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Eduardo Mejía
Eduardo Mejía - 2 hours ago
Real mexican food, great job
barb frontczak
barb frontczak - 2 hours ago
That's so dam nasty
dawiser1 - 3 hours ago
I can’t help but think of Scheiffer Bates impersonation while watching this🤦🏽‍♂️
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha - 3 hours ago
Gino is Awesome
nutritious recepies
nutritious recepies - 3 hours ago
Wow amazing!
1425363878 - 3 hours ago
Meanwhile in Germany: Black bread, cold butter and hard-boiled eggs. We DO add salt, though...
PRINCE RAIN - 3 hours ago
I think the doctor NEEDS A DR dammmnnn rekt!!!
Domenico Fusco
Domenico Fusco - 3 hours ago
Un pungiale al cuore a tutti gli italiani
Jorge Escobar
Jorge Escobar - 3 hours ago
We just tried... with some variatons because of the quarantine and place we live in.... but it's amazing!!!! thanks for sahring this !
Dimas AB
Dimas AB - 3 hours ago
Finally, a touch
Matthijs van Wijhe
Matthijs van Wijhe - 3 hours ago
" Wack up the oven" that's almost a Jamie Oliver oneliner ;) Looks delicious!!
Fabio Santini
Fabio Santini - 3 hours ago
che schifo
Abbas Dawood
Abbas Dawood - 3 hours ago
Do a shot everytime he says literally
The queen Of Dino Nuggies
The queen Of Dino Nuggies - 3 hours ago
*I liked watching Ramsay get sworn at and bossed around*
Just some guy with half a Mustache
Just some guy with half a Mustache - 3 hours ago
Alternative video name "Gordon teaches chefs to go apeshit on pineples on pizza"
Gibran Barragán
Gibran Barragán - 3 hours ago
Pues yo soy mexicano y no prepararía una madre así jaja
Just some guy with half a Mustache
Just some guy with half a Mustache - 3 hours ago
I can't believe I'm better at roasting than some of them at the start
Kookist Kath
Kookist Kath - 3 hours ago
usa-video.net/u/channel UCDtw70ueqA_vb8hARLrX0hQ
Manal - 3 hours ago
Ayyy mi españita
AdoptADogOr2 - 3 hours ago
I can’t believe his people let him overuse and incorrectly use the word LITERALLY. He literally sounds like an idiot.
Snowy - 3 hours ago
francesco moscato
francesco moscato - 3 hours ago
o ma cosa stai facendo?
hahahahahahahahhahahaha hahahahHaha
hahahahahahahahhahahaha hahahahHaha - 3 hours ago
Dude thanks I was about to eat a raw burger!
BS Productions
BS Productions - 3 hours ago
So technically the owner is making it harder for the head chef to work that owner has a punchable face
Tanish Arora
Tanish Arora - 3 hours ago
What are the chances of the bread being stolen where it was dug in some random spot
FoxDroid - 3 hours ago
4:07 KSI?
hello I'm bored
hello I'm bored - 3 hours ago
0:52 look at that Gordon bulge
Just some guy with half a Mustache
Just some guy with half a Mustache - 3 hours ago
Does anyone here also like Gordon Ramsay more when he is insulting people creatively
rjune andrew
rjune andrew - 3 hours ago
Mark Lynch
Mark Lynch - 3 hours ago
This failed home economics teacher "Monti" is a ridiculous dreamer.
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake - 3 hours ago
"Do you want me to put some Reese's peanut butter cups on top of your eggs?"
small wonder
small wonder - 3 hours ago
Gordon Ramsays tips aren't really very helpful. Arugula? I don't like arugula. His other tips are either obvious ( toast the bun) or stupid ( frozen butter folded into the patty) Also, why does he say "literally" all the time? Does he think we might figuratively or metaphorically perform an action?
Salah edine Alouani
Salah edine Alouani - 3 hours ago
nice mean im from morocco fes city
Keiki Alani Frazee
Keiki Alani Frazee - 3 hours ago
The Reason why she didn’t eat that cooked cut of meat by Ramsey is because it looked still pink. Vegetarians have a hard time eating a little pink still in their meat; their imagination can’t get past what it used to be. Ramsey needs to understand that, and cook it “Well Done” before she could even reconsider. Most “young” Vegetarians don’t realize what “medium” even means when in cooking steaks. Most don’t realize it’s still safe to eat it with a little pink in the middle like “Medium Rare” and has more flavors in it.
