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The Truth + Storytime MUKBANG (FT. JCOOK & LIL JERZ)
The Truth + Storytime MUKBANG (FT. JCOOK & LIL JERZ)
4 days ago
We literally talked bout the most random stuff LOL but we hope you guys enjoy !!!! Furnished house tour coming next !!! We love y'all !!! FOLLOW REECE'S SOCIAL MEDIA: ● Instagram: ● Twitter: FOLLOW RAYLEEN'S SOCIAL MEDIA! ● Instagram: ● Twitter: REECE'S MUSIC : BUSINESS INQUIRIES: ● SEND US STUFF : P.O. BOX 503, Litchfield Park, Az 85340 #REECEANDRAY
We Are Moving In Together !!!
We Are Moving In Together !!!
9 days ago
We cant believe this is happening! We cant wait and we wanted to share this with you so we decided to vlog a piece of it! #TEAMRAYLEEN ??? #TEAMREECE ??? COMMENT BELOW !!!! FOLLOW REECE'S SOCIAL MEDIA: ● Instagram: ● Twitter: FOLLOW RAYLEEN'S SOCIAL MEDIA! ● Instagram: ● Twitter: REECE'S MUSIC : BUSINESS INQUIRIES: ● SEND US STUFF : P.O. BOX 503, Litchfield Park, Az 85340 #REECEANDRAY
This Is Us... (OUR VERY FIRST Q&A)
This Is Us... (OUR VERY FIRST Q&A)
13 days ago
Y'all have been asking us to make a youtube channel for a while now and we finally did it! We asked you all on our instagram to ask us questions and they were juicy LOL! We hope you guys get to know us a little more, we did our best to answer every question as thoroughly as we could lol COMMENT BELOW WHAT WE SHOULD CALL YOU GUYS!!!!!! FOLLOW REECE'S SOCIAL MEDIA: ● Instagram: ● Twitter: FOLLOW RAYLEEN'S SOCIAL MEDIA! ● Instagram: ● Twitter: Reece's Music : BUSINESS INQUIRIES: ● SEND US STUFF : P.O. BOX 503, Litchfield Park, Az 85340 #REECEANDRAY
Natalie Larrain
Natalie Larrain - 2 hours ago
All love 💖
The Knowles Fam
The Knowles Fam - 2 hours ago
Shoanntal Lugg
Shoanntal Lugg - 3 hours ago
I hope you and your family stay strong 💪🏽 keep praying the Lord will always guide you guys don’t rush be patient stay bless be safe 💯
Elina Life
Elina Life - 5 hours ago
My heart🥺, The girls called him dad🥺❤️ I love that.
Ileana Colon
Ileana Colon - 6 hours ago
Aww the baby and I have the same name but my name is spelled Ileana ‼️ she has the best name.
Monica Xo
Monica Xo - 7 hours ago
Love the energy you both are giving!!!🌞 can’t wait for more videos
dcoog anml
dcoog anml - 8 hours ago
THIS IS THE TYPE OF GIRL JUSTICE NEEDS! not them IG “models” w no personality lol
Sonia Antillon
Sonia Antillon - 8 hours ago
I love this side of Reece. I agree, JCook put a lot of pranks where he was always mad lol. I low key didn’t like him until now. Always loved the music though. Just a little misunderstanding. Love you guys a lot! You guys real ones.
janice alvarado
janice alvarado - 9 hours ago
He said “ ur plain “ 😭😭😭 that nigga is comedy , you guys are raw af. Keep doin this channel rs 😂💯 I enjoy it
Ashley Giraldo
Ashley Giraldo - 9 hours ago
Wait is rayleen and Gianna related?
Team Inner Peace
Team Inner Peace - 11 hours ago
Nice Q and A....communication is a big key in having a good relationship.
