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hi, I’m Charli and my life is kinda crazy

Dixie and I Reveal the Morphe 2 Makeup Line | Charli D'Amelio
Dixie and I Reveal the Morphe 2 Makeup Line | Charli D'Amelio
7 days ago
hi everybody! well it's finally here! dixie and I have been keeping this a secret for so long. we've partnered with Morphe to launch the new Morphe 2 collection and we couldn't be more excited!! we love so many things about this collection and in this video, we are seeing the finished products for the first time, we tell you all about the products and share which ones are our favorites. we really hope you like the collection as much as we do! you can shop the Morphe 2 collection here: don’t forget to use my code CHARLI for 10% off Morphe 2 and all other Morphe products! about MORPHE 2 - HINT. TINT. GLOW meet a new line of light, multipurpose makeup that keeps it simple yet stunning launching TODAY 7.30.2020 at Morphe. ☁️ Hint Hint Skin Tint (available in 20 shades) $17 ⁣⁣ ☁️ Wondertint Cheek & Lip Mousse (available in 4 shades) $12 ⁣⁣ ☁️ Jelly Eye Shimmer (available in 6 shades) $10 ⁣⁣ ☁️ Gloss Pop Face & Eye Gloss $12⁣⁣ ☁️ Glassified Lip Oil (available in 6 shades) $9 ⁣⁣ ☁️ The Sweep Life Brush Collection + Bag $24 ⁣($54 value)⁣ if any product on becomes sold out, don't worry! check out Morphe stores or other participating retailers. anything that sells out will be restocked soon! my socials: merch store: TikTok: Instagram: USa-video: add me on Snap: dixie's socials: TikTok: Instagram: Twitter: Merch store: Morphe's socials: TikTok: Instagram: Twitter: Shop The Morphe 2 Collection: #dixiedamelio #charlidamelio #Morphe2 #morphe2xcharlidixie
My Surprise Room Makeover for my 16th Birthday!  | Charli D'Amelio
My Surprise Room Makeover for my 16th Birthday! | Charli D'Amelio
2 months ago
hi everybody! so i've been wanting to post this for a couple weeks and it's finally ready! my parents surprised me with this amazing room makeover for my 16th birthday! i love it so much and can't wait to show you everything. special thanks to TOV furniture ( ) for the concept and furniture along with some other awesome brands you should follow on Instagram: @TOVFurniture ​@Coleman Furniture @nourison @contouracloset My Socials: Website: TikTok: Instagram: USa-video: Add me on Snap:
S'more with me and Marshmello | Charli D'Amelio
S'more with me and Marshmello | Charli D'Amelio
2 months ago
hi everyone! i wanted to keep things fun while everyone is quarantined so I talked to my friend marshmello and we decided to teach you how to make a tasty treat while you're stuck at home. make sure you get some stuffed puffs, if you've never tried a chocolate stuffed marshmallow you're missing out. i hope you enjoy the recipe! ingredients: stuffed puffs pancake mix water oil powdered sugar My Socials: Website: TikTok: Instagram: USa-video: Add me on Snap: follow Marshmello at: USa-video: TikTok: Instagram: Twitter: Song: Marshmello & Halsey - Be Kind
Charli's Birthday Shoutout Reaction
Charli's Birthday Shoutout Reaction
3 months ago
hi angels! well, it’s finally here - my 16th birthday! since it’s quarantine and i can’t celebrate with anyone in person, my family got a bunch of my friends to send me sweet birthday messages and so i wanted to share my reaction to them with you. (ok so i did get some videos after this was already made. i’m sorry to those who weren’t included but thank you so much for your sweet messages!) i’m a little overwhelmed by everyone’s birthday messages, wishes and creative edits across all of my platforms. i can’t express to you enough how lucky i am to have such supportive friends, family and community sending me positivity everyday. you are what keeps me going and the reason i why i love making content. this is going to be a great year! i hope you’re all staying safe, washing your hands and doing a little savage distance dancing for fun. have a great day! p.s. extra special thanks to my awesome sister dixie for helping get all the videos my merch store: My Socials: Website: TikTok: Instagram: USa-video: Add me on Snap: Twitter:
Noah Schnapp Teaches Me How To Act!  |  Charli D'Amelio
Noah Schnapp Teaches Me How To Act! | Charli D'Amelio
4 months ago
hi angels, this collab with noah schnapp was recorded before all of the craziness of having to stay at home and protect yourself and others from spreading the virus. i want to remind you that we are all in this together. i know that it’s not easy but i hope that you can stay positive and stay virtually connected to your friends and family. this will all eventually end and things will get better!! so for this collab, noah teaches me how to act and so you can be the judge if i pulled it off or not. i'll just tell you this - it’s way harder than you think it is! i hope this video can help take your mind off of things for a few minutes and i really hope it makes you smile. you should also check out noah’s video where i taught him how to do popular tiktok dances. watch noah’s collab video here: Follow Noah: TikTok: Instagram: Twitter: My Socials: TikTok: Instagram: Twitter: USa-video: website: Special thanks to Noah Schnapp, his mom Karine and Noah’s whole team for helping make this happen. Thanks to Tommy Burns for filming and editing.
