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Discussing everything Red Dead Redemption 2 and Elder Scrolls VI related. I make videos about all the news, information, gameplay, trailers and crazy theories you need to know! Also an avid fan of many other gaming franchises like The Last of Us. Expect the most in-depth and original content about the future of gaming.
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Intera UK
Intera UK - 4 hours ago
How sad to gatekeep on an 82 year old... gamers should be happy someone that age actually took the time to look into, appreciate and enjoy our hobby, when it's wrongly dismissed as worthless by so many people.
Liam McAllister
Liam McAllister - 4 hours ago
She dosen't need this it enrages me to see this
Rick Da Division Grampa
Rick Da Division Grampa - 4 hours ago
I get some of the same on Division 2,, and I am only 63!! Welp,,,, karma is a ,,,,,well,,, y'know!
Eric Billings
Eric Billings - 4 hours ago
Alright no Battlefront 2 isn't the new shiz. If you compare it to it's release, that's an easy bar to pass. It has poor stability, long load times, way too many heroes on the field (6 in total) and the heroes heal on their own with some so strong the are always the top players, balance issues, and you always be against the team that plays the objective. Also playing the objective results in less point, so you're encouraged not to. Objectives are obscured where some have timers reset and sometimes don't and what determines that is related to atmospheric data. It's alright for about 30 minutes until all the heroes get on the field and then it's just goofy.
Mr Mosty
Mr Mosty - 4 hours ago
Reminds me of all the players freaking out that people dare play Undertale on Genocide
Alea Jacta Est
Alea Jacta Est - 4 hours ago
Poor Troy, he is destroying the huge sympathy capital he got with fans...the problem with the story is that killing Joel is not an ''artistic choice'' (a lot of people expected that Joel could die in part 2, but not like that). The huge problem is that it is a "political choice" and were tired of this! They destroyed Game of throne, star wars, batman, ghostbusters, etc...name it!
Freddie Barnes
Freddie Barnes - 5 hours ago
I left this message on her video that you can see now. I hope this shows how much help she needs. To Grandma, I just want to let you know about something. Your health is much much more important than these videos. So if you need to take a break for a month or even a year or two we will all support your decision whatever it is. As for the hurtful comments and for the news agency's twisting your story. They should just **** off. They're stupid and sad and pitiful. Every hurtful comment disgusts me and makes me want to throw up. I completely respect whatever desicion you make if it is even leaving USa-video. Even if you decide to retire USa-video you still have one hell of a legacy. You will always be remembered as the Gaming Grandma. If I was in your shoes. I would take a break for a while and spend some time to focus on other things. We will always be there for you if you need us for any reason. And if anybody offends you or makes you sad then we will all be there for you as well. I would also like to mention that for a lot of people you are a inspiration to all of us. And all of us should and will understand why you are doing this. As for me I have a bit of a apology to make. I don't really watch many of your videos. But I promise you if you decide to return I will watch all of your videos. I have left notifications on your channel and will try my hardest to watch every video you upload. As for the hurtful comments. I will reply to every one of them and tell them how much pain they have caused to you. That is a Promise. Overall what I'm saying is take a big break and take some time for yourselves and if you're willing to return to USa-video. We will welcome you back with open arms. We will always remember you. :-)
Masta Cheese
Masta Cheese - 5 hours ago
Skip to 7:45 for the purpose of the video
Jacob Palacios
Jacob Palacios - 5 hours ago
I've been thinking of getting fallout 76 I don't know anything about it. But it looks interesting I'd like to know if it's worth it or nah.
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan - 5 hours ago
I love battle field and hope that bfv would make a come back hearing this makes me wish I would have listen to them and didn’t buy the game
Winter Star
Winter Star - 5 hours ago
This just in. The Aldmeri Dominion, Ebonheart Pact, Daggerfall Covenant and Empire just made a truce to hunt down the people who upset their grandma.
morbidgypsy - 5 hours ago
Ain't nobody better be picking on grandma.
0ddMonk3y - 5 hours ago
I don’t blame Patrick Soderlund/EA’s chief design officer for saying what he said. Seems like neck beards incels are triggered because a woman is in BF5. He said DICE made that decision. No idea why people are mad at EA. I’m buying BF5 to support them.
