Ed: "I Do Not Believe in Love" | 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days

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Prafina Yunisda
Prafina Yunisda - 8 hours ago
Those last words
Miguel Padua
Miguel Padua - 8 hours ago
i find that if a woman loves you and and sees a future with you, she'll eventually come clean with all the stuff she's done in the past. She won't be afraid to bear her most vulnerable self to you because she trusts you. She'd also want to avoid any surprises that could mess up your relationship. I find the opposite is true if she doesn't love you or sees a future with you. Probably more so if you're just a greasy chode-looking ticket out of poverty.
washibi - 9 hours ago
Dominator Vevag
Dominator Vevag - 9 hours ago
His neck is just nonexistent
washibi - 9 hours ago
bro isn't this the same one who lies about everything
lmao he lied about having a neck
Daran G
Daran G - 9 hours ago
this guys neck looks like it got lost in baggage control
Andrew Kirkland
Andrew Kirkland - 9 hours ago
This guy looks like Danny Devito and Steven Seagal had a baby
ChaunceyDos - 10 hours ago
I kind of understand both sides. But I'm probably more on Rose's side. The disdain in her face when she hisses at him though...
Chelsea - 10 hours ago
He’s such a loser omg
A T - 10 hours ago
She looks straight evil.
thehoneymadeone - 10 hours ago
This girl is absolutely disgusted by this man...
Rx Terps
Rx Terps - 10 hours ago
I hate this show for profiting off lonely people
Rx Terps
Rx Terps - 10 hours ago
She’s USING him dude...
How can anyone feel bad for her
LHIPATAJOM - 11 hours ago
I thought Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot was killed by BATMAN?
akadimas - 11 hours ago
She’s definitely a white guy type, she can go to the US and be more picky
xestela25x - 11 hours ago
God I’m sorry for laughing but these comments 😂😂😂😂😂
sarah konteh
sarah konteh - 11 hours ago
Shes really trying to express herself but she can't due to language barrier
Jenna Banna
Jenna Banna - 12 hours ago
I would say that if I were her I would strangle him but he has no neck…
Summer Alawadhi
Summer Alawadhi - 11 hours ago
Angelyn Chow
Angelyn Chow - 12 hours ago
That phillipino woman is so annoying. Why is she being so defensive when he just wants to know a few things. Looks like she is just using this little nice guy. Dude get out. She is nasty and dirty. Cant trust her with the kind of reactions she fires back. You can find some one much nicer and honest. Too many red flags with her behaviour
Briana Isawesome
Briana Isawesome - 12 hours ago
She could get a way hotter American if she wanted too
Cailin Price
Cailin Price - 12 hours ago
So when you say you love her, do you mean it?
Jasmine Lmao
Jasmine Lmao - 12 hours ago
I think all she’s trying to say is that she’s a lesbian
Lieni - 13 hours ago
“Bahala ka sa buhay mo” that shit sent me cus I say it to my boyfriend when he makes me mad haha 😂
rObLoX pLaYeR
rObLoX pLaYeR - 13 hours ago
I-i kinda feel bad for him, the hate comments and everything and I under stand what he did but cmon leave him alone 🙁.(especially with his disability)
MiA Zz Prodigy
MiA Zz Prodigy - 13 hours ago
Meatball w feet
Atika Lestari
Atika Lestari - 13 hours ago
He is sooo annoying.. why the ffff he wants to know about her ex in that short situation.. I can feel her why she Soo upset..it's already to much to handle by looking at him.. she don't want more shit feeling by him asking about her ex.. sorry I've been in that situation being with someone I don't like..
jenn Marie
jenn Marie - 13 hours ago
Lol when she's mad I see neytiri from avatar
Ariel Bina
Ariel Bina - 13 hours ago
He is just awful. She can do so much better.
Viviana - 14 hours ago
This is so sad 😞
Casey - 14 hours ago
Is it just me or is like every other 90 day woman some gold digging Filipina lol
Purple Nurple TV
Purple Nurple TV - 14 hours ago
Nah this ain’t it I don’t think he got a good neck on his “shoulders” to be doing this
RED 7 - 14 hours ago
We are still on the case for the "Neck Snatcher" looks like he's given ed a visit and won't stop there. Everyone hide your kids, hide your wife's, hide your necks.
Danny Barrera
Danny Barrera - 14 hours ago
Bruh everyone is bashing the poor man I feel bad for him both should find someone they deserve and it’s not okay to body shame
Tea Just Tea
Tea Just Tea - 14 hours ago
I feel bad for her. Regardless of his looks, his attitude is ugly.
Jay - 14 hours ago
Haha poor guy
Hilary Baird
Hilary Baird - 14 hours ago
Dude...what is she doing wasting time with him? He is too old for her.
3 33
3 33 - 14 hours ago
I get everyone it's againts Ed he guy searching a poor girl intead of try date for real, but let's be real if rose wanna use this man for get a great life she can't spect that all go as she wanna, she will have to play along and be honest ourtrageous or not it's what she get into on purpose she not dumb she know perfectly what she doing otherwise she will not even stare at this dude
Kevin Redick
Kevin Redick - 14 hours ago
What season and episode is this
Wesley B.
