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Lil Loaded ft. YG - “Gang Unit Remix” (Official Video)
Lil Loaded ft. YG - “Gang Unit Remix” (Official Video)
11 days ago
"Gang Unit (Remix)" available at: DIRECTOR: James “JMP” Pereira PRODUCER: Cosmo Orlando LINE PRODUCER: Jiorgi Miller DP: Mike Koziel 1st AC: Sam Robinson 2nd AC: Drew Percival GAFFER: Dimitri Christoforidis KEY GRIP: Taylor Reick PA: Davon King EDITOR: Chaz Smedley & JMP VFX Glassface COLORIST: JMP CAR: Felix Autobody GEAR: Birns & Sawyer A JMP Visuals Production Follow Lil Loaded: Lyrics: (Lil' bitch) Nigga, what? Lil Loaded done did it again (Lil Loaded done did it again) (Where the members at? Goddamn, fuck them pussy ass niggas Where the members at? Pussy ass niggas) Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy Dance to this bitch if you gang bang I don't give a fuck if we don't bang the same thang Dance to this bitch if you gang bang I don't give a fuck if we don't bang the same thang I'm Lil Loaded, so these niggas know I'm crippin' I got some partners bloods, so I know them niggas drippin' But we are still the same, we got Glocks with extensions I might got a semi and it hold 'bout fifty I could bring 'em on the drill and I know they down to ride If I call my crip niggas, then I know they down to slide .223', FN's, pull up with that five I'm a real ass shooter, nigga, I don't wanna drive Dance to this bitch if you gang bang I don't give a fuck if we don't bang the same thang Dance to this bitch if you gang bang I don't give a fuck if we don't bang the same thang Aye aye niggas know what hannin On bloods we get active get it brackin The glock on me and im 2 steppin The cops on me they know what im reppin Aye imgangland for life i can't opt out When the goonies pop out they gon take some opps out Yeah wet your block up bring the mop out Aye talk brazy get your teeth knocked out Niggas know im trippin Grew up with you now you opp now i treat you different Piru nigga keep it wes like my smith’n He was faded off the lean we caught him slippin I gotta face all of my opps, don't wanna die These niggas berry, berry sweet just like some pie Ayy, I put that ball on your eye just like a stye Ayy, I got a beam on the end you can't hide Ayy, he ain't a soldier he a hoe up in disguise I play with' that gang gang and that's your demise Ayy, execution so your mind just gon' get fried Ayy, slim bitches here, I don't like 'em wide (Slim bitch) Dance to this bitch if you gang bang I don't give a fuck if we don't bang the same thang Dance to this bitch if you gang bang I don't give a fuck if we don't bang the same thang (Crip) (C) 2020 Lil Loaded Music #LilLoaded #GangUnitRemix #YG
Lil Loaded - Shotta Shit (Audio)
Lil Loaded - Shotta Shit (Audio)
2 months ago
"Shotta Shit" available at: Follow Lil Loaded: (C) 2020 Lil Loaded Music
Lil Loaded - Hit Em Up (Audio)
Lil Loaded - Hit Em Up (Audio)
3 months ago
"Hit Em Up" available at: Follow Lil Loaded: (C) 2020 Lil Loaded Music
Lil Loaded - Avatar (Audio) ft. King Von
Lil Loaded - Avatar (Audio) ft. King Von
3 months ago
"Avatar" available at: Follow Lil Loaded: (C) 2020 Lil Loaded Music
Birch Smith
Birch Smith - 8 minutes ago
This song should be called gang bang
R!cothefamousk!dz Rico
R!cothefamousk!dz Rico - 36 minutes ago
Blue diamond wolf 1
Blue diamond wolf 1 - 44 minutes ago
I’ve replayed this song over 100 times!!!!
NOTisiahYT - Hour ago
the chain go hard
Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson - Hour ago
This song make me wanna start a gang. Imma come up with the name and colors tonight. Like this post if u wanna join
Tenesha Byrd
Tenesha Byrd - Hour ago
This Song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
ICareless-xx - Hour ago
Lux - Hour ago
I fuck wit disss too my nigga
Rage M G Ali
Rage M G Ali - 2 hours ago
havent anyone noticed that a crip and a blood made a song????
naruto uzimaki40
naruto uzimaki40 - 2 hours ago
Lil loded do drugs 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶
Yunginアレックス - 2 hours ago
I like how YG in a lowrider and Lil Loaded in a Camaro, and how Lil Loaded in new fashion clothes and YG in chinos and a tank top.