Syttorak - 5 hours ago
Well I hope all the people who directly picked on her with the intention of being pricks, and trying to hurt her, thereby making her feel like crap - feel really good about themselves because they are scum, and that is "The reality of the matter" and not opinion based. But we all KNOW the internet is full of weak minded people that don't "hold back" their statements, they will speak as they please, why? Because they are out of reach and nobody can get their hands on them, and they know that. Most of them would never have the balls to speak that way to most peoples faces in person lol
Someone - 5 hours ago
I’m so glad it was spoiled for me and they will not get my money anymore
Kepano 808HI
Kepano 808HI - 5 hours ago
hahahahahahahahaah "trolls have impacted her health" bull fuqing shit. OLD AGE IMPACTS HER HEALTH, fact of life!! stop reading comments and making video granny!
Okairo - 6 hours ago
What do I think of the losers... you don't want to know. It isn't pretty. I don't watch her content, honestly didn't know anything about her or her channel, but I'll give grandma a thumbs up for doing something that not everyone can do. Not everyone can make youtube videos or stream, but she did it on a whim and enjoyed it. To belittle her or say harsh words to her just because of her age or her personality should be not only ashamed of themselves, they need their internet severed for the rest of their life and personally apologize to her. I mean, heck, we're all taught to be respectful to our elders, and the rule we're all taught when we're little is: If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. And really? Out of all the elderly women in the world. They pick on the kindest one? Well this shows that they lack the balls granny has. (pardon the language)
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson - 6 hours ago
I was going to mention that you had a bad take on this, but I see you updated everyone, so I'll just say it is just another case of a s**t journalist (read: blogger) in this industry dangling click bait over the side of the boat to attract the attention of gullible fishes who think they are sharks.
RE Immersive Gameplay Walkthroughs
RE Immersive Gameplay Walkthroughs - 6 hours ago
I really respect you making this video 🙏
dead fox
dead fox - 6 hours ago
She plays lots of games when she is yung... and others dont know that yes she is a gamer and always be ...
Sarah Jensen
Sarah Jensen - 6 hours ago
What narcissistic asshole would be rude to such a sweet lay?! Hearing something like that makes me sick. I happen to be subscribed to her and her content is actually really fun and entertaining. I've actually created a character that I've based on her playthrough style. I love her playthroughs.
Josh Blount
Josh Blount - 6 hours ago
20 years from now, someone will hop on TES6 and find Shirley's character and say "Hi Grandma."
David Latimore
David Latimore - 6 hours ago
Just love it!
Young Santa
Young Santa - 7 hours ago
Skip this game,gonna buy AC VALHALLA
Random Bro
Random Bro - 7 hours ago
Oh also - I miss having a team commander - who could call airstrikes, uav and (try) to order the troops around, was a nice innovation that just dissapeared. (battlefield btw)
KaeYoss - 7 hours ago
Not really buying that Bethesda had nothing to do with the rootkit. That would mean that id is weapons-grade stupid. The fact they listened doesn't really make up for that.
Poseidon H2O
Poseidon H2O - 7 hours ago
KaeYoss - 7 hours ago
"Please join us and try it out" Hahahaha. No 6 bucks for you! NEXT!
Eric Peterson
Eric Peterson - 7 hours ago
She needs to get some duck feathers and then the trolls will be like water on duck feathers, flowing into the riven then the ocean of hate that 45 loves.
Random Bro
Random Bro - 7 hours ago
DICE needs to reboot BF Vietnam. My favourite of the series. Those heli flying in pumping the sound and all the soldiers underneath hearing it fly in - music and all - was awesome.
simoxeh - 7 hours ago
She should stop all together. Not to let the haters win but for her own mental and physical health. If it's not fun for her, she shouldn't do it she doesn't owe us anything and clearly some of us don't appreciate it anyway. With that said let's get to the real problem. We shouldn't be focused on silencing people who are mean to Skyrim grandma, but we should be doing this to all toxic people in the community. We have to stop letting internet bravery be acceptable behavior when it is toxic. I'm not saying get rid of differences of opinion, healthy debates, or even friendly trash talk. I mean people treat others like crap because they can and those of who don't like it often just look the other way rather then get involved or worse leave the sites we love to avoid it. The buttholes are winning. They are being told that they can do it and those who don't like it will either argue with them, which they like, turn a blind eye, or leave. I don't claim to have the answers and we know the services won't do a thing because even a toxic person generates ad revenue. We have to stop band aiding the problem and get to the source of it.
KaeYoss - 7 hours ago
I'd say never buy a game until it's 6 months old, but no one is going to do that - those weak enough to buy games from the scum publishers at all are too weak to wait. And they're the majority. Gamers as a whole are worse than sheep.
