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starcloak - 10 minutes ago
Chad and Biff.... Chadbiff or Biffchad.... maybe not, you lost me girl🤣
Brady LI
Brady LI - 10 minutes ago
Do you guys remember every single dish u eat on worth it?
Robert Davies
Robert Davies - 11 minutes ago
What, they have food in the Midwest? I thought they just ordered take-out from New York.
fabulous chay
fabulous chay - 11 minutes ago
used to hate cats, i cried twice when cat is on the top of me. then my big sis got a cat, and its rlly cute so im obsessed with cats now! my big sis’ cat is gone now with her children somewhere :( and i got 2 cute kitties fof 4 months now, 1 of them passes away 6 days ago bcs of some sickness, vomited a lot and dont want to eat for 2 days.. :((
Le Anny
Le Anny - 11 minutes ago
Can you do plss vietnam 😂😂
Omerde12 - 11 minutes ago
The ginger is the type of jew to refuse to tip a waiter cause they get “hourly”
Sports By Declan
Sports By Declan - 12 minutes ago
If your 36 years old and it’s basically 2020, and you worked there in 1996, you were 12 when you worked at McDonald’s?
Angels From Hell
Angels From Hell - 12 minutes ago
Who's gonna watch again Friday now?
Mariana Mejía Fernández
Mariana Mejía Fernández - 12 minutes ago
I would love to be in the show, but guess what, I love in another country and dont have money :')
Ami Space
Ami Space - 12 minutes ago
The music with his voice at the end sound like the beginning of any Lofi (hip hop) track
last chance
last chance - 12 minutes ago
AG Slimes
AG Slimes - 12 minutes ago
name the baby ben(jamin)
Glaice Lobato
Glaice Lobato - 13 minutes ago
As a Brazilian, I always find weird when people don't take a shower before going to school or college and another one right after they're back from them.
Anthony Lane
Anthony Lane - 13 minutes ago
Bieber has more muscle than these men. They’re fully grown. Think about that...
Moie De los Reyes
Moie De los Reyes - 13 minutes ago
How can they draw pikachu so badlyyyyyy :((((
John C
John C - 14 minutes ago
Is anybody else just looking at the cat or is it me? 🐈 🐱
BMGforever1900 - 14 minutes ago
Das ist jetzt unsere commentsection
mokumarilyn - 14 minutes ago
My favorite episode 😍❤️ Jackson is adorable.
Reem Qassab
Reem Qassab - 14 minutes ago
That “no” voice crack omg
Hannah M
Hannah M - 14 minutes ago
ugh he has the exact same personality as someone i was really into, so now i have to watch every video w him in it
TvAce - 14 minutes ago
Howard Walowitz's moms brisket>>>>>>>
Jabeen Kulsum
Jabeen Kulsum - 14 minutes ago
If I ever joined in stag instagram, I'll follow you first.
Namya Kathuria
Namya Kathuria - 14 minutes ago
Eugene before looks better than all of them after...
natalie grace
natalie grace - 15 minutes ago
ok so we do all agree we don‘t like the red head 🤮😂
Sam A
Sam A - 15 minutes ago
Love this
Meoteor Monter
Meoteor Monter - 15 minutes ago
the girl 10/10
dawid kolberg
dawid kolberg - 15 minutes ago
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Madysan Weatherspoon
Madysan Weatherspoon - 16 minutes ago
What would you give this? A burial. 😂😂😂😂
Good Man
Good Man - 16 minutes ago
but the girl speech i like it
Good Man
Good Man - 16 minutes ago
japan is really strange place
Lio Nell
Lio Nell - 16 minutes ago
Bruh racism
R Hood
R Hood - 17 minutes ago
Thank you you are so very appreciated and seldom recognized as the heroes you are
yes - 17 minutes ago
This is why I sleep with a light on and I don't have closet doors because they broke
Mani M s
Mani M s - 17 minutes ago
I love these people 😍
The Man, The Myth, The Legend
The Man, The Myth, The Legend - 17 minutes ago
I am a cancer survivor, and I can tell you that chemotherapy changes everything about you and takes ALL of your energy. I was also terminal at one point, but I lived through it. I had a mediport installed and I was being injected with 4 types of chemotherapy at one time, 6 days a week. I would also drive myself to and from the hospital an hour each way in Tampa, Florida traffic. The chemo made me SO sick. I was obviously also bald. I lost 93 lbs in 30 days...seriously. However much the experience sucked, it saved my life. Miracles happen every day. I give Jackson ALOT of credit because he's very upbeat and positive given his condition. It was very cool of you all to bring him on the show and make his dream come true.
