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3 months ago
2nd Channel: CFBin30 Uploads
2nd Channel: CFBin30 Uploads
Year ago
Here I will be posting all of my past condensed games videos! There will be 5 uploaded daily until the kickoff of the 2019 CFB season Link:
Saquon Barkley Career College Highlights || #2 Pick NFL Draft
Saquon Barkley Career College Highlights || #2 Pick NFL Draft
2 years ago
Song: Warrio - Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm) [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Video Link: Song: Jo Cohen & Sex Whales - We Are [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds Video Link: Sex Whales • • • Jo Cohen • •
10/22/16 Patrick Mahomes' 734 Passing, 819 Total Yards vs. OU -- NCAA Single-Game Records
10/22/16 Patrick Mahomes' 734 Passing, 819 Total Yards vs. OU -- NCAA Single-Game Records
3 years ago
His 734 passing yards tied Connor Halliday's performance against Cal in 2014
WéBR - 22 minutes ago
6Year0ld - 3 hours ago
Lol I’m a Astro fan and it’s funny how the red socks and astros were caught for stealing signs and reports of Yankees stealing signs is no problem
Drxkz fn
Drxkz fn - 3 hours ago
I think that what the astros did is wrong and never right but all major league teams have cheating and some way for example the Red Sox with the Apple watches. But also all these guys made it to the major leagues with out cheating so I know it’s not right and they should get punished but also think abt what I just said
Fabian Avalos
Fabian Avalos - 4 hours ago
It was not illegal
Bodec0unt - 4 hours ago
Man this is stupid. All they had to do is change the signs, reverse them, etc. I fault the other teams for being slow.
Joe Incardone
Joe Incardone - 4 hours ago
I wonder what the people sitting above the dugout were thinking??
Joshua Garza
Joshua Garza - 6 hours ago
Honestly don't see the big deal. They still have to swing and make contact. Knowing the sign is only half the battle. There's plenty of other things within loopholes players do to find what pitch is coming. They would of won the series without the sign stealing
Zander F.
Zander F. - 6 hours ago
They even won the world series that year. Pathetic
MStrange88 - 9 hours ago
Respect to 4:22 for him doing the opposite every time.
Enrique Rivera
Enrique Rivera - 11 hours ago
Vacate and banish!
CobraKai NeverDies
CobraKai NeverDies - 12 hours ago
Lmao Carlos Correa: *Steals Signs* Also Carlos Correa: *Strikes Out*
Its A Laugh
Its A Laugh - 12 hours ago
How did no one hear the drum?
XD .45
XD .45 - 13 hours ago
They all do it! The Astros got caught!
Alex Schechter
Alex Schechter - 13 hours ago
How is this cheating?
Steve Stewart
Steve Stewart - 15 hours ago
Damn I hate colin coward so much
J T - 15 hours ago
wow - brutal.... absolutely brutal
tyler borders
tyler borders - 15 hours ago
00:45 chased a breaking ball into the dirt when he knew it was coming 😂😂😂
RYLCatalystic - 16 hours ago
yes, illegal, lmao, you are supposed to cover your signs up, just like they do when there is a runner on 2nd base. this is not cheating, this is the other teams fault for not coding signs better. and this video is nothing but a cry baby video and not what the title says. learn the game and it will all be better for you, no more tears. see how the 3rd base coach covers up his signs by adding a ton of crap, the catcher should be signing better instead of a 1 or 2 finger single sign. so stop your crying and learn the game. might as well say they are cheating because the batter is listening to the catcher shout his signs to the pitcher, wow, stop being stupid, i by far am not an astros fan but i am not going to cry when the catcher is that stupid.
Trapper50cal - 17 hours ago
...and now they play the victim like other teams don't have the right to be angry with them..."it's like we have a huge target on our backs!" Yeah, you cheated your way into a title. You don't get to start the next season with a clean slate.
Joseph Bertani
Joseph Bertani - 17 hours ago
Whoever is doing the banging has their signals crossed. 1 finger is a fastball and everytime I hear 1 boom it's an off speed pitch. Didn't watch whole video but that's what I took from it.
Juan Aguilar
Juan Aguilar - 18 hours ago
These players should be banned
Novice - 18 hours ago
Fam I’m from Houston and like don’t get get me wrong, this shit is hella shameful, but fuck it, a dub is a dub.
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez - 18 hours ago
And makes it even more interesting that there’s no footage from the postseason with the banging
Jaymz c
Jaymz c - 18 hours ago
am i the only one that looks at these guys in disgust ? i'd beat their ass
Alex J
Alex J - 19 hours ago
Maybe if the announcers weren't so busy talking about random things and instead were talking about the game they would of heard the bangs
Pro Williams
Pro Williams - 20 hours ago
I’m glad they cheated. Now they’re in the same playing field as my team, Boston. Welcome to the winners circle. Only way to win and be successful is to cheat. Yankees have done it 27 times now.
David Smith
David Smith - 20 hours ago
obviously the pandemic was created, to protect the astros from the road crowds.
