Sky News bureau destroyed in Beirut blast

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Jovan Gorgievski
Jovan Gorgievski - Month ago
OMG, he looks like Scot Atkins and he has the muscles. Good Luck Lebanese people.
Minecraft Pathé
Minecraft Pathé - Month ago
Why is it so quick to spread conspiracy theories???
Fahmi Syaf
Fahmi Syaf - Month ago
I thought he was tai lopez
spanishsymbiote - Month ago
Another blast coulda dropped while he was doing this vid for your money making machine. All I know is he’s not getting paid enough. Another blast coulda dropped while he was doing this vid for your money making machine. GIVE THAT MAN ZEIN JA’FAR A RAISE, SKY NEWS.
solid Peachgamer
solid Peachgamer - Month ago
2020 is a bad year a lot of bad things happen
Edward Mendoza
Edward Mendoza - Month ago
Hezbollah leader should be hang look exactly what he say last 2016 in television he now knows in the capital of Beirut their is stock file of chemical could lead massive disaster wake up Lebanon Lebanon is such a beautiful country stand and fight for sake of your country.
Joshua Collett
Joshua Collett - Month ago
SINternet Entertainment
2020 is a year that will never be forgotten
IZHAAR-E- HAQQ - Month ago
Non-conformist NWO
Non-conformist NWO - Month ago
George soros funded antifa criminals just landed in Beirut to cause chaos.
It's time we rejected the Leftist MSM spin and realized that society 
is under merciless attack by Soros-funded Satanists who plan to
destroy it, and us. The fact the corporations and sports teams
support this suicidal madness indicates the situation is desperate. 
Antifa does not seek reform; it seeks to destroy society and rebuild it as a Satan-worshipping Communist tyranny.

It's time people who support law, order, and good government got organized and fought back.  Join an existing group or start a new one.
Unless we plan to meekly surrender, the time for complacency is over. 
Baban Sdl
Baban Sdl - Month ago
I've seen a video of celebration in Beirut just after 9/11 terror attack. .......... now whole world is crying with the people of Beirut...........this is the difference between an ISLAMIC country and free world.......
Tara Mancle
Tara Mancle - Month ago
Saddens my heart. Prayers for all the families.
Sun Lite
Sun Lite - Month ago
The bast was caused by Ammonium Nitrate stored in a Port warehouse. This is the same chemical used in fertilizer. It also was the same material in the Oklahoma terrorist attack..
Johanna Maynard
Johanna Maynard - Month ago
Time for the Red Shields (Rothschild’s) to go.
CooManTunes - Month ago
HA! GOOD! That's what the censoring losers deserve! If only the same thing would happen to CNN.
Jack Walsh
Jack Walsh - Month ago
Will McKenzie from the Inbetweeners
Nasreddine El-Dahabi
Nasreddine El-Dahabi - Month ago
This is why I hated Lebanon when I first came there, everything wasn’t suitable for me and I wanted to get out of here until 2019. That was close
Ian Goldsworthy
Ian Goldsworthy - Month ago
If it was destroyed the building would've been flattened. It's the building has been damaged.
Sensationalism at its best.
ケンケン - Month ago
Biju Varghese
Biju Varghese - Month ago
In 2020, The best thing about it is that we are still living
Darmstadtium - Month ago
2020 is basically the hardest difficulty of a survival game
MusicBoxChannel - Month ago
I was really devestated and shocked seeing this massive explosion. I feel so sorry for the people that lost their lives, their homes or a loved one person. Damn, why is this year so full of chaos and drama so far? Australian bush fires, Covid-19, Beirut and many more things that happened....very sad!
Now its fireworks ?? Ammoniam nitrate ??
Daniel Mejia
Daniel Mejia - Month ago
Not to be immature during a horrible, tragic time but this reporter is kind of fine though 👀
NorfAngl - Month ago
"Noooo my office was destroyed"
"Haha media go boom"
Ncraftpe - Month ago
I would be happy if it happend to the school that abuse me.
Mark 80_Bojang Running Wild
They were the ones who brought their people the news on the corruption of Brazil, which is why Brazil didn’t spare them.
KungUn - Month ago
Those trees are pretty sturdy to withstand the blast
Riddick tonn
Riddick tonn - Month ago
Everyone in Beirut needs to get a “I survived 3 Kiloton explosion” T-Shirt. Trinity test only used 100 tons of tnt for comparison test for nuke blast. That was a 0.1 kiloton explosion of tnt!! Yea I’d be very pissed at my gov if it happened in my city.