Marianne Wade
Marianne Wade - 17 minutes ago
Baby Chiff! :D
Hardric Odion
Hardric Odion - 18 minutes ago
bruh just played the pornhub intro lol
HeyItsLa_ Raib
HeyItsLa_ Raib - 19 minutes ago
buzzfeed, why do you serve the food on plastic? do better x
isold klara
isold klara - 19 minutes ago
"I see a tilda" 😂
Abyss - 19 minutes ago
unleavened steven 😂
bys_hanna - 19 minutes ago
I just think that their friends really care about them because really that live stream thing is toxic... And when you hangout with your friends, you want to have a moment with them and i understand why aria friends are kind of mad... Everything has a reasons guys be open minded
andrea lopez
andrea lopez - 19 minutes ago
They are all soooo gorgeous 🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 so beautiful, gorgeous gorgeous i’m in love with all of them
Mimi Samat
Mimi Samat - 20 minutes ago
Waking up in one apartment ...... help me lord
The Extermina6
The Extermina6 - 20 minutes ago
gina said "youve been warned" she got the whole black mom committee ready to jump j
Hotel? Trivago!
Hotel? Trivago! - 20 minutes ago
We actually have doritos and lays in israel. Just saying
BRIxBRADEN - 20 minutes ago
The guacamole serving size is what I would eat for one chip🙄
Claytoof - 20 minutes ago
rhea - 21 minute ago
Poop has to be .. hands down the cleverest idea for a baby shower! 💩💩💩 I loved the video ❤️
Adrian Maldonado
Adrian Maldonado - 21 minute ago
How is he even Hispanic
J A - 22 minutes ago
“Taco Bell...,,I guess that’s the cost of being an e-boy” Chase, an e-boy, buys 2 shirts for $200. . ..
faria hafiz
faria hafiz - 22 minutes ago
his commitment to this challenge is everything !🙌♥️
x itsjanna
x itsjanna - 22 minutes ago
janna is how you spell my Name omg
Sara M
Sara M - 22 minutes ago
Don't make Adam make sounds in this chapter
Ananya Shetty
Ananya Shetty - 22 minutes ago
ChAd And BiFf😂😂😂😂😂😂
morgan m
morgan m - 23 minutes ago
i wanna date spenser
Do it Dex
Do it Dex - 23 minutes ago
The Italians made this claim of the largest lynching in America, now the Chinese are making the same claim. Black people: “Yeah ok.”
Ebony Yeshua
Ebony Yeshua - 24 minutes ago
NOT BIFF!!! BIFFS is the name of the port a potty company :(
lolsarahr - 24 minutes ago
what a great episode !! I hope Jackson gets well soon!
Mani M s
Mani M s - 24 minutes ago
Madhu v V
Madhu v V - 24 minutes ago
Today I tried boba it good
Jazlyn Gillespie
Jazlyn Gillespie - 25 minutes ago
The Wendy’s girl tripping😂💀
Lily D
Lily D - 25 minutes ago
The Wendy’s girl is getting on my nerves....
Amänd ?
Amänd ? - 25 minutes ago
Wiches aint real like what
Bob Snob101
Bob Snob101 - 25 minutes ago
Musim moms try each others holiday ham
Fizza Nasir
Fizza Nasir - 25 minutes ago
Isaiah Johnson
Isaiah Johnson - 26 minutes ago
I swear the next episode is going to be “I let my kids pick the baby’s name”
ツNeko - 27 minutes ago
Indonesia : 1 dollar = Rp.14000 = 6 Indomie , you can eat it in 2 days
50.caliber barret
50.caliber barret - 27 minutes ago
This experiment was POINTLESS.🤷🏾‍♂️
emmajane - 27 minutes ago
{Sky _gaming39}
{Sky _gaming39} - 28 minutes ago
Jackie can you try draw gacha?