Amanda Jagdeo
Amanda Jagdeo - 22 hours ago
I wonder how the Astros would have pulled this off with no fans !? DAMN CHEATERS
Amanda Jagdeo
Amanda Jagdeo - 22 hours ago
So sad
TheOfficial NitroNima
TheOfficial NitroNima - 22 hours ago
I can hear the booms but what do they mean? I’m wondering because I don’t really follow mlb I’m more of a nfl and nba guy
Katherine Knapp
Katherine Knapp - 23 hours ago
Reed Osborne
Reed Osborne - Day ago
couldn’t even hear it real talk
Guitar Vibes ツ
Guitar Vibes ツ - Day ago
And they still lost to the Nationals baby lets fucking go.
Los O
Los O - Day ago
I'm not a astros fan but I don't want to hear what they did until they open the yankee files and let us know what they were doing
Tjay D
Tjay D - Day ago
Half of these you don't even hear shit.Why y'all mad? Astros still Champs!!! Y'all some cry babies.
CrumBummin - Day ago
mlb made the astros the whipping boys in this scandal, letting the yanks off the hook. shame on manfred. this sport has lost all meaning to me
Matt Fernandez
Matt Fernandez - Day ago
And the MLB has done absolutely nothing.
4est Dubya
4est Dubya - Day ago
13:30 all you need to see
Dino Zazo
Dino Zazo - Day ago
WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! FUCK YOU ALL! You same fucks give ZERO shits that the Red Sox and Yankees did the same damn thing. Fuck you all!
mark spannar
mark spannar - Day ago
This is just like guess pitch in the show .
TheGamer Pro
TheGamer Pro - Day ago
3:49 lol cheater
Chuckclc - Day ago
I bet there are no Altuve at bats in this or any other video. He refused to use this stuff. Probably plenty of Marwin Gonzales and Carlos beltran (the person responsible) AB's though.
John Patriot
John Patriot - Day ago
You all act like this is new. Every team that can figure out, steal or read signs, does it. I'm not an Astros fan, hell, I haven't even watched baseball in years. All the whining is hilarious considering every team does it in one form or another. Boo Freaking Hoo... get a life. Did you all scream like this when the cheater deflated the footballs?
T_ country_9 Tanner
T_ country_9 Tanner - Day ago
But if you look at the stats we hit more homers away and we won more away
Paul Lindbergh
Paul Lindbergh - Day ago
Scum bags *
Pit Viper
Pit Viper - Day ago
What a bunch of pussies. I played in the minors in the Reds Org and if they are stealing your signs ( Which all teams do ) then you suck at hiding them. We always had 3 to 5 signals and I was a pitcher and new which one we were going with. So everyone was pissed because the Astros were smart enough to capitalize on everyone else's mistakes. I played I know. We were always looking for anything that would give us an advantage. That's why the catcher isn't yelling out "Fastball" or Curve" or whatever because you are trying to be discreet. Baseball has went down the shitter thanks to all this nonsense. Everyone is like a toddler when a home run is hit off of them and the hitter doesn't do exactly what they want so they get plunked the next time up. Its BS. Grown men acting like babies.
lnd1998 - Day ago
Honestly if you know baseball, this is much worse than steroids or juicing because with that, it’s not helping you do anything except hit balls further and have more longevity but with this, you know exactly what pitches are coming which is literally like high speed bp
MrCmonster13 - Day ago
you're out of your mind if you think that every other team isn't stealing signs lol literally every team does this literally every game. its funny to me that every fan of other teams are like "yea the astros suck for cheating" when there have been several cases for cheating with other teams lol. so lets hate equally lol
Nick JAMES - Day ago
I love how much time people waste on this 🤣🤣
Cidbdncjbf Dyegendjd
Cidbdncjbf Dyegendjd - Day ago
Figuring out their signs isn’t cheating
Matt Morrison
Matt Morrison - Day ago
Respect to Farquhar for changing up the signs, he picked that up right away
Emo Clout
Emo Clout - Day ago
Joe Kelly fight club
texas MADeMan
texas MADeMan - 2 days ago
Teaching so hard lol be salty fuck boy
Gunner Schenck
Gunner Schenck - 2 days ago
21:49 you can see him like "you were supposed to tell me about that one guys, cmon!"
Gunner Schenck
Gunner Schenck - 2 days ago
There are quite a few times you can see the catcher instinctively look right because he hears a boom. 🤔
Native2458 - 2 days ago
Darvish a victim of the Asterisk's cheating asses.
John Perrone
John Perrone - 2 days ago
All teams cheat just wasn’t the Astros
Jacob Kailes
Jacob Kailes - 2 days ago
Just realizing how terrible sign stealing in baseball is #HoustonAsterix
Shadow Wolf
Shadow Wolf - 2 days ago
I don’t understand how the Astros are cheating by doing a “boom” sound. And what “illegal signs” are they stealing? I’m not an Astros fan but I’m really confused, are they making the “boom” sounds to call out a pitch?
