Mom Wants Proof Of Son's Paternity (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

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Kenneth Scott
Kenneth Scott - 2 hours ago
Ladies if he was broke while you moaning in his ear... What makes you think that a baby will magically turn him into a financial provider?
Julie Boyette
Julie Boyette - 4 hours ago
This man is such a wimp. How could he disrespect the mother of his children? He was taught by his father. Being a Muslim, they teach the man how to begood fathers and leaders. He is not a good man.
Abood Saeed
Abood Saeed - 4 hours ago
ohh im so sorry for you sis..
Gabriel Rozier
Gabriel Rozier - 7 hours ago
So you’re bragging about being an adult and living off another individual? Cmon bruh smh
Nash - 12 hours ago
The last strongholds of mysogyny: raccist whhite 'incel' culture and Isslam. She is the typical Musslim woman,so much potential,deserving more but always settles for less.
Nash - 12 hours ago
The low self-esteem that is common with Isslamic women, and the inherent mysogyny that their men hv.
A Ugandanian friend once mentioned to me that at University Muslim girls would always go after Christian boys, it's now a commom trend that started when they noticed that Christian women were generaly happily married compared to them.
urbanbliss - 15 hours ago
lean on me
lean on me - Day ago
Another 2 dumb brother and sister, so sad the way they both think
Lynzie - Day ago
offline games walkthrough
Number of times she said period.
DooNYoo - Day ago
This could've all been solved with condoms, why is nobody using condoms???
Kiara Mills
Kiara Mills - Day ago
She is beautiful
Makeda Renae
Makeda Renae - 2 days ago
"I do what I can.." 🙄 Mannnn if you dont go get you some money
Vyvyiian - 2 days ago
How this beautiful, strong, young woman has this definition of love, how this young man who could have led a meaningful life turn out this way, are things we might have to take into consideration when raising a child.
Madina Abdulvachabova
Madina Abdulvachabova - 2 days ago
Audhubillah she really is proud of that and he too la hawla wa la quwata illa billah 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Jmlsgm - 2 days ago
She’s wearing a hijab for modesty but is okay with sleeping around with multiple men? 🤨
And heeee... just smh. No words.
Lawrence Reid
Lawrence Reid - 2 days ago
Don't have the kids in cages
Blah Blah love fashion
Blah Blah love fashion - 2 days ago
Mr. Matthews is trifling and weak. I wish blessing for this sister he is a sad little boy.
Caroline Murray
Caroline Murray - 3 days ago
This man is a narcissist and ladies you deserve so much better than this!! He’s a disgraceful pig and I hope no woman will sleep with him.
Tanja M
Tanja M - 3 days ago
Why is it only when they Mislim. Allah is called upon. Should that matter ? Shouldn't we wish all the best to everyone.. I HAVE SEEN SO MANY PEOPLE COMMENTING ONLY IF THE PERSON IS MUSLIM? SHOULD YOU not pray for them even if they are a different religion with you being religious and correct????
Syarifah Aminzara Alyahya
Omg. She’s beautiful. May god ease your way.
christopher Manning
christopher Manning - 3 days ago
If you cannot afford to take care of the kids then stop having them. That goes for the both of them.
jibrealyaaseen - 3 days ago
My Allah guide us all and help us be better believers...May Allah help us increase our Taqwa Al’lahumma Ameen!
Sparrowcrow 2856
Sparrowcrow 2856 - 3 days ago
I have to be honest with you I clicked on this video because I was shocked to see Muslims in family court. He's not Muslim you can tell.
سمراء النيل
سمراء النيل - 2 days ago
Yes he's not, i can tell from his name
Olubunmi Oritsemone
Olubunmi Oritsemone - 3 days ago
He's a lazy man and a thief. So glad he would have to cough out $4663.50 for child care. The Judge should have rounded it up to $5000🤓. Good judgment 👏
Robert Waguespack
Robert Waguespack - 3 days ago
If you were such a "good" Muslim you wouldn't be having these children out of wedlock.
OhhNaaa - 4 days ago
Wow this man is TRASHHHHH. Throw the whole human away!!!
Andrew Charles
Andrew Charles - 4 days ago
This is a sad sad brother smh
Open Mind
Open Mind - 5 days ago
He’s so out of her league. Ladies don’t give half a chance for disrespectful ungrateful men like this
Kelvin Lang
Kelvin Lang - 5 days ago
That dude is trash
jabeck42 - 5 days ago
Anyone else sickened by the fact that she named that precious boy out of spite? He’s gonna carry that for life. SMH 😡
sakura aigasaki
sakura aigasaki - 5 days ago
Yung Wood
Yung Wood - 5 days ago
What a bad dude
Mavis Donkor
Mavis Donkor - 6 days ago
The little baby is eleven months old and the only things he has bought are a bag of diapers and milk. Waste of manhood🤷🤷🤷🤷
Maggie Z
Maggie Z - 6 days ago
“The court decide that this guy should not reproduce any children!”
Nimaa Jamal
Nimaa Jamal - 7 days ago
i see a lot of pain in her eyes so sad wlh as a musilm sister
Kimberly Collins
Kimberly Collins - 7 days ago
What an arrogant boy with nothing. He is disgusting. Beautiful run like the wind from this dingaling .