James Charles did my makeup!  |  Charli D'Amelio
James Charles did my makeup! | Charli D'Amelio
4 months ago
hi angels! i first want to say that i hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this crazy time. none of us can control what the future holds but each of us can do our best to spread positivity. don’t forget to take care of yourself, keep your body moving, wash your hands but also stay in contact with your friends and family online as often as you can so you can be mentally healthy, too. we need each other now more than ever. i love you all so much. now on to the video…. it’s been a long time coming but finally, my 'sister' james charles and i did our very first collab together and it was so awesome! i’m excited to share it with you guys!! my video is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of our collab including going to his house, meeting his dog and seeing how the magic happens on his channel. don’t miss how i reveal my new, total glam look to my parents at the end. do they love it or hate it? (you’ll have to watch to find out!) In james’ video, he does my make-up and along the way, he asks me a bunch of super fun and interesting questions that i’ve never answered before. It’s ‘classic james charles’ at his best. check out the link to james’ video here: special thank you’s to james and his amazing team including louis and jake and to my clip’s videographers lance and jacob! follow james charles: Instagram: USa-video: TikTok: Twitter: Snap: Twitch: Facebook: Apparel: follow these videographers: lance sanchez Instagram - Tiktok jacob ferrufino Instagram Tiktok my socials: website: TikTok: Instagram: Twitter: USa-video: add me on Snap:
I Went To Milan Fashion Week!  |  Charli D'Amelio
I Went To Milan Fashion Week! | Charli D'Amelio
5 months ago
hi angels! i am so excited to share my milan fashion week vlog with you guys! this was my first trip internationally and it was incredible. i was the guest of Prada and youtube and i am so grateful to them for showing me around and taking such good care of me and my mom while we were in italy for fashion week. I got to wear some incredible clothes, stay in a posh hotel, eat food that was unreal AND go to my very first fashion show. there are some special surprises in the video so check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below. special thank you to everyone at Prada, USa-video and derek blasberg for everything! oh, and you’ll definitely also want to check out the video that Prada made about my fashion show experience here: follow Prada: Instagram: USa-video: TikTok: (follow because content is coming soon!) follow derek blasberg: Instagram: USa-video: Twitter: my socials: website: TikTok: Instagram: Twitter: USa-video: add me on Snap:
Charli in NYC with Jordan Matter
Charli in NYC with Jordan Matter
7 months ago
Hi Guys, I have been a fan of Jordan Matter and his amazing photographs of dancers since my mom got me a copy of Dancers Among Us when I was 8 years old. You can imagine how I excited I was when my new friend and photographer Jake Doolittle introduced me to Jordan and then we ended up collaborating on a 10 Minute Photo Challenge with Lilly K of Dance Moms! We ended up doing TikTok dares and I taught Jordan a few TikTok dances, too. Jordan is so much fun and full of energy as you’ll see when you watch this behind the scenes video of our day together. But then you HAVE to go and watch the full video over on Jordan’s channel! Follow us on TikTok: Me: @charlidamelio Jordan: @realjordanmatter Lilly: @therealLillyK Jake: @jjakedoolittle Subscribe to us on USa-video: Me: Jordan: Lilly: Jake: Follow us on Instagram: Me: Jordan: Lilly: Jake: Video by Jake Doolittle with additional footage by Sandy Chase Music licensed through
My Friends and I Crashed the Santa Monica Pier with Jordan Matter | Charli D’Amelio
My Friends and I Crashed the Santa Monica Pier with Jordan Matter | Charli D’Amelio
5 months ago
Famous dance photographer Jordan Matter and my friends Addison Easterling, Ondreaz Lopez, Tony Lopez, Michael Le and Tayler Holder had a blast on the Santa Monica Pier. We danced, ‘Renegaded’ and took so many amazing pictures and I can’t wait to show you how they turned out! Love, charli DID YOU KNOW: Jalaiah Harmon was the original choreographer of the Renegade dance! Follow Her: TikTok: Instagram: SUBSCRIBE AND HIT NOTIFICATIONS: See our new video on Jordan’s channel: Follow me on TikTok: Instagram: Twitter: Snap: damelioc FOLLOW EVERYONE TikTok: Addison: Ondreaz: Tony: Michael: Tayler: Instagram: Jordan: Addison: Ondreaz: Tony: Michael: Tayler: USa-video: Jordan: Addison: Ondreaz: Tony: Michael: Tayler: Twitter: Jordan: Addison: Ondreaz: Tony: Tayler: Video by Sandy Chase Business Inquiries: Music licensed through Sandy Chase 706815
what happened at my meet & greet
what happened at my meet & greet
8 months ago
Hi guys, Getting to see the people that got me to where I am and the people that care about me no matter what was an experience like no other. The entire day was filled with so many smiles and hugs! I had a truly amazing and unforgettable day. If you have a moment, please check out the amazing charities below Love, charli Music used in video
I Senza Senso Friends 79
I Senza Senso Friends 79 - Minute ago
charli mi rispondi su insta mi chiamo Flavix21
Noah Jacoma
Noah Jacoma - 5 minutes ago
I love you so much
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Antonietta Sacco - 6 minutes ago
Charli parla in italiano sei d' origine italiana parla così per i tuoi fan
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Je suis la seule française ou koi la vrm 😂😂😂🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️
Dayana Clown
Dayana Clown - 12 minutes ago
Где русские ?!
