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I make animated videos about RPGs. Thanks for stopping by!
I animate using FireAlpaca to draw the images and Hitfilm 4 Express to give them motion. Both of those programs are free and great. I highly recommend them. I also used Moho 12 (Anime Studio) for the lip-sync scenes, but it's pretty bad as a drawing program. I use FireAlpaca to draw.
A few videos are exceptions to the process above. Adobe Animate was used exclusively for the following videos: Nobilis, D&D Character Cat, Should the GM Cheat, and Critical Role. However, I switched back because I didn't like Adobe Animate as a drawing program.
Also, all of my artwork, for the first year, was made using a mouse. The "Critical Role Animation" video was the first one where I used a drawing tablet (Cintiq 13HD).
I use a Blue Yeti microphone.
I opened up a public mailbox! You can send me mail to:
Benjamin Scott
PMB #137
5663 Balboa Ave.
San Diego CA, 92111