Entering Kill Zone with Great White Sharks!

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OLIVIA CHOO XIN NING Moe - 13 minutes ago
Can you send me a picture of a megodon
Katelyn Cooper
Katelyn Cooper - 18 hours ago
I love Sharks :3
Jessenia Conchas
Jessenia Conchas - 20 hours ago
you are doing and saying the samething what jonathan bird
Kalin E
Kalin E - Day ago
Not the sting zoon..

Animations with Alisha
This video isnt clickbait
ghillie man
ghillie man - Day ago
I remember a time where coyote was doing this...... god I miss him
dod dats a big gareat white shark dats craizi
wow dats craizi
Monkdog 29
Monkdog 29 - 2 days ago
My names coyote Peterson, and im about to enter the kill zone with a AK 47

Mark: good luck
Mario: have fun
(Camera cuts) final video thank you for watching
Gabilanmt12 XD
Gabilanmt12 XD - 2 days ago
Jaja y saber que yo estuve en ese lugar nadando bien agustin y había tiburones
Chester GC
Chester GC - 2 days ago
The guy playing the shark at Hunger Shark Evolution: you are lucky my shark is not fully evolved
xxMrKrabz - 3 days ago
Why does this guy talk the same as coyote
Bisa Plays
Bisa Plays - 3 days ago
Mark: Gets beheaded by Great white shark
Coyote: „Describe the pain"
TeenLeopard 2080
TeenLeopard 2080 - 3 days ago
Cayote: gets shot 5 times

Also Cayote: that hurt more than the bullet ant
Nathan Lowden
Nathan Lowden - 3 days ago
Most underwhelming full breach I’ve ever seen! 😂
NATHAN SHELTON - 3 days ago
Whadda bout great black sharks? Ya racist or somethin'?

Ciara Allen
Ciara Allen - 3 days ago
You’re amazing bro.
Ciara Allen
Ciara Allen - 3 days ago
How do you do it.
- Fetch -
- Fetch - - 3 days ago
"Fitness the FULL Ferocity the great white shark has to offer!"
Shark: "Heehee I go splish."
LandLordLandman - 3 days ago
That water BLUE AF
Keiichii Ozawanikoot
Keiichii Ozawanikoot - 4 days ago
Wow a animal that runs on pure instinct, it won't think twice about attacking anything.
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker - 4 days ago
I’m Coyote Peterson, and today I will be wrestling a Grizzly Bear
Chilionski - 5 days ago
i love how him and coyote speak so professionally😂😂
BlackKnight Gaming
BlackKnight Gaming - 5 days ago
you should handle a giant hunstman
TrueFame YT
TrueFame YT - 5 days ago
You should do a video on how you started your channel. I would love to have the opportunity to be as close to some of these animals as you have and go to all of these places.
Manjot Uppal
Manjot Uppal - 5 days ago
Now that I think about it, this is like Mark's bullet ant sting
CypherZ rblx
CypherZ rblx - 5 days ago
Isn’t it really rare to see a great white leaping out of the water?
worksmagic89 - 6 days ago
The thing i noticed is that the Great Whites barely had a entourage unlike the other sharks in the other videos lol
Jimbo _R805
Jimbo _R805 - 6 days ago
1:56 did he just Steph arm a shark
Coolzummer 432
Coolzummer 432 - 6 days ago
Today: I came face-to-face with a great white shark
5 Years later...: I got bitten by a great white shark and survived
Laila Handsaker
Laila Handsaker - 6 days ago
Your so brave I have a HUGE fobia of great white sharks
Shawayne Stewart
Shawayne Stewart - 6 days ago
Hearing a different voice for an entire video feels so odd.
Blythe Family
Blythe Family - 6 days ago
Coyote: Hi my name is Coyote Peterson and I'm about to enter the kill zone with the kraken
Jeroen van der Steen
Jeroen van der Steen - 6 days ago
am i the only one that actually thought he going to let the shark bite him.
Micah Bell
Micah Bell - 6 days ago
A regular day for a white person I see!
Funbank - 7 days ago
"I'm Coyote Peterson and i'm about to enter the friend zone with my crush"
Nurazmina A R
Nurazmina A R - 7 days ago
So Coyote has the land.
Mark claims the waters.
I cannot wait for Mario to claim the space!! 😂
Nurazmina A R
Nurazmina A R - 7 days ago
Whose team are you on???
Seals: Like
Sharks: Comment
Nurazmina A R
Nurazmina A R - 7 days ago
When is he going to swim with dolphins and orcas?!
Pan Doob
Pan Doob - 7 days ago
One upon a time there lived the four nations.... Air (???) Land(Coyote) Water(Mark) and fire(???).....

