Baby Bottle shaker? 😂😂😂
Blaine Arrieta
Blaine Arrieta - 2 days ago
We can save it! we can save it ! 😂😂
DuchessWolfie - 2 days ago
I’m not sure why, but this fascinates me so much, bartending and mixology fascinates me for some reason
natkatmac - 2 days ago
Ned's inner chemist just exploded with happiness
Isabel Duenas
Isabel Duenas - 2 days ago
idk why but the bartender in this video really bugs me..
Alyssa Marie
Alyssa Marie - 2 days ago
I love Keith so much lmao
daniel sung
daniel sung - 2 days ago
Gay marriage just got passed in australia 🇦🇺 so many religious (Roman Catholic,musilm Christian)and sport persons mostly Pacific Islanders are against it no idea 🚃this place more of mutilcultural or christianise prime minister taking over 👩🏻‍🚀no fucking comment on this please 🦔🦔
mika nakagawa
mika nakagawa - 2 days ago
At least Ned wasn’t 3rd place
mika nakagawa
mika nakagawa - 2 days ago
Is it just me but does the teacher looks like Ben... (simply nailogicol )
Slimey Annihilation
Slimey Annihilation - 2 days ago
I feel like bartenders have a really strong arm muscles
Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas - 3 days ago
8:46 xD hahaha 14:44 xD hahaha
Alison Jones
Alison Jones - 3 days ago
I agree with Zach, I think olives are disgusting.
Just the smell makes me sick to my stomach, and it stays in my nose for hours and hours.
Kelsey Heuschkel
Kelsey Heuschkel - 3 days ago
Honestly, with that hat, Ned looks like a 2019 version of Indiana Jones
Suki Plays
Suki Plays - 3 days ago
Stella Xoxo
Stella Xoxo - 3 days ago
I m unknowingly binge watching try guys videos and its not gonna stop😂
BeccaPekkaRekka - 3 days ago
Smh using jiggers when you can just use the 1oz pour
PragmaticSkink - 3 days ago
wait when did zach get hot? he legit looks like taron egerton or is it just me?
Sri Ram
Sri Ram - 3 days ago
Eugene is sexy af doing bartending
Anne - 4 days ago
Replayed Eugene shaking like a thousand times😍😍😍
yogalala86 - 4 days ago
‘Its like Hunger Games but with drinking’
.....yeh....& also no children get slaughtered for entertainment....but otherwise...totally the same Eugene 👍🏻
Hoseki - 4 days ago
I wish they made it Try guys mix cocktail without a recipe that would be so awesome
Vigil Gaming
Vigil Gaming - 5 days ago
When I see my grades 15:54😂🤣
Charlotte Rotenberg
Charlotte Rotenberg - 5 days ago
Finndawg731 - 5 days ago
Eugene has created a cocktail in trying to make a pie the man lied
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki - 5 days ago
Eugene sure know how to shake it up and down
Bee'zzz - 5 days ago
Ugiene is such a try hard.
Tobias Widelski
Tobias Widelski - 5 days ago
Eugene you do not look good in makeup
Elyssa Lee
Elyssa Lee - 6 days ago
"they get to try white ladies all the time let Eugene have a taste"
Im screaming
Gigi Bust
Gigi Bust - 6 days ago
Zach not knowing what a decimal point is me in math class ☠️🤣
Ashley Li
Ashley Li - 6 days ago
14:42 eugenes side smerk is really sexy👌😍
K Lu
K Lu - 6 days ago
The egg jokes got me dead😂😂😂
Ivy White
Ivy White - 7 days ago
Wait. An alcohol challenge, and Eugene DIDN'T win?! WHAT?!!!
jonstuartjon3 - 7 days ago
Favorite video so far, and I’ve been watching for a couple of years. The Try Guys should try a personality test/strong inventory test.
Maria Olivia Espeleta
Maria Olivia Espeleta - 7 days ago
When Eugene is shaking, it's so sexy.
Snigdha Chatterjee
Snigdha Chatterjee - 7 days ago
no one:
Zach: puts 5 ounces of syrup into a mocktail instead of 0.5 ounces
Snigdha Chatterjee
Snigdha Chatterjee - 7 days ago
no one:
Zach: puts 5 ounces of syrup into a mocktail instead of 0.5 ounces
Not Illegal
Not Illegal - 7 days ago
Keith screaming FUCK is what I'm here for
GothicQueen - 7 days ago
Everything Eugene does he always look hot. None of the other try guys ever look hot when doing anything. no offence but thats what i think atleast. Love em all though, but mostly Eugene.
Ally & Paige
Ally & Paige - 8 days ago
At 2:30 to 2:33 what is wrong with Zach’s finger?
Alix J
Alix J - 8 days ago
'Damn he's so hot'

Keith being relatable asf lmaoooo
y e e
y e e - 8 days ago
omg why does summer wind sound like the best drink on the planet
Basra Keynan
Basra Keynan - 8 days ago
There should be a shaking montage
Hailey Ross
Hailey Ross - 8 days ago
Finally a "Try Guys Try -" video!
Christopher McPherson
Christopher McPherson - 9 days ago
You guys should try being a teacher for a day.
MintyFresh103 - 9 days ago
they look like they're about to gentrify my neighbourhood
Saust - 9 days ago
Zach-Charles Boyle
Keith- Jake Peralta
Sorry, it had to be said
Mandy Phan
Mandy Phan - 9 days ago
Wow Ned isn’t in third place again
Mark Ramsey
Mark Ramsey - 9 days ago
"more of a white wine guy" so Ned has no taste in alcohol, got it
austinreyno - 10 days ago
Who wants a bartender with yellow ass teeth
Bmx Bois
Bmx Bois - 10 days ago
Just wanna say metal straws can kill people so um would you rather save humans or animals your choice
just no
just no - 4 days ago
Animals every time 😂
Rachel Guevara Bjarke
Rachel Guevara Bjarke - 10 days ago
Put everything in a cup. Shake it around and you can drink out of a cup. No, it is not crazy to drink out of a cup, or eat out if a cup. Cups make awesome cereal bowls or to pack around some popcorn, with your cocktails. There should be a popcorn cocktail. No KFC, pun Ford Brain.
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