Faisal Noor
Faisal Noor - Month ago
Prayers for all difficult times subscribe and share
Darkman Unknown
Darkman Unknown - Month ago
The explosion was incredibly breathe taking to see. Ive never seen anything that huge. Smh. Couldn't imagine witnessing it in person. Gave me the chills from my phone screen.
Jon TeeHee
Jon TeeHee - Month ago
Lebanon just has a Gordian knot of problems
Adan Barrios
Adan Barrios - Month ago
Esperanzas en mejorar como estilo futurista cerca a Qatar como segunda ciudad en espacio aéreo de esa zona como mejora zonal
Emily’s Familia
Emily’s Familia - Month ago
I thought that was Tai Lopez for a sec.
Gonzales Frederic
Gonzales Frederic - Month ago
Mostly, glass.
Big Solid Boss
Big Solid Boss - Month ago
So many luxury cars.
Arctic Circle
Arctic Circle - Month ago
This is only the work of Israel
Black widow
Black widow - Month ago
Allah abkabr
Jose Luis Tovia
Jose Luis Tovia - Month ago
We need to pray for world peace ,
Mohan More
Mohan More - Month ago
After watching this video, Lebanon doesn't seems to be on the verge of bankruptcy
trusting virus
trusting virus - Month ago
Okay Tai Lopez...
MUSIC TV - Month ago
Big Pray From Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 ❤
tim hem
tim hem - Month ago
it seemed to have damaged his lapel mic too
🩸TheMusicFactory - Month ago
Good news
PENG CHIA POH - Month ago
kevon slims
kevon slims - Month ago
Knowing it’s history of almost 2 decades of civil war, Beirut is a beautiful city..
Peninnah Marksz
Peninnah Marksz - Month ago
DJ Gino Santos
DJ Gino Santos - Month ago
Make sure to inspect your elevators to ensure they are up to date, working and have yearly and monthly status
Kashif Javed
Kashif Javed - Month ago
tedfaun - Month ago
I'm surprised those roads are open to cars so soon after and near the explosion...
I love how assholes like this have no idea what happened but to get the views he expresses everything to the 9's LMFAO
Joe Menendez
Joe Menendez - Month ago
@SkyNews There was no “fireworks factory” in the port.
Mashuk Chowdhury
Mashuk Chowdhury - Month ago
Beirut is so beautiful. I really wish this tragedy never had happened
Mike Buvado
Mike Buvado - Month ago
Robert Wypych
Robert Wypych - Month ago
Izrael attack.
Pray for lebanon
ElTurbinado - Month ago
Jami Hensley
Jami Hensley - Month ago
Is this an Islamic country? Christian? I never knew...realizing a lot out side in the world that I don’t know...this year has changed that a lot.
Melissa Love
Melissa Love - Month ago
Glass factories in Lebanon will be rubbing there hands together, there going to be busy for a long time replacing all those blown out window’s.
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson - Month ago
Geeeez, God Bless to all in Beirut!!
googleisshittoss - Month ago
Every Cloud
full sender
full sender - Month ago
Will the shock wave give PTSD to the people?
Colin Hutchinson
Colin Hutchinson - Month ago
When the loss of Port Fees overcomes common sense.
Anje Dewrance
Anje Dewrance - Month ago
michelle palma
michelle palma - Month ago
😱 OMG it was horrifying imagines the poor people lost the life’s
Yasser Abu Ammar
Yasser Abu Ammar - Month ago
الدنيا علي جناح ليمونة. و انا راكب الدنيا بس فوق الليمونة. عصرت قلبي يا فلاح تحطه فيك تقولي ده ملاح . شفيتي عطشي يا سماح مصيت شفايفك و جبتهم بين رجليكي آح آح
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Buddy Whatshisname
Buddy Whatshisname - Month ago
Yes a Rainbow of Color destroyed the Blackness of Hamas and the Evil that Roams your Condemned Land.
Animais Mais Engraçados
Darin Barfield
Darin Barfield - Month ago
The authorities of Lebanon were stockpiling explosives to be used later in acts of war or perhaps being currently exported to terrorist organizations for current or future acts of terrorism.
