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Navillus S
Navillus S - 3 minutes ago
I don't want to see him in another uniform but at the end of the day it's BB decision. In Bill we trust
Brian Farkas
Brian Farkas - 8 minutes ago
The whole thing does not add up.
fishdave40 - 10 minutes ago
RIP Baseball
MrSuperman2307 - 12 minutes ago
Blame the titans player trying to strip the ball that made that overrated run
Efi Brilovski
Efi Brilovski - 13 minutes ago
He should have been already been fired ...assassinated his own team, an absolute choker!!! if I am watson, i say to owner either fire him or trade me now
P4T21CK K1NG - 16 minutes ago
isiah, jordan, bird, barkley, ewing - 1992 east stars penny, jordan, pippen, grant hill, shaq - 1996 east stars payton, kobe, garnett, malone, shaq - 1998 west kidd, kobe, webber, duncan, shaq - 2001 west I would say any of these teams could beat this year's west team.
Peter Jeffery
Peter Jeffery - 17 minutes ago
NO Jeter votes are submitted by the same folks who hit thumbs down on animal rescue videos on USa-video.
Ricardo Burton
Ricardo Burton - 20 minutes ago
Rich listens to old school rap, he said "straight" 😂😂
Christopher Eaton
Christopher Eaton - 22 minutes ago
If you are a Major League Baseball team and you are so naive that you think the other team isn't going to try to figure out your signs...well, then you are just too damn stupid to be in the league. Your objective should be to devise a system of sign calling that defies logic and then implement it. Sorry, Rich, your anger is totally misplaced. It's time to join the big boy league.
Odeon - 26 minutes ago
I love buck great coach
Amanda - 28 minutes ago
his face is just perfect
Amanda - 29 minutes ago
why so hot ?
Todd Beuckens
Todd Beuckens - 31 minute ago
In both playoff runs he won 5 games on the road beating the No1 seed and No 2 seed back to back. No one has ever done that.
Brian Lynch
Brian Lynch - 36 minutes ago
The Lynch mob
only me
only me - 47 minutes ago
So maybe Altuve should give the 2017 MvP award to the trash can...It probably deserves it more then he does
Ludwigia pilosa
Ludwigia pilosa - 49 minutes ago
I already liked him as a player and especially for coming clean about it, damn, he had gigantic freaking balls to go out there with that crazy ass beard. Mad respect.
Lucio Cunha
Lucio Cunha - 49 minutes ago
Do better Rich. This are all garbage.
David Samuel D
David Samuel D - 58 minutes ago
A great job of acting as Gus for sure.
K Mac
K Mac - Hour ago
He aint never been the same.
Chris Weidner
Chris Weidner - Hour ago
The arrogance of the "bang bang" Astros. They should lose the WS title, have multiple suspensions without pay.
Norel Nieves
Norel Nieves - Hour ago
2 chokers, one always hurt guy that has accomplished nothing, a young star and a great 2 way player. Doubt it.
Peter Jeffery
Peter Jeffery - Hour ago
Astros '17 = Black Sox '19, the only thing missing is the Mob. This wasn't a player visiting a trumped up "medical clinic" to obtain PEDs'. This was a full on conspiracy to defraud. This isn't "look ma no hands" counting cards at the Blackjack table. This is shaved dice, a marked deck or a doped horse. Congress investigated PED and Steroid use in the name of keeping these substances away from kids. What's the lesson here for kids if no player is punished and the Astros get to keep the '17 WS title? .
Sean Swinton
Sean Swinton - Hour ago
Thank you Mr. Eisen. I stated my reasons for Eli Manning going to the Hall Of Fame, and your video reinforcements my case. Many responses say he is going in because of his name or because of the great defense. I admitted that his play wasn't pretty like Peyton's and there were ups and downs, but he did his job! I also stated I didn't think he was a first ballot HOFer, but he deserves a place in Canton!
Chris Weidner
Chris Weidner - Hour ago
The Passan and Dolittle cheesy shill stories are bad for baseball.They are merely kowtowing to their masters. The WS should be vacated and the players suspended without pay for 1 year.