Julissa lizzete
Julissa lizzete - 11 hours ago
broo this channel is actually going good
Tisha Burton
Tisha Burton - 12 hours ago
I love watching all your channels and I'm 37 yrs old. Jcook you looking for a cougar lmao..... just joking. You all have great content & all are amazing. Keep up the good work! Blessings to you all🙏❤🤗
Alex Ramirez
Alex Ramirez - 12 hours ago
I love you guys already! AZ Native here👏🏻❤️
Abeer Mitchell
Abeer Mitchell - 12 hours ago
Who are these
jayla mataa
jayla mataa - 12 hours ago
I’m 13 lol
emily antunez
emily antunez - 13 hours ago
reece can have his serious side but he's actually funny AF😂😂
LizLove - 13 hours ago
Ray where is your shirt from? You guys are so cute !!!! Many blessings my love
Mae Alonzo
Mae Alonzo - 13 hours ago
Congratulations ... Ok n ur channel n ur new home together... Can't wait for the pranks... #TeamRaylynn
Destiny Sanchez
Destiny Sanchez - 14 hours ago
My dad said you’re a d*** to Reece he ain’t pass the vibe check sorry😞
Jaida Tulikihihifo
Jaida Tulikihihifo - 14 hours ago
Jaida Tulikihihifo
Jaida Tulikihihifo - 14 hours ago
And I love how mila calls him “DADA” 🥺🥺
Keli Morales
Keli Morales - 15 hours ago
bro them talking bout the drinks...i dont even know any of them😭😭
Rissa Renee
Rissa Renee - 16 hours ago
you guys are sooo cute i’m here for it 💜
Yabbadabbado - 17 hours ago
Reflection of water lmao
a a
a a - 18 hours ago
For this channel I can watch longer videos because you guys are so interesting it doesn't feel that long.
Vanessa - 18 hours ago
try ice matcha green tea latte with soy, 3 pumps of toffee nut and an add shot. 🔥 my go to drink aside from an iced chai alone or a dirty chai.
Shyla Wyllie
Shyla Wyllie - 20 hours ago
Rayleen looks way different without makeup. She's still beautiful 😍😍
Victoria Medicine
Victoria Medicine - 20 hours ago
You guys are so awesome 😊 can't wait to have more from you both.
Cedes L.
Cedes L. - 21 hour ago
No Ray is absolutely right about the sky. The sun shines on the ocean which reflects into the sky which makes the sky blue. 🌥
Jacky C.S
Jacky C.S - 21 hour ago
Are the kids hers ? 😭
Jessica Bautista
Jessica Bautista - 22 hours ago
HAHAHA mukbang is Korean I believe. Stands for “Korean Eating Show” to my understanding because I love to watch mukbangs. I love your relationship with your siblings, reminds me of me and mine 🤞🏽💕.
Serena Peach
Serena Peach - 22 hours ago
I love how energetic and friendly Ray is. She’s not a try hard like a lot of influencers
مشاعل الحربي
مشاعل الحربي - 22 hours ago
So excited to see you guys again♥️🖤
Marissa Jaeger
Marissa Jaeger - 22 hours ago
Call us the reeces pieces 😂 jk
2 Tayz
2 Tayz - Day ago
3 cute ☺️
Angelica Moreno
Angelica Moreno - Day ago
I love you guys so much you guys are my new favorite USa-videors couple
Teetee R
Teetee R - Day ago
I love you guysssss❤️
Hallie Daniel
Hallie Daniel - Day ago
You guys were talking over each other a lot next time take turnsssss , love youuuu
Leania Ekiek
Leania Ekiek - Day ago
reece is finally lock down.... i love how you are with her kids... they not just her kids anymore they are also yours now!
Kelly Rosas
Kelly Rosas - Day ago
I’m legit smiling ear to ear at 3:02 am 😭.. god I’ve seen what you’ve done here .. when ..
Jackie’s CA Crafts
Jackie’s CA Crafts - Day ago
🎉🎈🎂Happy Birthday 🎂🎉🎈
joshua Del Valle
joshua Del Valle - Day ago
Watching this shit stoned was funny af 🤣
Nis Hernandez
Nis Hernandez - Day ago
Ray's description of the little muffins was encrypted in my head when reece told his streeking story xD
Angelica Vargas
Angelica Vargas - Day ago
You guys are the cutest !
