Everything Wrong With Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

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earendil señordelamuerte
16:50 To be fare he could have done something better with this scene.
earendil señordelamuerte
4:00 Is not a bad idea, the problem is the script itself, the format is too brief by definition.
John Poo
John Poo - 2 days ago
These aren't sins ffs
Sebastian Vella
Sebastian Vella - 2 days ago
This movie is like Tarantino's version of Forest Gump remaking the parts of American history he likes i.e. film history rather than political history like in Forest Gump. Di Caprio's character is in fact the opposite of Gump.
Sean Millette
Sean Millette - 5 days ago
He used the same font in Jackie Brown as well
K0Fa Danks
K0Fa Danks - 6 days ago
Cliff approaching the Manson camp was supposed to be a modern parallel to a spaghetti western when an anti hero approaches a saloon. He took forever looking around the same way the the other guy in the red jacket.
Third Pigeon
Third Pigeon - 6 days ago
1: It is owned by Sony when this film was made so... licensing
2: Yes
3: He’s an auteur
4: If it’s on purpose it’s clever don’t you reckon seeing as Cliff is Rick’s stunt DOUBLE
5: All people eat and drink shit, you made it a cliche
6: You’re easily jarred aren’t you?
7: He’s Pacino
8: Show as well as tell
9: 1 minute out of 162 and it’s not THAT funny
10: It’s a Tarantino movie
11: Would you rather a skeleton for a story?
12: It’s a Tarantino Movie
13: It’s a Tarantino Movie
14: What? And also, what? I know only children watch your videos now but why bleep Rick saying “fuck”
15: It’s a Tarantino Movie
16: It’s a Tarantino Movie about old Hollywood, what on earth do you expect?
17: Finally, the first technical flaw pointed out here, good one, some actual insight used.
18: ???
19: It is cinematically appealing
20: It’s 1969
I gave up here.
Your videos were funny 8 years ago when they were only 5 minutes long and pointing out actual flaws, no wonder your view count continues to drop, your videos have been trash for years, either stop churning out 20-minute-long unfunny, non-insightful videos or attempt to assess actual flaws with a film instead. “Liam neeson is Liam neeson in this scene” it’s not funny, entertaining or clever, it’s lazy. You are lazy.
Agent OJ
Agent OJ - 3 days ago
Start a new cinema sins
A Clockwork Tangerine
A Clockwork Tangerine - 6 days ago
I could be wrong about this, but the scene near the end where Leo is on the pool lounger with the headphones on could be a throw back to the actual murders - there was a guy in the guest house that night, William Garretson, and he later told the police he didn't hear anything cos he had headphones on listening to music
David D
David D - 6 days ago
You don’t understand buddy. Driving is everything in LA. Cliche to say but no one walks in la. We take a lot of pride in driving and seeing all the lights and countless landmarks. We literally make an event out of driving along the coast enjoying the perfect weather and sunset. It’s a shame you don’t understand.
rudy nosa
rudy nosa - 7 days ago
I like Zoe bell
Dopamine Driven
Dopamine Driven - 9 days ago
Brad Pitt likes sparkplugs
Kyle Coleman
Kyle Coleman - 10 days ago
Dude your correcting a movie thats suppose to be all wrong....
Diogo Sabino
Diogo Sabino - 10 days ago
Fuck You.
It is Tarantino's best movie
A movie to think and enjoy the journey, with such complex characters.
The murder of Sharon Tate that makes us wish the real end was the Tarantino's end...
Manoah van der wolf
Manoah van der wolf - 10 days ago
the bruce lee throw into the car was effing hilarious though. i still lol at that every time and it never gets old.
ryan wolf
ryan wolf - 10 days ago
40th sin is actually not sorry but when you theow someone like that its avout a 240 degree throw i promise
Zariyat Rashid
Zariyat Rashid - 10 days ago
GTA in the 70s would be pretty badass ngl
scentless apprentice
scentless apprentice - 11 days ago
This movie wss great and I award it zero sins. You seem to be offended by the Bruce lee scene lol. Realize its once upon a time, a fairy tale, the scene was implemented to show the viewer that pitts character was extremely good at fighting being as he beat Bruce lee. Don't know any people got offended by it, including his daughter, if anything Tarantino provided free marketing to Bruce lee inc which resulted in his movie sales going through the roof along with Bruce lee merchandise. Too many people are way too sensitive today. Kind of feel like you were looking real hard for things to talk about. Tarantino purposefully puts hidden eggs in spots in the movie such as the tora tora Tora sign. He wants you the viewer to pay attention to whay your seeing. It was paying homage to old-school Hollywood as well as the people who passed away including Bruce lee who died too young and was supposed to be there that night. There were actually rumors going around that Bruce lee may have done it and Jim Morrison lmao. Wacky stuff. Anyway lee is A legend and I'm.sure if he were still alive today he.would of laughed his azz off at his scene. All the time.and effort the actor put into becoming lee shows you how much he loves Bruce lee as well. Everyone needs to stop being so sensitive.