Ruslan G
Ruslan G - 2 hours ago
Ruslan G
Ruslan G - 2 hours ago
Ruslan G
Ruslan G - 2 hours ago
Keenan Smith
Keenan Smith - 2 hours ago
Sad we didn't see the blood walk
CnRgoat1738 YT
CnRgoat1738 YT - 2 hours ago
Big b's and c's ?
2 C
2 C - 2 hours ago
“Dance to dis shit if you Gaaay “LoL my bro thought that’s what he said
R.K. Lewis
R.K. Lewis - 2 hours ago
Shoulda brought a thousand mfs out wit this video and big side show business
Hoodrich Tkhid
Hoodrich Tkhid - 3 hours ago
Kylie T
Kylie T - 3 hours ago
my boyfriend and lil loaded ride together 😂😂 he in the 6locc 6aby video
Jasiah High
Jasiah High - 3 hours ago
Lil loaded is on to something unifying and working with the bloods to produce this stuff. Hopefully maybe one day this could lead to resolving the conflict and becoming one big ass gang to put our resources to the true enemy?… Only time will tell though.
Naruto Uzi
Naruto Uzi - 3 hours ago
Wanna know sum funny lil loaded is a crib and yg is a blood 😂
Abdennour B
Abdennour B - 3 hours ago
YG always hard 🔥
Thiqcrab _
Thiqcrab _ - 3 hours ago
I saw loaded and yg and was like. They rep different colors:/ but I listened to the song and it made sence
Peter stone
Peter stone - 3 hours ago
We in australia dont have glocks just fronten immposible to keep it real lol
killa boy
killa boy - 3 hours ago
Crip for life baby 💙💙💙
Sad Teen
Sad Teen - 3 hours ago
What kind of car does YG have? Looks nice ngl
johnnyMk2 - 3 hours ago
Tha Nigga got balls tho
nahyan alnahdi
nahyan alnahdi - 4 hours ago
8ig crip
Matthew Castillo
Matthew Castillo - 4 hours ago
Finally seeing some sort of crip and blood United✊
lil anne
lil anne - 4 hours ago
Bro i love that shit
Indigo lin
Indigo lin - 4 hours ago
I like this because bloods and crips are getting along
emmadarko111 YT
emmadarko111 YT - 4 hours ago
Tommy craze already been here
Dez Franco
Dez Franco - 4 hours ago
Yea💯💙🎶 yea 🎶💯💙💙💙💙
Animal Kingdom
Animal Kingdom - 4 hours ago
Animal Lover's watch this funny video
kay b
kay b - 4 hours ago
What ant crip and blood so not rock every time then that see echethere that kill echothrere when that see so he in big rtbke
kay b
kay b - 4 hours ago
This is fire I can't Evan say haw much fire it is no cap🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥but he got shot so sad but he still alive tho
Karli Lay
Karli Lay - 5 hours ago
0% twearking Gurls 1% drugs 1% cars 98% YG and loaded vibin
marcy sales
marcy sales - 5 hours ago
I love how they are in two different gangs but still are friends
Matej Benc
Matej Benc - 5 hours ago
History repeat's itself, names change...
Mack Philens Estiverne
Mack Philens Estiverne - 5 hours ago
This definitely gon be a tik tok song🤣
Mack Philens Estiverne
Mack Philens Estiverne - 5 hours ago
When you realize a crip make a song with a blood again
robloxgang - 5 hours ago
if there no beeef or bad blood then can be together bloods and crip but if there bad blood there will be war that how it goes
Malik Smith
Malik Smith - 5 hours ago
Slap certified TOMMY CRAZE
KillerCole YT
KillerCole YT - 5 hours ago
mann loaded in the hospital got shot in his leg :(
Rahul Sanas
Rahul Sanas - 5 hours ago
Blueface would have fucked this Track Up 😂.
Crazy mystic
Crazy mystic - 6 hours ago
I don’t get blood and crip hangin now
Fadeツ - 6 hours ago
Did anyone else come here after it shown on a ad. Just me, Okay
Seby S
Seby S - 6 hours ago
who else found this by random
Uno Card
Uno Card - 6 hours ago
This is how gang nowadays should be like
cherif chaib
cherif chaib - 6 hours ago
Kinda mob ties
Zombie Killerson
Zombie Killerson - 7 hours ago
Dope, crips and bloods like in peace now? i have an old information
Ezra #13
Ezra #13 - 7 hours ago
I was asleep on lil loaded. I just woke up
konstantinos kontochristos
konstantinos kontochristos - 7 hours ago
Can we dont talk about a week ago lil loaded had 300k subs and has 450k
BOSS GUY - 7 hours ago
Yeee Crips are Crippin and bloods are trippin
Tutancito - 7 hours ago
Ya favorite crip and ya favorite blood in the same song... damn so there is much more gangs
Mario DRK
Mario DRK - 8 hours ago
thugs 4 life 1969 poland respect diilgan4lifePoland respect*** fuck the police!!!!
