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Alexander Gonzales
Alexander Gonzales - Day ago
Track the mask easy as 123
dudukun huwarezu
dudukun huwarezu - Day ago
and this guy is realizing this now? sorry not sorry 😂
Danigon876 - Day ago
She said something about her own mask, what they said she couldn't wear it?
Happy Happy
Happy Happy - Day ago
I guess we can take microscopes to the store now
Ashwini Nayak
Ashwini Nayak - Day ago
This is sad, cant believe this can happen in USA.
Insert Clever Username
Insert Clever Username - Day ago
At least SOME of our Elected Representatives and Representing who we SHOULD be.
the kingnumberone
the kingnumberone - Day ago
The virus is not the only crisis in the United States we have a healthcare crisis as well. People are dead. It feels like no one's getting that if we put more money into our Healthcare System more people would be living during this pandemic.
1 antique nut
1 antique nut - Day ago
Don’t loose hope.Trumps not done yet.
Clark Griswald
Clark Griswald - Day ago
This is what I hey want (Everyone dead)
Six Seven Zero
Six Seven Zero - Day ago
To fox:: oh shaaathafuqup pls
Tracey Wingfield
Tracey Wingfield - Day ago
Trump thinks the presidential election is going to be canceled...But it won't.
Emmy_luv23 - Day ago
I’m glad I’m not there because I would be yelling so loud- 😂
ljcool17 - Day ago
Good for her 🙏🏻 She’s not saving anyone coming in unprotected.
Kuala Rompin Bandar Blackout
Kuala Rompin Bandar Blackout - Day ago
The mask looks dope tho.
timolahm1991 - Day ago
I just can't believe this! The CODIV-19 is air spread and the government don't even allowed them wear masks? Seriously?
Traci K
Traci K - Day ago
I am spending at least twice as long scrubbing everything. Also, he touched the cardboard then touched the inside packet without cleaning it.
Jo Hall
Jo Hall - Day ago
I will never subscribe and carry on watching your video ha ah !
Trolling The 207
Trolling The 207 - Day ago
This is america. Trump’s America. He wanted this. He is helping in killing people.
Anis Po10
Anis Po10 - Day ago
I am very sorry for him. No one should go through this ;'( I wish the best and take care
jenevie m
jenevie m - Day ago
This is horrible im a medical assistant I want to help but I'm barely on externship if they could train more people that would be helpful.....
Faneeza Ali
Faneeza Ali - Day ago
Hang in had every right to protect yourself and your family.... It's the government who needs to be shamed
Nick Friend
Nick Friend - Day ago
...if I were the US president I would have, (and did think of this back in January btw) lockdown straight away, got companies that make respiratory devices and companies that could also convert to creating respiratory devices too. I would have put an instant travel ban regardless of the protests, give a good drawn out speech to all citizens in getting everyone to do their bit and explain in the long run this will benefit massively. It would too. But then again, I'm not president.
maddox alisa
maddox alisa - Day ago
So we can assume that he tried to get test in Feb? Well of course that's way too early to get a good accurate test. South Korea didn't ramp up test until mid Feb. Unless you have severe symptoms like u can't breathe, u won't get tested from covid 19. They test other viruses to rule them out first smh.
G - Day ago
xl - Day ago
US is not doing so bad compared to other third and fourth world countries.
Numbah -6
Numbah -6 - Day ago
"Busted"....just busted!!!!
Hair R US
Hair R US - Day ago
I'm an American and I will pick those crops. I will be glad to get out of my house. Tired of being shut in.
Farhan Ahmed
Farhan Ahmed - Day ago
🇺🇲 will perish from COVID-19, if Trump wins second term.
Gus Martinez
Gus Martinez - Day ago
1:13 trump really said something stupid well he always does but this was funny
Insert Clever Username
Insert Clever Username - Day ago
Florida's Governor needs to be brought up on charges when the crisis eases enough for that to be feasible.
Happy Happy
Happy Happy - Day ago
IF this guy gets coronavirus then we all are DOOMED 😋
Trollika Devi
Trollika Devi - Day ago
But he did this knowing his body cam would get him busted? How dumb can you be? And those poor oeople who were falsely accused ..were they COMPENSATED ?
Rich D
Rich D - Day ago
Simon Lycc
Simon Lycc - Day ago
It's always so confusing to be Christian but healing the sick is offensive. So confusing.
David Robbins
David Robbins - Day ago
gkobayashi1 - Day ago
I can’t believe he’s touching the groceries with bare hands! I do all this with gloves. I also don’t put the bags directly on the counter. I have cheap plastic table cloth from $ store and put the bags on that, then discard the plastic when finished. ( Or you can air it out for 7 days).