And wether it was an act of negligence or stupidity or some type of sabotage, that will likely ever be revealed,
But either way it shows what they were hiding from the world & perhaps their own citizens.🤯😱
Weapon of Mass Destruction Destroyed!
Daniel dore
Daniel dore - Month ago
Metal doors...broken
Light bulbs... unbreakable!
HOW REAL - Month ago
It's there government's fault..
A Malay Person
A Malay Person - Month ago
Did I hear the Adhan? Its time to pray.
Yasser Abu Ammar
Yasser Abu Ammar - Month ago
My mother is a chemist pHd in bio chemistry, 78 years old chemist. She said it is IMPOSDIBLE those Ammonium Nitrates get blown all by themselves or because of heat or fire. At least not the whole amount at the very same time. I swear she said it is impossible, they are liars son. Then she whispered in my ears if I would like some ice "meth" to pull myself together before dinner is served. I love mom 💪❤
Yasser Abu Ammar
Yasser Abu Ammar - Month ago
@Andrea Fierro j Oh. Correct. Typo. Fixed it. thanks
Andrea Fierro
Andrea Fierro - Month ago
It's Ammonium nitrate not Alluminium
Yasser Abu Ammar
Yasser Abu Ammar - Month ago
I can hear the athan, I love that so very much. Although Leban9n is not a Muslim country but they have great freedom more than most Europe or US . I love Lebanon
Rick igloo
Rick igloo - Month ago
Wtf speak up mate
D_Exiled_1 Arisen
D_Exiled_1 Arisen - Month ago
I said 2020 is my year in November 2019. I must say this year has been the worst and I almost died in 2018 in a motorcycle collision.
 - Month ago
Beirut is the most beautiful city in entire arab world.
Its Paris of middle east
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez - Month ago
Feliz día ! Oremos por la paz del mundo
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez - Month ago
Que tristeza con tanta catastrofe
Sylvia Gudge
Sylvia Gudge - Month ago
Sly views centre gone? It's not all bad news then.
James Blake
James Blake - Month ago
I didn’t realize Beirut is so beautiful.
J D K - Month ago
Good lesser fake propagenda news
MyPoint ofView
MyPoint ofView - Month ago
The 1st bit of good news in this horrible saga. Sky news is a hornets nest like many other western news outlets. Now to get rid of sky news everywhere else
KARYA WOW - Month ago
Ya Allah kiamat sugeo
JBL Asutavario
JBL Asutavario - Month ago
Thanks Tai Lopez. Stay safe.
Chris Gardiner
Chris Gardiner - Month ago
is there no such thing as private prayer with Islam instead of that in the background.
Rafal Mierzwa
Rafal Mierzwa - Month ago
Khan warrior
Khan warrior - Month ago
MrMonotone - Month ago
Saying the bureau was 'totally destroyed by the huge explosion'(as per the description, title, etc) is misleading at best, the building itself is obviously not destroyed.
'Perhaps 600m' in the video maybe correct, and is also stating they're unsure, but 'about 400m from the blast site' in the description seems unlikely, the *closest* residential/commercia buildings seem to have been approximately 500m away. Unless this is using the extent of the destroyed area(mainly port buildings next to the explosion) as the 'blast site'
streglof - Month ago
wow this almost looks like antifa/BLM levels of destruction
Gappy Dave
Gappy Dave - Month ago
Sky are fake news
Robert Downing
Robert Downing - Month ago
Finally some good news to come from this tragic situation
Refat Ahmed
Refat Ahmed - Month ago
He is soooooo hot!!!!
Anthony Y
Anthony Y - Month ago
underdog psychosis
underdog psychosis - Month ago
I feel sorry for the people repairing all those windows lool
abdulrhman mohammad
abdulrhman mohammad - Month ago
he looks like the beirut version of Doctor Mike
Vaughn Joseph Tariman
Vaughn Joseph Tariman - Month ago
Why are they not wearing masks?
Andrea Fierro
Andrea Fierro - Month ago
Ma siti asciuti pazz?
Nay Harries
Nay Harries - Month ago
Good! Down with the Zionist properganda filled FAKE NEWS!
Dinghy 9inarow
Dinghy 9inarow - Month ago
This country can't catch a break man. 2020, please hurry up and end. This year will go down in history books as one of the worst ever. There are still the best part if 5 months to go. 😣😣😣
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