Eric R
Eric R - 7 hours ago
Maybe she should have a private channel and stuff or something I mean I would hate for her to leave her fans. She is a sweet woman and does enjoy her community but it might be time to set up a group and get rid of the toxic people. There are always gona be toxic people. Cant escape them.
Winston McGregor
Winston McGregor - 7 hours ago
Not to add Mir sadness. But this is why I say we shouldn't make this a godless world. Man has no morals that's why we work with God's morals. "*THIS*" belongs to God. These weak minded humans try to bring you to their level so their not in sorrow alone. But because they lack morals instead of building themselves and others around them, they crave for power in any form. Everyone will have thier court with God. It's just sad everyman can't make it to paradise. (Possible, but some are just ignorantly evil) Which is why you can't find a video with zero dislikes. Peace on earth is only possible by removing the threat. Why wait for the threat to force you to defend yourself.?
Christian Foster
Christian Foster - 7 hours ago
Everyone’s coming to her defense cuz she’s sad she isn’t as popular anymore? Like who gives af, no one would care if she wasn’t an old lady. And people giving suggestions of games for her to play is not hateful... they’re just suggestions, get over it
Klee Klee
Klee Klee - 7 hours ago
We just want gta5 vr for ps4.
Thicc Fish
Thicc Fish - 7 hours ago
If you hate Skyrim grandma, then I hate you personally
Lauri Bleu
Lauri Bleu - 8 hours ago
I am only 67 and here I sit crocheting while I watch this. I am also a gamer. I used to talk about and programming that with students in order to challenge their preconceived notions of who I am based on my appearance. I had one student tell me wished his grandmother was more like me.
Justin Power
Justin Power - 8 hours ago
To be honest, the whole “get woke, go broke” crowd is taking it way to far on LOU2 leaks. If a trans person was shoehorned into some kind of historical realism type game I could understand the criticism perhaps. But this is post apocalyptic Seattle. Anyone getting upset just because the story includes a trans person is a hater and a bigot in my book.
Blayne Greiner
Blayne Greiner - 8 hours ago
You mention that developers aren't replaceable in this industry but it couldn't be further from the truth. There are so many people aspiring to enter the industry and are hungry for positions at these companies, even if they are treated poorly. It is a very sought after career and everyone is replaceable.
Josh - 8 hours ago
They should make her a playable race, as the ultimate gaming grandma
jlxnc - 8 hours ago
by now, its probably safe to assume that Bethesda fans enjoy taking it hard from behind.
M. - 8 hours ago
What's wrong with gaymers, can't a grandma enjoy her game!?
Mercedes Settle
Mercedes Settle - 8 hours ago
Personally I've never wanted a fallout or Syrim MMO. I thought it would be fun to play story mode in parties and focus highkey on rpg where each party member is diffrtent
Ron Laws
Ron Laws - 8 hours ago
You have to be a special kind of socially inept, mentally damaged remnant of a human husk to say nasty things to Skyrim Gran, I mean she really is the sweetest, gentlest loving soul that warms so many hearts, your own heart has to be so twisted and rotten beyond hope to sink to such incompressible levels of the barrel of human waste anything could be scraped from to do such a thing.
its nate
its nate - 8 hours ago
It would be cool and instead of zombies we got vampires in the undead nightmare 2.
Emerald - 9 hours ago
What happened after 21:34 never heard someone get hit by puberty that hard and that fast.
Yu Tub
Yu Tub - 9 hours ago
She should've known that the internet is full of losers...
Jake Ross
Jake Ross - 9 hours ago
spun it huh.
Timothy Freeze
Timothy Freeze - 9 hours ago
I really hate your use of the word "SLAMS" in every video. Such a click baity word.
timothy jayjohn
timothy jayjohn - 9 hours ago
Skyrim is a shit game, Skyrim grandma is dope tho
internetguy - 9 hours ago
what if the grandma likes to play skyrim? I still play it from time to time. tbh I have played skyrim so much it has become a habit to just play it for a bit and then close it xD
Gabriel Cordero
Gabriel Cordero - 9 hours ago
Really hoped she plays fallout
Rashon Burnett
Rashon Burnett - 9 hours ago
I think the comments section for every video always gets nasty as you put it. It’s rare to even see positive comments depending on the video. That’s crazy that she reads and responds to every comment. That really must take a lot of energy and effort for her. That’s real dedication. It’s sad the internet seems to bring out the worst in people so often. Maybe because they have anonymity, and can be as toxic as they want with no real repercussions. Hopefully she keeps keeping on and she gets to Elder Scrolls 6 and see her character in there.
anything youcando
anything youcando - 9 hours ago
Protect the grandma!!!
