My Camera Was STOLEN (wallet too)! | A Visit from an Old Friend

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janet gilmore
janet gilmore - 8 hours ago
We had a so/called friend steal lots of stuff from the ranch just after his failed attempt at stealing from our house in town..he seemed like a good person ,worked in the local hardware store..thankfully we caught on early ..he thinks he has gotten away with this...satellite imagining and trail cams have all the data to put this fool away for a very long stay...interstate theft has a long sentence ..his karma will soon catch up to him and those who were involved ..we know who you are....?....SOON? We have a long list of names/addresses...and lists and photos of every that was taken..hard to believe even his mother is involved....? INTERSTATE THEFT is a big crime double the time plus the law suits after conviction. COLO./NEB. take this very seriously
onein inone
onein inone - 12 hours ago
Can I tell you how amazed I am when I watch you. You put me to shame. You can do EVERYTHING!!! What a wonderful person you are.
Tam Tam
Tam Tam - 14 hours ago
beautiful footage of Alaska...
Robert Christian
Robert Christian - Day ago
Both sad and god video. Sad because of Your camera and the other things You lost. Good that You again have contact with Your friend. Greetings from Denmark. Take care to yourself.
William Sarokon
William Sarokon - 2 days ago
You're a better man than me Shawn. 10 grand is a huge loss. I really hope that you do get some money back. Your videos really help me out. I've been having a very hard time relaxing my mind. Your channel has really helped me out with that. I hope that you do read this sometime. I've learned a ton from watching. Thank you👍🏻🙂
Erik Thompson
Erik Thompson - 4 days ago
I'm just thankful that it didn't take place at your cabin. Sorry to hear of your loss.
D B Cooper
D B Cooper - 4 days ago
Makes you want to go deeper into the forest dont you agree ! At least the rats in the forest are nicer
John Powell
John Powell - 5 days ago
Carol Weaver
Carol Weaver - 7 days ago
In this day we are not safe, I can remember leaving back doors open and not even worrying about it and no one came in, now we must always lock up everything including car. Am sorry you had to go through all of this. The people who stole will not profit in the end! Just always lock up well. Alarms and cameras are the best ideas.
Mal Long
Mal Long - 8 days ago
Full stop 🕊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿❤️
louiseleu - 8 days ago
I am trying to recover from a vile theft.
Someone...from my neighbours, stole a lot of my stuff I had ,tools,many personal things.
I am heartbroke,I got sick literally.
I cannot replace them ,and I am so dissgusted.
I know that there were neighbours because they took their time going through my things,they came more than once...and I live in a forest,in the mountains,in a village.
I live here for allmost 30years,and the villagers hate us all,and they behave badly towards all of us who bought land here.
It's my country and I'm not going to accept that behaviour but still....I'd move in a deep forest,far from this kind of people.
tilley Schmolph
tilley Schmolph - 9 days ago
why did you have to meet his wife if you were his best man?
My Self Reliance
My Self Reliance - 9 days ago
2nd wife
吳吳吳 - 9 days ago
Be careful.
hanumant kharade
hanumant kharade - 9 days ago
Be alert may be they are more in number they will keep visiting you
keep your gun loaded
Spoony Poon
Spoony Poon - 10 days ago
Love bull moose
Brian Connell Sr.
Brian Connell Sr. - 10 days ago
One more quick comment, I love your video's, thank you so much for sharing. Also, I love the retriever, such a pretty dog. And one hell of a good dog for a family pet. I had one years ago and she was such a great pup, always so happy and lovable, seems to be good company as you build your projects!!!
Brian Connell Sr.
Brian Connell Sr. - 10 days ago
Shawn, I'm so sorry for your loss. Liars and thieves are the lowest. I hope you can get your things back, or at least get some kind of reimbursement. That was a hard hit to take. As stated earlier in the comments, nice to get away from all the people like this and live in the solidarity that you seem to enjoy so much, as well all do watching you carve your way into that goal.
