Entering Kill Zone with Great White Sharks!

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Moises Argueta
Moises Argueta - 6 hours ago
I wish I could meet Coyote Peterson. He is my favorite YouTube star.
Bella the equestrian
Bella the equestrian - 6 hours ago
Can we call mark “mark the meme” or is that rude?
Matteo Fortnite
Matteo Fortnite - 6 hours ago
Im coyote Peterson and im about to enter the lions mouth

Mark: Coyote you okay
April Brekken
April Brekken - 6 hours ago
EverSickNick - 6 hours ago
where coyote at tho?
Minhchau Nguyen
Minhchau Nguyen - 6 hours ago
Coyote has the land, mark has the water, but will Mario have the sky?... I mean birds and such.
Vee Onsouvanh
Vee Onsouvanh - 6 hours ago
Shark latterly bites marks leg off and coyote is like did he get ya dude
Hazel Song
Hazel Song - 7 hours ago
@6:15 time stamp for when he got into the cage 🤗
Cobra Fumante
Cobra Fumante - 7 hours ago
Mark the worst thing is not be in the shadow of someone but become a meme... *FROM* *AN* *EDUCATIONAL* *CHANNEL*
Justin Russell
Justin Russell - 7 hours ago
What is going to happen to the Brave Wilderness channel when it comes to COPPA
Higor GC
Higor GC - 7 hours ago
8:19 tell me that doesn’t look like a shark from a video game
Nadd Derp JR
Nadd Derp JR - 7 hours ago
And so, he never uploaded again.
WtfFishy - 7 hours ago
That was dope Mark! Looking for your encounter with Big Blue !
TrollezPlaysYT - 8 hours ago
7:53 that is so cool!
TrollezPlaysYT - 8 hours ago
Jess Martin
Jess Martin - 8 hours ago
Danger sushi
DragonRiders Life
DragonRiders Life - 8 hours ago
The sharks can come from any directection
Shark falls out of the sky
kristina dyer
kristina dyer - 9 hours ago
i love your content
Parker Biermann
Parker Biermann - 9 hours ago
JaSean Chopper
JaSean Chopper - 9 hours ago
This content is on pace with if not better than the type of stuff on nat geo and the discovery channel. Keep up the good work! How is this not a TV show yet??
nicholas ramdial
nicholas ramdial - 9 hours ago
U should enter the sting zone of a catfish
Dur DaDurg
Dur DaDurg - 9 hours ago
@Dur DaDurg
Dur DaDurg
Dur DaDurg - 9 hours ago
You guys need to do an episode on a commonly keeped pets cookitail birds
Benja - 9 hours ago
mark Healy or Ocean Ramsey w ould of gotten out of that cage . But great footage... I think you are smart to stay in that cage.
Guardian Minifarm
Guardian Minifarm - 9 hours ago
So you think we come from soup? Think about it.
Baynachi Celestine
Baynachi Celestine - 9 hours ago
You a plushie6 fish to get ut off the ground
Baynachi Celestine
Baynachi Celestine - 9 hours ago
Hey do a one with the bobbit worm. Don't worry they live in the ocean floor
10k subs without video!
10k subs without video! - 10 hours ago
I'm Coyote Peterson and i'm about to enter the flight zone with United Airlines
The People's Network
The People's Network - 10 hours ago
You should make a tv show fr
its jj
its jj - 10 hours ago
I miss coyote anyone else
Skytheguy 12
Skytheguy 12 - 10 hours ago
You should get stung by the stonefish see how that feels cause it sure made me cry although I’m a 14 yr old dude
Rebeca Rosas-Landa
Rebeca Rosas-Landa - 10 hours ago
No he’ll no
imarielmermaid - 11 hours ago
"I'm Coyote Peterson and I'm about to enter the bite zone with a Great White Shark"
Christian - 11 hours ago
This guy is to annoying to be able to enjoy this video
imarielmermaid - 11 hours ago
god they just look so terrifying
Luqwarkizz - 11 hours ago
Hello, im Coyote And I'm about to get bit by the Great White Mark
Brandon McC
Brandon McC - 11 hours ago
Maybe you can have another channel for Mario called: “Black Wilderness” and it’s about space. I’m not sure if he likes astronomy, though.
Natasha Natasha
Natasha Natasha - 11 hours ago
Haven’t been here in a year and now there’s a MARK
YoungGoon 19
YoungGoon 19 - 11 hours ago
Entering the sting zone: gets stung
Entering the kill zone: Mf gets eaten
Xavier Hernandez
Xavier Hernandez - 11 hours ago
Can someone please explain to me the logic behind the huge gaping holes in the shark cage!! Maybe this activity wouldn't hold so much risk if someone fixed that major flaw.
Black Magic !
Black Magic ! - 12 hours ago
There is something so valuable to me about seeing brand new footage of great whites.
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