The Business Of Amazon Shipping Boxes

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Rohan puri
Rohan puri - Day ago
Wtf i think paper are formed by the crop in farms
Catsudon - 6 days ago
Yeah that’s what was on my mind every time I saw a Amazon video. “Damn the box manufacturing industry is booming”
rwwbeast1 - 7 days ago
The answer to this question is your mom know get this off my recomended
Orlando Thrifter
Orlando Thrifter - 7 days ago
I worked at union camp in the late 90s. They had one multi million dollar special order German made Machine that ran almost constantly making boxes for 'milko'. They were basically boxes to transport containers of milk or orange juice. Another machine that was as old as wwii was primarily used to make boxes for white consolidated industries. Which owns several major manufacturers of refrigerators. It was constantly running to meet the demand of the super large heavy duty boxes. During the late 90s the demand was high and most corrugated board companies were closing their doors. A person with experience operating flexo presses that cut, print, and fold the boxes typically made more than $20 an hour. This was a time when a standard steel press operator or plastic mold operator might expect to make only around $10 an hour. I know a guy that has been with a corrugated packaging company since then and he is at top pay, almost $40 an hour. That's pretty good for someone who didn't even graduate high school and speaks to the demand of the industry for people operating the machines to make boxes. Swedish companies are recycling tires and plastic bags combined to make materials for building roads. Reinventing the wheel may not prove beneficial but redesigning the box could.
Zahmir Evans
Zahmir Evans - 8 days ago
And that's why I'm working on getting Amazon these hemp boxes, more environmentally friendly, essentially cheaper production, and way more durable. If u wanna invest catch on!
bwvids - 8 days ago
When I buy 5 small items, why does Amazon still ship 2-3 boxes and plastic mailers instead of one simple box? 📦 @15:37 I bet all the items could fit in 1 box instead of 5!
Microtic - 8 days ago
"Electronics and dinnerware will still require boxes."
Tell Amazon that. They just shipped me a 6TB hard drive in a plastic mailer. 😩👎
Tony Mcloughlin
Tony Mcloughlin - 4 days ago
Did it still work?
Troy Hicks
Troy Hicks - 9 days ago
Why dosen't Amazon and other companies like it buy back the boxes and send them back using ups usps fedex or it's own ecommerce.
Andrew Weilandt
Andrew Weilandt - 10 days ago
Paper mailers is the only option. Even if you recycle plastic, new plastic objects can only contain about 3-5% of recycled material. Paper can be 100% recycled.
DisIsMyName - 11 days ago
I worked at Amazon for 7months here in the uk and among the workers it was a competion on who could send the smallest item in the biggest box
deltatechdrcroft - 14 days ago
A waist of trees!
philipface30 - 15 days ago
They forgot to mention one aspect of the customer experience: when a box is left in the rain without waterproofing the product can be destroyed.
Matthew Klees
Matthew Klees - 16 days ago
Drone "Secure Containers" will replace the cardboard box
Roary Calhoun426
Roary Calhoun426 - 16 days ago

Adam Hack
Adam Hack - 18 days ago
Should make box’s out of hemp
Luis Serrano
Luis Serrano - 18 days ago
A flexible plastic mailer... also known as a bag.
Jefte Villasenor
Jefte Villasenor - 18 days ago
Cardboard and pallets
Jackson - 19 days ago
"We cut down on our use of cardboard by using plastic bags instead" I don't thinks that's better for the environment amazon. I have never received a paper mailer from amazon.
Jarynn - 11 days ago
It is. While the plastic bag takes longer to break down, it produces less greenhouse gases and takes less energy to produce by significant margins. Cardboard is super labor and energy intensive from cutting down the tree to finally shaping the corrugated material into a box.
Ryan Grange
Ryan Grange - 21 day ago
Small box, completely renewable and recyclable. Plastic bag, non renewable and often not recyclable. Yeah, progress?
Jarynn - 11 days ago
Cardboard requires significantly more energy to create than plastic. If you are looking at total carbon production over the lifespan of the product, plastic is considerably better than cardboard for most purposes.
sonal patel
sonal patel - 27 days ago
Goodness line
👊🏼 Box Rome Help Environment fight
🙌🏽 Kitchen Gloves Tow Hand Good
👋 Plastic Resacal Earth , Massi Time
Alan Taylor
Alan Taylor - Month ago
A lot of those American boxes are made from Canadian trees
Alan Taylor
Alan Taylor - 10 days ago
Jarynn you know it is really hard to find info. It does seam the USA produces more wood products which is insane considering Canada is the largest exporter of forestry products and the USA is the largest importer of wood products. How can the USA produce the most lumber and on top still be the biggest importer that’s insane. Anyways I did get my numbers screwed up sorry. I must have messed up the export numbers with production numbers. Most American wood stays in America where as Canada is exporting most of its wood and most of the exports are making there way south to the USA. Regardless a staggering amount of Canadian wood gets consumed in America.
Jarynn - 11 days ago
@Alan Taylor The US definitely imports a crapton of wood, but everything I am finding suggests the US also produces a crapton of it, a little bit more than Canada does. Per the cited article below, in 2016 the US produced 32,764 million FBM of softwood lumber. Canada, that year, produced 28,522 FBM. If you have sources, by all means. Finding concrete data on wood production is shockingly hard, as it seems the metrics aren't well documented without also including finished lumber products.
Alan Taylor
Alan Taylor - 11 days ago
Jarynn sorry but that’s simply not true. I quick google search would show you that. 80% of the USA’s softwood lumber is imported from Canada. That’s your construction lumber for building houses, decks, sheds, garages, concrete forms etc... the USA’s forestry sector is big but it’s absolutely dwarfed by Canada’s. I work at the biggest saw mill in North America which is located in British Columbia. I’m pretty knowledgeable about the forestry sector.