JustMyOpinion - 12 days ago
Was I the only one who got fuckin terrified after watching that last scene in theaters
Bernadette Montembault
Bernadette Montembault - 13 days ago
Aw yes !! The return of bonus rounds after all this time !! It'd been a while !
Ntando Mntambo
Ntando Mntambo - 14 days ago
Way too many reaches.😒😒😒
SuperJuggernaut001 - 15 days ago
thealchemist 82
thealchemist 82 - 15 days ago
Thank you for saying it out loud at 6:02 min
Kevin Strong
Kevin Strong - 16 days ago
Damn dude, I'm sure Tarantino is grateful for the amount of times you had to watch this, to super troll over it like it hurts your feelings he made a weird movie that's hard to follow.. cuz he's never done that before lol
edoardo forato
edoardo forato - 17 days ago
At 6:54 during the fight scene between Cliff and the insulted legend Bruce, you can notice that the crowd that was around them just a second before, magically disappear!
I think was the easiest mistake to spot;)
P.s. btw the last ten minutes of this movie are just legendary 🐛
Benjamin G.
Benjamin G. - 18 days ago
This video the entire time: "Why are they introducing people in the movie that don't mean anything"
It's literally people living life. That's what the movie is. People meet each other. What do you think? lol
Rita Baptista
Rita Baptista - 18 days ago
Oh my... does Natalie Wood death rings a bell?!
Tony Sylvester
Tony Sylvester - 19 days ago
The sin about Brad Pitt never going to prison was incorrect. He spent 2 weeks on a chain gang because he was in the county jail, not prison, thus making his earlier statement truthful. Who the hell has ever done 2 weeks in prison? I'm sinning you, cinema sins.
Lori B.
Lori B. - 20 days ago
Should read...”Everything RIGHT with Once A Time In Hollywood!” 🥳
Advanced Raymondology
Advanced Raymondology - 23 days ago
For me, it was definitely his worst movie. (And that doesn't count Death Proof, the original cut of which was part of Grindhouse, an intentionally "B-movie." Releasing the extended version as its own film felt like more a marketing ploy than a proper artistic decision. But, yeah, that would definitely be his worst if I was considering it.) I am a huge Tarantino fan. But OUATIH, I don't know, it was just soooo self-indulgent. I really wanted to like it more than I did. In fact, I did a review of it where I fall all over myself to not admit it's not that great. I mention how Hateful Eight wasn't one of my favorites on first viewing, but I came to consider it one of his best. I was really hoping the same would happen with OUATIH. But we watched it again at home, maybe six months after seeing it in the theater. And I had to finally admit it to myself. (My girlfriend is also a huge QT fan, but she said from the night we saw it in the theater that it was too long and boring; I kept defending it.) It SCREAMS for an editor willing to stand up to him. I think he's really become a victim of his success; nobody wants to second-guess the genius. But, my GOD, some parts just go on and on and on. All the stuff with Rick shooting the TV show. What the FUCK WAS THAT? It was interminable. And all the corny cameos and cuts to old movies Rick made. The footage of him doing The Great Escape, I don't know if that was supposed to be fantasy or what, but it was so silly and pointless.
A movie can be very, very long...if it's all interesting. Tarantino has himself proven this many times over. But, for my money, he should've cut at least forty minutes out of this one. And the entire Bruce Lee segment was just a total batshit insult to an icon.
So, QT is only supposed to have one more before retirement, right? Here's hoping the next one is a return to form. My advice would be, maybe listen to your editor.
Chace Toxic
Chace Toxic - 24 days ago
This whole movie sucks besides the last ten minutes.
Liam Patrick
Liam Patrick - 19 days ago
On the contrary
8-happiness - 25 days ago
No apple racism against the apple cigarettes at the end. I guess they don't count as apples. 😆
8-happiness - 25 days ago
I saw this movie because of Brad Pitt, but didn't know what it was about. Big mistake, it was one of the worst movies I've ever seen.