K Moss
K Moss - Hour ago
Giannis has said several times, even before he became a household name, that he doesn’t want to play in a big market.
dgiff_ - Hour ago
James harden and Luka have the same style of play 🤣
DrocksErocks - Hour ago
I thought that dumb bitch with the Mets was a bad take but damn baldilocks over there made an even worse one
DREVM - Hour ago
Those were some awful names man. The background stories were fine but nobody would know what anyone of them mean. Zillow or Smoke? Nobody on Earth is going to know what that means. They're just trying wayyy too hard to come up with some clever.
doug cyrus
doug cyrus - Hour ago
Someone sounds salty
Athens_1 PSVR
Athens_1 PSVR - Hour ago
Turned you off when saying McAdoo sat him. Eli sat himself and caused the distraction.
Hayden - Hour ago
This is why Joe is so cool. He even down plays one of the coolest stories ever
Leave the guy who didn't vote for Jeter for the HOF alone! Does Rich Eisen feel frustration for those who didn't vote for Ted William, Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, or Willie Mays? Enough already - Jeter is not bothered about it, and I am tired of the offended NY Yankees contingency. Jeter is a HOF Legend who played the game right on the field, and represented his team and family the right way off the field - Incredible example, and legendary numbers. Still, he is hardly the greatest of all-time, so one vote short of Unanimous in the 2nd greatest percentage of all-time. Let. It. GO.
Darnell Jefferson
Darnell Jefferson - Hour ago
It sounds like backhanded, sarcastic hating. God I hope we beat KC more now than ever before & see what they have to say then. 💯🔥🙅🏾‍♂️
Wild West
Wild West - Hour ago
This Kevin’s voice sounds nothing like the office Kevin voice
Sean Gregory
Sean Gregory - Hour ago
That other dude has no clue what he is talking about at all!!!
lt_juice - 2 hours ago
Bregman will get a fastball to the ribs first pitch no doubt
MotleyStu10 88
MotleyStu10 88 - 2 hours ago
Thank you, Rich for showing a lil love to the Niners Everybody else is out for the Chiefs 100.. Thank you, Rich!
C Vandy
C Vandy - 2 hours ago
Hahaha brockman gets so butthurt whenever anything negative towards the Pats comes up that his voice literally goes up a register, Eli has one of the greatest postseason runs of all time, that can't be denied by anyone but Pats fans apparently.
arash hejazi
arash hejazi - 2 hours ago
I got a feeling antetekoumpo is gonna take african boys first, meaning siakum and embid.
No One
No One - 2 hours ago
annnnndddddd Pete Rose is still permanently ineligible (aka banned for life). IMHO this is much more egregious than anything Rose ever did.
Jack Arse
Jack Arse - 2 hours ago
There is a code. People s jobs are on line. Guys are scared they ll say something and cost someone a job. Than get labeled. Not so easy unless in position to turn anyone in. Id personally keep my mouth shut
Jack Arse
Jack Arse - 2 hours ago
No way astros and sox were only teams. Ill bet it was rampant. Teams should find better way to signal calls to pitcher.
Stanley Hudson
Stanley Hudson - 2 hours ago
🔴 Cheating is the worst. Players should be held accountable but I understand how MLB wants to damage control.
Dennis - 2 hours ago
Would a true HOFer have this much contention? Should a QB get inducted every 2-3 years, or should only the elite get in? Yes, the Giant D beat Brady, and he beat the Pats D, but what else?
Mr HappyMan
Mr HappyMan - 2 hours ago
Didnt know he was a fan of total war serie. Wonder what game is his favourite?
Charles Harris
Charles Harris - 2 hours ago
GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!
Jose Chavez
Jose Chavez - 2 hours ago
All lame names
the annointed one
the annointed one - 2 hours ago
Wow so many Patriots fans in the comment section. People are just mad because their teams never had a hall of fame qb. Hall of fame is about story and great moments not just talent u donkey brains.
stephanie avila
stephanie avila - 2 hours ago
Who cares who the hell said it or how he said it. It should matter that someone did say it. This needed to be stopped. She obviously has no morals for the game if she is getting her feelings hurt that he waited. I don't care how he did it at least he said something.
Jesus Garcia
Jesus Garcia - 2 hours ago
That m & m looking clown should shut the hell up.