Jarynn - 11 days ago
A good chunk do, but the US produces 3 times as much lumber as Canada. Canada has more trees, but the US has more developed land, making the US's smaller supply easier to get to.
Roger Moore
Roger Moore - Month ago
A cardboard box is sequestered carbon dioxide. It also gets recycled back into more cardboard boxes.
Chethan Sagar
Chethan Sagar - Month ago
2:20 if you wanna skip to the good bits.
dan112020 - Month ago
I pray that they are replanting the trees that they are cutting down.
Jarynn - 11 days ago
Yes. These forests are usually owned by the federal government. Part of the contract the logging companies sign to gain use of a national forest is a large fee that goes toward replanting and sustaining the forest. Not to mention modern forestry tends to be very careful about which trees to cut down. American lumber operations don't clear cut, they selectively cut.
sonal patel
sonal patel - Month ago
🤝 Amazon 🐅 Tiger Goodness Timeline
Box Transportation / International
Arash Reza
Arash Reza - Month ago
Tax the richest 1 % by 2 %. Then you have free hospitals and colleges. The Rich Will not even notice it
nstuckey1990 - Month ago
Before we complained about using too much paper now we are feeling sorry about those companies not having enough business
Panda Reid
Panda Reid - Month ago
Fed x drivers be like oh no
Tyrone Smith
Tyrone Smith - Month ago
Efficiency Timelines and Sustainability
Gtox Gaming
Gtox Gaming - 2 months ago
Absolutely hate the plastic packaging,stuff inside almost always gets damaged also it's not discreet so for example I ordered a fleshlight and if someone touched it they could figure out that there was a fleshlight inside.
dark light
dark light - 2 months ago
wow. 15 min video about cardboard
Eddy Edwards
Eddy Edwards - 2 months ago
Too bad they don’t use any packing for the inside
Steven Sokulski
Steven Sokulski - 2 months ago
Did you know that the phrase “begs the question” isn’t interchangeable with “raises the question?”
PearlJammer07 - 2 months ago
I worked at Amazon seven years ago for eight months and always wondered where they got they're shipping boxes.
ボロ from EU
ボロ from EU - 2 months ago
I have never ever, ever bought a single box to package and send sth I sold on ebay, I've always had some boxes I got sth in before saving quite a lot on buying a new box as they can get quite pricey - especially at post office it's like 1-2€.
99guspuppet - 2 months ago
dear amazon please reduce .... reduce .... reduce packaging materials you deliver my purchases in 777PackagingHell
STONEDay - 3 months ago
One month later and this video is already old as Amazon switching to plastic.
Steve Pettersen
Steve Pettersen - 3 months ago
At 6:20 woman is too lazy to flatten box before putting into recycling bin, at 11:40 man doesn't remove bottle cap. Learn how to recycle, people!
Mile Pavlovic
Mile Pavlovic - 3 months ago
why a person that is overweight can be recognized by their voice?
Dominik Placek
Dominik Placek - 3 months ago
Being a postal carrier, I swear half of the big boxes I deliver are filled only with air. Smh.
emm_gee12 - 3 months ago
If only we could find a way to turn bamboo into cheap efficient and sturdy boxes.
Steed_Digital - 3 months ago
Amazon doesn't care about the recycling. They're worried about bottom line and it's not going to hurt their bottom line if the people complaining about plastic leave.
Chelsea Althouse
Chelsea Althouse - 3 months ago
Why isn't Amazon being held responsible for packaging? They could absolutely take the boxes back. There's no reason to put the burden on the consumer and municipal recycling system.
Badri Narayanan
Badri Narayanan - 3 months ago
All this packaging and the waste generated by shipping is sadly not good for our environment. I hope everyone realizes this and be accountable from their part in respect for the Mother Earth we live on
KJR Channel
KJR Channel - 3 months ago
I think Jeff B should be required to take back all shipping materials and reuse them.
Zombie Killa
Zombie Killa - 3 months ago
nothing changed... 30-50% room waste, when ever i order small things! 1liter bottle in a 5liter box
Orc Computers
Orc Computers - 3 months ago
do these idiots relies were paper comes from?
Debkanchan Samadder
Debkanchan Samadder - 3 months ago
4:48 nice
Gary Yu
Gary Yu - 3 months ago
I googled if amazon plastic mailers are recyclable and this video became next on the autoplay. Thanks big brother Google.
fractal - 3 months ago
hemp boxes
Andrew Nuttall
Andrew Nuttall - 3 months ago
Amazon boxes could be carbon negative if they switched to hemp paper.
Peppermint - 3 months ago
The background music is disrupting
Durahl - 3 months ago
*chuckles* Yesterday I received a DIN-A1 sized Cutting Mat ( ) in an Amazon box large enough to comfortably fit a kid inside.
Николай Помещенко
So, China has banned the import of recycled paper on time 😂
Poor socialists
Jermaine Harris
Jermaine Harris - 3 months ago
They aren't even worrying about the environment
sean bouker
sean bouker - 3 months ago
I feel like Amazon should have a box/mailer return day where they take back undamaged boxes
GravySauce171 - 3 months ago
I'm here because i received curtain in a huge box half filled of Plastic bag filled with air.
Jeeto - 3 months ago
12:21 she's wearing a Starbucks apron?
spiralgoddess - 3 months ago
I hate when my Amazon order comes in a plastic envelope. I can recycle, reuse, re-purpose the cardboard box, but the plastic goes in the trash. They even use the plastic pillows instead of the paper now. What will I use for Christmas wrap?
Aaron Lang
Aaron Lang - 3 months ago
I agree the boxes are getting more reasonably sized, and smaller. More "custom" sizes too.
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