Matthew FUSICK
Matthew FUSICK - 25 days ago
The driving scenes were irritating to me. To me it just filled time for no reason
Walter The Terrible
Walter The Terrible - 28 days ago
The Bruce Lee bit was off. I mean they move ridiculously slower than Bruce would just to start. Yeah yeah Tarantino wanted to make his personal fantasy movie but what did he have against Bruce Lee? Is Quentin Tarantino an asshole?!
Advanced Raymondology
Advanced Raymondology - 23 days ago
Yeah, that part was a total insult to Lee. I'm a huge Tarantino fan, but that seemed like an intentional diss. Thankfully, most people I've heard talk about that scene say it's ridiculous. Joe Rogan has a rant about it with thousands of likes. It's not that he had Cliff be able to beat Bruce in a fight, which is ridiculous enough, but that he went out of his way to make Bruce look like an asshole. Bruce Lee had tremendous respect for Muhammad Ali. He was also known for being protective of and respectful towards his stunt people. I don't know who that guy was based on, but it wasn't Bruce Lee.
Le Troll
Le Troll - 29 days ago
Stupid shit video..... its a flawless masterpiece
Liam Patrick
Liam Patrick - 19 days ago
vyom shashwat
vyom shashwat - 29 days ago
This video is made by a pretentious piece of shit who doesn't have any clue about filmmaking or cinema!
Taner Archibald
Taner Archibald - Month ago
Lancer was an actual TV show that ran for 3 seasons. The actor that Timothy Olyphant played was a real man. Lancer was canceled when That actor was in a disfiguring motorcycle accident, his girlfriend died and he lost an arm and a leg.
AwkrdW1llCmdy - Month ago
Made a little Quarantine Short where I tried to copy Tarantino's style.
Check out the trailer and consider subscribing for when I drop the actual short! Please and thank you
Vanna Del Rey
Vanna Del Rey - Month ago
I’m so relieved you took points off for Sharon’s scene watching her own movie. It’s so wholesome it made me almost tear up.
Hector Salamanca
Hector Salamanca - Month ago
You know he loved the movie
Manuel Caceros
Manuel Caceros - Month ago
the laziest movie of his carreer.
dkterra1 - Month ago
The Mechanical asshole line was right out of Christine.
M R - Month ago
Who else thinks Pacino is overrated?
Liam Patrick
Liam Patrick - 19 days ago
Not at all
Matthias Reith
Matthias Reith - Month ago
Me 2 minutes into the video: I swear if he sins every time the movie mentions something about movies and Hollywood I’m disliking
The Protagonist
The Protagonist - Month ago
There is nothing wrong with OUATIH. You just don't get it. Fucking bum.
Robbie Allan
Robbie Allan - Month ago
loved the movie agreed on most sins , thanks for tarantino and his jackpot ideas, what if this happend instead,,,
class movie and i,d say you r honest but fair, take a sin off for that too,
JL StudioPro
JL StudioPro - Month ago
I feel like I need cocaine to be able to keep up with CinemaSins
Tammy Forbes
Tammy Forbes - Month ago
Dude conserving energy like electricity and gas wasn’t a consideration back then! People just thought there was oceans of oil and there was this is a new thing! Especially for rich Hollywood types! So to ask why he would leave the TV and lights on back then is pointless most people did! We had street lights and porch lights to great time to be alive!
Advanced Raymondology
Advanced Raymondology - 23 days ago
As the video says, Cliff is poor. The question wasn't about ecological concerns but Cliff's electric bill.
Mr. Marvel ASMR
Mr. Marvel ASMR - Month ago
How about at 10:35 when Squeaky says "that's a car. That's a strange car"? Throughout the movie it's implied that most of the girls from Spahn Ranch are Hitchhikers? If you hitchhike you're depending on stranger's to take you where you need to go and a stranger's car is definitely not going to sound familiar so why is squeaky surprised at the sound of a "strange car"?
Effy on the Edge
Effy on the Edge - Month ago
Screw it, this films a masterpiece.
RL R - Month ago
margo robbie's only role is to be a piece of ass in any movie she "acts".
Nano X
Nano X - Month ago
This movie was mostly boring up until the end.