Islam Shabban
Islam Shabban - 28 minutes ago
No one: Literally no one: The kids: POOOOOOP!!!!!
Celine Lenges
Celine Lenges - 29 minutes ago
Chase the melanin king himself 🤴🏿💅🏿
Asik Banget
Asik Banget - 29 minutes ago
The writings in the Google search are so small
Shruti Singh
Shruti Singh - 29 minutes ago
Get Noen on here!
nathes690 - 29 minutes ago
!!,Best video series ever.!!!
Isaiah Davila
Isaiah Davila - 29 minutes ago
Wendy’s girl acts like she works there but she got fired
Benito Camela
Benito Camela - 30 minutes ago
What if They taste dominos pizza
Just lio
Just lio - 30 minutes ago
Y'all I just freaking love Joyce❤️❤️
ItzLici-Chan - 30 minutes ago
Awww poor Wyatt he's a middle child now D:
Julien Entezari
Julien Entezari - 31 minute ago
This is nice.
Mikayla Caplette
Mikayla Caplette - 31 minute ago
At my baby shower we played pin the sperm on the vagina. It was a great time
WIG - 31 minute ago
Dey eat de buss up shot wit ah fork....wat typa nonsense-
Moonlight Ranger
Moonlight Ranger - 32 minutes ago
*Points at Czech Republic* This is Austria Czech people: *cries in beer*
Konrad Kozyrski
Konrad Kozyrski - 32 minutes ago
wtf I thought that was the actor that played Dexter lol
Nya Smith
Nya Smith - 32 minutes ago
“Do I let my daughter down? No... Do I?” 😂😊🙌❤️
G K - 32 minutes ago
Poor Adam
Morning Star Gaming
Morning Star Gaming - 32 minutes ago
The first one is what we call LONGSILOG in the Philippines LONGanisa SInangag - fried rice ItLOG - Egg For short LONGSILOG
Hunter Hollar
Hunter Hollar - 32 minutes ago
*It Kinda Looks Too Big*
Lacy Fletcher
Lacy Fletcher - 33 minutes ago
I am an extreme nail biter and recently I got an infection in my finger. All of the skin on my finger came off. Soon it spread to my face and people made fun of me because I had these big blisters on my face. It is healed now, and I am trying to stop biting my nails.
Natalie Murillo
Natalie Murillo - 33 minutes ago
For the ramen you could have added some greens. Thats what my mom does you could search up some simple recipes that add some bochoi and stuff
Raquel D
Raquel D - 34 minutes ago
Wait Merle and Aria are dating ?? 😭😭😭😭
Ta'Nia Burnett
Ta'Nia Burnett - 34 minutes ago
What's wrong with just being Black American? No disrespect, my slave ancestors my came from an African country but I didn't. I was born and raised in America, my mother is from New Orleans and father is from Georgia. My paternal grandparents who's born in 1920, faced plenty of hardship and discrimination to be considered equal. I'm proud of how their perseverance. We've come along way as Black Americans. I don't get why we have to make Africa our identity. You're home now. You don't need to go out to find yourself.
Adagio - 34 minutes ago
Wew aria feels like a dad tryin to understand his son
sWater - 35 minutes ago
imagine what the intro was like while recording
Maxine Ramsdell
Maxine Ramsdell - 35 minutes ago
tbh I skipped the entire video to c the results when I realize Kyra wasn’t in it
E.G.G 1000 SUBS FOR NOTHING - 35 minutes ago
Ella S
Ella S - 35 minutes ago
E.G.G 1000 SUBS FOR NOTHING - 35 minutes ago
omg your hair is amazing
Sarvesh S
Sarvesh S - 35 minutes ago
This is probably one of the most funniest mom in progress videos !
SandboxArrow - 36 minutes ago
6’4 master race