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Terrorizing My Friends in Proximity Chat Among Us
Terrorizing My Friends in Proximity Chat Among Us
9 days ago
Proximity chat allows you to talk ingame using open mic, but only when other players are nearby Courage: Minx: 5up: Tubbo: Anita: Jesse: Basetrade: Ze: Botez:
Month ago
I Failed Card Swipe 30+ Times LIVE In Front Of 200k People And All My Friends
I Failed Card Swipe 30+ Times LIVE In Front Of 200k People And All My Friends
Month ago
it was my first ever Among Us livestream and I was nervous PLAYERS: Jacksepticeye: Fuslie: Sykkuno: Wendy: Pokimane: CHARLIE: Lilypichu: Toast: Scarra: Pewdiepie: THUMBNAIL BY: EDITOR:
Sociopath 666 IQ CORPSE Imposter Plays - Among Us with PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye, Boyinaband and more
Sociopath 666 IQ CORPSE Imposter Plays - Among Us with PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye, Boyinaband and more
2 months ago
CORPSE playing Among Us This was just the beginning of ruining all my new friendships Felix: Dave: Sean: Chris: Julien: Amber: Charlie: Ethan: Thumbnail by:
ngan hao wong
ngan hao wong - 3 hours ago
I kinda want to see dream react to corpse’s voice
Life Stick lol
Life Stick lol - 3 hours ago
Just imagine being lucky corpse GF.......I know I'm over thinking but who the HeLl wOn'T
Bad Vibes damn
Bad Vibes damn - 3 hours ago
Tubbo, with his puberty riddled voice, saying he’ll protect Corpse, mister angel of death himself apparently, is the funniest thing i’ve ever seen
Ella Archer
Ella Archer - 3 hours ago
omg idk who tubbo is but i love him
Erinxmaligaya - 3 hours ago
5:04 "Straight to hell buddy" that's the way I like corpse 😂😂😂😈
Ride The Gamer
Ride The Gamer - 3 hours ago
*nice bro*
LittleIcy ;-;
LittleIcy ;-; - 3 hours ago
Congrats on one mil mr corpse
Joe Austin-Landers
Joe Austin-Landers - 3 hours ago
I have 100% voice envy of corpse.
AP2 S2K Mike
AP2 S2K Mike - 3 hours ago
He sounds just like that singer guy on TikTok. Can’t quite remember his name
Zr potato-_-シ
Zr potato-_-シ - 3 hours ago
James Charles: “HI” super screeched Corpse:whaddup baby
Ashu 23
Ashu 23 - 3 hours ago
Even everybody know corpse is the imposter...they won't vote Everybody believe it isn't him😂
Kal.dice - 4 hours ago
Corpse vs Tim Storms 🤔
Agent Calamari Friday
Agent Calamari Friday - 4 hours ago
I am unfamiliar with this channel so I was wondering why your name was CORPSE Husband. Are you a husband that is a corpse? Or perhaps you are the husband of a corpse. Maybe even a husband to a normal person with the name Corpse. Or is corpse just the name you go by on youtube, while also being the husband of someone. I have put too much thought into this irrelivent detail
Mark Candalera
Mark Candalera - 4 hours ago
Legends say CORPSE is still on card swipe
Rodrigo Trinidad
Rodrigo Trinidad - 4 hours ago
OMG Tubbo became the captain! Those were amazing games and I never expected to see both Tubbo and especially Rifkin in these lobbies!
Loving Life
Loving Life - 4 hours ago
15:48 Why the hell are you dabbing Anita what the hecc Ok 2 people sus of her It’s her UnU Yep..
Aris Loft
Aris Loft - 4 hours ago
“Where we goin?” “Strait to hell buddy...” My new fav saying
C1 Cyxlse
C1 Cyxlse - 4 hours ago
Corpse used to narrate lama arts horror stories
LIL APU - 4 hours ago
4:50 Tubbo just saw a body on cams and literally forget about it when he saw corpse lol
Loving Life
Loving Life - 4 hours ago
Tubbo how the hell are you so fricken wholesome and adorable
gummy zone
gummy zone - 4 hours ago
Do you have discord ?
Mathexpwr - 4 hours ago
I know this is off topic but i just lost a best friend that i could ever had but I lost all my chances but Ima move on with my life like anyone cares...
johnny joestar
johnny joestar - 4 hours ago
Omg i love anita
Avengerman 260
Avengerman 260 - 4 hours ago
Corpse is basically Markiplier's voice double
Matt Dela Cruz
Matt Dela Cruz - 4 hours ago
tubbo is like tommy and corpse is vikstar
Loving Life
Loving Life - 4 hours ago
Sophie G.
Sophie G. - 4 hours ago
Omg guys did you know that you could breath while Jk i just wanted you to smile ;) have a good day/ night where ever you are <3
clover was taken
clover was taken - 4 hours ago
jasons reaction is my favorite lmao
Ecstasy ひ
Ecstasy ひ - 4 hours ago
he sounds like batman
livi P
livi P - 4 hours ago
I love how corpse always plays with their feelings before he just completely annihilates them
Watema 3
Watema 3 - 4 hours ago
I simp for Corpse (no homo?)
Watema 3
Watema 3 - 4 hours ago
Corpse's voice makes Batman sound like a fetus.
It's Alyssa
It's Alyssa - 4 hours ago
tubbo: where we going CORPES: straight to hell
Yusuke Rizuno
Yusuke Rizuno - 4 hours ago
It would be an interesting combination to see corpse and wolfychu play among us together and simply throw everyone off with their voices
Itz Miguel
Itz Miguel - 4 hours ago
no one gonna talk about HOW SYKKUNO MURDERED CORPSE :(
BlondeHacker 16
BlondeHacker 16 - 4 hours ago
This is the best video I have seen in so damn long. Dude, I've been laughing my ass off, love your content
Watema 3
Watema 3 - 4 hours ago
Corpse can single-handedly turn any man on the planet gay with just his voice. Incredible!