Hunter Miller
Hunter Miller - 2 days ago
Go stros and start getting mad at others teams for cheating if you actually care about the game
Yaboi RyZe
Yaboi RyZe - 2 days ago
krause lee
krause lee - 2 days ago
And did anything happen to the astros? Nope. Any MLB fans actually write a complaint or boycott watching baseball anymore? NOPE
rizon72 - 2 days ago
I'd like to see the same determination study every other team in the majors for this. Can we do that as well?
TheCrafty1 - 2 days ago
Yankees would’ve went to the World Series last year and might won if the Astros didn’t cheat
Russian Bot8269
Russian Bot8269 - 2 days ago
When you know every pitch but still strike out 😂
Ur bad if I
Ur bad if I - 2 days ago
I don’t play baseball so i don’t get this video. Can someone explain lol
Cole Clark
Cole Clark - 2 days ago
everybody steals signs they just got caught. it’s like paying player in college football. everybody doin it but people get caught sometimes.
Simon Lauvao
Simon Lauvao - 2 days ago
Sickening to watch, I feel dirty. Fucking roaches
Kyzer Sosay
Kyzer Sosay - 2 days ago
You know when Even Gattis walked back to the Dougout after striking out he was like, there on to us!
ROBBIS TV - 2 days ago
They cheat and they still suck xD
Cameron Clines
Cameron Clines - 2 days ago
3:45 gee wonder why
Mr. Tampa Bay
Mr. Tampa Bay - 2 days ago
6:24 I take it that football player doesn’t like dogs
MaximusNV - 2 days ago
how do you like something for repeat viewings and then dislike the cheaters.... (this just now was recommended on 9-10-2020 ??????????????)
Kicking it back home
Kicking it back home - 2 days ago
You just don't shit in your own back yard.
Kicking it back home
Kicking it back home - 2 days ago
You just don't shit in your own back yard.
Andy Bourgeois
Andy Bourgeois - 2 days ago
Once I saw that NESN score bug come up, I got pissed. Ain’t nobody cheating against the Sox. Like Big Papi said, “This is our fucking city, and nobody gonna dictate our freedom!”
ryan bearden
ryan bearden - 2 days ago
Imagine being an Astro hitter & getting all excited after a hit.
ryan bearden
ryan bearden - 2 days ago
You would imagine the opposing manager or umps would catch onto that after a few innings...
ryan bearden
ryan bearden - 2 days ago
So no boom is a FB? One boom is a curve? Two booms is a change up? Is that correct?
Carson Casady
Carson Casady - 2 days ago
3:56 I wonder why?
Grunge2009 - 2 days ago
When evan gettis struck out he's thinking im going to retire and im not going to involved in this sandal lol he knew the white sox pitcher caught them
Jose C
Jose C - 3 days ago
If the pitcher or catcher would’ve caught on to the banging it could have been really evident to them at 12:25 when Springer knew the slider was coming and he just stood there to take the ball.
Kevin L
Kevin L - 3 days ago
Imagine being an Astros fan and defending this. Literally FOR FUN you condone cheating. What a great, wholesome way to spend your free time.
PandaLegionz - 3 days ago
carlos pena
carlos pena - 3 days ago
To be honest ever team in every sport cheats thay are just stupid enough too get caught 🤫
Chris A
Chris A - 3 days ago
Sickening. How they got to keep their championship, and received no disciplinary action is beyond any logical reasoning. Just lowlifes.
Marcel Gardner
Marcel Gardner - 3 days ago
Be a dog!!!! We don't need no meow
DargoDog - 3 days ago
Why is this "cheating"? How about coming up with a better method of calling out the signs.
BreezyTv - 3 days ago
I respected them winning coming from a dodger fan because they just had the hurricane and thought it was cool for them to do that for the people. But now fuck y’all 😭y’all can have another hurricane idgaf
Fade_Lazer 7103
Fade_Lazer 7103 - 3 days ago
It’s sad how they still strikeout... oof
Humberto Orozco
Humberto Orozco - 3 days ago
That is bullshit I say team work !!!!!
TheOtherSongsOnTheAlbum - 3 days ago
who cares. more power to them.
Flako Gonzalez
Flako Gonzalez - 3 days ago
They hate us cause they ain't us go stros!!!
Brady Staton
Brady Staton - 3 days ago
I love how everyone thinks it was only the Astros that cheated
Isabel Perales
Isabel Perales - 3 days ago
Move on
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas - 3 days ago
So one wack for a change up and two for a breaking pitcher. No bang if it's a fastball. That is so fucked up shit right there.
jerry alvarez
jerry alvarez - 3 days ago
🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 sign stealing pieces of crap 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻
Dylan Milburn
Dylan Milburn - 3 days ago
Justin Grant
Justin Grant - 3 days ago
Did players or managers catch on ....were there no complaints made? This is blatant lol
Noah Snelson
Noah Snelson - 3 days ago
Imagine knowing the pitch and still striking out lol