Tehreem Raza
Tehreem Raza - Month ago
Sorry but this movie was a fucking boring snoozefest. Even the twist at the end didn't make me feel anything at that point. And the portrayal of Bruce Lee just made me enraged for the rest of it.
Rock ‘n’ Roll Battalion
Nah. There is nothing in that fight scene that could make you feel sorry for one of them. You came to murder? Then you have forfeited your right to live
Vaudesir - Month ago
9:54 LMAO
Anna Heiliger
Anna Heiliger - Month ago
Your voice is annoying af
ShuBabe Facey
ShuBabe Facey - Month ago
We watched this movie in the theatres. We wanted to walk out, but stayed to see why people were so obsessed with it.
Yousef AL-Amir
Yousef AL-Amir - Month ago
I like your reviews but do you enjoy watching movies when you do or you just watch them to make these reviews???
Ben Kennedy
Ben Kennedy - Month ago
There was a Wilhelm scream in the beginning of the movie where Dalton was filming his Bounty Law show. +1 sin.
Insignia - Month ago
Margot Robbie in a film = good film
MrReedEnt - Month ago
Why didn't he include that during the hippie garbage scene there is a 2000s era ford econoline van driving in the background on the street?
Zord Da Lord
Zord Da Lord - Month ago
You skipped over the reference to inglorious bastards when they talk about the movie producer and his name is one of the fake Italian names of the men that walked into the theater in Inglorious Bastards before they blow up/ burn down the theater.
ToxxSick Lemons
ToxxSick Lemons - Month ago
This YouTube Channel is toxic.
drew ge
drew ge - Month ago
the tora! tora! tora! billboard shows that cliff is an unreliable narrator and the bruce lee "flashback" is really either greatly exaggerated or a day dream
AbyssGnasher - Month ago
is it bad I thought this movie sucked?
Liam Patrick
Liam Patrick - 19 days ago
Not really
Doctor Proctor
Doctor Proctor - Month ago
Honestly fuck off with this one
Midtoker Marius
Midtoker Marius - Month ago
I think the reason we see Brad Pitt insult and stand toe to toe with Bruce Lee it's because it's not a flashback, that's the thing Rick is working on right then.. He told brad pitt that kurt Russel runs the stunt team so he's imagining what would happen if Rick got Russel to hire him.. They establish all the bad blood between them has already happend so he's just guessing how it would go.. And then of course if he got the chance he imagines he'd be able to beat Bruce Lee.. That's why he chuckles when it cuts back to gin on the roof, he's like " yeah that wouldn't work out"
Zamacusie Ngcamphalala
Am I the only one that Saw the CLINT RITCHIE Credit on Tanner??🤔 hehe Silly Tarantino
Greg Lawrence
Greg Lawrence - Month ago
Another silly tear down by yet another You Tube nobody.
Andrei Taranu
Andrei Taranu - Month ago
Nithya Nagarathinam
Nithya Nagarathinam - Month ago
I counted about 5 legitimate sins.
kb shrivastav
kb shrivastav - Month ago
I kill people who called me tech support for being Indian on omegle for in my dreams like brad killed manson family
Jason Vader
Jason Vader - Month ago
film critics are just directors who never had enough creativity to make it big, you're just a loser
mediiskit - Month ago
It's a shit film.
Robert J. Williamson
Robert J. Williamson - Month ago
One thing I'm confused about is that he describes the Bruce Lee fight as a 'flashback.' I must be confused as I thought he got that job through Rick when Rick was filming the cowboy movie. Rick speaks to Kurt Russell about getting him a job. The flashback was 'killing his wife,' which isn't actually resolved either way.
I'm sure this guy is correct as he went to a lot of effort and I saw the movie once at the cinema. I just obviously somehow misunderstood something, but if it is a flashback then Rick's movie must be a flashback as he is filming that when... oh never mind.
Scum - Month ago
Nobody cares
Dan Bishop
Dan Bishop - Month ago
Re: Brad Pitt's character lying about doing prison time. He was referring to 2 weeks in the chain gang in Houston FILMING A SHOW, not real prison time dude. 1 sin removed ?