Jrezky - 9 hours ago
So glad Shirley is getting recognition. I remember my friend telling me about her years ago, and how she called her viewers grandkids, and I had to subscribe.
AB plus YT
AB plus YT - 9 hours ago
Brian Biggers
Brian Biggers - 9 hours ago
"online casino" - nice way to put it
Troy Balster
Troy Balster - 9 hours ago
As far as star wars games the only ones I've liked were x wing, tie fighter, and kotor games. Any of the shooter games I could care less. Only single player rpg or space sims will interest me.
Pator999 - 9 hours ago
You actually have to have sub-human intelligence to still be putting money in to this game. I still feel like a complete moron for buying it when it released.
Thiago Rauta
Thiago Rauta - 10 hours ago
It's simple. If i play a RPG game, i want to role play as my gender. FPS, Fight, i don't care. In a RPG i don't want to romance a dude.
H R - 10 hours ago
Iam A Gamer !!! Says it all, Grandma Gamer is one of us !! 💪
tiamat_023 - 10 hours ago
564 pay pigs are easily parted with their money
Pat X
Pat X - 10 hours ago
a grandma should make me some cookies not being better than me in a game.....
friendofphi - 10 hours ago
Companies have to do what generates the most money, it isn't a person decision it's a board of investors. Investors invest in companies to make money. Since there's data out there that confirms that leaks/data mining effect sales companies have to invest resources to reduce the impact of those leaks. You can say leaks could help a game but someone has to do the research and publish it. It's the same with copy protection someone needs to publish the data that piracy can help your game.
Jeff Lane
Jeff Lane - 10 hours ago
Alcaeus Blackwell
Alcaeus Blackwell - 10 hours ago
Whether we end our journey as the scourge of Tamriel, or heralded as the promised warrior of the Gods - you don't mess with our Grammy. I mean, just check how many dragons have been slain for a NPC we didn't even care about.
Daniel Worden
Daniel Worden - 10 hours ago
Not sure if it's mentioned someplace in this video but I wanted to ask before I forget. What's the first game you're showcasing here? Girl with a tattoo on her arm flying and stuff? First thought it was a Lara Croft thing, but don't remember her being able to fly. Thanks in advance for the sauce.
MyTownDrunk - 10 hours ago
Man I hope we get a step sis. She's gunna love my big black arms.
Sam Baggins
Sam Baggins - 10 hours ago
Fallout 76 was Bethesda telling us exactly how they felt about fans. They don’t GAF!
SSnake Strike
SSnake Strike - 10 hours ago
I wonder what asshole makes fun of a 84 year old old lady, I mean WTF
Lóránt Farkas
Lóránt Farkas - 10 hours ago
Well... You don't want me begin angry the results are... Apocalyptic! Quite literally, without exaggeration when i lose my cool, lose control?
NT - 10 hours ago
This is the price of fame during the internet age. I don't really see anything unique or truly awful about any of this.
TheVeratrix - 10 hours ago
Ah the internet where everything is blown out of proportion and we all have to prepare for battle. What a time to be alive.
The Sentient Toaster
The Sentient Toaster - 10 hours ago
Haters: Ha look old woman playing Skyrim, how dumb Me: *Did you mean: "Let's go to the Soul Cairn for the rest of eternity"?*
El diablo da Costa
El diablo da Costa - 10 hours ago
Fucking waited ages just for the last of us part of this video. My God.
khronosfateless - 10 hours ago
No one: LegacyKilla: Fallout 76 made people be mean to skyrim grandma.
Ladida - 11 hours ago
Me: Time to kill everyone in the new Elder Scrolls game. Skyrim Grandma NPC: Oh it's so good to see you, grandson. Me: ...Or I could go save the world for once.
jim shin
jim shin - 11 hours ago
Number One spot for reasons of death row sentencing:
Nicholas Sinnott
Nicholas Sinnott - 11 hours ago
Where these trolls at they need they ass beat for saying such disrespectful things to an old lady let alone a fellow gamer how disgusting and disappointing
I_grok_U_2 - 11 hours ago
I'm 65 and enjoy FPSs, which I am OK to better than average at.... it always shocks people when I tell them how old I am.
TakeARideWithMe - 11 hours ago
This is why we can't have nice things..