Nicolas Salazar
Nicolas Salazar - Day ago
I know some hospital employees steal things from the hospital it could be for their own profit or to treat one of their family member to giving it to their friends it does happen...
baphnie - Day ago
45 is doing NOTHING to get us thru this. Stop giving his nonsense bumbling airtime.
Cynthia Hamilton
Cynthia Hamilton - Day ago
Stop crying you voted for Trump I know you did your white female this what you wanted this what you get but remember you white people immune system is not as great as our black people and it's going to get y'all first whatever you put out for us it's already done to you
lagaman11 - Day ago
Absolute Idiocy!!!
Aegis Kay
Aegis Kay - Day ago
Guess what the reporters would find? The healthcare workers are USING THE MASKS.
Chibabe - Day ago
I wish I could have babies 👶👶👶👶👶 in one go. I love🥰 children, and they are the best and the cutest in the world
Brave Concepts
Brave Concepts - Day ago
How about a PAY RAISE for nurses, cleaners and janitors etc that obviously face INCREASED RISK?? I bet all the people that keep going out to save others or keep things going WILL NOT GET A CENT of extra pay, extra insurance, risk money or bonus during or after this crisis. Ask the firefighters and veterans. Nobody cares, the only 100% GUARANTEED thing is bonuses for corporate management and tax breaks for the rich. And you all KNOW THIS.
Pat Gee
Pat Gee - Day ago
Maybe something will change when they all quit or die. Trump can then blame them.
wan wan
wan wan - Day ago
2:49 i know this will not reflect his work and this is so low for me to insult him by his looks. But hey, he abolished something that could have saved american people form this. He looks like a seal. That's all.
CitsVariants - Day ago
USA has the most billionaires in world and is most wealthy nation. Yet doesn't afford to protect it's people with not so expensive cost face masks. Coming from an european.
Liwanag Bautista
Liwanag Bautista - Day ago
I want to know why college cost so much? And why was America in the top 5 best public education system 50 years ago but today, we are below average, among the lowest. Hmmmm
Soniverse - Day ago
First world problems??
Fish Nchips
Fish Nchips - Day ago
Ask who Seema Verma, this will answer a lot of your questions.
Brave Concepts
Brave Concepts - Day ago
Anyone still think George Carlin was only joking? 😒 How about a PAY RAISE for nurses, cleaners and janitors etc that obviously face INCREASED RISK?? I bet all the people that keep going out to save others or keep things going WILL NOT GET A CENT of extra pay, extra insurance, risk money or bonus during or after this crisis. Ask the firefighters and veterans. Nobody cares, the only 100% GUARANTEED thing is bonuses for corporate management and tax breaks for the rich. And you all KNOW THIS.
j dman
j dman - Day ago
Alright so commercial airliners carrying 100+ people get shot down ‘accidentally’ but no one has ever shot down a fkin UFO ? WHY??
Yifan Wang
Yifan Wang - Day ago
It's like soldiers sent to frontier without weapons to even defend themselves.
ljcool17 - Day ago
Wow! Just bought one of those snorkels for summer and can’t believe the ingenuity they did to help protect health workers 🙏🏻
tripodurra - Day ago
This is pure stupidity masking itself as intelligence... dear video person I suggest you read the definition of the word guys, it literally means people, not men, not women.. Everyone watching this video has literally lost brain cells by watching. This video was and is a complete waste of USa-video space.
ahlam bouzaidi
ahlam bouzaidi - Day ago
Oh oh ,i think some women are jealous here....ik that Michelle is stunning u didn't need to show it
Sunil Sharma
Sunil Sharma - Day ago
Those two ladies seem to own or work in a private hospital.
gaming trial
gaming trial - Day ago
Man I wish Obama is back
Juvie De Guzman
Juvie De Guzman - Day ago
Hala, grabe kawawa naman tlga mga frontliner. Pupunta kaba naman sa geyera na wala ka dala armas. Natural hindi ka tutuloy. Saludo ako sa ating mga feontliners
Th3GamingW3lshman - Day ago
You’re video is wrong. There are 4 countries in the U.K. (England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland) each country has its own NHS but its funded from our main government in London. Each country chooses whether their citizens pay for prescriptions ect. England pay for dental, eye care and prescription drugs. WALES 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 On the other hand only pay for dental (which is cheap af) and don’t pay for prescription drugs at all.
Archie Barcoma
Archie Barcoma - Day ago
A good questions would be, "Where did he get those drugs?"
Jason Hunter
Jason Hunter - Day ago
This video could go for 30 seconds....