BR0D1ZZLE _ - Month ago
While some of the sins are reasonable, I have to point out that all of Quentin Tarantino take place in a parallel universe that he made up. Thus, some of the details of his world may not like up with the details of our world. This movie literally ALTERS history so it makes sense that certain details (like when certain movies came out) will come out wrong. Heck, according to the Tarantino Universe Hitler died from gunshots inside a burning movie theater, and your questioning what year Tora Tora came out? As for questioning why we need to see Cliff's entire car ride, that is part of Tarantino's style of filmmaking. Seriously, name one of his movies where a scene isn't dragged out for a long time. I never complain, because almost all of those scenes end with something awesome. CinemaSins, I'm a big movie nerd just like you so I appreciate you pointing out some of the mistakes (like disappearing cars and clocks that tell the wrong time) but sometimes you leave out important details that would cancel out your sins.
Wojtysław L
Wojtysław L - Month ago
'Snatch' joke made me giggle, but bonus round destroyed me.
Goo_Ze - Month ago
Rick is just a good homie, he has some dog food just in case Cliff comes over with his dog ye know
Marc - Month ago
I'm pretty sure Brad Pitt could kick Bruce Lee's ass!
Max Purdy
Max Purdy - Month ago
Everything Wrong With Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: Nothing
Nick Jones
Nick Jones - Month ago
these vids arent funny or clever at all anymore
Liam Patrick
Liam Patrick - 19 days ago
I disagree
Nick Jones
Nick Jones - Month ago
also they are embarrassingly bad at following the plot of most movies
ANGELOTTI - Month ago
that bonus round was pure pettiness
Andrei Ciuraru
Andrei Ciuraru - Month ago
About bruce lee scene. You re wrong. He doesn t have to do 180 degrees. He s doing 90, and he throws him to his right.
Cpt Bunbuns
Cpt Bunbuns - Month ago
this movie was so disappointingly bad
Barley Blue-Moon
Barley Blue-Moon - Month ago
I wouldn't say it's a "bad" movie, it just has an incredibly niche audience. If you didn't grow up in this era, and don't have a decent knowledge about the film industry of the time, Tarantino's directing style, and the Manson murders, then this film can come off as incredibly nonsensical. Most other Tarantino movies are awesome because you don't need this background knowledge to watch it. You can just turn on Kill Bill and it's great, even if there's stuff you miss. This movie requires a very specific subset of knowledge and interests to enjoy.
Ray Gudel
Ray Gudel - Month ago
Jeremy sins the killers for deciding to go through with the murders even though Linda kasabian just dipped with the getaway car, saying that it wouldn't work out for them if they committed some murders and tried to hitchhike back to Spahn afterward, but that's exactly what they did in real life after their LaBianca murders, they were driven to the LaBianca residence and they were left to commit the murders with no car to leave with, they hitched home. So I'm sinning Jeremy for not doing his research
Russell Hudgins
Russell Hudgins - Month ago
Weird fact:
Quentin Tarantino has a foot fetish which he has said in interviews and all of his movies you will see closeups and shots of ladies feet.
D to The Main
D to The Main - Month ago
If Pussycat sits on the same bench all day, and Cliff has to drive on that road to get to and from Jake’s house then it’s entirely plausible that he would see her 3 times.
fox - Month ago
crappy movie
Jared Watt
Jared Watt - 2 months ago
Most fun i had watching a movie in a long time.
Gretsky - 2 months ago
Cinamasins isn’t much of a martial arts fan obviously.
PatitoFeo47 - 2 months ago
Umm...actually... ZERO was wrong with this movie. Obviously there's a lot wrong with you. Obviously.
larry robinson
larry robinson - 2 months ago
Ending change unsettled me but not in good way
Liam Patrick
Liam Patrick - 19 days ago
Thank you!
K37 - 2 months ago
What's eating snake pliskin lol. Movie I wanna see
Rocco Delong
Rocco Delong - 2 months ago
The movies Perfect eat $#!T punk
jmTV - 2 months ago
Do know what
Fuck you
Quentin is the best you cant judge his movie
Your not a critic
bleedinrecords - 2 months ago
The TORA, TORA, TORA billboard is an internal/studio billboard, promoting the project 'inside' the studio, on the studio lot. Studio's do this all the time to show the projects they have. It's not a promotional poster for the actual completed film in distribution. The artwork is also different in the final poster. That's why it's up before the film was released. And could have easily been up from it's first announcement of a deal with Toho. So, though I don't know if it's true, it does make purely logical sense.
Jay Sands
Jay Sands - 2 months ago
No sins. This film was fuckin PERFECT.
Rude Dog
Rude Dog - 2 months ago
nothing is wrong with this movie " Upon A Time " Duh. . . .
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