Jack Fontaine
Jack Fontaine - 11 hours ago
Wait wait... She is 82 and possibly 83 this year. ES6 won't release until she is 88? 5 more fucking years??
Trev Tall10
Trev Tall10 - 11 hours ago
Ppl are lacking morals and the current lockdown has made them worse.
Joshua Hopper
Joshua Hopper - 11 hours ago
They're fucking with Grandma Shirley? I hate trolls! I love watching her videos but why is she still using an iron dagger in her latest story?
PaladinMthe13th - 12 hours ago
Troy is a human with a right to their own opinion. Myself, I'm glad the leak happened. Knowing what Naughty Dog decided to do with certain characters has led me to decide not to purchase TLOU2.
Josh Woofter
Josh Woofter - 12 hours ago
Everyone else wants Skyrim Grandma, I want a Waughin Jarth character
tyler bandin
tyler bandin - 12 hours ago
You hurt grandma her grand kids will come for
OptimaL - 12 hours ago
I’d honestly wait longer for this to come out on PS5 , like it makes more sense to do so as I feel like the PS4 won’t be able to truly run this game to its full potential.
Dunbat - 12 hours ago
Troy Baker sounds like every angry Hollywood actor.
Tony Carson
Tony Carson - 12 hours ago
you people will call me a toxic troll for this comment and frankly i HOPE YOU DO! but i am saying this regardless. who cares about Skyrim Grandma? this whole story is a non event aka not important. it is basically a small (1%) of comments) making a USa-videor feel sorry for themself and complaining that they dont have enough subscribers and viewers. there are other USa-videors that would love to have even 3 million views per video so her saying it is stressing her out that casual players only watch for a few mins is shite and pointless. yes i hope her health dosn't suffer for it but lets face facts she isn't being forced into making content she dose it and while it is appreciated subscribers are NOT her "family" if they were then we wouldnt get videos demonitised/ filled with adverts and copy right struck. the net and USa-video is a nasty place its part of it. the fact that people are commenting on this just shows how little we have to comment on about right now.
Gerardo Mendez
Gerardo Mendez - 12 hours ago
Either they defend everyone when this happens or they don't defend anyone
B-Spiral - 12 hours ago
...why does it feel like a lot of these game devs/producers/various people involved in the creation of these AAA titles don't play videogames and have no interest in ever doing so? Because even a casual player could understand why people are dissatisfied with some of these products. Why did these guys join an industry they have zero interest in themselves?
Serpentinious - 12 hours ago
We love you Shirley! May your life last as long as it is fun, may your mind and body carry you through as many adventures as you desire, and may you log off without regrets knowing you will be in all our hearts.
Fully Equipped Death
Fully Equipped Death - 12 hours ago
The Witcher 3 was game changing, any pc pussy that says otherwise is just too use to their mums basement to know true sunlight when they see it.
Cptndunsel 2
Cptndunsel 2 - 12 hours ago
I blame the mob-mentality of the "Fuck Bethesda" bandwagon. It has led to a blanket hatred of anything remotely-related to Bethesda, and some people just take it too far.
Marcos Leite
Marcos Leite - 12 hours ago
the gaming industry will fall eventually. . . governments will realize how much money is actually put on making video games and they're just gonna greed it out,put up some shitty fake laws ,forcing people into betting their money on something else. . . media already started acting like the Church . . ."video games are the work of Satan, stop making/playing if you want to be saved" . . . its a matter of time now.
Týr - 13 hours ago
I kind of want Bethesda to make a religion in Elder scrolls VI that doesn't praise a god or anything like that, but praises Shirley. the most amazing way and unique way for everyone to say that they love her. set up another email for her and every time someone prays to her in-game it sends an email to her that says something like "{gamertag} has just prayed to you, sending their love and many thanks for all that you've done."
That generic"Dixienormous"picture guy.
That generic"Dixienormous"picture guy. - 13 hours ago
Yes I’d love multiplayer for fallout and elder scrolls but I want it made as an added thing to the single player game so I could play the story and adventure with a few of my friends, not an mmo.
Dante Hill
Dante Hill - 13 hours ago
Grandma played this before we played it!!! Come on!!!😡 there’s a reason why parents say “RESPECT YOUR ELDERS” I BET ITS THAT DAMNED BOOMER MEMES!!!😠😡 I HATE THOSE MEMES I SEE WHY THEY’RE ANNOYING... TIK TOK FIX YOUR SH*T...😤