S3B_s_PALE - 8 hours ago
This song make me wanna tell my pastor I gang bang. jk im a good christian boy
Fawoo_ - 8 hours ago
The production quality is amazing
JAYEZ - 8 hours ago
purple durag
purple durag - 8 hours ago
yg was the best rapper for gang uniit remix
Федя Ковальчук
Федя Ковальчук - 9 hours ago
YG do be dripping while doing nothing tho
Gonfa - 9 hours ago
This sounds wayy better after listening to the spotify version
Ricardo Zamorano
Ricardo Zamorano - 9 hours ago
This song is trash
Kotten - 9 hours ago
Hope he recovers well from the shooting
Ashley Beavers
Ashley Beavers - 9 hours ago
I'm here cuzzz
Mini Escobar28
Mini Escobar28 - 9 hours ago
What if bloods and cribs just unite
FlexyXuX - 9 hours ago
YG vs dababy who would win ?
Kaden Burton
Kaden Burton - 9 hours ago
The song fire 🔥
Kaden Burton
Kaden Burton - 9 hours ago
❄️🥶🔥Lil loaded just did it again ♿️
DarkZiO Oneill
DarkZiO Oneill - 10 hours ago
Fav song by lil loaded by far
Youngtrippie 21
Youngtrippie 21 - 10 hours ago
Red+blue=purple... I can see them wearing purple when they all come together lol
Ziti - 10 hours ago
HeRe BeFoRe 1 BiLlIoN
Rodrigo - 10 hours ago
The fact that this shitty song is trending on youtube, is further proof that the music industry is in a spiral of decay.
Pablo King 16
Pablo King 16 - 10 hours ago
NizDarkN7 - 10 hours ago
This song is reuniting the crib and the bloods RLY NICE D'ont forget the Glock's
Marcus Bergstedt
Marcus Bergstedt - 11 hours ago
Demetri Zmith
Demetri Zmith - 11 hours ago
Lil loaded just keep 9n doin it
King Editsx
King Editsx - 11 hours ago
Blood with a crip 💀
D1CKCraft YT
D1CKCraft YT - 11 hours ago
Nobody: 90% of the comments: ToMmY cRaZe
Mutebi Hamidu
Mutebi Hamidu - 11 hours ago
YG music wanna make a brother go gang bang
Jason Hawk
Jason Hawk - 11 hours ago
Crypt mobile
Step_on_a_lego_69 - 12 hours ago
He had to film a 3rd music video for the same song
VERSACEXLUI - 12 hours ago
Man got shot after 4 days god damn
Marcin L
Marcin L - 12 hours ago
Why Crips and Bloods are rapping together?
Phone 334
Phone 334 - 12 hours ago
That wuuuu at 1:17 too 🔥 bruh
Juvikul - 12 hours ago
This song makes me wanna drink milk strait from the gallon and put it back.
imasnnake - 13 hours ago
Shoulda wear converse thatta complete the outfit
Jūzō - 13 hours ago
I love when kids with fortnite pictures say crip for life
llace kidd
llace kidd - 14 hours ago
Is it me or yg don’t got as much energy as he had in Nipsey video
TheyLoveFlow .
TheyLoveFlow . - 14 hours ago
Blood and crip in one song👁👄👁
OriginxBeats - 14 hours ago
Lil loaded making like 500 versions of this song
TheWrldOf Chris
TheWrldOf Chris - 14 hours ago
Wow look at these polite young men. Amazing Christian rap
I am a menace Channel
I am a menace Channel - 14 hours ago
That the crip walk is on fire
GBK Grant
GBK Grant - 14 hours ago
Me and my boys at the playground:
SheLuvzz HF
SheLuvzz HF - 14 hours ago
I’m surprised they didn’t fight in the studio
Andre Serrano
Andre Serrano - 15 hours ago
this nigga YG is just trynna make some money he know damn well he suck !!!
Faisal Howaida
Faisal Howaida - 15 hours ago
This song make me wanna throw gang sings that doesnt exist
MP_Gxfting - 15 hours ago
imagine a crip and a blood rapping together
Archee Mead
Archee Mead - 15 hours ago
When a blood and a crip make a vid: Tommy craze:SLAP CERTIFIED