Itz Miguel
Itz Miguel - 4 hours ago
"you like the sound jarvis?" "I was doing it first" the conversations are too funny
serene - 4 hours ago
I don't actually like his voice (I know crazy), but he's just such a funny person and it's impressive how he doesn't make his voice his whole brand.
じんところAbigail - 4 hours ago
The “What up baby” killed me
Halle _
Halle _ - 4 hours ago
14:25 this is my favorite moment in among us history
Ella Nicole
Ella Nicole - 4 hours ago
Regular people in the comments: Laughing about card swiper Me: *Fight me bitch* 😌👊
Ride The Gamer
Ride The Gamer - 4 hours ago
Kimberly Gates
Kimberly Gates - 5 hours ago
play more with Tubbo plz
Jin Chester Tayson
Jin Chester Tayson - 5 hours ago
Sykkuno looks innocent lol
XxSkeletonFighterMan92xX Music
XxSkeletonFighterMan92xX Music - 5 hours ago
CherryTiming - 5 hours ago
at my first time doing card swipe i failed over 22 swipes and they sus's on meh 😅 >o<
Stacy Vargas
Stacy Vargas - 5 hours ago
" Welcome to the afterlife, have you been betrayed ?"
• Lemon head •
• Lemon head • - 5 hours ago
Minx drinking ice: Me: *I aint never seen that flavor* -treing to pause-
CherryTiming - 5 hours ago
D W - 5 hours ago
I just remembered minx stabbing her white claw
Blue screen
Blue screen - 5 hours ago
Holy piss!!!!! somebody mentioned him on Tik tok But Jesus his voice hella deep!,did you stick a log down your throat when you were a child, God.
HONEY LEMON - 5 hours ago
Hey corpse can you play a not private server
Shiba-Inu-BB #BB#
Shiba-Inu-BB #BB# - 5 hours ago
I did this in public on my phone and this girl was watching me - I swear why does it keep saying too fast
Corynn Parrish
Corynn Parrish - 5 hours ago
Corpse: that was so funny. me: Dude your saying that with a dead voice---
Cat - 5 hours ago
"Hello friend."
Mattheadcatfish1 - 5 hours ago
Fuck yea, I'm not alone. I sound just like this dude. Only on the headset, for some reason, just super deep.
Brian Torstenson
Brian Torstenson - 5 hours ago
Is it just me or is cartoonz's reaction always the best??? 😂🤣
Eh Doh Paw
Eh Doh Paw - 5 hours ago
Your voice is soooooooooo good!!!!
Spraunt - 5 hours ago
Everyone talking about proximity chat, but I be collecting koroks
Idaero does ART
Idaero does ART - 5 hours ago
If you hear it bad, thats mean your audio output is bad o.o
L9lip0p - 5 hours ago
Is corpse kinda in love with Anita sounds like it idk
Navneeth Jaydev
Navneeth Jaydev - 5 hours ago
Corpse: What's up everyone? Everyone: Oh my gawdd, you voice!!! Corpse: slowly dies inside
alex hebert
alex hebert - 5 hours ago
Courage: "I really like this its really intimate" Corpse:" ye ye kills courage LMAO
Elson Joel Manzo
Elson Joel Manzo - 5 hours ago
12:08 Jesus Christ you banged courage so hard that he died
Kylie Henderson
Kylie Henderson - 5 hours ago
of corpse was your bf, and you found out he cheated, he would convince you that you cheated on him, and that it was your fault, it's impossible to not believe him
deadmans fury
deadmans fury - 5 hours ago
corpse sounds like Mel Gibson
big boye
big boye - 5 hours ago
Menacing yet soothing. My cat didn't know what to think.
chocolate cookie
chocolate cookie - 5 hours ago
Get better soon
YøûñG Kiing
YøûñG Kiing - 5 hours ago
I want to hear corpse say “moto moto” like from the movie Madagascar Escape 2 Africa. He sounds jus like him. 😂😭
Azeem Ogunjobi
Azeem Ogunjobi - 5 hours ago
Corspe is 90% simp for anita cause he didnt kill her in 1st and 2nd round
Federico Rocca
Federico Rocca - 5 hours ago
3:18 idk but that was awkward af .
Storm Angelus
Storm Angelus - 5 hours ago
Dude, this game just seems to have this sadistic love for making you the imposter! I still love that: "Hey Corpse, where we going?" "Straight to hell, buddy." *GAK*
Sopiha Grace
Sopiha Grace - 5 hours ago
Got chess on the mind? Learn some tips from one of the best ever, Garry Kasparov, including what his favorite gambits are >>
Dimples of concentration
Dimples of concentration - 5 hours ago
Is that voice genuine? Man its awesome
Nathaniel goted
Nathaniel goted - 5 hours ago
Botez sounds like jojosewa
Ayerz Vidz
Ayerz Vidz - 5 hours ago
Calm down sir! You need to calm down on card swipe
Nadia Martinez
Nadia Martinez - 5 hours ago
all these people trying to get close with corpse lmao popularity r gonna rise
MJ Ilar
MJ Ilar - 5 hours ago
Card Swipe : "Hey! Slow down" Corpse : *_"Did you say faster?"_*
TWEET TWEET Aka touya todo
TWEET TWEET Aka touya todo - 5 hours ago
When I first breath corpses air* corpse:wadup baby Me:*Coughs*chokes* a-ahem sir I’m 18 years old thank U very much now I’ll go pray for me to not live in this confusing world