*I challenge you continue the story*
Lucky Citra giega
Lucky Citra giega - 7 days ago
Soo good
Marcus Cassius
Marcus Cassius - 7 days ago
This is my favorite animal.
Addi Edwards
Addi Edwards - 7 days ago
You look way diff
Geology and Cats Inc
Geology and Cats Inc - 7 days ago
I'm coyote Peterson, and I'm about to enter the danger side of Gordon Ramsay ...


A dinosaur is chasing me!!!
Geology and Cats Inc
Geology and Cats Inc - 7 days ago
I'm coyote Peterson, and I'm about to enter the argument zone of Karen
d3mchi - 7 days ago
8:51 that shark in the background is plotting something
Montaj - 7 days ago
Why does it look like he was trying not to laugh at 2:57
Juli juli
Juli juli - 8 days ago
Yeah there it was dangerous because the sharks were actively hunting around the person and they were very aggressive but normally, If you just swim along one without provoking it you’re mostly going to be fine. This video is cool but I feel that it just pushes the stereotype of sharks being these vicious, evil creatures. Heck, they’re not even at the top of the food chain.
Nikil Nishanth
Nikil Nishanth - 8 days ago
this is the best channel
Jesper Slijkhuis
Jesper Slijkhuis - 8 days ago
4:55 the sunglasses feld
billyjoclash - 8 days ago
I want a link to the original picture of the numb nail picture for this video SUCH A COOL PICTURE !!!
madhavi Lanka
madhavi Lanka - 9 days ago
"I'm Coyote Peterson, and I'm about to enter the kill zone with the Great White Shark"
*gets torso eaten*
"Are you okay?"
GOdman - 9 days ago
5:20 😵😵😵
Ryan Heywood
Ryan Heywood - 9 days ago
I prefer coyote than this wanker
alexa romero
alexa romero - 10 days ago
carri haskin
carri haskin - 10 days ago
2020 anyone? just me oh ok
Chicken Noodle Soup Productions
I’m Coyote Peterson and today I’m working at retail in a Karen’s kill zone
RL Game
RL Game - 10 days ago
Im Coyote Peterson, and im about to be eaten by a great white shark.
Christopher Falletta
Christopher Falletta - 11 days ago
Coyote should take a Bite from a great white
Crystal CLAN
Crystal CLAN - 11 days ago
I'm coyote Peterson and I'm about to enter the friend zone
F Me Formula
F Me Formula - 11 days ago
Mark: being eaten by a shark
Coyote: “hey Mark” Smirks “You okay?”
Coyote’s revenge
Sunny _:D
Sunny _:D - 12 days ago
If megalodon was alive
I’m coyote Peterson and I’m about to enter the bite zone of a megalodon
ICEY JAY - 12 days ago
Symbiote Soda
Symbiote Soda - 12 days ago
*Shark Mark*
Alfred Sanchez
Alfred Sanchez - 12 days ago
Shaun Fetzer
Shaun Fetzer - 12 days ago
Whilst watchin: oooh... im scared... is he gonna die?.... wait a minute. Hes doin a voiceover. HES ALIIIIVE
Shaun Fetzer
Shaun Fetzer - 12 days ago
Wait so the diver got eaten? You said they let the shark out not the person!
Little Bird
Little Bird - 12 days ago
The killer whales chased the great whites off the farallon Islands
Daniel Moore
Daniel Moore - 12 days ago
4.53 smooth move with the shades.

Or it was an accident...
Ful-O-Gold - 13 days ago
That didn’t look 35mph to me
Jessica Moore
Jessica Moore - 13 days ago
Video starts at 4:22🙃 ur welcome
Smit_ty - 13 days ago
F the ocean ...
Orange Juice
Orange Juice - 13 days ago
Was that a clip of the video "A seal farts when he sees me." ?
Weirdly Exotic
Weirdly Exotic - 13 days ago
Coyote: hi, I’m Coyote Peterson and I’m about to get hit by a meteorite
Takeo Gaming
Takeo Gaming - 13 days ago
Creepy I wouldn't do that
Isaiah Grove
Isaiah Grove - 13 days ago
I'm coyote Peterson and today I will be swallowed by a megalodon in the shape of a banana
Cubest GD
Cubest GD - 14 days ago
I'm you got to check your grammer
KrakenSound - 14 days ago
Blue Wildness???
Kitsu's Closet
Kitsu's Closet - 14 days ago
I am convinced Mark is a mermaid
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