Divine Falcon
Divine Falcon - Day ago
Arresting a 6 year old!? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU AMERICANS?
kendrickgreer - Day ago
If you don't speak Navajo, Choctaw, Yupik, Dakota, or a language along those lines- you have no room to complain about anyone in this country speaking "a foreign language".
Taking away rights?Oh boy...
Flick 123
Flick 123 - Day ago
Drag queens stay home while the kids are out...sorry but they look pathetic 😩
Claudia Cables
Claudia Cables - Day ago
Love it! Love it!
joanne scott
joanne scott - Day ago
Only thing he does not know is that he is stupid!
Kizzume - Day ago
I must admit that I don't understand why it's so important to some people for drag queens to read to children. I don't think it's harmful or anything, but I don't understand the importance of it. What is the purpose of it?
Kuya Munzkie Lang
Kuya Munzkie Lang - Day ago
Oh my goodness were is trump
chubberone - Day ago
The entire world thinks that Trump is a thief !!
rednogaru - Day ago
Intelligent assessment. Trump needs this kind of people around him to activate that bulb that sounds "Ting" above his head more often.✌️🤔🇵🇭
S***** - Day ago
I don't like Trump, but it's not his fault. Ppl need to take personal responsibility for drug addiction. Its funny now rural whites want drug addiction to be seen as a medical epidemic, but when it was black ppl and crack, it was okay to incarcerate and get "tough on drugs". It's all criminal activity IMO. I'm white btw for the douchebag who was going to say I'm racist lol try again
Rosee Negri
Rosee Negri - Day ago
Because of his hatred and pride. Hes demonic, period! There is no God in him.
Mili Fili
Mili Fili - Day ago
Thank you Dr Jeffrey! I doing that sience 15 march😊...Thank you, becouse nobody didn't want listen me before. Wish you health. Greetings from Poland
Nana CC
Nana CC - Day ago
👍👍 How about using astronauts suits too? 😁🤔 Might be heavy xD
Thomas Chase
Thomas Chase - Day ago
Don't cry.. You did the right thing.. God will protect you and your family..
Edo Piunti
Edo Piunti - Day ago
Italians did it first. You should specify that too. You are making it look like these doctors were also the inventors, which is misleading.
p v
p v - Day ago
Increase in Missouri covid19 hospital
Orange CA
Orange CA - Day ago
Only one with a mask and she didn't want to do her job. Did she expect the nurse with no mask to go in? Trump said you can use a scarf lol.
drunken knight
drunken knight - Day ago
Did she just rap
Erosdox7 - Day ago
It was WILLFUL ignorance and hate on the part of Tchump voters. They knew he was unqualified and didn't care.
p v
p v - Day ago
This country is going down with the virus
drunken knight
drunken knight - Day ago
Tell her to stop touching her face
Mister Gift
Mister Gift - Day ago
Is the wrong flag for France.
SAMURAI K9S - Day ago
Americans don't be afraid. Don't let numbers scare you. Washington is not wuhan. Old Soefis say believe everyone but tie your camel. The question is whether we have to believe what we are being told. Don't watch too much TV.
David Navratil
David Navratil - Day ago
"we aren't ingorand"
Benny Xu
Benny Xu - Day ago
She did right thing to protect herself and her families. Her manager was trying to kill her, by sending her to ICU without protection. Please Trump and US governors learn how China supported brave 40,000+ doctors and nurses sent to Hubei, and provide at least same supplies to brave US doctors and nurses. We did unfortunately lost some great doctors and nurses too at early phase of outbreak in Wuhan. But soon later, during the peak time in Wuhan, Chinese goverment called 40,000+ doctors and nurses from whole nation-wide, and sent them to Wuhan and other cities in Hubei province to help people there, those brave doctors and nurses got enough supplies and well protected,they get back home and safe, none infected.
taxiuniversum - Day ago
„Richest country“ in the world. Can’t afford nurses a 50 cent face mask. I guess tax breaks for the rich matter more.
paulos2019 - Day ago
You did the right thing, if they don't give you the basic PPE, you must quit, I feel you. Wish you all the best ❤😢❤
andres kashani
andres kashani - Day ago
Bro can I order one?
BRUT3MURD3R3R - Day ago
She was arrested And , If found guilty of impersonating an officer, Eley could face a fine up to $10,000 and prison time of up to 10 years.
Julie Sprik
Julie Sprik - Day ago
Trump did too little too late.He's a mass murderer.
Chiba Ryunosuke
Chiba Ryunosuke - Day ago
I'm pretty sure Trump's reputation is going straight to the mud once this is all over.
deadgman555 - Day ago
That mask looks cool