Threesters - 3 hours ago
gordons (BUNS) are bootiful they look like his butt They are his but
Oskar Janicik
Oskar Janicik - 3 hours ago
Let me just use that nice lemon I bought for the salmon im gonna eat in a few days and waste it on my chilli fingers. If I now have a fresh lemon laying around
Krystle Roy
Krystle Roy - 3 hours ago
Gordon has a breville
leonardo fazi
leonardo fazi - 3 hours ago
Gordon, Gordon ma che cazzo fai figlu
100 subscribers with no video Lol
100 subscribers with no video Lol - 3 hours ago
Karen doesn’t look like a karen
Grungus Jarvis
Grungus Jarvis - 3 hours ago
He's Gordon Ramsay, He's Funny.
K E - 3 hours ago
What sort of dark twisted shit does anyone have on Gordon to blackmail him into doing this?
Z Miggy
Z Miggy - 3 hours ago
How come there's always semen in all the hotel blankets?
cOdIfA 5
cOdIfA 5 - 3 hours ago
The person watching Gordon is spy from team fortress
Scooby-Doobers - 3 hours ago
3:07 😂😂😂
Anstria Tarot
Anstria Tarot - 3 hours ago
I was expecting him to drop with a heart attack - he is rushing about like a maniac, not enjoying the crazily and unnecessarily rushed process and so red faced an artery might burst. Why take only ten minutes? Sure it's possible, but after that I would be too exhausted to eat. That said, I've tried several of his recipes and found them interesting - those that aren't over-drenched in fat and butter.
Max Minecraftboi
Max Minecraftboi - 3 hours ago
Why is it so high pitch 😂
Shelby Smith
Shelby Smith - 3 hours ago
I love Gordon so much, truly a great person and such an idol.
Lee Robinson
Lee Robinson - 3 hours ago
Tut teenage girls.... Don't argue with the food master! 😂
Joel Garner
Joel Garner - 3 hours ago
If there not Jamaican they aren’t gonna like it . I think that’s racist ?
Ouachen Fatna
Ouachen Fatna - 3 hours ago
You are the most famous Ilove your stile of kooking in Fatafeat . Good health and good succes from Morrocco !
Leszek DanePrywatne
Leszek DanePrywatne - 4 hours ago
Miło się ogląda :) Danie super, a rodzinna atmosfera jeszcze bardziej super :)
Don Rotsen
Don Rotsen - 4 hours ago
A 4.4k Mexicanos no nos gusta esto
eatdirtmofo - 4 hours ago
If your camera Guy is looking at his phone instead of filming, SACK him, and get a Professional. Man, there are so many Camera trainees out there busting their Ass for years, just to get a payed Job, because they have a Dream.... Makes me sick . (32 years in the Industry, when film was actually film).
Jorge Meza espinoza
Jorge Meza espinoza - 4 hours ago
Como olvidar cuando. El gordon andaba bosteando xddd
janethlb57 - 4 hours ago
OMG!!! así no se cocina la huevos rancheros 💔
Megan - 4 hours ago
Bitch give me the tip jar and the owner imma bout to brake that jar over his head!
Ty Schaeffer
Ty Schaeffer - 4 hours ago
I feel for Jeff
3is_250fsport - 4 hours ago
came here a few years ago before flying back to the states. Parent wasn't in the best of moods as sibling was studying abroad there [but I loved the UK, especially with all the exotic cars there at that time during the summer] so we decided to grab a quick lunch before flying. Had a pleasant walk through the mall/terminal, saw a few places to eat but once we saw Gordon's name on the wall, that was a done deal LOL. Wasn't as quick as he said in this video but it was quick enough. Don't remember what I got but would definitely stop by if I ever visit the UK again.
RPLex - 4 hours ago
6:07 What they say: Bueno What they think: Pero que mierda es esto?!
James White
James White - 4 hours ago
Very nice Gordon. You could take some lessons from Jim Gaffigan and his hit cooking show, "Let's get cooking."
eddy benatti
eddy benatti - 4 hours ago
Gordon you are my favorite chef... this pasta will be good but it is not a carbonara. I invite you to go to Rome to try the real carbonara L'italiano incazzato
ill_ Sesio
ill_ Sesio - 4 hours ago
Ma perché sti cazzo di americani fanno i video della carbonara poi non si sa che cazzo ci mettono Sono 4 ingredienti quessi so capaci de arriva a 15 Like se sei italiano
ill_ Sesio
ill_ Sesio - 4 hours ago
1 minute of silence for italians and their grandpa
ACEofR3AP3R - 4 hours ago
Season the seasoning with your seasoned seasoning and than use the seasoning wich is seasoned to season the burgers so they are seasoned
Joker - 4 hours ago
This is fake. The fly is a paid actor.