Wesley B. - 15 hours ago
For what its worth im sorry.
What just happenned?
Valencia Ivy
Valencia Ivy - 15 hours ago
I'm happy I'm not the only who can't stand Ed! Damn sleaze ball
Valencia Ivy
Valencia Ivy - 15 hours ago
Ed is a disgusting disturbing pervert he went there you marry and court a girl that looks like she is 12.. He is a creep
Abdelrahman Zannon
Abdelrahman Zannon - 15 hours ago
Honestly,making fun of that he is fat and neck less is rude cuz there are fat neck less people out there who are sweet, not defending him in any way he’s still a but hole that doesn’t deserve her
referendum - 15 hours ago
Oh.. Only if looks could kill
Unknown Master
Unknown Master - 15 hours ago
She's such a gold digger
Nneon Knightt
Nneon Knightt - 16 hours ago
Omg. This is so sad.
R Rockstar
R Rockstar - 16 hours ago
she's gonna fleece him hard..he asks about her baby father gets shouted at and books her a new hotel lol
Kyle Tracey
Kyle Tracey - 16 hours ago
Hes such a push over ! What is he thinking?? Desperate and blind!
Julianne Hannes
Julianne Hannes - 16 hours ago
Big Ed and Baby Girl Lisa deserve each other
Julianne Hannes
Julianne Hannes - 16 hours ago
I feel like she's being pimped out by her family who guilted her into being a mail order bride to the first rich Americam her father messages on OKCupid
ShanaJahsintaWalters - 16 hours ago
I like how her face looks when she's mad.
Andrew Spliffilin nuts
Andrew Spliffilin nuts - 17 hours ago
0:37 looks like shes smellin the mayo wreakin from eds head
upsycho.kittyu - 17 hours ago
I swear to god if they end up staying together 🙄
Chump Champ
Chump Champ - 17 hours ago
Honestly, Ed has to come out clean NECKS time he talks to Rose before he wanted clean out of her....
Stephanie Ferreira
Stephanie Ferreira - 17 hours ago
He’s sooo insecure
Sincerity - 17 hours ago
She has the”hate” look - that was insulting to any woman
Oni Faith
Oni Faith - 17 hours ago
I you could tell she was really hurt. I hate when people make me relive my past relationships.
DALAGANG PILIPINA - 17 hours ago
Is this humpy dumpy?
Kimberly Hughes
Kimberly Hughes - 18 hours ago
You know what they say, "give an ugly guy a chance and they think they rule the world."
Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown - 18 hours ago
— jewel sss
— jewel sss - 18 hours ago
Why does he not understand that no one wants to talk about their past relationship.
William Farrell
William Farrell - 18 hours ago
This guy is pretty demanding considering he ugly AF. His money or weird personality is not worth it.....run!!
R L - 18 hours ago
Isis would of hated this guy
eclips - 18 hours ago
This whole situation is not right and I don't see any love or connection with these people.go home find someone who truly cares.
Randomized - 19 hours ago
S - 19 hours ago
She’s angry because she’s hurt
Kris LaWho
Kris LaWho - 19 hours ago
These two are so incompatible. Even their communication is choppy. I can’t possibly see them sustaining a life-long relationship.
a chaotic death
a chaotic death - 19 hours ago
Why's he so concerned about her exes? Oh well! She's been in relationships before, she's met him; that's how it goes for a lot of people! I mean for some weird reason, men like him are always concerned about how many men, their partner has been with in the past...
That's a bit weird, sad, pathetic and creepy..
Farah Kiani
Farah Kiani - 19 hours ago
He deffo has short man syndrome
0neWinged - 19 hours ago
lol, if only my wife and I would have been on this show... could have shown the amazing side of the philippines.
Chumo Dumo
Chumo Dumo - 19 hours ago
She looks possessed 😂
C. F.
C. F. - 19 hours ago
Like it's *any* of his business who the father of her four year old son is...obviously he's out of the picture, tf.
katerenae - 19 hours ago
she deserves better .....
Capital Strength
Capital Strength - 19 hours ago
these neck comments are killing me 😆 😂 😂
Professor Waffle
Professor Waffle - 20 hours ago
he looks like a sontaran from doctor who
Psychedelic Psychic
Psychedelic Psychic - 20 hours ago
He's displaying early warning signs of a controlling abuser.
Miracles Vibe
Miracles Vibe - 20 hours ago
Looks like money not love lmaoooo get that bag sis
Maxwell Himura
Maxwell Himura - 21 hour ago
Tangina ako lang pinoy otid.
Simply Ash
Simply Ash - 21 hour ago
I personally wouldn’t like someone that I’m in a relationship with to question me about my past every time we meet up. But I understand ED’a perspective he just wants to have someobody he trusts so that he doesn’t get hurt again but....not someone all the way in the Philippines where u don’t understand the culture nor see what they do when they are gone
Hiba Bezzaz
Hiba Bezzaz - 21 hour ago
Am I the only one who only enjoys the video when she reads the comments? You guys just report what my inner devil says haha
Zawadi Omotunde
Zawadi Omotunde - 21 hour ago
She’s a user . Why is she acting like that and why is he so chicken
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