Bradley McGinnis
Bradley McGinnis - 2 hours ago
That is by far the worst east all star starting 5 I've ever seen
T. S
T. S - 2 hours ago
Rich I absolutely love your show and have been a follower forever but you need to get rid of Chris Brockman. He drags the whole show down with his ridiculous takes and his lack of logical thinking.
Sheila Blare
Sheila Blare - 2 hours ago
Nah...I love Rich, but hes wrong on this one...Fiers is a Rat..if he felt so moraly aggrivated..come out, not after u feel "thrown away" by the organization and look disgruntled. But while its goin on. But no, then it could've affected u...he did it after the fact when he felr removed from the issue.
Mike Gee
Mike Gee - 2 hours ago
Trevor lawrence...tank for him LA
Insert Name
Insert Name - 2 hours ago
Tommy Chong has done a lot of things right. Well done sir!
Helios' Wrath
Helios' Wrath - 3 hours ago
These are all garbage names.
Thomas Hanlon
Thomas Hanlon - 3 hours ago
Hephaestus - 3 hours ago
If he's a Hall of Famer, the Hall loses a lot of meaning.
FanboyiD - 3 hours ago
Petty Wars begin. Doesn't matter who picks first. Lebron, AD, Luka, Trae, Kemba Giannis, Kawhi, Harden, Embiid, Siakim
Jas Sidhu
Jas Sidhu - 3 hours ago
The best they is . Defense defense. Niners baby .
Dennis - 3 hours ago
Not a HOFer. Good stats compared to guys all-time but not his contemporaries. 2-time Pro Bowler (other 2 as a substitute). Nice, tough dude, but average.
Andrew Pagakis
Andrew Pagakis - 3 hours ago
Would you rather start a team with Philip or Eli?
Matthew Bevan
Matthew Bevan - 3 hours ago
this is awesome and I can't believe bob didn't curse lol
Brandon L
Brandon L - 3 hours ago
I Wouldn’t be surprised to see a horse on the field, as part of the mascot for the Chiefs
Brett Mitchell
Brett Mitchell - 3 hours ago
The players were told not to speak about it!!!!
Joe Martin
Joe Martin - 3 hours ago
Niners by 10
chynz330 - 3 hours ago
The Montana thing almost worked out but for a guy named Lin ‘the Idiot’ Elliot. Missed 3 FG’s and then there’s this guy in San Fran names Dee Ford. What an awkward 60 mins for him. He won’t be able to look at Mahomes in the eyes or dare tackle him.. I think Ford won’t be a factor for that reason as Fisher or Swartz are whispering those things to him on the line.
Spyder 98
Spyder 98 - 3 hours ago
This right here is spot on. Thank you Rich Eisen. You can definitely here the anger and passion that this conveys to all baseball fans. As far as Spring training, one of these players will contradict something and it's all a matter of time til it all unfolds. Maybe not now but maybe a year or two, when that one player that loses his arbitration case and has a bad taste in his mouth of the owner and organization, he'll be the one to go under oath and let the world know what really went down.
ThePlyrMava - 3 hours ago
Why can't people ever bring up the catches that shouldn't have happened? Seven with the Seahawks game, the Seahawks aren't at the goal line without Kearse having a miracle catch. Eli got lucky, and gets the credit for something that his receivers did. Eli shouldn't be a HOFer. It's so ridiculous
Nirosh Rasabalan
Nirosh Rasabalan - 3 hours ago
D .G
D .G - 4 hours ago
Eli beat Brady with a horrible O-line Twice David beat Goliath Twice Yeah he’s going in
JR MEADOWS - 4 hours ago
56bigmike - 4 hours ago
Most teams team that win super bowl games have good defenses that got them there and contribute to all the wins.. most super bowl winners
56bigmike - 4 hours ago
9/14 for 152 and 2 TDS in the 4the quarter coming from behind twice... in SB 42... whoever the guy is that just said he made 1 good throw and one lucky throw.. that guy should be fired!!! He lead his team to a super bowl win in the 4 th quarter against a team that would have been considered the best team in sports history... and all anyone needs to know about that game.. is 9/14 - 152 -2 tds in the 4th for the win and an mvp
Dominic Zelenak
Dominic Zelenak - 4 hours ago
Damn where's Peter?
MotleyStu10 88
MotleyStu10 88 - 4 hours ago
Rich is the only MFer out here showing the Niners some love. Thank you, Rich!