Braydon & Dante Productions
Braydon & Dante Productions - 4 hours ago
I can’t believe that chief thought Gordon he put a mouse near the front door
Erdem Aydin
Erdem Aydin - 4 hours ago
I guess he have not tried Turkish breakfast before
_IlTalismano_ - 4 hours ago
Why you hate Italia??
Vivek Jayaraj
Vivek Jayaraj - 4 hours ago
Milk Gordon, milk.....😂😂😂😂😂
Geology and Cats Inc
Geology and Cats Inc - 4 hours ago
locomojoboy2 - 4 hours ago
It’s raw.
Zubair S
Zubair S - 4 hours ago
Life lesson learned in Gordon Ramsey's videos: how to roast anyone in 2 second of breathing
Maverick2ndAmendment - 4 hours ago
Its not Taco Bell! Smh
Alessio Grande
Alessio Grande - 4 hours ago
Nessuno Gordon Ramsey :fa una "carbonara" di merda Tutti:lo insultano Io:cioè la situazione si sta ribaltando
Mosé Chiavoni
Mosé Chiavoni - 4 hours ago
This is perfect in a school canteen.
Federico O
Federico O - 4 hours ago
Sappi che di ristpranti in Italia non ne aprirai mai!
Federico O
Federico O - 4 hours ago
Puoi dirmi tutto ma offendermi così no!
THE GOOD DRAWER - 4 hours ago
Eddie over here lookin like 👁 👄 👁
ACEofR3AP3R - 4 hours ago
I just wondered that "SEASONING" is not tip 1,2,3,4 and 5 😂
Jesse Erb
Jesse Erb - 4 hours ago
Gordon stop the act. We all know that tastes like shit.
K-Dog - 4 hours ago
Hello? Seasoning!
love Guru Studio
love Guru Studio - 4 hours ago
Hi sir I'm going to trie this dish at home 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
dany boi
dany boi - 4 hours ago
sammy has to be a sugar daddy, hate to say it but theres no way theres an actual connection.
Gio Giurraz
Gio Giurraz - 4 hours ago
I'm italian. This shit is not a Real Carboanara
solomon santos
solomon santos - 4 hours ago
I cried with them. It really made me feel good seein what he did for them.
Jordyn Sire
Jordyn Sire - 4 hours ago
never eating lobster ever again.
James Laumand
James Laumand - 4 hours ago
Do you cut your own hair
Darth Revan
Darth Revan - 4 hours ago
Looks like he snorted gfuel
dustin anderson
dustin anderson - 4 hours ago
Phenomenal everytime! Thanks Chef!
troy liebau
troy liebau - 4 hours ago
Working without pay is slavery. hats off to chef Ramsay for calling this pathetic loser of a dip shit out on it.
Rock Light
Rock Light - 4 hours ago
This is such a nuisance to do. This is me one of my favorite things to make to impress. Throw a couple of drinks in there and make a big freaking mess. Requires more space than you think and creates a lot of dishes. Congratulations it looks beautiful. I like to do a horseradish aioli with it mine. Hard to get those fries crisp enough and its easy to muck up the temp on the oil. (different oils seem to act differently...) Listen to the man though. Shallow fry is great and it works. Beautiful. Took a few years to find this out on my own.
Jim Xu
Jim Xu - 4 hours ago
This is his 10mil burger so lazy man
Angie Rodriguez
Angie Rodriguez - 4 hours ago
Imagine being Gordon Ramsey's kid.
Taral Stories
Taral Stories - 4 hours ago
I wish I could meet you ... Such an amazing one u are... Unique style..on point as always
ferociousgumby - 4 hours ago
2:08 I really thought he was going to say "your heads are so far. . . " (up your own arse)
Lily Limon
Lily Limon - 4 hours ago
That pigeon should be working instead of it being a paid actor same for the mouse.
ferociousgumby - 4 hours ago
Ah, it's "Papa Butt" the stoner/pot head, a "head" in more ways than one.
Little Sade
Little Sade - 4 hours ago
No one: Gordan: *PaN dOwn*
Dahlia Jabbour
Dahlia Jabbour - 4 hours ago
I'm crying.
Turkey Sings
Turkey Sings - 4 hours ago
Okay....... But he could like, get it