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This is the official Gaming Livestream channel of Daily Dose of Internet

Cerof - 30 seconds ago
STOP if you click "show more" you will be horny (you failed)
Not Specified
Not Specified - 40 seconds ago
You seem like you have great manners.
THE ONE - 48 seconds ago
Make the intro " Hello Everyone This Is Your Daily Dose Of Gaming " Please
Forever_Gaming 10
Forever_Gaming 10 - Minute ago
Jason and lane broke up...???
N.D.T - Minute ago
you should really do some asmr. that would be very amazing
Nonshan - 2 minutes ago
That’s his actual voice......... Dope😎
Boaty Mc boat face
Boaty Mc boat face - 2 minutes ago
Why does daily dose of internet remind me of Luke the notable
Mihnea DM
Mihnea DM - 2 minutes ago
You’re polish?????? That accent, what?You’re slavic how do you do that accent??
Brody Kirkwood
Brody Kirkwood - 2 minutes ago
who else watched the whole thing?
The Survival Dude 723
The Survival Dude 723 - 3 minutes ago
Oh my god he even plays Minecraft. That’s it. He’s just god now. The new one.
Shrek Memez
Shrek Memez - 3 minutes ago
His voice sounds a bit different
Jerbear Falke
Jerbear Falke - 3 minutes ago
Nobody: DDOG: *Mines tree in creative*
Auster Butt
Auster Butt - 3 minutes ago
Let’s make a go fund me to get him a gaming pc
buildahome - 3 minutes ago
Wow, you are a very sweet boy!! Love from Amsterdam
Red - 4 minutes ago
Who else came straight from daily dose of internet video
Random Name
Random Name - 4 minutes ago
hahahaha when he got mad cuz someone didnt agree with him on batman
One Sour Lemon
One Sour Lemon - 4 minutes ago
28:27 The moment we’ve all been waiting for
Downest Foo
Downest Foo - 4 minutes ago
its weird hearing you talk casually
Yorudan San
Yorudan San - 5 minutes ago
Idk what do this guy doing..
KidPlaysGame - 5 minutes ago
Basil Abdullah
Basil Abdullah - 5 minutes ago
if you type in on a new tab what is daily does of internet real name it will show his face
Random Name
Random Name - 7 minutes ago
the voicecracks are killing me lol.. they remind me of me on the daily
leg faced mccolon
leg faced mccolon - 7 minutes ago
You should have your tag "ddog" for daily dose of gaming
Εαλεναρ Λαρδεηςοη
Εαλεναρ Λαρδεηςοη - 7 minutes ago
Polska duma mnie rozpiera
Seth Agan
Seth Agan - 7 minutes ago
15:39 “a perfect sooongg”
mister brick
mister brick - 8 minutes ago
What's your name?
Josuke Higashikata
Josuke Higashikata - 8 minutes ago
Mateusz B.
Mateusz B. - 8 minutes ago
Nie no, ciężko mi aż uwierzyć że jesteś Polakiem :D. Ostatnio dowiedziałem się, że Twoja kopia "The GllaDus" której kanał umarł jakiś rok temu też była z Polski. Świat jest mały najwidoczniej ...
IICringeCa6tii Ll
IICringeCa6tii Ll - 8 minutes ago
Got yourself a new sub keep up the great work
Good birb
Good birb - 8 minutes ago
What if you just play with lazarbeam?
Will Production Studios
Will Production Studios - 8 minutes ago
8:55 lol that voice crack tho
Media Malte
Media Malte - 8 minutes ago
Imagine you say :,, hello everyone" and everyone freaks out completely
Jesse Williams
Jesse Williams - 8 minutes ago
You seem ready enough to join the dream smp now
Wallace The Omnipresent
Wallace The Omnipresent - 9 minutes ago
He’s so wholesome
Raging Panda
Raging Panda - 9 minutes ago
he sounds like anson seabra
luc4sBR2320 - 10 minutes ago
Dude sounds like a National Geographics commentator
Soviet_Salsa - 10 minutes ago
its so odd hearing your voice outside of the DDOI channel
24Zach Wilcoxson
24Zach Wilcoxson - 10 minutes ago
its really nice that you did this so we can see you game and your personality
Jagannath Store
Jagannath Store - 10 minutes ago
Hey... Please play "Raji"
ArmYTB Chaine
ArmYTB Chaine - 11 minutes ago
This guy is the type of person it is impossible to hate
Idiot - 11 minutes ago
observation: I'm quite glad to see that we can now see your personality as more than a host for a beloved show
Angel reee
Angel reee - 11 minutes ago
Who else heard the voice crack 20:01
Dante Brizzi
Dante Brizzi - 11 minutes ago
2:00 your voice changes so little but also so much
Arkz - 11 minutes ago
Who else thinks that daily dose of the Internet sounds like another USa-videor, someone like Dead Squirrel.