Douglas Rodrigues
Douglas Rodrigues - 12 days ago
Cabanas maravilhosas muito linda .
kim Kardashian
kim Kardashian - 12 days ago
What does bear taste like.
Donna Peroche
Donna Peroche - 13 days ago
Set some traps and catch the motherfkrs. Would make for some interesting content when you hang them by their balls.
Want Truth
Want Truth - 13 days ago
Being at the cabin has relaxed your guard. I can see that happening. No burglars or thieves in the woods. Humans. Sorry that happened to you. It's really the pits replacing all your ID's, canceling credit cards etc.
Jon Doe
Jon Doe - 13 days ago
Absolutely vermin basket cases it's as though they don't know how much stress n pressure they've caused filthy vermin baskets sorry for your loss bro I know nothing can phase you so onwards and upwards ok just keep doing you as you do ok bless you and Thanks for sharing your life with the world to see thumbs up 👍
Irish Pickens
Irish Pickens - 15 days ago
Unfortunately, after dealing with thieves, you have to deal with more thieves (insurance companies). I hope things improve for you. 👍🏻
Metal Martha
Metal Martha - 16 days ago
What an inspiration your channel is! Been binge watching all day! You’re living my dream life... gonna build that outdoor kitchen this coming summer cause, RAD!🤘🏻sorry about what happened... some people are just not equipped to understand rules& boundaries! keep doing what ya do man, you’re awesome!
intezamable - 16 days ago
who is playing the guitar, is that you?
Damian Jackson
Damian Jackson - 16 days ago
Mmmm,the wallet stuff wow,hope all is well.
david macci
david macci - 16 days ago
Why on earth would you leave your wallet and other valuables in your car? Did you at least have them covered up? We are way ahead of you in the city! Leaving good stuff lying around is just asking for it.
Ajay bennett
Ajay bennett - 18 days ago
The Bear and Moose footage was spectacular 👌
Dave Watts
Dave Watts - 18 days ago
Crimes, its why you live in the cabin...back to simple..and why I do of luck, great content...thx
Nunya Business
Nunya Business - 20 days ago
Another reason to hate people, like I needed another reason.
Cesar Chavez
Cesar Chavez - 16 days ago
Like my boxing coach used to tell me "Son always keep your guard up" I didn't realize that at the time as a young man but that also implied to real life not just in the ring.
Samantha Drinkwater
Samantha Drinkwater - 21 day ago
That’s disgraceful! I hope the insurance company pay out for all your losses.
I can see you are emotional!
You work so hard, and don’t deserve that.
You need to hide your stuff better in the truck if you leave it in there!
So sorry dude.
Gia L.
Gia L. - 21 day ago
That was foul,& it’s even scarier to think you still have to install a trail cam living off of the grid,Horrible,hopefully you won’t become a victim there,It’s so beautiful & peaceful there💜
cheryl huhn
cheryl huhn - 22 days ago
How do you keep termites from eating your wood
cheryl huhn
cheryl huhn - 22 days ago
My dad said he ate bear once and it was not tasty
cheryl huhn
cheryl huhn - 22 days ago
I watched you build your cabin very cool
cheryl huhn
cheryl huhn - 22 days ago
That's terrible that someone stole that stuff from you
Brandon Morin
Brandon Morin - 22 days ago
Who is this person?? And why are they posting on his channel???
Pili Seoane
Pili Seoane - 23 days ago
Es maravilloso!!!!.🎁🎶🎇👌
amblincork - 26 days ago
Sometimes it seems as if there is incessant talk about human rights but there is little talk about the right not to be robbed.
Michael Gordon
Michael Gordon - 28 days ago
Hi Shawn. Dang, that way sucks. I'm so sorry that happened. My boss (who is super cool) had his truck broken into, and they stole his golf clubs. I don't understand that mentality. I really don't. I'm glad you're able to keep such a positive attitude. Pardon my French, but I'm sitting here all pissed off, now.
On a lighter note, I really love your channel! I've been subscribed for a couple of years, now. Please keep doing what you're doing. Cali rocks! :) :) :)
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