jacob reyes
jacob reyes - Day ago
Don’t sell yo soul kids
Aylin Chwallek
Aylin Chwallek - Day ago
I literally have never watched a whole Q&A until now. You guys are so cute 🥰
Des - Day ago
I love how he cares so much and he treats them so good, he treats them like there his own 🥺. Omg it’s so cute 🥰
Lisa Young
Lisa Young - Day ago
Omg I love y’all! If y’all agree drop a 💙❤️💙❤️
Omg I love y’all! If y’all agree drop a 💙❤️💙❤️
Natalie Vazquez
Natalie Vazquez - Day ago
I always thought Reece was stuck up from his family members vlogs , he’s actually such a sweetheart and out going person . Happy I’m here to watch your family grow & also your Chanel to grow and glow , god bless 💙💜
Yoara Burgos
Yoara Burgos - Day ago
Love you guys alreadyyyy!!! Ya’ll are a whole vibe! God bless! 🙏🏻💜
Slayy Jonae
Slayy Jonae - Day ago
Team ray you already know
Sharde Hiller
Sharde Hiller - Day ago
J.cook walked so that his siblings could run on this USa-video shit 👏🏽👏🏽that’s how it’s suppose to be 💯💯
Ruby Rodarte
Ruby Rodarte - Day ago
She’s so pretty I’m literally crying watching this video. I’m only 16 but I see myself being like her when I grow up
Farhiya Mohamed
Farhiya Mohamed - Day ago
I love the energy great ppl 😍❤️
Farhiya Mohamed
Farhiya Mohamed - Day ago
I love the family God blessed❤️❤️❤️
Jessica May
Jessica May - Day ago
I love you guys together ❤
Life With Yahaira
Life With Yahaira - Day ago
“We touch feet” 😂😂😂 nah I’m the same way I have to touch my mans feet with my feet in order to fall asleep
Richard Lema
Richard Lema - Day ago
I sleep with a pillow between my legs too had it since I was 10 😂😂😂😂
Saira Molina
Saira Molina - Day ago
Lmao I’m hella weak jcook said and we have aaaaa michelada 😂😂😂
Just Gen
Just Gen - Day ago
Just Gen
Just Gen - Day ago
Reece: I need you to cut my toenails Ray: I found the nail clippers *omg shes a keeper 💯 I love watching all of you ❤ so much 🔥 so much INSPO 🥰
yfdawn - Day ago
Awe hes so good with the kids
Melinda Enoch
Melinda Enoch - Day ago
is it just me or she kinda looks like Layton Greene? she’s so beautiful 😍😍😍!!!
sadass iri
sadass iri - Day ago
jcook : michelada😂❣️
Gladyz Portillo
Gladyz Portillo - Day ago
Im soooo happy for y’all , May you both seek nothing but happiness 🤍🤍
Laura Ann Tijerina
Laura Ann Tijerina - Day ago
Ill just give it a little muffin touch.. 😍😍😍 love justice
Nena Gutierrez
Nena Gutierrez - Day ago
I love how they’re getting more comfortable filming, I bet it’s probably a lot of pressure but they’re both so videogenic if that’s even a word lol 💙
Vanessa M
Vanessa M - Day ago
Hahaha Reece be cracking me up here 😆 I literally can’t sleep without the noise of my fan I be getting cold but I need the noise lol and I deffo can’t sleep cuddling once I’m in bed I’m there to sleep
Sydnee Tucker
Sydnee Tucker - Day ago
Yall are the best!! also rayleen is so gorgeous
Bri Leilani
Bri Leilani - Day ago
Justice said he won’t sleep naked cus of a robber 🤣🤣🤣 took me out lmaooo
Jasmine Martinez
Jasmine Martinez - Day ago
Aww they call him dada 🥺💙 I know ray is so grateful for reece, that’s honestly too cute. I’m a single mom to my baby boy so this makes me so happy, his mom raised good men
Mariah Vjance
Mariah Vjance - Day ago
Rayleen if I looked like you I wouldn’t know how to act 😂❤️ ur so beautiful
Jasmine Martinez
Jasmine Martinez - Day ago
She’s so genuine and you tell you guys have genuine love 💙
Jalissaahhh C
Jalissaahhh C - Day ago
I feel like they kinda leave jerzi out or ignore her
Steph Rodriguez
Steph Rodriguez - Day ago
Shi - Day ago
Reece is such a great father to these girls already!! Congratulations on your journey💕💕
JenniferSoza - Day ago
What yall said about USa-video is so true. We started our channel a few months back and so far we have only 48 subscribers. I’ve been watching jcook and jerz for some time now. When you and Rayleen started your channel I was so IN SHOCK at how many views you guys have. Of course it’s because you already had a platform, so I never hated LOL. YOU GUYS ACTUALLY INSPIRED US TO FILM MORE AND NOT GIVE UP. I will forever be apart of the cook fam and now the Reece & Rayleen family 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 thank you for the inspiration!