Future Universe
Future Universe - 11 minutes ago
Hi DailyDoseOfInternet
obid7891 a
obid7891 a - 11 minutes ago
15:38 ...
Wallace The Omnipresent
Wallace The Omnipresent - 11 minutes ago
I’m straight but... his voice... Is...
Mateja FF
Mateja FF - 12 minutes ago
Claim your "Before 1m subs on gaming channel", ticket here.
Daniel - 12 minutes ago
Bro that voice
Dominic Farr
Dominic Farr - 12 minutes ago
Quick suggestion, you should play with badboyhalo
Zero Zombie
Zero Zombie - 13 minutes ago
happy birthday
GOD - 13 minutes ago
Cool that you have a new channel
Javier Paredes santiago
Javier Paredes santiago - 13 minutes ago
HLTY Gio - 13 minutes ago
Theres a Squidward right there.
Anees Chughtai
Anees Chughtai - 13 minutes ago
Daily dose dont worry soon u will be a minecraft pro!
Dante Brizzi
Dante Brizzi - 14 minutes ago
Your voice sounds so different compared to ddoi because you talk continuously
Gabriel Shor
Gabriel Shor - 14 minutes ago
for some reason just learning about you makes me happy. and when you said you dont like being imposter because you dont like lying warmed my heart. :)
Guilherme Borges
Guilherme Borges - 15 minutes ago
there will come a time when most people who watch you will probably recognize you as "Daily" as your nickname
Unnus Onnus
Unnus Onnus - 16 minutes ago
Fortnite is beter then Minecraft
PRYDAX - 16 minutes ago
Wait you have shown your face before lol. You even gave away your insta
Derrick Martin
Derrick Martin - 16 minutes ago
You have a great voice you should be a narrator
Cesarxxgomez - 16 minutes ago
This is your daily dose of internet
Random Name
Random Name - 16 minutes ago
he seems like such a wholesome guy
KFC IS AWSOME - 17 minutes ago
why is this guys voice so soothing🙂
Vander Gaming
Vander Gaming - 17 minutes ago
Why is it called DAILY dose of internet if he uploads every like 3-4 days??!
Aneeshio - 17 minutes ago
Do you swear often?
Derrick Martin
Derrick Martin - 17 minutes ago
His voice is so friendly and peaceful
Luke 18:13
Luke 18:13 - 18 minutes ago
Do you have a voice modulation condition, or do you talk different to conceal your identity?
Aviation Channel
Aviation Channel - 18 minutes ago
I’m going to like all of your videos as they get posted.
fr0ggie - 19 minutes ago
St1ckyJesus - 19 minutes ago
would love to see you play some Among Us
SYED &uss!in
SYED &uss!in - 19 minutes ago
Cool to see at the begging your voice is calm but in the middle your yelling about batman lol
Aviation Channel
Aviation Channel - 19 minutes ago
Your voice is AMAZING.
SiddDaSloth06 - 19 minutes ago
Ollie Anntan
Ollie Anntan - 19 minutes ago
At 25:46 Daily gets distracted by a sunset 😊 I love his sense of wonder.
Diego Rodriguez
Diego Rodriguez - 20 minutes ago
You should do a Minecraft gameplay
Aaron Dong
Aaron Dong - 20 minutes ago
My favorite hobby is exploring nature proceeds to find a lava pit
My channel's name
My channel's name - 20 minutes ago
(Almost) Happy birthday!
Nick Nate
Nick Nate - 21 minute ago
a desert rain frog that should be your pet
Hobehts - 21 minute ago