Patrick Booth
Patrick Booth - 4 hours ago
Jonathan King
Jonathan King - 4 hours ago
Haters really gon act like it was our defense that came out and led a 2 minute sb winning drill on both occasions. Though I will say Eli stole one of those mvp’s from Justin Tuck.
Luis Miguel
Luis Miguel - 4 hours ago
Mike Fiers played in all of those games, of course he deserves the bonus. Regardless of the fact he clocked in and at the end of the game clocked out, so of course he deserves to be paid..What if he got hurt during the game or something.
Joe Martin
Joe Martin - 4 hours ago
Eli was lucky not great. Average at best. Plunkett has two SB rings two. Why isn’t he in the HoF?
Elijah Tchilembe-Mpovie
Elijah Tchilembe-Mpovie - 4 hours ago
Connie B
Connie B - 4 hours ago
Fans Taking pictures with the trash can?
Connie B
Connie B - 4 hours ago
Void the championships. Disgusting. I’m a Dodger fan. Void them.
MTG !!!
MTG !!! - 4 hours ago
Revis tru shut down man to man corner Sherman great zone play making corner they both have strengths and weaknesses but both affective
dēaþ - 4 hours ago
The Giants pass rush out played Tom Brady.
roxxylala26 - 4 hours ago
I get what Mendoza's saying, Fiers didn't say sh*t while it was going on because it benefited him BUT once he's in another team he snitches like a muthaf*cker. Fiers is not only a cheater but also a rat. He's a scumbag just like the rest of them but worse because now he's trying to manipulate the narrative of he's trying to save other pitchers. 😆😆😆 When he didn't care back then. 🙈👈
John Dolby
John Dolby - 4 hours ago
2x Super Bowl champ. #7 passing #7 in tds. Yes he’s a HoFer
MY LITTLE PITBULL - 4 hours ago
Chargers LOL. Good luck with that.
Mario G
Mario G - 4 hours ago
What a clown...smh
Malik McKenzie
Malik McKenzie - 4 hours ago
Hell yeah we want that joker fired
Frank Ortiz II
Frank Ortiz II - 4 hours ago
How does the sidekick not see that cheating is not gamesmanship? If you’re ever in a dressing room and see an eyeball in the wall, it’s probably his.
Jack Makackov
Jack Makackov - 4 hours ago
This scandal is great for baseball. People like me who will never watch a game are paying attention. If the action on the field were anywhere near as interesting as the action off of it, maybe there would be more than 3k people at baseball games.
Journey James
Journey James - 4 hours ago
No one’s talking about the head/body fake that freed him to begin the angle toward the end zone. Watch the run in slow-mo. Makes the run even more amazing.
B Money
B Money - 4 hours ago
Bold take. Most of us have know this since last season.
Reds Fan
Reds Fan - 4 hours ago
Bregman is a Dirty Little Commie
Pa Slot Player
Pa Slot Player - 4 hours ago
Now is the time to comment. Be accountable and the other MLB clubs will not black list you
Scott Murphy
Scott Murphy - 5 hours ago
They were pretty even in both games, tbh (stats below). Like Brockman said, they were team wins. I guess you could say Eli was better when it mattered most, but of his two iconic throws, one relied more on luck than anything else, and the other wasn't a game-sealing play in and of itself, as great a throw as it was. SBXLII - Eli: 19/34, 255 yds, 2 td, 1 int, 87.3 rtg / Brady: 29/48, 266 yds, 1 td, 0 int, 82.5 rtg SBXLVI - Eli: 30/40, 296 yds, 1 td, 0 int, 103.8 rtg / Brady: 27/41, 276 yds, 2 td, 1 int, 91.1 rtg
Hephaestus - 5 hours ago
I just do not agree with Rich on this. The Giants' defense was insane.
Rob Ho
Rob Ho - 5 hours ago
Hey Jessica it's not like the Astros were taking roids. Oh sorry, you work with AROID.
Joseph - 5 hours ago
Mendoza is incorrect on many points...but the most painful one is that MLB did know about the cheating ahead of time, because many teams had filed complaints. The league's failure to do anything is what ultimately led to people like Fiers speaking out via the media, and forcing Manfred to actually take action.