Yung Cal 216
Yung Cal 216 - 7 days ago
He was never taught how to treat a women
It’s AM mbaye
It’s AM mbaye - 7 days ago
May Allah help this sister from evil
mellow sunny
mellow sunny - 7 days ago
Now he has 8kids😅😅😅😅...m just sayin'
Miss Unknown
Miss Unknown - 7 days ago
He is a definition of a WASTEMAN
Getts Write
Getts Write - 7 days ago
what's the point of the hijab ain't nothing moral or modest about her
Waiting On Elvis
Waiting On Elvis - 4 days ago
What did she do here that was immoral? If her truth and strength bothers you after she has reverted and covered herself and God has forgiven her-thats YOUR problem.
Faith Asian Dramas Love
She got me crying ..
Cindy S
Cindy S - 7 days ago
Don't laugh, but she has a face similar to Beyonce, especially in "Dream Girls". LOL
Nyala Moon
Nyala Moon - 7 days ago
I was honestly hoping he wasn’t the father. So she wouldn’t have to deal with him 😬
Rico Suave
Rico Suave - 8 days ago
Sigh typical female gaslight. Always finding a way to villainize the dude who got cheated on lol. Getting cheated on makes you toxic. It’s not rocket science. Once you plant that seed into someone’s mind the trust is gone. You can’t just blame the other person for being that way when you caused their insecurities in the first place.
YONCE V33 - 8 days ago
I like her.
G Kane
G Kane - 8 days ago
max maaa
max maaa - 8 days ago
As a real Muslim is big disgrace not to have having kids
ThyJuan C
ThyJuan C - 9 days ago
That man does not have respect for any woman. His a horrible example of man.
Sani Umar
Sani Umar - 9 days ago
If she was living in Nigeria, I would have sought her out, married her and given her and her children a beautiful life as Allah wills.
Curacion Cameron
Curacion Cameron - 9 days ago
What's up with these women having kids with theses broke bums. Giving men money, now you want money from him. It does not add up! He has 8 kids with different women and none notice his bumness!
the ark of God
the ark of God - 9 days ago
Teach my daughter how not to have another man like you
Barbie Girl
Barbie Girl - 9 days ago
I talk to them and teach them to not be like me 🤦🏽‍♀️🙈🥴 SAD
L J - 10 days ago
Working on a pole!?!? 🤦 Stripper, and promiscuous wearing hijap. Wow, just wow.
Waiting On Elvis
Waiting On Elvis - 4 days ago
In the PAST. are you simple??
Isobel Roberts
Isobel Roberts - 10 days ago
A very relgious pole dancer!
Leslie Shaw
Leslie Shaw - 10 days ago
That dude hates himself, he could never love another person.
Jamie Hyman
Jamie Hyman - 10 days ago
If trifling had a face- Mr. Matthews!!!!
April Leak
April Leak - 10 days ago
He has no heart. She’s in pain. Praying 🙏🏽 for her strength.
MsDaniel201289 - 10 days ago
That dude is a LOSER!!!! 6+ kids with no income? SAD! Ladies, you deserve better! But YOU have to know your worth FIRST!!!!!!
kayanna wright
kayanna wright - 11 days ago
She really ain’t asking for a lot. And him telling the judge that it’s overrated was ridiculous.
Olivia Azmi
Olivia Azmi - 11 days ago
is she really a muslim? or is this some kind of an act. If they're muslims such a shame and disgrace.
sara muhamed
sara muhamed - 11 days ago
he reminds me of my father.
23Fulani - 12 days ago
Embarrassing as Muslims. Both should be ashamed, but I understand her trauma.
Zettie - 13 days ago
She is a smart, honest, beautiful woman who has managed to take care of herself. I hope she has the opportunity to achieve so much more. Shame on him.
roxanna mavakanian
roxanna mavakanian - 13 days ago
8:39 Im 26 now gotta live with my cousin I dont have no help and if I need help and i need a dollar I cant even get 2 dollars from him to get on the bus and TAKE HIS KIDS to the doctor ENOUGH IS ENOUGH IM tired of taking care of these kids on my own THATS DEEP i really did shed some tears for her
Selick Undisa
Selick Undisa - 14 days ago
Alhamdulillah, Allah will always provide for u sister
Wiiam Altaib
Wiiam Altaib - 14 days ago
That man is TRASH
Sephara Bernard
Sephara Bernard - 14 days ago
That guy is gross!! How can you use someone and have absolutely no remorse. Yuck!!!
Kristin Bullard
Kristin Bullard - 15 days ago
He's a back as s period I will leArn today
Secrets of The Mind Of A Man
Is this what they teaching down at the Masjid? Both of these individuals are in deep pain but in different ways. She’s in the pain of survivor mode and he’s in the struggle to discover his manhood and masculinity. They both need mentors and prayer.
Bryanna James
Bryanna James - 15 days ago
This man is Doggggggggg🤬🤬🤬🤬
Tiffany Rodgers
Tiffany Rodgers - 16 days ago
This why our community is so messed up.
-A.Z- - 16 days ago
Even ex Muslim like me don't know what to say
Kris Davis
Kris Davis - 16 days ago
God bless this young girl and her babies. He is an embarrassment to her and her children’s lives. Father teach as a role model and he is not.
Nancy Grace
Nancy Grace - 17 days ago
He disgust me
Fahrettin Cetin
Fahrettin Cetin - 18 days ago
Heyyy. We are talking about Muslims, which I'm as well. He's embarrassing, that's right. But why everybody is feeling so for her? She cheated. And in Islam, this is one one the biggest sins.
P K - 18 days ago
All parents her hurts and everything
And this judge has the stomach too drag out the answer..
Eva top Is bae
Eva top Is bae - 18 days ago
Love her
Hamza El Ouardi
Hamza El Ouardi - 19 days ago
No way this man is a Muslim . as I know Muslim man has a hot blood and he can do anything to take care of his family
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