Victoria DeShield
Victoria DeShield - 15 minutes ago
On the thumbnail it looks like Addison’s body is Tony’s😂
Happy Cheesy
Happy Cheesy - 15 minutes ago
Charlie I really love you and what you do and hope you just grow ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
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wanna play duos in fortnite
ojhafn - 17 minutes ago
k did i ask
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Do you have a website of countries?
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>:< that b word
KIDS SOFI AND SABRI SHOW - 20 minutes ago
Hello i'm a italian child, and i love you because you are wonderful. My name is Sabrina El Kim and i have eleven years old. I've been following for four month. You are my idol. Can you put me a heart. 😘
Tiina Rusanen
Tiina Rusanen - 20 minutes ago
Hello charli d'amelio
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non sono i mecontrote piu famosi e lei
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Itz Sina
Itz Sina - 31 minute ago
its so sad to see how many people just walk past dixie without a photo or anything 🥺😔( ily charli and dixie🥺🥰💖)
Blerina Elezi
Blerina Elezi - 36 minutes ago
Love you Charlie ❤❤
KAYLE MUTUA - 38 minutes ago
i love how you guys just explain these staff i like you are in a meeting
KAYLE MUTUA - 39 minutes ago
i love how you guys just explain these staff i like you are in a meeting
KAYLE MUTUA - 39 minutes ago
i love how you guys just explain these staff i like you are in a meeting
funnypunk - 42 minutes ago
Happy birthday Charlie ur the best tik toker
Itz Sina
Itz Sina - 46 minutes ago
i cant stop liking the good comments! 🥺💖😇
penguin sloth games and more
penguin sloth games and more - 48 minutes ago
Hi charli its my dream for u to like my comment
#Kates Life
#Kates Life - 51 minute ago
Anyone notice how their wearing a James Charles hoodie ewwww!?
#Kates Life
#Kates Life - 53 minutes ago
Charli has the softest voice or she’s whispering
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Me 😔
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When is the surgery video
gaming with chaseyn37
gaming with chaseyn37 - 55 minutes ago
Who noticed the pillow says get $hit done?
afra almazrouei
afra almazrouei - 56 minutes ago
I feel like I’m watching USa-video kids unboxing mystery toys. Btw don’t take this as a mean comment I love you guys, but this just made me laugh😂
Sana Yako
Sana Yako - 56 minutes ago
Dixie saying hi to me
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Chelsea Walker - 59 minutes ago
Whos here in August when she has 6.22 Million subscribers 🥺😂😭
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Marialena Eleri - 59 minutes ago
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Itz Jaz - Hour ago
Anyone notice charli has james Charles Merch?
Eva Sadhwani
Eva Sadhwani - Hour ago
wait wait wait whata bracelets 3:40 please tell me i like dose hehe have a an awesome day peopless
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I love you
Mimi Dimitra
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Hi charli cueen the tik tok
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I love you
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Kids are better than jorden
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Intro Dixie just talking Charlie looking like model
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That group of boys dogh Charli face :
Trina Dacumos
Trina Dacumos - Hour ago
I'm your biggest fan charli d'amelio and dixie d'amelio
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Ahahah have fun working at McDonald’s
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Zubaydullayeva Ruxshona - Hour ago
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VIKA Kazakova - Hour ago
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You should make a Fortnite vid!
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Were is the desk from
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Poppy Delmont
Poppy Delmont - 2 hours ago
Your room is so cute.
Sunflower Sora
Sunflower Sora - 2 hours ago
I love you Charlie pls reply it’s my dream btw do you play fortnite if yes wanna play plz? Btw what’s your fav item I’m thinking about buying
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I’m soo proud of both of u!
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Ti top
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Hola yo a lo español soy la fan número 1 las quiero mucho charli bailas súper bien te AMO ❤️😸
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mahboubi mohammed - 2 hours ago
mahboubi mohammed
mahboubi mohammed - 2 hours ago
Marni rabab🙆😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
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You guys should get an award for the best sisters ever!!!! Pls reply ❤❤❤
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Gidle is life - 2 hours ago
I miss the old times now everything is ruined
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